The “Orient” broadcast date has been decided and the PV has been released! OP theme by “Da-iCE”!


The TV anime “Orient” will start airing on January 5, 2022. In addition, the PV has been released. The theme song information has also been announced, and the OP theme has been chosen as Da-iCE’s “Break out”, which is shown for the first time in the PV.

The original story of “Orient” is a warring states battle fantasy serialized in “Bessatsu Shonen Magazine” by Shinobu Otaka, a manga artist known for “Magi” and “Sumomo Momomo: The Strongest Woman on Earth”.
It has been 150 years since the “demon gods” suddenly appeared in Hinomoto during the Warring States period and took control of the world. …… While only the “warrior clans” continue to fight against this domination, two people who yearn to be warriors come together to fight against the demon gods. This is the story of two boys, Musashi and Kojiro, who yearn to be samurai and vow to form the “strongest samurai group” and try to defeat the demons.

In addition, the animation and character voices of Shiro Inukai (CV: Hiroshi Shimono), a mysterious samurai of unknown affiliation, and Nanao Inuzaka (CV: Azumi Waki), a girl who follows Shiro and calls him “master,” have also been released for the first time.

In addition, the opening theme song will be “Break out” by Da-iCE. The song is full of a sense of speed, reminiscent of the world of “Orient”. In the PV released this time, a part of the song was also shown for the first time.

Orient” will begin airing on TV Tokyo and other stations on January 5, 2022.

|Comment by Souta Hanamura of Da-iCE on the opening theme

When I read the book “Orient”, I was struck by the strong heart of a man who fights to protect the world despite being called evil by people all over the world, and I thought I could somehow incorporate that strength into the music, so I started to write the song. I expressed the high aspirations and the strength of the heart in a piercing high-pitched voice, and in the lyrics, I expressed my belief that even a minority can do the right thing and that their thoughts can change the world, in a world where justice is decided by majority rule. By adding Japanese elements to the song, I think I was able to create a Japanese rock song that only Da-iCE can create. Please enjoy the new Da-iCE with “Orient”.

|Ending theme: Wataru Hatano comment

I’m Wataru Hatano, and I’ll be singing the ending theme song “Naniro” for the TV anime “Orient”. I’m very happy to be involved in the music as well. Nani Iro” is a cheering song that encourages the adventures of boys like Musashi and Kojiro and the bonds they form with their friends, as well as a message song that can be applied to anyone. It is a song that encourages the adventures of boys like Musashi and Kojiro and the bonds with their friends. We hope that you will love the song “Naniro” as much as we do the anime! I hope you love the song “Naniro” as much as I do!

|TV animation “Orient”.

【Broadcast Information】
TV animation “Orient” will start airing on January 5 (Wed), 2022!
[TV Tokyo] Every Wednesday from January 5 (Wed.), 24:00-
[TV Tokyo] Every Wednesday from January 5 (Wed), 24:00~ [BS Tokyo] Every Wednesday from January 5 (Wed), 24:30~
[AT-X] From January 6 (Thu), every Thursday from 9:00 p.m.
AT-X repeat broadcast: Every Monday from 9:00 a.m. / Every Wednesday from 3:00 p.m.
Please note that the broadcast date and time are subject to change.


original workShinobu Otaka (Bessatsu Shonen Magazine serialization / Kodansha)
directorTetuya Yanagisawa
Series compositionMariko Kunisawa
character designTakahiro Kishida
Chief Animation DirectorFumio Matsumoto, Sayuri Sakimoto
prop designKimura Hidefumi
Color DesignHitoshi Hibino
art settingMitsuki Maeda
art directorHirofumi Sakagami
Director of PhotographyHidenori Manaka
EditingAyumi Yamagishi (REAL-T)
sound directorRyosuke Noya
Sound ProductionStudio Mouse
MusicHideyuki Fukasawa
Animation ProductionA・C・G・T
productionThe Orient Production Committee


MusashiUchida Yuma
Kojiro KanemakiSouma Saito
Tsugumi HattoriTakahashi rie
Takeda NaotoraSatoshi Hino
Shirou InukaiShimono Hiro
Nanao InuzakaAzumi Waki
Hideo KosamedaWatano Wataru

【Theme song】
Opening theme: Da-iCE “Break out
Ending Theme: Wataru Hatano “Naniro

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