Jujutsu Kaisen Inumaki TogeArm amputated, one arm or both arms? Who did this to you and how will it heal, and a discussion of the death theory!


He is a cool and cool character who talks with onigiri (rice balls), but since he entered the Shibuya Incident, he has been in a shocking state, with theories about his death and a shocking description of his missing arm.

I’d like to discuss why this happened, including what we know from the manga and anime.

|Is Inumaki Toge’s arm amputated, one arm or both?

There was a big incident at Shibuya Incident: Inumaki Toge’s arm was missing.
We can only see one side of the missing arm, so there is no doubt that his left arm is missing.
It’s hard to tell because the scene where his arm is missing is only depicted from the side, but from the way he is dressed, it looks like he could have lost both arms. But if you look at the bandages wrapped around her, it looks like she only has one arm.

Also, since this description came out suddenly after Okkotsu Yuta appeared, we don’t know what it actually means since we haven’t actually seen the situation or the background.

|Explaining the death theories that have been circulating since the start of the Shibuya Incident

During the Shibuya Incident, many civilians were killed by the overflow of evil spirits in and around Shibuya station.
However, Inumaki Toge, who has a megaphone, uses spells to guide the civilians in the area, and to stop and clean up the spirits.

The spell with the megaphone is immensely powerful in expanding the range of the spell.
The theory of Inumaki Toge’s death is that he was killed by the fierce battle between Sukuna and Jyougo, which took place nearby, and also by Jyougo’s “meteor,” a great technique that engulfed the whole area.

After that, the scene where his arm is missing seems to be another death theory, but since the scene where his arm is missing seems to be treated, it seems that he is alive for now.

What volume of the book and what episode is it in?

When Itadori was trying to help the people around the station, he said, “Itadori! When Itadori is trying to help around the station, he says, “Mentaiko,” and Itadori notices and asks him to take care of the situation.

The missing arm can be seen in volume 16, episode 137 of the book. It appears in the scene after Okkotsu rescues the child in the commercial building.

|Spoiler Is the culprit Sukuna, who used Itadori Yuji’s body to go on a rampage? Or is it someone else?

After the description of the missing arm, Okkotsu Yuta says that he dropped Inumaki’s arm in Shibuya.
Therefore, many people think that the culprit is Sukuna rather than Itadori.

However, if it was Sukuna, it would be strange if it was just her arm, wouldn’t it?

Therefore, I think that there is another culprit, or that the description of Inumaki Toge itself is a fiction and a lie to deceive the other party.

|Can Inumaki Toge’s arm be healed?

There is a very small chance that Inumaki Toge’s arm will heal.

If he had been hit by Sukuna, he would have been shattered and there would have been no pieces left. I think it might be an artificial hand at best.

However, as I mentioned before, there is a possibility that the fact that his arm was cut off is actually a lie. But as I mentioned before, I think it is possible that the fact that the arm was cut off is actually a lie, and I hope that this is the case.

I don’t know what’s going to happen, but there are four possible choices.

  • It won’t fix the arm
  • The arm will heal in some way.
  • Even if he’s healed, it’s a prosthetic hand.
  • Actually, Okkotsu lied, his arm wasn’t missing from the beginning.

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