TV anime “Slow Loop” to start airing on January 7, 2022 – 2nd PV, character and cast information released! OP theme and ED theme decided!


From TV anime ‘Slow Loop,’ which will start in January 2022, the second PV, additional characters, casts, OP theme, and ED theme information have been released.

Slow Loop” is a manga serialized by Maiko Uchino in “Manga Time Kirara Forward.” This is a girls’ story about two first-year high school students who become “sisters” after their parents remarry and how they deepen their bond through fishing. Hiyori is a fly fisherman who was taught how to fly fish by a deceased father, and Koharu is an innocent girl who is good at cooking.

|Teaser Visual

Hiyori and Koharu, who became sisters after their parent’s remarriage, enjoy fly-fishing in the ocean.


Hiyori is a young girl who enjoys fly fishing, which her late father taught her.
While fishing, as usual, she meets Koharu, an innocent girl who suddenly wants to go into the sea.
The two decide to go fishing together, but they are the daughters of their parent’s second marriage…?
Why don’t you join Hiyori and Koharu, who have become “sisters” through a chance encounter, and spend a slow time together while “fishing”?

In addition, the primary staff information has been released. The director is Noriaki Akitaya of “Bakuman. (BAKUMAN.), series director is Yamada Yoshiaki (Koi Suru Kobudanshi), character design and chief animation director is Takimoto Shoko (Death March Kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku), and animation production is done by CONNECT (Strike the Blood).

|Anime Information

■TV Animation “Slow Loop
Scheduled to begin broadcasting in January 2022.

Maiko Uchino, Houbunsha/Slow Loop Production Committee

Second Key Visual Revealed!
The second key visual of TV anime ‘Slow Loop’ has been released.
As the leaves of the trees turn red and yellow, Hiyori, Koharu, and Koi, who are going fly fishing, and Ichika, Futaba, Aiko, and Kaede, who is starting to cook, are enjoying fishing camp.

|PV released!

The second PV of TV anime ‘Slow Loop’ has been released.
The video contains more charm and relationship between Hiyori Kainagi, Koharu Kainagi, and Koi Yoshinaga.
In addition, OP theme ‘Yajirushi’ and ED theme ‘Shuwa Shuwa’ have been released for the first time in the second PV.

|character information released!

The second character information of TV anime ‘Slow Loop’ has been released.
Ichika Fukumoto, who works as a captain at a fishing boat shop, will be portrayed by Kaori Nazuka, Futaba Fukumoto, a fifth-grader good at bait fishing, by Natsumi Murakami, and Futaba’s friend, Aiko Ninomiya, by Honoka Inoue.

■Fukumoto Ichika(CV:Naduka Kaori)

Futaba’s older sister. She works as a captain at a fishing boat shop that Koi’s father often visits.
She is very fond of her younger sister, Futaba, and also likes alcohol and young girls. She also enjoys drinking and young girls. She tends to slack off a bit at work.
Birthday: August 2
Height: 168cm

■Fukumoto Futaba (CV: Murakami Natsumi)

Fifth-grade elementary school student.
A reclusive but all-around good elementary school student who can study and exercise. He is good at bait fishing, but one thing led to another, and he has distanced himself from fishing for a while.
Birthday: May 12
Height: 135cm

■Aiko Ninomiya (CV: Honoka Inoue)

Fifth-grade elementary school student.
A friend of Futaba.
Not good at boys or studying.
She cannot touch insects or live fish but participates in fishing trips to get to know Futaba. She is very emotional and active in things she likes.
Birthday: September 22
Height: 136cm

|OP theme and ED theme decided!

The OP theme and ED theme of the TV anime ‘Slow Loop’ has been decided.
The OP theme will be “Yajirushi,” the debut single of the unit Pokapoka Aeon by Nao Higashiyama and Kiseyono Anno, both of whom are active as voice actors and artists, respectively.

The ED theme is “Shuwa Shuwa” by Three ∞ Loop, a unit consisting of the three main characters, Hiyori Kainagi (CV: Rin Kusumi), Koharu Kainagi (CV: Natsumi Hioka), and Koi Yoshinaga (CV: Tomomi Minai).
You can listen to both the OP theme and ED theme in the second PV of “Slow Loop,” so please check it out as well.

■OP theme “Yajirushi.→”
Song: Pokapoka Ion

▲From left to right: Nao Higashiyama and Kiseyono Anno.

■ED theme “Shuwa Shuwa
Song: Three ∞ Loop

▲Kusumi Rin

▲Hioka Natsumi

▲Mineuchi Tomomi

|Broadcast and distribution information released!

<Broadcast Information>

AT-X From January 7, every Friday from 10:00 p.m.
(Repeat broadcast: Every week (Tuesday) 10:00~ / Every week (Thursday) 16:00~)
TOKYO MX From January 7, every Friday from 22:30
Sun TV From January 7, every Friday from 24:00
KBS Kyoto Every Friday from January 7, 24:00-
TV Aichi Every Friday from January 7 27:05~
BS11 Every Friday from January 7, 23:00-
<Delivery Information
Simultaneous terrestrial distribution and fastest independent distribution on d-anime stored-anime store From January 7, every Friday from 22:30
Other sites are scheduled to distribute it sequentially.

|Anime Information

<Delivery Information
Simultaneous and fastest terrestrial distribution on the d-anime store!
d-anime store From January 7, every Friday from 10:30 p.m.
Other sites to follow


original workMaiko Uchino (Manga Time Kirara Forward / Hohokusha)
directorAkitagaya Noriaki
assistant directorGeisei Morita
Series compositionYamada Yuka
Character Design, Chief Animation DirectorTakimoto Shouko
Fishing scene directionShibata Takumi
Food and effects supervisorWashikita Kyouta
art directorRinko Morokuma (Studio Tenjin)
Colorful designErika Tsukino
Director of PhotographyAtsushi Sato (Studio Shamrock)
3D DirectorToshiro Hamamura (Wired)
EditingMaki Sendo (REAL-T)
Director of SoundTsuchiya Masaki
musicTakuro Iga
Music productionflying dog
Animation ProductionCONNECT
productionSlow Loop Production Committee


Minagi HiyoriKusumi Rin
Minagi KoharuHioka Natsumi
Yoshinaga RenMineuchi Tomomi
Fukumoto IchikaNaduka Kaori
Fukumoto FutabaMurakami Natsumi
Ninomiya AikoInoue Honoka

【Original Story】

by Maiko Uchino “Slow Loop
It is serialized in “Manga Time Kirara Forward” (released on the 24th of every month).
Comics volume 1 to volume 4 is on sale now!
The latest volume 5 of the book will be released on December 10!

Manga Time Kirara Forward” official website

(C)Maiko Uchino, Houbunsha/Slow Loop Production Committee

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