Spoilers for the final episode of Attack on Titan (Episode 139)! What is the “future” that Eren and the others have chosen?


Attack on Titan” is an extremely popular dark fantasy manga about the battle between giants and humans, which has been serialized since 2009 and the final volume was finally released in June 2021.

This article presents a full synopsis of Attack on Titan from episode 1 to the latest episode, by important storyline. “If you read this, you’ll understand the content!” It is an explanatory article, so please take this opportunity to review “Attack on Titan”.

|Trost District Defense Spoiler (Volumes 1 to 4)

An end to 100 years of peace, a super giant suddenly appears!

In order to protect themselves from the threat of the Titans, humanity has built a walled city with three high walls surrounding the city. The protagonist, Eren Jaeger, lives near the Wall Maria, the outermost wall of the city, with his parents and Mikasa Ackermann, the girl who was taken into his home.

After hearing the story of his childhood friend Armin Arlelt, Eren dreamed of joining the Survey Corps, which would allow him to go on expeditions to the world outside the walls. However, in the year 845, when Eren turned 10 years old, a super-sized Titan suddenly appeared and destroyed Wall Maria, and the invading Titans ate his mother before his eyes.

Driven by a desire for revenge, he decides that he will exterminate the Titans. Later, he joins the 104th Training Corps with Mikasa and Armin, who also lost their families to the Titans.

Give me your heart! Training in Hell and Eren’s Transformation into a Titan
In the year 850, three years after joining the Training Corps, the Colossal Titan appears again. The Trost District Garrison Corps and the 104th Training Corps, who were there to intercept the Titans that had invaded the city walls, began fighting.

Eren was placed in the same squad as Armin, but the other members of the squad fell prey to the Titans one after another in their first battle. Later, Eren is also eaten by the Titans while protecting Armin, but to his surprise, he awakens inside the Titan’s body as a Titan.

Thanks to Eren’s efforts as the “Titan that attacks Titans,” the hole in the wall is closed and the Titans are prevented from pursuing them. Although the Trost District was retaken, the damage to the Corps was great, and the tragic results were left behind, such as the discovery of the body of Marco, Eren’s classmate.

|The Female Titan (Volumes 5-8)

◆The Strongest of Mankind! To the Survey Corps led by Levi!

Although Eren’s ability to turn into a Titan was considered dangerous, he was allowed to join the Scout Regiment at the advice of its leader, Erwin Smith, and became a member along with Mikasa and Armin. Eren is assigned to the squad of Captain Levi, who is known as the strongest soldier, for security and surveillance.

Hanji Zoë, a squad leader of the Scout Regiment with an uncommon fondness for Titans, begins studying Eren’s ability to transform into a Titan and the two Titans he has captured. However, soon after, two Titans are killed by someone, and the possibility of a spy lurking inside the Corps suddenly arises.

◆The Female Titan is here! The slaughtered Levi Squad!

Eren’s father, Grisha, has been missing since the first attack by the Colossal Titan. In order to find out the secret of Eren’s ability to transform into a Titan, the Survey Corps dares to investigate outside the walls, aiming for the “basement of his house” that Grisha left behind.

However, many people are killed by the Female Titan that suddenly appears just after their departure. A strategy to capture the Titans begins using the forest, but Eren, who has been transformed into a Titan, loses the battle and is taken away by the Female Titan.

Levi’s team was devastated, but Levi and Mikasa succeeded in rescuing Eren safely.

◆The Female Titan’s Identity Revealed! A deepening mystery
Although they were able to get Eren back, the Scout Regiment was ordered by King’s Landing to hand him over to them after they failed to accomplish anything while causing a great deal of casualties.

However, Armin determines that the Female Titan’s true identity is Annie Leonhart, his classmate in the Training Corps. During Eren’s escort, he decides to carry out a secret mission to capture the Female Titan.

Although she succeeded in hunting down the Female Titan, Annie hardened herself with the Titan’s power, making it impossible to torture or listen to her. Also, the hole in the wall caused by the Female Titan’s rampage revealed that there was a Titan inside the wall.

|The Battle of Utgard Castle (Volume 8-10)

◆The Wall Rose is breached and the Survey Corps encounters the Beast Titan!
Twelve hours before Annie’s capture mission. Except for Eren, Armin, Mikasa, and Jean, the rest of the 104th students who were engaged in the capture operation were suspected of colluding with the enemy and were placed under house arrest.

However, a pack of Titans suddenly appears inside the walls of Wall Rose, where the facility where he is under house arrest is located. The captain of Mikeco’s squad rushes in alone and encounters the Beast Titan, a hairy giant that speaks and controls giants, and is eaten.

◆The siege at Utgard Castle, Christa’s real name told
Hurriedly, the soldiers evacuated to Utgard Castle and searched for a hole in the wall, but they could not find any gap that the Titans could enter. Some time later, at night, the giants, which are not supposed to be active at night, attack again, and the “Beast Giants” also show up.

Ymir, Christa, and the other 104th graders are finally cornered after their senior soldiers are eaten alive in front of them. So, Ymir transforms into a Titan and fights against the swarm of Titans, but they are outnumbered and quickly become inferior.

At the critical moment, Eren and the rest of the Annie capture team joined in and slaughtered the Titans. Krista was shocked by Ymir’s transformation into a Titan, but she tearfully confessed her true name, “Historia Wraith,” to the battered Ymir.

◆Reiner and Bertolt’s shocking confession

It is revealed that Ryner and Bertolt from the 104th class are from the same hometown as Annie. In response to Eren’s suspicion, Rainer suddenly makes a shocking confession: “I’m the Armor Titan, and Bertolt is the Colossal Titan.

Right in front of Eren’s surprised eyes, Ryner turns into a Titan. Mikasa’s counterattack was futile, and the transformed Reiner and Bertolt kidnapped Eren and Yumir to take them back to their hometown.

|The Battle to Retake Eren (Volumes 10-12)

◆Eren has been kidnapped! What are the “coordinates” that Reiner and the others talk about?
When Erwin learns that Eren and Yumir have been kidnapped by Reiner and the others, he leads a mixed corps that joins the Military Police and Garrison Corps. According to Hanji’s guess, Eren and the others are thought to be in the forest of giant trees, so the mixed corps follows their footsteps.

Eren and Yumir, on the other hand, were unable to transform into Titans due to the drain of their strength from repairing their bodies. Here, it was revealed that the reason for Rainer’s mysterious behavior was his double personality that was born as a result of his guilt. It is also revealed that the purpose of Ryner and the others was “Coordinates = Eren”.

Retrieve Eren! Battle of humans vs. humans
Ymir, who wants to save Krista at all costs, clashes with Reiner and the others. He turns into a Titan and forcibly takes Krista from them. The 104th students Mikasa, Jean, and Connie who were chasing him rush to the scene and confront Rainer and the others.

Erwin arrived with a huge number of Titans in tow. Reiner, now an Armored Titan, tries to protect Eren and Bertolt, but he is swarmed by many Titans.

Armin reached Eren’s side, and through quick thinking, succeeded in distracting Bertolt from him. He was able to recapture Eren during this time, but many of the soldiers had been eaten alive by the Titans.

It was a desperate situation, but when Eren shouted, the other Titans attacked the Titan in front of him. This “power of shouting (power of coordinates)” brought the Mixed Corps out of their predicament, and they succeeded in bringing Eren, Krista, and Yumir back safely.

|The Battle to Retake Eren (Volumes 10-12)

Formation of the New Levi Squad and Experiments on Titanization
With the discovery of Eren’s “power of coordinates” and the further revelation that Historia is of royal blood, the monarchy orders the Survey Corps to hand over Eren.

When the Survey Corps did not comply, they formed the New Levi Squad with Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Historia, Connie, Jean, and Sasha, and holed up in a remote mountain to conduct experiments on Eren’s transformation into a Titan.

Levi vs. the Anti-Personnel Forces! Start planning a coup d’etat!
As in the past, the Scout Regiment was aiming to retake Wall Maria, but the nobles refused to do so out of personal greed. Betrayed by their expectations, Erwin decides to stage a coup d’etat in order to unravel the mystery of the Titans and protect humanity.

However, Eren and Historia are kidnapped by a ploy of the monarchy. Kenny Ackerman, Levi’s foster father, is also among the enemies of the Central Military Police, and the new Levi Squad, which has been tracking Eren and the others, begins to fight against them, but they are defeated.

Eren regains his memory! The History of the Ackermann Clan Revealed
When Eren and Historia were trapped in the basement of the House of Wraith, he regained a memory that had been lost. It was the memory that Eren’s father, Grisha, had killed the Wraith family and taken away the power of the Primordial Titan that Historia’s sister possessed.

Titans can inherit their power by eating Titans. The royal family, the Wraiths, have inherited the power of the Primordial Titan for generations, so Historia’s father Rod tried to have his daughter take Eren’s power, but she refused.

In the midst of the chaos, Eren obtained the power of the “Armor Titan” from the drug and protected Historia from the Titanized Rod. In the end, Historia herself defeated Rod and settled the matter.

Kenny is caught in the explosion Rod caused and dies, but as he is dying, he confesses to Levi that he is his mother’s brother (=uncle). As he is dying, he confesses to Levi that he is his mother’s brother (i.e., his uncle), and hands Levi the “Titanizing Potion” that he stole from Rod before passing away.

Accession of Historia

The Scout Regiment is blamed for the murder of a civilian who died in the chaos of the coup, but a civilian who witnessed the whole thing exposes the dark side of the monarchy.

In addition, because the truth of the series of incidents was reported in the articles and Historia, the true heir to the throne, was seen fighting on her own, Historia was crowned queen to the admiration of the civilians.

|Operation Recapture Wall Maria (Vol. 17-22)

Go to Shiganshina District, reunite with Reiner, and the Beast Titan appears!
Now that Eren has acquired the ability to harden, the mission to retake Wall Maria begins to close the hole in the wall with the power of the Titans. Eren arrives at the Siganchina District and repairs the wall with his hardening smoothly, but then Armin discovers Reiner hiding in the wall.

The battle between Liner and the Levi Squad and others begins inside the wall. The goal of Reiner and the others was to “take back the power of the coordinates from Eren,” but Eren himself took the lead in guiding the enemy. Thanks to Mikasa’s new weapon, the Lightning Spear, Eren succeeds in destroying the armor of the Armor Titan, which was thought to be indestructible.

However, just as they were about to take the next step, Bertolt’s “Colossal Titan” attacked. Only Eren and the other students of the 104th term survived.

The truth about Marco’s death and Berthold’s repentance
It was three months ago, during the Trost District Recapture Arc. The cause of death of the 104th student Marco Bot, who died at that time, has been revealed.

Marco happened to overhear a conversation between Reiner and Bertolt that day. Marco overheard some inexplicable words such as “my Titan” and “the hole I’ve already made” and asked for help, not knowing that Annie was also from Rainer’s side.

Not wanting to let Marco ruin their plans, Reiner and the others took the 3D activation device from Marco and fed it to the Titans.

Marco’s murder causes Rainer to develop a double personality, and Bertolt is determined to break free from his weakness.

◆Erwin dies! The injection was administered by ……
It was Zeke, the “Beast Titan,” who confronted Erwin and the others outside the wall. Many soldiers and horses were killed in the bombardment caused by the rocks thrown by Zeke.

In desperation, Erwin said, “We are the ones who can think of the dead! We will die here and leave the meaning to the next living! We will die here and leave the meaning to the next living! While sacrificing many soldiers and himself, he entrusts the “Beast Titan” to Levi.

Levi succeeded in exposing the flesh and blood from the Titan, but Zeke was taken away by the “Quadruped Titan” that suddenly appeared. After that, the Quadruped Titan took Reiner with it and went away.

In the meantime, Armin’s last-ditch effort allows Eren to expose Bertolt’s body from the “Colossal Titan”, and Levi appears with a “Titanizing Potion” that can bring a dying person back to life. Then Levi appears with a “Titanizing Potion” that can revive a dying person, and the dying Armin and Erwin are cruelly weighed against each other as to which of them will use the one and only injection.

Levi chose Armin, and Armin, who was transformed into a Titan, preyed on Bertolt and gained the power of the “Colossal Titan.

|The Attack on Mare (Volumes 23-28)

Protagonist change? The stage is set in Male.
Three years have passed since the mission to retake Wall Maria. The setting shifts from Paradis Island, where Eren and his friends were from, to Male Country, the hometown of Rainer and his friends, and the story is described from the perspective of Rainer’s cousin Gabi and her friend Falco.

In the past, the Eldarians made a pact with an earth demon to gain the power of giants, but after 1,700 years of prosperity, they allowed Mare to rebel against them.

King Fritz and other Eldarians fled to the island of Paradis, and the Eldarians left on the continent were persecuted by the Marees, who called them the “Devil’s People. In order for them and their families to have a better life, they dedicate themselves to their country to become honorary Marees.

The nation of Male had dominated the Eldians as a giant weapon, but recently, with the development of civilization, it had become overwhelmed by other nations. Therefore, in order to revive the country’s dignity, it sought the power of the “Founder’s Giants” on Paradis Island, and began sending numerous Eldarians as assassins.

Eren and his friends attack the stage! The balloon was boarded by ……

In order to protect Gabi, whom he secretly cares for, Falco wants to inherit the “Armor Titan” from Rainer. He becomes friends with a wounded soldier named Kruger, who claims to be an old friend of Rainer’s, but it turns out to be Eren, who has infiltrated the country of Male.

Eren transforms into a Titan right in front of Ryner’s astonished eyes and slaughters the important people from each country attending the festival. Eren swallows up the Titan of the Hammer of War that the nation of Male possesses, and the Eldarians finally become the enemy of the world.

Then, Levi, Armin, and the rest of the Paradisiac soldiers arrive, and they also succeed in kidnapping Zeke, who is of royal blood. Hanji, who came on the airship, rescued Eren and the others, but Gabi and the others, who harbored a grudge after their friends were killed, infiltrated the airship.

Gabi is detained after shooting Sasha, and together they head to Paradis Island.

◆Zeke was in league with Eren! What is the Euthanasia Plan for the Eldarians revealed?

It turns out that Eren and Zeke were half-brothers, and Eren seems to look up to him as a big brother. For a long time, Zeke’s purpose has been kept secret, but his real purpose is the “Euthanasia Project for the Erdians”.

Zeke wanted to use the power of the Primordial Titan to take away the reproductive functions of the Eldarians in order to eliminate the fear of other races’ Titans and discrimination against Eldarians. Eren also agrees with the “Euthanasia Plan”.

Even within the Paradisiacal Corps, a “Jaeger faction” is born that supports the will of Zeke and Eren, and Flocke, the only survivor of the cavalry charge, becomes the leader of this faction and begins a dark plot to install Eren as the leader of the Corps.

Mikasa’s ancestors were powerful men in the Hyzyl Kingdom.
The Hyzyl Nation is the only oriental country in the world that has shown a friendly attitude towards Paradis Island. About a hundred years ago, it had friendly relations with the Eldarians, and after being defeated in the Titan War, it left a token of its general in Paradis Island.

They were the Orientals left behind by the General, but because they disagreed with the ideas of Fritz, the previous king of Paradis, all the Orientals were killed, leaving Mikasa Ackerman, who is now a half-breed child. Mikasa’s mother is the last pure-blooded Oriental and a descendant of the Shogun family.

The head of the Azumabit family, a family in the Hyzur nation that is now one of the most powerful in the world, is a woman named Kiyomi. Before Eren declared war on the world, Zeke had a secret meeting with Kiyomi and succeeded in getting her cooperation.

Levi vs. Zeke! The strongest man in the human race is out of combat!

The Paradisiac Island Corps is in turmoil due to the murder of President Zachry, and the Jaeger faction finally makes their move. Armin and Mikasa are captured, and the Jaeger faction’s leader, Flock, triggers a coup d’etat in front of the current leader, Hanji.

While in prison, Zeke releases wine laced with his own spinal fluid into the Corps, causing Levi’s men to turn into reasonless Titans one after another. Levi succeeds in defeating his former subordinate Titans and capturing Zeke, but the gap is exploited and he is allowed to turn into a Titan, resulting in serious injuries.

Hanji, who had been taken away by the Flock, appears at Levi’s side as he is dying. While the soldiers are glued to Zeke, who has regenerated from the belly of the mysterious Titan, Hanji escapes with Levi.

|The Shocking Truth (Volume 29-32)

The encounter between Eren and Zeke
In the past, Zeke was brainwashed by his parents who wanted to restore the Eredians. However, he inherited power from Xaver, the heir to the Beast Titan, whom he met by chance, and approached Eren, who possessed the Primordial Titan, in order to carry out the Euthanasia Plan for the Eredians.

Zeke believes that Eren has been brainwashed by his father, Grisha, just as he has been, and he begins to work with the goal of rescuing Eren from the brainwashing as well.

◆In a brawl with the Marle group! Falco inherits the jaw giant!
The hatred for Titans that has been going on for 2000 years is growing, and soldiers from Male are finally sent to Paradis Island. However, due to the strength of Eren and Zeke, who have been transformed into Titans, the soldiers on Male’s side, including Rainer, are outnumbered.

Furthermore, Falco, who had been forced to drink Zeke’s spinal fluid, is also turned into a Titan by his screams. He tries to make Falco prey on Reiner, who is a threat to the Jaeger faction, but Falco ignores Zeke’s orders and preys on Porco, the “Jaw Titan. Thus, Falco becomes the “Jaw Titan” heir.

◆Face to face with Ymir the founder, what is Eren’s true purpose?

Ymir, the founder of the Titans, was once a slave in the service of the king. He accidentally obtained the ability to turn into a Titan and was recognized by the king, but when he was about to die, the king ordered him to continue creating Titans even after his death, so Yumir continued to create Titans all the time in a place like the spiritual world called “The Way.

Eren, who was nearly killed by Gabi’s attack, decides to enter the “path”. When Zeke is there, Eren reveals his true purpose, saying that the reason he has been following him so far was to come to the Path.

It was also revealed that Attack on Titan has the ability to interfere with the inheritor’s future and past. It was also Eren himself who came from the future and made his father Grisha slaughter the Wraith family.

In order to achieve his goal of “protecting his friends,” Eren was willing to take away the freedom of others in order to be free.

Ymir, the founder, who is still deprived of his freedom as a slave of the king even after his death, reacts to Eren’s voice, “You’ve been waiting for someone for 2000 years,” and shows his emotions for the first time.

The true meaning of Eren’s question was, “What am I to you?
In Mikasa’s reminiscing scene, she expressed her confusion about Eren, who no longer shows his true feelings even to his friends like Armin. “Why do you care about me?” “What am I to you?” This is the first time I’ve ever seen such a thing.

Eren has become cold towards Mikasa and Armin, and he doesn’t know what he’s thinking anymore. In this scene, Mikasa’s true feelings are revealed as she still tries to believe in him.

Eren, start advancing.

Having made contact with Ymir, the founder, Eren finally sets his plan in motion. In order to protect the island of Paradis, which is now resented by the entire world, he has no choice but to annihilate the entire human race outside of the island.

Eren unravels the hardening of the tens of millions of Titans in the walls, and proceeds towards the mainland of Male in formation. At last, the “ground rumbling” begins.

In the wake of the massacre that threatens to destroy the entire human race, Armin and the rest of the Eldarians, who have been enemies until now, and Rainer, Annie, and the rest of the Male side unite. Each side gambles for what they want to protect, and chases after Eren, who has turned into a different form.

|The Final Battle (Volume 33 – 34)

The end of Mare and Hanji, who returned to nothingness
Tens of millions of super-sized Titan-classes form ranks and trample people to death as the “Earth Crying” heads towards its next target, the Fortress of Suratoa, leaving the continent of Male in ruins. After Levi wakes up from his near-death state and tells him to “give up his heart,” Hanji entrusts Armin to be the next leader of the group and heads towards the pack of Titans.

Although they were able to neutralize and stall many Titans, they were overwhelmed by their numbers and Hanji died. Not wanting their sacrifice to be in vain, Armin and the others launch their airship to the Suratoa Fortress, where the “Earthworms” are headed.

◆Ellen: “There is no room for discussion.”
Why are Armin, Rainer, and the others left alone when Eren can affect all Titans now? As the discussion is taking place in the airship following Eren, suddenly the consciousness of everyone present is connected to the Path.

Armin and the others tried their best to persuade Eren, but it seemed that Eren had no intention of stopping the “earth ringing”. I will take freedom away from the world in order to obtain it,” Eren said, “but I won’t take anything away from you, you’re free.

The last thing Eren said was, “If you want to stop me, stop me from breathing,” and they all returned to reality.

Giants gather! Can you stop them from destroying the land?
In addition to Mare, the “Chikara” had already trampled the Hyrule Kingdom and other areas in the East. Armin and his friends plan to find Eren himself in his body in order to stop him from becoming a super-sized, deformed Titan.

Annie’s father and a number of soldiers were gathered at the Slatoa Fortress, the only hope that might stand against the Titans. The airships that had been their only hope had all been rendered useless, but the “Earth Cry” was almost upon them.

The “Nine Giants” of the past reappear.
Mikasa and the others join up with Annie and the others on top of Falco, who has turned into a bird-shaped Titan. However, Eren, with the help of the primordial Titan Ymir, created the successive “9 Titans” one after another and stood in front of them.

Currently, the Wheel Force Titan Peek has placed a bomb on the nape of Eren’s neck, but is engaged in a battle with the War Hammer Titan. In addition, Armin has been taken by the Titans, and his life or death is unknown. So Levi decides to divide them into two groups.

Rescue team and detonation team.
Mikasa, who is on her way to rescue Armin, is confused about the possibility of killing Eren, but with the help of Annie and Connie, she discovers the “Okapi-like Titan” that swallowed Armin. With the help of Annie and Connie, she discovers the Okapi-like Titan that swallowed Armin. She tries to track it down, but is stopped in her tracks by the Titan.

Meanwhile, Jean and Reiner join Peek and aim to blow up the nape of the neck, but there are too many Titans to reach the detonator.

At that time, Armin met Zeke on the “road”. When Armin made eye contact with Zeke, who said, “You were also eaten by Yumir?” Armin once again decided to fight without giving up.

Former friends return!

©, Kodansha / “Attack on Titan” The Final Season Production Committee

On the Road, where there is no life or death, Zeke begins to talk about how the purpose of life is to “increase”. However, Armin told Zeke that in order to increase, it is important to live an ordinary life that is not necessary, and persuaded Zeke to get out of here.

Meanwhile, Mikasa and the others are fighting on the back of Eren, who has become a monster. Peek is injured in the arm, and although Jean rescues him, Reiner and Annie are in a desperate situation. However, Bertolt and Ymir’s Titans suddenly make a move to cooperate with Annie and the others.

Armin rescued! And finally, Eren blows up
Taking advantage of this opportunity, Mikasa attacks the Okapi-like Titan that swallowed Armin. Armin jumps out and defeats the Titan, and tells her that this situation is thanks to the help of everyone who was asleep on the Path.

According to Armin, all Eldarians are connected by a “path” through the power of Ymir, the founder who is seeking a connection. The reason why the Titans suddenly showed their willingness to cooperate earlier was because of Armin’s persuasion.

Levi slices off Zeke’s head as he comes back from the Path, and the grounding stops. Jean then chops off Eren’s head, and everyone except for Reiner escapes on the back of Falco the Bird Titan. Armin, with a sad expression on his face, finally detonated the bomb as he said goodbye to Eren.

The joy is short-lived, but hell is still to come
With Eren blown up, the giant bone Titan disappears, and the Super Titans that had been marching stop walking. Annie, Gabi, and the others who had gotten off the back of the bird giant Falco found their families on the ground and were shouting with joy.

However, the “glowing centipede,” which was thought to have disappeared in the explosion, reappears. Eren also resurfaces as a super-sized Titan. While everyone is devastated, the Glowing Centipede releases a cloud of smoke, and the entire Survey Corps anticipates that people will be turned into Titans, just like in Ragaco Village.

The Tragedy of Lagaco Village Revisited! Mikasa finally makes her move!
Levi immediately took off on the bird giant with only Mikasa and Peake with him. Jean and Connie, who were left on the ground, hugged each other’s shoulders as they accepted their fate.

Finally, the smoke reaches them, and everyone except those with Titan powers are transformed into Titans. Armin and Ryner, who had been watching from afar, prepared to engage the oncoming army of innocent Titans in order to prevent Eren from coming into contact with the Glowing Centipede.

Mikasa was in despair at Eren’s devilish behavior, but remembering her childhood memories, she made up her mind and plunged into the Eren Titan’s mouth with the 3D activator. Behind Mikasa, who kisses Eren’s severed neck, is the figure of Ymir the Founder.

|[Last Episode] Spoilers for Episode 139

Memories of my conversation with Ellen come flooding back.
The scene changes, and Armin and Eren appear as young children. Armin asks, “Was everything Eren has done up until now a scenario to make us the heroes who saved humanity from extinction by defeating him?

Eren says that the reason why Ymir, the founder, had continued to follow King Fritz for 2000 years was because she loved him. For some reason, she asked Mikasa for help, and Eren says that he has been fighting to reach the result of Mikasa’s choice.

Eren was very fond of Mikasa, but he left Mikasa with the words that he wanted her to be happy after he passed away. This happened when Armin was on the ship to Eldia, and it seems that Eren made him forget this memory.

◆The Titan’s power disappeared. Armin became a hero.
The scene returned to the present, and Armin woke up to find that many of the people who had been transformed into Titans had become human again. Eren knew that the consequences of Mikasa’s choice would be to erase the power of the Titans from the world.

Mikasa, Reiner and the others also regain their memories of talking to Eren and shed tears. Levi paused to give his heart to the friends he had lost in the process of reaching this result, with a sorrowful look on his face.

Three years later.
Three years have passed since then, and Historia’s daughter is celebrating her third birthday. At first glance, life seems to be peaceful, but the world is still in chaos. In Eldia, the Jaeger faction has formed an army, and on Paradis Island, people who fear retribution continue to show their will to fight.

Meanwhile, Armin, Reiner, and the others who became heroes in Eldia were on a ship heading to Paradis Island as ambassadors of the Allies for peace negotiations. On Paradis Island, Mikasa is waiting for them with a small gravestone at the base of a tree where Eren used to take naps. At that time, a bird flew in and rewrapped Mikasa’s unraveled scarf, just as Eren had once done.

|What did “Attack on Titan” want to tell the readers? Thoughts after reading

©, Kodansha / “Attack on Titan” Production Committee

Consideration 1: Theme “Freedom
One of the main themes of “Attack on Titan” is the pursuit of freedom. Did Eren, who refused to live peacefully like a farm animal within the walls and chose to fight, manage to obtain his freedom in the end?

Looking at Eren, who understood everything about the past and the future, and in the end turned the world against himself and his friends, it is questionable whether he really made that choice of his own “free” will. In the end, even Eren was unable to defy the plot of fate.

In addition, Eren’s choice to clear the land has an ironic message for the world: “In order for someone to exercise their freedom, they have to take away someone else’s freedom. The author wanted to portray the protagonist as a person who is not free. What the author wanted to portray was not a happy ending for the main character, but a satire of the cruel reality of society.

Discussion 2: Theme “Racism
The other major theme of the story, “racism,” makes sense when you think about it. In a normal fantasy, the end result of racism might be the end of racism.

However, in this film, the Eldarians increased their military power for fear of reprisals, and in the end, the war neither died nor did discrimination end. In the end, the war did not die, nor did the discrimination end. In fact, for the people of the surrounding countries who survived, the perception that the Eldians are demons became even more deeply rooted.

There were many negative comments about this ending, especially from overseas fans. However, when people form a group or a country, there is always friction and conflict with the people around them. People inevitably make distinctions between those on the “inside” of them and those on the “outside,” and this is where “discrimination” is born.

I think the author thought that it would be more essential for the characters to be aware of the existence of discrimination and to pass it on to future generations as a lesson, just like Armin and the others, rather than making such a reality invisible through convenience.

|The Mysteries That Still Remain in Attack on Titan

I’d like to introduce you to some of the mysteries that still remain in the story, which has been foreshadowed from the very first episode.

About the Calendar

©, Kodansha / “Attack on Titan” Production Committee

In the first volume, the number “845” made an appearance. In the anime version, it was written as “845”, so it became clear that this number represented a year, but what exactly is this year 845 counting from?

The year of the wall’s construction, which had been a leading hypothesis, has been rejected since it was later revealed that the wall was built about 100 years ago. Also, the year 845 is also the year Eren was injected by Grisha and inherited the power of the Titans, but there was a strange coincidence in the sign that the syringe was invented in the real world in 1844.

Furthermore, the number “13” has an important meaning in the world of Attack on Titan, as you can only live for 13 years if you inherit a Titan, and 845 is a multiple of 13. Perhaps the author started the story in the year 845, taking into account the year of the invention of the syringe and the multiple of 13 in reality.

About Mikasa’s headache

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There are several scenes in the work where Mikasa has a severe headache, but what was the reason for it? Initially, it was thought that the headaches were caused by the stress Mikasa felt when she felt her loved ones were in danger, but now that the story is complete, the prevailing hypothesis is that the headaches were caused by the effects of interference from the past.

For example, Mikasa has a headache in the scene where Carla, Eren’s mother and Mikasa’s foster parent, is eaten by the Titans, but at the end of the story, it is revealed that Eren in the future had fed his mother to the Titans himself at that time.

The Ackermann clan is one that is not subject to memory manipulation by Titan abilities, but they may have been affected in no small way by the alteration of the past.

Why Mikasa became a key person.

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In the last episode, we found out that the future was left to Mikasa’s choice. As for why Mikasa became the key person in the story, the following reasons can be considered.

Ymir, the founder, served King Fritz as a slave and continued to work for him even after his death. The reason why she continued to serve King Fritz despite the terrible treatment she received was because she loved him.

Ymir, the founder, entrusted his choice to Mikasa, a girl who was in a similar situation to him. In the end, Mikasa killed the man she loved, Eren, with her own hands, but Ymir the Founder must have seen in that choice a “love” other than obedience.

Thus, the founder Ymir quit following King Fritz, and as a result, the Titan ability was lost to humanity.

|Thoughts on Attack on Titan

The story, characters, and world view of “Attack on Titan” were all bizarre and unique in a way that I had never experienced before. When I first read the original manga after watching the anime, I honestly thought that the drawings were rough, but if it weren’t for Mr. Isayama’s drawings, this amazing work would have never been created. It’s been years since I fell in love with the Captain. Even though I lost one of my eyes, as a witness who has seen everything, I was more than happy that he lived until the end. I accepted all the choices made by Eren, Mikasa, and Armin! It is difficult to break the chain of hatred in the midst of a long-lasting conflict, but I believe that the message of this work will be conveyed to the world. Thank you, Isayama-sensei, for all your hard work!

In the end, Eren was only a slave to freedom, and even if the Titans can be eliminated, the human karma of discrimination cannot be eliminated. To be honest, the story didn’t end with a clean slate, but I think that’s because the author pursued realism, not just fiction. Attack on Titan” will remain in the history of anime for a long time to come, and there will be a lot of discussion and debate about it. I’m very curious to see how other people feel about this final episode! I wonder if I will now be free from a life of worrying about the ending of Attack on Titan: ……. It’s both refreshing and a little sad.

March is a divine manga that I am proud to show to the world. It is a national treasure, and I am thankful that Isayama-sensei was born into this world. When I was reading the first half of the book, I thought it was just a typical shonen manga, but when I got to the second half, I was shocked to find out that the whole story up to now was just the beginning! I was shocked. And towards the end, my heart ached and ached, and I panicked, “What am I going to do? I was in a panic. When I finished reading the book, I felt that this ending was probably the best for the world of Attack on Titan, but I also wondered why Eren was still in ……! He just wanted to be free. ……! I had mixed feelings about it. But if Isayama-sensei decided to end it this way, that’s all that matters. It’s good. It’s a divine work.

[speech_bubble type=”drop” subtype=”L1″ icon=”surprise.png” name=”Nazuna”]The main character Eren, who was supposed to be standing up to destroy the Titans, has now become an enemy of humanity. The final episode of “Attack on Titan” was published in “Bessatsu Shonen Magazine” on April 9, 2021. Eren’s thoughts and what happened to his friends have been revealed, but how will the anime version present the finale? [/speech_bubble]

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