Who is Ellen Kruger in Attack on Titan? An in-depth explanation of her purpose, identity, and activities


The “other Eren” in Attack on Titan, Eren Kruger, is a key figure in this story. She is an essential figure in the story of the Titans’ secrets, but she is also a person of many mysteries. In this article, we’ll take a look back at Eren Krueger’s activities and explain him thoroughly! If you’ve finished the manga and can’t help but wonder, “Who is Ellen Kruger? In this article, we’ll take a look back at Ellen Kruger and explain her activities.

This article contains serious spoilers about Attack on Titan. Please be careful when reading.

Profile of Ellen Kruger in Attack on Titan

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height (of body)198cm
body weight100kg
birthdayApril 5
AffiliationMale Security Authorities

Ellen Krueger first appeared in Comics Vol. 21, Episode 86, “That Day”. He appeared in the reminiscing scene of Grisha, Eren Jaeger’s father, in the country of Male, as an employee of the Male security authorities. His true identity is later revealed to be the “Owl”, a spy from Eldia’s side. When Grisha was a child, Kruger came into contact with him as an official of the Male security authorities who punished them. A few years later, when Grisha is executed, Kruger also appears and entrusts him with an important mission related to the Titans.

What is your relationship with Ellen?

Kruger passed on the Attack on Titan ability to Grisha, Eren’s father, and Grisha passed on the Attack Titan to Eren. Although they are the same people of Ymir, there is no relationship other than the inheritors.

He was a spy for the Eldar restorationists who had infiltrated the Mare security authorities!


Kruger is not actually a Male, but an Eldonian. He is a member of the Erdian Restoration Faction, a dissident group working within Male. He passed a blood test with the help of a doctor who is also a member of the Erdian Restoration Faction, and was able to infiltrate the Male government. The Eldar Restorationists have a person called “Owl” who directs their activities in the shadows and provides them with funds and information. The identity of the Owl is not known even to the activists, but Kruger is the Owl. It can be said that he was the person who did more than anyone else for the restoration of Eldia.

What are owls?

Owl is another name for Kruger, who worked in the dark as a spy. In addition to distributing information within the government of Male, he also provided valuable historical documents, materials, and weapons. He was also the one who brought people of royal blood to the Restorationists and recommended Grisha to the Restorationists.

Why did you join the Eldar restorationists? Explaining the Sad Past

Kruger’s father was of royal descent. Some of the royal families who stayed on the continent instead of going to the islands became revolutionaries, and Kruger’s father was one of them. As a revolutionary, his father was spotted by Mare, and was burned alive. As a young boy, Kruger could only hide behind a cupboard and watch as his father burned to death. After being rescued by the Eldarians, Kruger joined the Restoration Faction and vowed to avenge Mare and restore Eldaria to its former glory.

Ymir’s people and possesses the ability to turn into Titans.

進撃の巨人 4期 ファイナルシーズン
©Hajime Isayama, Kodansha / “Attack on Titan” The Final Season Production Committee

Kruger, a Ymirite who was descended from Ymir the Founder, was the heir to Attack on Titan, one of the Nine Titans, an entity that, according to Kruger, has continued to advance and fight for freedom. One of Attack on Titan’s unique abilities is that it allows its heirs to share their memories. Inheritors from the past, present, and future are able to see the same memories through the Path. This allows the inheritors to see the future, and the future inheritors to interfere with the past.

|What did Kruger accomplish? What did he leave behind for the Eldar restorationists?

進撃の巨人 3期

The perfect spy to get information.

As a member of the Mare authorities, Kruger has tortured and massacred a large number of his fellow Eldarians. When Grisha was tortured, his fingers were cut off one after another, but it was Kruger who ordered it. Even with the Eldarians who were sent to paradise, Kruger carried out his duties without hesitation. It was because of this thoroughness that he was able to pass on valuable inside information to the restorationists without being detected as a spy until the end.

Kruger dead! Attack on Titan’s ability is passed on to Grisha!

Grisha and his friends were sent to paradise after his son’s betrayal, but it was Kruger who saved them. Kruger kills his colleague Gross and reveals to Grisha that he is an owl and an Attack on Titan. Once you have the Nine Titans in your body, you only have 13 years to live. As this deadline was approaching, Kruger entrusted the power and will of Attack on Titan to Grisha. When a Titan’s power is inherited, the original heir dies. As a result, Kruger’s life also ended when he passed it on to Grisha.

|A thorough explanation of the relationship between Grisha and Kruger! A comrade who entrusted his heart

進撃の巨人 3期

The encounter took place outside the Eldia detention area: ……

Young Grisha takes his younger sister Faye to see an airship outside the Eldar camp. There, they run into Kruger and Gross, two members of the Mare authorities who have been skipping work. Grisha, who was defending her sister, was punished by Kruger for the two of them. In the meantime, Gross pretends to help Faye by saying, “Let’s go home first,” and kills her. Meanwhile, Kruger was showing Grisha his airship. Kruger must have sensed that Faye had been killed and was stalling for time to save Grisha alone.

And stop Grisha from being sent to paradise.

It was Kruger who saved Grisha’s life when he was sent to paradise some time after their first encounter. When Grisha was the last one left after his comrades were killed, Gross tried to push Grisha out of the way, revealing that he had fed Faye to the dogs back then. At that moment, Kruger pushes Gross off. He also turns into a Titan himself and destroys Mare officials and ships. He made Grisha eat himself, the Attack on Titan. Thus, Grisha was able to survive despite being sent to paradise.

Why did Kruger only help Grisha 【Reference】?

It hasn’t been revealed when and from whom Kruger inherited the Attack on Titan power, and considering the 13-year time limit, it’s a fine line between Kruger and Grisha already having the ability to turn into a Titan when they first met. If he had already inherited the power at that time, it could be that Kruger was looking into the future when he kept Grisha around. He knew that he would become Eren’s father and that Eren would activate the earth ringing in the future, which is probably why he let Kruger live instead of saving Fei.

|The same person as Ellen Jaeger! How are they related?

進撃の巨人 エレン
©Hajime Isayama, Kodansha / “Attack on Titan” The Final Season Production Committee

“My name is Kruger,” Ellen Jaeger said at the hospital.

Ellen Jaeger, who has infiltrated Mare, claims to be Kruger. Of course, they are two different people, but Ellen, who inherited Attack on Titan, also shared the memories of Kruger, the past heir. Knowing her relationship with her father and his past, it is likely that she felt some connection with him and used it as an alias when she went undercover. The fact that they both share the same name, Eren, makes it natural to assume that Grisha named his son after Kruger, the man who saved his life.

Interfering with the past to boost Kruger.

Grisha was hesitant to kill the entire Wraith family. In his memory journey, Eren told Grisha at this time, “Keep going to get your reward. Even when you die, even after you die. This is the story you started, isn’t it? This is the story my father started. When Grisha is sent to paradise, Kruger says the exact same thing to him. If Kruger’s words were also spoken by Eren in the future, it means that Eren is interfering with the past and pushing them back.

The voice actor for the role of Kruger in the anime version of “Attack on Titan” is Yasunori Matsumoto.

The role of Ellen Kruger in the anime is played by Yasunori Matsumoto. Matsumoto made his anime debut in 1987 with “Manga Nihon Keizai Nyumon” (Introduction to the Japanese Economy) while working as a member of a theater company. He is best known for his roles as Norisuke Namino the 3rd in “Sazae-san”, Nobisuke Nobi, father of Nobita in “Doraemon”, and Gaurii-Gabriev in the “Slayers” series. He is a talented actor who can play a wide range of roles from hot-blooded to third-rate, and his melancholy, austere voice is perfect for the role of Kruger.

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