Three points to understand the new development of “Tokyo Revengers” What will happen next?


This article contains spoilers for “Tokyo Revengers”.

Have you checked out the 25th volume of Tokyo Revengers, which was released on December 17, 2021? The volume contains episodes 216 to 224, which depicts the major events that led to the Sanzen era of Rokuhara Tandai, Brahman, and Kanto Manjikai. I would like to take a look back at this volume, which is filled with many events that will become turning points in the story.

The first thing I would like to mention is that the main character, Hanagaki Takemichi, is able to predict the future. He is able to see the worst that can happen in the future by touching the object, body, or affinity of the target person. His prediction of the future began when he received a trash of Seventeen Ice Cream that Senju Kawaragi had eaten, and he had a vision of Senju being killed by someone. He also had a vision of the T-shirt he was wearing turning red when he pressed the button of the elevator in the building to go to the room of Ryuguji Ken, aka Draken. He later realizes that he can see the future when he bumps into a prostitute and gets sprayed with tomato juice, which prevents him from killing Senju at great cost. There is a good chance that this ability, which appeared in volume 25, will play a role in the story.

And the most significant event in the same volume is the death of Draken. In Takemichi’s vision of the future, Senjyu was supposed to be killed by the members of the Rokuhara Tandai with a gun, but Takemichi noticed this and prevented it. Instead, Draken, who rushed to the scene when he heard that Takemichi was going to be attacked, was hit by three bullets.

Draken’s last words to Takemichi, “Take care of Mikey,” are like a camphor to him, and Draken’s death itself will have a big impact on Mikey’s future actions. The death of Draken itself will have a big impact on Mikey’s future actions. Also, for Brahman, his friends have been killed, and the war will start a week earlier.

Brahman’s No. 2, Takeomi Akashi, loses his cool and starts a war against Rokuhara Tandai. Mikey also showed up, and the “Three-Ten War” began to take place. Draken’s death was like a gong for the “Three-Tenth War,” but at the same time, it had such a huge impact that many people forgot about themselves and started killing each other. Ironically, it was also an event that showed how popular Draken was.

The third is the friendship between Senjyu and Takemichi. Being of the same generation, they are the only two people on the team who have developed a relationship as if they were close friends. In fact, there was a scene where Senjyu innocently said, “Brahman, we’re all old men, so I’m glad we’re the same age. On a strip of paper he wrote at the amusement park, “Protect Hanagaki! which was written on a strip of paper at the amusement park, showing how Takemichi is becoming an important friend for Senjyu. It is because of this heartwarming interaction that the harshness and sadness of the upcoming “War of the Three Heavens” stands out.

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