[Jujutsu Kaisen] The identity of the biggest mystery in the series, “Itadori Yuji”, is too dangerous…


Itadori Yuji is the protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen, but his physical abilities and background are still a mystery. Itadori Yuji is a character whose physical abilities and background are still a mystery.

In this article, I’ll be discussing Itadori, his true identity, and his feelings when he was asked by Higuruma about the massacre at Shibuya. Please let us know what you like about Itadori in the comments section.

|Who is Itadori Yuji

Itadori was a first-year high school student at Sugisawa Daisan High School in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture.

Itadori was leading a peaceful high school life when he and Fushiguro, who was present at the school, swallowed the fingers of Ryoumen Sukuna, a special class spell that was said to be kept in a 100-leaf box to ward off a spell that had appeared at the school.

As a result, Ryoumen Sukuna incarnated in Itadori’s body and became a threat to the witchcraft world.
Itadori was sentenced to a secret death sentence according to the witchcraft regulations, but thanks to the arrangement of Gojyo Satoru, the strongest witchcraft master in the world, he was granted a reprieve and enrolled in the College of Witchcraft and Wizardry as a witchcraft master.
Itadori is a pitcher thrower, and his throwing distance of just under 30 meters easily exceeds the world record of 23 meters. In the 88th bridge, when escaping with Kugisaki Nobara from the attack of Esou, the incarnated special class spell, he ran at a great speed while carrying Kugisaki, which astonished Eso.

His physical ability to surprise even a special class spellcasting spirit is undoubtedly the best in the series. Itadori’s potential is such that he can control Sukuna to some extent without allowing her to completely incarnate. Why Itadori’s physical ability is so high is something I’ll discuss later.

Itadori’s personality is very cheerful and she can easily get along with people she has never met before. Itadori’s character is very cheerful and can easily get along with new people.
He often shows compassion to the spirits of the spell, and his senior panda said, “That’s a good person. That’s a rare thing for a sorcerer, Neimei.

Itadori is such a good person, but his attitude of trying to be right is strongly influenced by his grandfather.
It’s a good thing that you’re not the only one who’s trying to do the right thing.

|Technique inscribed on Itadori

As I mentioned earlier, Itadori has physical abilities that are far from human, and this is reflected in the techniques he uses.
Itadori’s Keiteiken is a tricky technique that creates a double impact with a single blow, as the spell power strikes immediately after the fist is perceived to have hit.

In fact, the Keiteiken is a phenomenon that occurs when the spell power, which is not normally given due to inexperienced spell power manipulation, is unable to keep up with Itadori’s inhuman physical abilities.
This is the reason why Itadori’s spell power does not work well against the stronger enemy, the special class spell spirit. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a character with such a high level of spellcasting.
In the middle of the fight, he unleashed the Kokusen, the quintessential form of spell manipulation, which has only been achieved by a very limited number of magicians.

In addition, Itadori is currently not using any formulas, but I would like to discuss the formulas that may appear in the future. Basically, techniques are engraved in the body at birth. This is why the ability to use a technique depends on one’s talent, which is explained to be about 80%.
However, when Itadori was training with Gojyo Satoru in spell manipulation, there is a description that suggests that Itadori’s body will be engraved with a few of them. There are two known Sukuna techniques: “Kai”, which is a normal slash, and “Hachi”, which deals with the target with a single sword depending on the spell power difference and strength.
In addition, there is the “Huga” that was chanted before unleashing the flaming arrows against Jyougo in the Shibuya Incident, and a reversal technique that can be used for healing. Fushiguro’s ability is to summon people.
The “Kai” and “Hachi” arrows fired at Makora summoned by Fushiguro’s ability are vicious in that they continue to cast their respective effects on spellbound and non-spellbound objects in the area of the fumamizushi’s inevitable effect.
The result was that all buildings and people within the area were turned to dust, and Itadori herself was greatly traumatized.
The mysterious “Huga” is also depicted in Akutozo’s previous manga, Number Nine, from which we can infer its abilities. The protagonist of Number Nine, Hiromasa Sukuna, can attack by making weapons appear from nine boxes, along with the words Jackout and Fuga.
There is an unpronounceable word in Sukuna’s dialogue.
If this is interpreted as a black box, then it is possible that he has some kind of magic formula stored in the box, and is using the word “Huga” to retrieve the formula at will.
In addition, he says to Jyougo, “Let’s fight with your specialty. It is possible that the arrow is just one of the techniques he has in stock, and that he can activate other techniques. I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but I’ve never heard of it. Fukuma mizushi can be divided into two different meanings: fukuma and mizushi. Fukuma means a place where demons lurk, and mizushi means the kitchen of a nobleman’s house, where meals and other delicacies are prepared.
From this, we can infer that the techniques stored in the blackened area are related to cooking.” The “Kai” and “Hachi” may represent knives used in cooking, and the flaming arrows may represent fire.
There are three pieces of evidence that support this idea.
The first is that in the official fan book, Sukuna’s favorite interest is listed as “eating”.
The second is that many of Sukuna’s statements are related to cooking, such as “I just tasted it, and I thought I grated it into three pieces.
The third is the scene where Sukuna is deploying the Fukumamizushi on Makora.
Episode 118 ends with that scene, but in the preview for the next episode of this paper, the ability was introduced with a term related to cooking: “The kitchen of death.
And in the following description of the abilities of “Kai” and “Hachi”, two types of knives are used. From the above, we can infer that Sukuna’s ability is related to cooking.
There is also an interesting place in Gifu Prefecture that is associated with the demon god Ryoumen Sukuna, who is said to have appeared in Hida. It is a place called “Ryoumen Sukuna’s Gozen Ishi” in Zenkyuji Temple, which is said to have been built by Ryoumen Sukuna. There is also a legend that Sukuna ate a meal here in the eaves of the temple, which suggests that Sukuna himself is associated with food and cooking. Therefore, we can expect to see other cooking related techniques in the future, such as the water technique and the grind technique.

|Itadori’s identity

It has been suggested that Itadori has a strong connection to Jyutai Kusouzu, and the person who created Jyutai Kusouzu is Kamo Noritoshi, a disgrace to the Kamo family and the worst sorcerer in history.
Kamo Noritoshi created the Jyutai Kusouzu by using a woman who had the peculiar constitution to give birth to the children of the spirit, forcing her to undergo 19 pregnancies and abortions.

However, the woman had been pregnant before that, and had no memory of it.
What happened to the child’s corpse when she met Kamo Noritoshi at the temple where she ran into him? What happened to the corpse? It could be that Kamo Noritoshi simply didn’t want to use it for the experiment, but it seems a little unnatural that Kamo Noritoshi would give up such a valuable sample so easily.
Perhaps Kamo Noritoshi had already sealed up the first child in his hands.
Then, as time passed, he took over Itadori’s mother’s body and revived the first child with his hands. Such a development can be expected.

The purpose of the incarnation was to recreate the Heian era, when witchcraft was at its peak, and it was thought that the incarnation of Ryoumen Sukuna was necessary.
Kenjyaku’s comment to Sasaki, Itadori’s former high school friend, “Thank you for being friends with my son,” makes this theory quite plausible.
However, if we assume that Itadori is the first child born to a woman with a peculiar constitution, it seems strange that Esou refers to Itadori as his brother.

I’m guessing that Esou is referring to the order in which the siblings were experimented on by Kamo Noritoshi, not the order in which they were born to the woman with the peculiar constitution.
Kusouzu, the original source of Jyutai Kusouzu, is a Buddhist painting that depicts the process of decay of a corpse placed outdoors in nine stages.
Up to the third stage are characters that have already been incarnated. The remaining six are most likely still in storage at the college of technology, as Esou, who is working with Itadori after the Shibuya Incident, says “I want to collect the corpses of Shousou and the others too” as the reason for going to the college. This confirms the hypothesis that the corpse of Itadori who first ran into the temple was Itadori and not Kusouzu.
Itadori’s incarnation as Sukuna’s vessel may have been set up before Itadori entered the College of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Originally, Sukuna’s finger was stored in a hundred-leaf box at Sugisawa Third High School, which Itadori attended. Fushiguro Megumi was on a mission to retrieve Sukuna’s finger, but the box was already empty, and Sukuna’s finger was in Itadori’s hands, but Itadori said, “Oh, yes, I found it. It’s hard to imagine that something that was stored in a hundred-leaf box would have fallen out of the box on purpose. In other words, someone must have taken the finger out of the box and made Itadori pick it up.
The most likely person to have done this is Kenjyaku.
This consideration is related to the special grade specific disease spell that Kenjyaku released during the battle with Meimei in the Shibuya Incident. The pox god is an evil deity that has been deified by smallpox, and is a kind of plague god. But actually, in the door picture of the book, Akutami-Sensei says, “Getou is lying, and this spell spirit is not a pox god, but a pox hag.
The old woman is said to have caused an epidemic of pox in Miyagi Prefecture, and to have eaten people who died of the disease. According to the legend, many graves where the sick and dead were buried were ransacked and their bodies were stolen or eaten by someone.
From these episodes, it can be seen that during the development of the realm of Pox, there are many aspects related to the story of Pox that are bound in a coffin and buried with a large tombstone.
As mentioned earlier, Pox is a demon from Miyagi Prefecture, and Itadori lived in Miyagi Prefecture as a high school student before entering the College of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In the story in volume 0, Getou died after using all the spirits he had. I’m not sure if this is a good idea, but I think it’s a good idea.
In order to hide these movements from the Kosen side, she may have given a false name to Meimei to mislead them. The above information suggests that Kenjyaku was working on a plan to recover the old woman and have Itadori take in the widow Sukuna’s finger in parallel.

|Why he did not deny the genocide.

As a sorcerer, Itadori has killed several spirits that were once human.
Itadori has killed several formerly human spirits as a sorcerer, mostly in combat with Mahito, who is a special class spirit. The first time she fought Mahito, Itadori killed three altered humans, and when she was separated from Nanami and had to fight the altered humans alone, she hesitated to kill them because they spoke human languages, and they attacked her.
At that time, Itadori is asked by the altered human to kill him, and he kills the altered human with a sad expression on his face, thinking that the altered human is experiencing unbearable pain due to Mahito changing the shape of his soul. After the battle, Itadori meets up with Nanami and confronts Mahito.
However, as he fights Mahito over and over again, he faces the reality that he has not been able to save many people, contrary to his grandfather’s dying words, “You are strong, so save people. In addition, during the Shibuya Incident, he handed over control of his body to Sukuna and killed a large number of unrelated people with the magic he released from his own body.
Itadori strongly desires her own death due to the contradiction between her grandfather’s will and her own actions, but thinking that she is just a murderer, she goes to the station to get rid of the evil spirit.
Itadori’s heart, which had been on the verge of breaking, was overwhelmed by Mahito’s attack on Kugisaki. After the Shibuya Incident, Itadori was unable to return to the National College of Technology because he could not face Fushiguro and the others.
After the execution by Okkotsu, Itadori was revived by the reversal technique and was told that the whole thing was “not your fault,” but Itadori denied it because he believed that the crime of killing people was not Sukuna’s fault, but his own fault for not being able to control Sukuna. Itadori believes that it is not Sukuna who is to blame for killing people, but himself for not being able to control her. Itadori believes that the crime of killing people was not Sukuna’s fault, but his own for not being able to control Sukuna, so he has lost the meaning of his own existence.
The fact that the Shibuya Incident took the lives of many people does not change the fact that Fushiguro is a sorcerer, but his message must have been that helping others is his way of atoning for the people he has killed and showing that his existence as a sorcerer is meaningful.
It wasn’t a follow-up message like “It’s not your fault, don’t worry about it,” but it was a message that made him realize that he still had a meaning to his existence, so he became clear about what he should do and lost his way. As a result, when he was asked about the massacre in Shibuya by the Judge during the battle with Higuruma, he decided not to run away from his sins and was determined to help others.

In the end, Higuruma judged him not guilty by reason of insanity in light of the criminal law, but Itadori himself said that it was because of his weakness that he surrendered his body to Sukuna. Itadori himself is aware that the massacre was caused by his mental weakness more than his physical weakness, and that is why he wants to get rid of the evil spirits that are the cause of everything.

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