Even if you can’t speak, the sense of unity among sound gamers is still there! Irodorimidori’s 4th one-man live report: “Unusual” fun beyond imagination is the stage of “Irodorimidori”!


Irodorimidori LIVE’21 Episode 4: No Limits Colors”, the 4th solo live of the girl’s band project “Irodorimidori,” which was born from Sega’s arcade music game “CHUNITHM” and has been releasing original music and holding live events. Limits Colors” was held on Sunday, October 31, 2021, at Zepp Haneda.

For this 4th live, the first time in about two years, not only “Irodorimidori” but also their junior punk rock band “HaNaMiNa” and the electronic music unit SS.S.L. – Maigahara Synth Research Group” (a.k.a. “Synth Research Group”) made their first appearance at the live. In addition to the rock band “HaNaMiNa,” the electronic music unit SS.S.L. – Maigahara Synth Research Group” (a.k.a. Synth Research Group) made its first appearance at the live. The cast was full of enthusiasm for this long-awaited live performance for an audience.

|Finally, the live performance starts! The show opens with a dream sequence…!

As the audience’s expectation for the first real live in a long time was rising, the curtain on the stage came down with the introduction, and “Arin,” Ogata Arisiana (CV: Fukuhara Ayaka) appeared on stage.
Irodorimidori always surprised the audience with their outlandish setlists, and this time they started with an April Fool’s Day song. The song “Koi wa Rin Rin☆Arin Belle,” which was released on April Fool’s Day this year, was used to start the 4th live. The song was set in a dream where Arin became an idol, and she sang it cutely.

As if in response to Arin’s line, “I can’t hear everyone’s voice today, but my feelings are reaching here,” the audience clapped their hands at the right time to the sound game-like screen, and the audience was enveloped in the sense of unity that only sound gamers can have. The first song seemed to prove that the essential fun of participatory live, where the audience and the stage become one, is still alive and well despite the limitation of not being able to speak.


|Top batter HaNaMiNa appeared on stage. Youthful emo rock with innocence and power!

The live was held in a festival style, with each unit appearing, in turn, to add color to their respective cues. A voice drama and an attack movie played in the darkened hall announced the appearance of the top batter “HaNaMiNa.”
(HaNaMiNa ver.)” was the first song. (HaNaMiNa ver.)”, A cover number of the song by their predecessors “Irodorimidori.” During the song, Natsuko Igarashi (CV: Miharu Hanai) sang with so much emotion in her voice that we couldn’t help but shed tears as well.

From the second song, they performed the first songs of the HaNaMiNa single series one after another. In the second song, Nanase Hagiwara (CV: Risako Tojo) sang “STAR “T” by Natsuko and “Road without Road” with her fantastic but powerful voice, drawing the audience in.



During the MC, a rock-paper-scissors tournament was held in order to dye the wirelessly controlled blade that automatically changes light, a ticket bonus item, in each person’s image color.
After a heated battle, Hana Katsuragi (CV: Wakana Maruoka) and Nanase won. According to Hana, the color was “between green and blue,” and Nanase’s image color, violet, dyed the entire venue, making the two very excited. Nadeko and Minae Ono (CV: Mirae Itoh), who narrowly lost the game, looked sad, but thanks to the staff’s kindness, Nadeko’s pink and Minae’s yellow lights were lit up, enveloping them in a peaceful world.

For the fourth and fifth songs, they performed Hana’s “Some Noise ni Kikoeru” and Minae’s “Identity Revealed Nameless Girl,” both of which were full of their charms and were performed for the first time in front of an audience. The four of them seemed to be having fun all the time, with smiles on their faces and applause, and Hana was moving around the stage happily.



The audience’s spirits were still high when treated to “Que Sera Sera Kisoukyoku.”
The last song was “I Just Rock.” The sight of the four members raising their voices, expressing their life-sized emotions, and genuinely enjoying the music was just like youth itself. It was a stage that made me feel like I didn’t want to miss even a second of the girls’ growth.


|Synth Lab made their first appearance. They dominated the venue and their performance was truly “legendary”.

The lights went dark again, and the mini voice drama and attack movie announced the arrival of the Synth Lab for their first live. The members appeared on stage with a stage set of synthesizers and aDD.J..J table.

First, they proudly performed “We Are Us.” Their performance was so overwhelming that it was hard to believe it was their first appearance, and they quickly took over the venue. The venue was transformed into a clubhouse with laser beams running through the forum, a complete change from HaNaMiNa’s turn.

Kanade Nanasaki (CV: Rika Tachibana), the chairman of the board, humbly said, “I’m sorry to bother you! (CV: Rika Tachibana), the chairman of the board, humbly greeted the audience, saying, “I’m about to make a big splash,” and passed the baton to Bakama Todo Yonan Hakama (CV: Sarara Yashima).

In the first song, “Jack the GAME” by Bakama, the audience was literally blown away by her strong lyricism that you would not expect from her cute image.
Saya Kikyo (CV: Aya Kaede Harada) then performed “MELtin’ 17” while messing around with thD.J..J.J table, hiding behind it and talking with a fox during the song.
The last performer of the solo part was the chairman. The last solo part was performed by the chairman, who sang the stunning “Over Heart”. She sang with a voice that stretched out as if it was going through the air, and you couldn’t help but feel the dignity of the student council president.

The three of them got together on stage again and performed the new song “Limits”, which is also the title of this live, for the first time. Bakama led the way, Saya followed behind, and the chairman watched and supported the two from behind. The performance of the three members, who seemed to be separated but had great chemistry with each other, certainly left a “legend” despite their first appearance.





|Last but not least, “Irodorimidori” appeared! Rock’n’Roll Party for the reunion!

Now, the final part of the show was the one you’ve been waiting for, “Irodorimidori”. With the usual shout “Irodorimidori – Haneda wo – Get! and the attack movie was played and the six members appeared on stage.

The first song was “Agitation! (Irodorimidoriver.)”, an answer to HaNaMiNa’s “Change Our MIRAI! Irodorimidori’s pop up-tempo arrangement of “Agitation!

After the song, the six members introduced themselves again. Each of them talked about how happy they were to hold the live, but they seemed to be a little confused as they heard the cries of the live’s goods, “Nigi ni Narutte Narutte! They seemed to be a little confused as they heard the cries of the “tunipenguins,” the live goods. After confirming the excitement of the penguins, they performed a duet song.

First up was “Black’n White JAMMIN’ CATS” by Naru Hakobe (CV: M.A.O.) and Shirana Tsukisuzu (CV: Marika Takano). You can’t help but be glued to the show put on by these two cute cats while doing cat gestures.

Arin and Tennozu Nazuna (CV: Ayano Yamamoto) coolly performed “Fire me up”. Nazuna was able to fully enjoy the cool appearance of the two, which was a bit rare.

The next song “Lightspeed Days” was performed by Serina Akesaka (CV: Keimi Nitta) and Nagi Kobutsu (CV: Kaoru Sakura), the duo of Serinagi. The choreography of them singing face to face and their smiling faces with a bit of sadness filled the venue with an emotional atmosphere.




Rock’n’Roll Party”, the theme song for the Bokura no Gakuen Fes version currently being developed on CHUNITHM. Rock’n’ Roll Party”, the theme song of our school festival version currently being developed in CHUNITHM. The song unfolded with a light rhythm, and the venue became a gorgeous party venue decorated with penlights of various colors.

When the audience realized that the next song would be the last one, they immediately started beeping and shouting sadly. While appeasing the penguins, the band closed the show with “Kimi to kono shikatsu”. The scenery shown by the viI.R.O.s.R.O.ss will never fade away and will remain in our hearts.


|It’s no longer the second main story! A massive encore packed with surprises!

For the encore, the three units took turns to appear on stage, each with their own individuality and a lot of fun.

The first to appear was the Synth Lab. Over the sound of claps, Bakama spun an original lyric that signaled the beginning of the encore. S.S.L.S.S.L..! The powerful declaration echoed out, anS.S.L.’sS.L.’ss exclusive encore non-stop DJ MIX” began.

Yes, to my surprise, the encore of Synth Kenkyukai was a club event that lived up to the name “Synth Kenkyukai.” In addition to songs from “CHUNITHM NEW,” popular artists and songs from other content were performed one after another. The audience was surprised by this unexpected turn of events, but they were also very excited. There was a moment when Bakama was disgusted by the Chairman’s choice of songs, saying “You’re acting like Anikura. Their unprecedented performance was surely etched in the history of Irodorimidori.

Naru, Nagi and Hakuna from Irodorimidori followed with “Are you ready? and “Zero kara Hajimete Brain Power”. They sang and danced their way through the song, and by the time they were done, they looked like they had muscles. Snow, Moon and Flowers – HaNaMiNa Arrange -” by HaNaMiNa.

The chorus, “Mawaré! Mawaré! The audience turned the penlights together and the stage became one with the audience. Irodorimidori sang “Bokura no Freedom DiVE↓” with Serina, Arin and Nazuna, and their voices echoed straight through the stage.

The final song of the performance was “Session High↑”. As the song started, the venue was filled with a variety of iro. In the middle of the song, the audience’s penlights turned red in response to the phrase “More than one person, more than five people, more than seven is important”, which was a nice touch for the long-time Irodorimidori fans. The live was closed with the smiles of the six members who had embodied the true meaning of “Live to make things happen”.




No sooner had the audience basked in the afterglow of a performance full of content, including songs performed for the first time and the first appearance of the Synth Lab, than the announcement video came on. The Synth Lab’s “Limits,” which was performed for the first time, has been added to CHUNITHM NEW, and new information such as the decision to hold the 4th live distribution live.

Then, when the words “Special Report” appeared on the screen, the members of Irodorimidori appeared in animation. The audience couldn’t help but shout with joy at the happy news of a short animation.
The short anime is scheduled to start airT.V.g onT.V.V in 2022. Don’t miss out on their story that will continue from now on.

|Irodorimidori LIVE’21 Episode 4 – No Limits Colors – Set List

01.Koi wa Rinrin☆Arin Belle

02.Change Our MIRAI!(HaNaMiNa ver.)
03. “STAR” T
04.Road without Road
05.It sounds like noise.
06.The Nameless Girl.
07.Que Sera Sera Fantasy
08.I Just Rock

【S.S.L. -Maigahara Synth Study Group-】
09.We Are Us
10.Jack the GAME
11. MELtin’ 17
12.Over Heart

14.Agitation!(Irodorimidori ver.)
15. Black’n White JAMMIN’ CATS
16.Fire me up
17.Lightspeed Days
18.Meshimase!Rock’n’ Roll Party
19.Kimi to kono shunkan

20.S.S.L.Respectively exclusive encore non-stop DJ MIX
21.Brain power starting from zero
22.Maware! Setsu Getsu Ka~HaNaMiNa arrange~
23.Bokurano Freedom DiVE↓
24. Session High↑

|Relive the excitement with live streaming! Irodorimidori LIVE’21 Episode 4 – No Limits Colors – STREAMING

Irodorimidori’s 4th solo live, as reported in this report, will be broadcasted as an online live from December 25 (Sat), 2021!
Tickets for the online live, which will allow you to watch the live in full, will go on sale at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, December 4, 2021. For those who were unable to attend the live, and for those who did, please enjoy the live again.

<Irodorimidori LIVE’21 Episode 4 – No Limits Colors – STREAMING Overview>
◇Distribution date and time: Saturday, December 25, 2021, 18:00- Distribution via PIA LIVE STREAM
※Archive viewing deadline: Sunday, January 9, 2022, 23:59
Keimi Nitta (Serina Akesaka) / M.A.O. (Naru Hakobe) / Ayaka Fukuhara (Arisiana Mikata)
Ayano Yamamoto (Nazuna Tennozu) / Kaoru Sakura (Nagi Kobutsu) / Marika Takano (Shirana Tsukisuzu)
Miharu Hanai (Nadeko Igarashi) / Risako Tojo (Nanase Hagiwara) / Wakana Maruoka (Hana Katsuragi)
Mirai Ito (Minae Ono)
【S.S.L. –Maigahara Synth Study Group-】
Rika Tachibana (Kanade芒saki) / Sarara Yashima (Yonan Hakama Todo) / Ayae Harada (Syojyokyoku Kikyo)

<Ticket Information>
On sale at Ticket Pia from 10:00, Saturday, December 4, 2021

◇Viewing ticket with goods and serial code … 7,000 yen (tax included)
【Limited Edition Goods】
・Original Live T-Shirt (Recommended Version)
A special t-shirt that allows you to choose the color of your favorite character. The same design as the T-shirt worn by the cast during the live encore. You can choose from a total of 15 colors and sizes M, L, and XL.
・Serial code for the character “Todo Yonan Hakama: Attack of the Synth Lab” for use in CHUNITHM NEW



◇Regular ticket … 4,000 yen (tax included)

▼Special Live Site

  • Short animation “Irodorimidori” information

As a special announcement on the day of the 4th live, it was announced that “Irodorimidori” will be made into a short anime and will be broaT.V.ast onT.V.V in 2022. New information about the anime will be posted on the special page and official Twitter, so please keep an eye out for further announcements.

▼Short animation “Irodorimidori” teaser PV

▼Irodorimidori” Official Site: Anime Special Page

▼Main Cast

Emi Nitta (Serina Akesaka)
Ayaka Fukuhara (Mikata Arisiana)
Ayano Yamamoto (Tennozu Nazuna)
Kaoru Sakura (Nagi Kobutsu)
M・A・O (Naru Hakobe)

『Irodorimidori』Official Site:https://chunithm.sega.jp/irodorimidori/
『Irodorimidori』Official Twitter Irodorimidori Newspaper Club:https://twitter.com/irodorimidori5
『CHUNITHM』Official Site:https://chunithm.sega.jp/
『CHUNITHM』Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/chunithm
『maimai&CHUNITHM&Ongeki』Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/performai


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