Spoilers for the latest episode of the manga “My Dress-Up Darling”! The single-minded gal is cute!


A gal’s single-minded love is sure to tickle your otaku heart! Spoilers for the manga “My Dress-Up Darling”! My Dress-Up Darling” depicts the passion and love of a boy and girl who are single-minded about what they love. My Dress-Up Darling” is a manga about a boy and girl who are single-minded in their love for something they love. In this article, I’ll introduce its appeal.

|Celebrating Anime! Outline of “My Dress-Up Darling

Since its serialization in Young Gangan began in 2018, the much-talked-about My Dress-Up Darling has won various manga awards, including third place in the National Bookstore Staff’s Recommended Comics and the Male Category Award in the Electronic Comic Awards.

This is a romantic comedy about a shy high school boy who dreams of becoming a craftsman who makes dolls, and a girly, otaku, innocent high school girl who develops an all-consuming love for each other through cosplay. There’s also news that it will be made into an anime!

This is a work that can be enjoyed by both men and women, but the readership is predominantly male at 70%. What tickles the hearts of these male fans is the perfect balance of cuteness and eroticism. One of the charms of this work is the scenes that make you feel a little nervous without being erotic.

As for the anime adaptation, unfortunately the broadcast time and content have not been announced yet, so we can only wait in anticipation for more details. However, the official PV has been announced. Looking at the official PV, it seems that we can expect to see some exciting scenes of the heroine, including the production process of cosplay, which is important for this work. I’m also looking forward to seeing how the original cosplay costumes will be colored in the anime!

|Spoiler alert for “My Dress-Up Darling”!

Gojyo Wakana is a high school boy who wants to become a “head maker” to make the faces of Hina dolls. One day, she is seen by Kitagawa Marin, the main girl in her class, while she is trying to make a kimono for the dolls.

This led to Wakana being asked by Marin to make a cosplay costume for her. As Wakana gets to know her better, the shy boy gets a chance to join her circle of friends.

Wakana is fascinated by Marin’s unabashed love for what he loves, while Marin is also drawn to his gentle, hard-working approach to helping others.

|The appeal of “My Dress-Up Darling” 1: Authentic cosplay!

After all, “cosplay” is probably the most attractive aspect of this work. It is one of the main themes of the story, and is a necessary element for the two main characters to build a relationship.

There have been many works on the subject of cosplay, and there are many works that describe the makeup and the wearing of cosplay.
However, this work is not just about changing into a costume of one’s choice or putting on make-up, but also about how to choose materials, information on costumes necessary for cosplaying, and specific things to keep in mind when wearing them.
Because Wakana has been making kimono for hina dolls for a long time, she is familiar with the process of making things, and she carefully describes the things that are overlooked because she has been making kimono for hina dolls that do not move.

Another point of interest is that the cosplay is not of an existing anime or manga work, but of an original character from the work. It is easier to read and more interesting to read a cosplay of an original work than to read a cosplay of an unknown anime or manga character.

You can also see what the actual cosplayers pay attention to and where they collect their accessories, so even if you’ve never cosplayed before you can easily understand and enjoy it.

|The charm of “My Dress-Up Darling” 2: A love story that will make you blush!

As the title of the story suggests, it is also a love story, and the romance between Wakana and Marin is at the center of the story.

It is not stated whether Wakana likes Marin as a romantic interest or not, but she is aware of him as a woman from the beginning, and he is aware of her as an attractive person, as he says the word “beautiful” to her, which he rarely used as a special word before.

However, there is also a part of him that is quite dull, such as talking about the racy contents of adult games without hesitation, and not showing much reaction other than staring at each other, although I think it is partly because Marin recommended it to him. …… I can’t wait to see how her feelings will change in the future.

On the other hand, Marin, being a gyaru, is used to interacting with men and doesn’t mind being measured by Wakana or being seen in a racy outfit. However, one thing led to another, and she became conscious of Wakana.

She’s almost in love with him, isn’t she? She herself doesn’t seem to be sure of her feelings, but she seems to be accumulating feelings that she might like him. It’s very cute to see her become a maiden at once, so pay attention.

|The charm of “My Dress-Up Darling” 3: The characters are cute!

I think the biggest attraction of this work is that the characters are cute.

Basically, all the characters with faces and lots of dialogues are very cute. However, Wakana and Marin are the best.

First of all, Wakana is very cute when she blushes at Marin’s approach and gives a big reaction to each one. The way he talks about his grandfather who raised him and the way he reacts to his favorite dolls makes me smile, because it shows how pure he is.

It’s also funny to see how his mental age drops a little when it comes to the people, things, and things he likes.
Also, Marin is a model in the series, and her appearance is set up to be cute, but the way she innocently rejoices when she thinks about her favorite characters, when her cosplay becomes a reality, or when she is touched by something she really likes is very cute.

It’s also charming to see how happy she looks when she’s eating, perhaps because she’s a surprisingly picky eater. She is the type of person whose emotions easily show on her face, as her expression often changes and she says things clearly. That’s what makes her so human and attractive.

|Spoiler for My Dress-Up Darling, Volume 1: DK, traumatized and shy, meets a gal!


After the death of his parents, Gojyo Wakana was raised by his grandfather, who worked at his grandfather’s hina doll store, honing his skills to become a “head maker” who made the faces of hina dolls.

He also sews kimonos for the dolls, but when his sewing machine breaks down at home, he decides to continue sewing kimonos at school. But then Kitagawa Marin, a gal in his class, comes and sees him working with the dolls.

This is the place to see

Wakana was traumatized when a girl she was friends with as a child told her she was “weird” for liking Ohinasama dolls. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a little more honest, but it’s traumatic to have your feelings of love denied at such a young age.

Then Kitagawa Marin, a gal in his class who likes anime and video games and has no qualms about saying “I like” what she likes. She accepted and even affirmed, rather than denying, the fact that he thought hina dolls were beautiful and that he had made kimonos for them.

It’s not a bad thing to say that you like something, but if you think about what people around you might think, you might not be able to say it. As if she didn’t have such anxieties and conflicts, Marin reveals her feelings honestly and openly.

The scene between the two of them at the beginning of the story is a highlight that will touch the hearts of many people. The scene between Wakana, who can’t reveal her feelings, and Marin, who is confronted with the fact that this is not true, will give readers the courage to say “I love you.

|My Dress-Up Darling Volume 2 Spoiler: Can make it to the cosplay event⁉


When Wakana hears that the cosplay event is in two weeks, she wonders if she will be able to make it in time.
Then, Wakana’s grandfather collapses and injures himself when he sees the stockings of the cosplay costume she bought with Marin.

This is the place to see

In this volume, there are many scenes to look forward to, such as Wakana overcoming her mental difficulties to make her cosplay costume, and the two of them wearing the costume and enjoying its completion together. One of the best parts is the scene during the cosplay event and the scene afterwards.

When Wakana accompanies Marin to the cosplay event, she feels sentimental about the fact that her connection with Marin is now over. There, he gets sentimental about the fact that he no longer has a connection with her, and is instantly captivated by her adorable smile. This is where the romantic side of the story begins to accelerate.

Later, on the train ride home from the event, Marin tells him that there will be a “next time” and he is relieved. At this moment, he is very cute, so it is important to pay attention to him. Then, one of his words triggers Marin to become conscious of him.

The flow of the story is reminiscent of a shoujo manga, and is heart-warming. It’s cute that Marin becomes overtly conscious of him after she gets home. The tension in her monologue is also a highlight, as she is overflowing with love.

Her sudden innocence, after saying so many vulgar words, is somewhat funny.

|My Dress-Up Darling Volume 3 Spoiler: Famous beautiful cosplayers!


Juju, a beautiful cosplayer whom Marin admires, is very popular on the Internet. However, she never participates in any cosplay events and her existence seems to be a mirage. When Juju appears in front of Wakana and asks her to make a cosplay costume, Marin meets Juju and they decide to cosplay together.

This is the place to see

Juju, or Inui Sajna, makes her first appearance in this volume. She saw a picture of Marin on the internet and fell in love at first sight with the outfit Wakana had made, and wanted Wakana to make one for her too.

When she found out that Marin was going to participate in the event, she sniffed out Wakana and looked her up at home. It’s an episode that shows how passionate “Juju” is about cosplay.

In other episodes, Saju-Kan and Marin talk about cosplay, Saju-Kan’s sister, Shinju, who takes cosplay photos of Juju, makes an appearance, and we get to know the thoughts and values of each cosplayer. It’s also a great way to learn about the characters’ passion for cosplay and the appeal of cosplay.

|My Dress-Up Darling Volume 4 Spoiler: The first meeting with Juju-sama, the woman of my dreams!


Marin has her first “match” with her favorite cosplayer, Saju, aka “Juju”, who has asked Wakana to make a cosplay costume for her, and Saju is completely impressed with the results. Inspired by Saju’s enthusiasm for detail, Marin prepares for the event with great enthusiasm. And so the day of the “match” arrived. However, it was raining heavily that day.

This is the place to see

In this fourth volume, we can really feel the passion for cosplay between Saju Kan and Marin. In the past, the knowledge and skills of cosplay have been described, but this time, one of the pleasures of cosplay called “Awase” is described.

In “Awase”, several cosplayers cosplay related characters together. One of the highlights of the event was the interplay between the characters, which is only possible with multiple cosplayers.

One of the best parts of the story is that Saju’s younger sister, Shinju, is challenging cosplay for the first time. With the help of Wakana, Shinju, who has always secretly harbored a desire for cosplay, takes on the challenge of doing what she really wants to do, and it will surely give you courage.

|My Dress-Up Darling Volume 5 Spoiler: Succubus Cosplay at the Love Hotel⁉


It’s finally summer vacation at school. Wakana had never spent a summer vacation with anyone before, but this year was different, as she was planning to cosplay with Marin, go to the pool, and enjoy fireworks. This year, however, Wakana has a different plan: she’s going to cosplay with Marin, and she’s also going to play pool and watch fireworks.

This is the place to see

The highlight of the fifth volume is the story of Marin, who is cosplaying as the succubus character Rizukyun, and Wakana, who goes to a hotel with her for a photo shoot. However, the hotel is a love hotel.

Wakana, who hadn’t noticed the hotel until they got there, was in a panic, but Marin told her that cosplayers sometimes use this hotel for shooting. It will be interesting to see what happens to their relationship.

By the way, the cosplay of the brown-skinned Veronica Taisha that appeared on the cover of the previous volume was also depicted in this volume, but it was never completed due to a number of problems. However, this episode is also a cute episode where Wakana and Marin become aware of each other, so be sure to pay attention to this episode as well.

|My Dress-Up Darling Volume 6 Spoiler: Cross-dressing cosplayer Amane-sama is here!


Wakana and Marin’s relationship has changed a bit, and they decide to participate in an event where they can walk around Ikebukuro in cosplay. There they meet a cosplayer named Amane Himeno. Amane is a beautiful girl by any standards, but Wakana and her friends learn a certain fact about Amane.

This is the place to see

Wakana and Marin have made friends with a new beautiful cosplayer, Amane Himeno, and Wakana is getting to know her through cosplay. It’s hard to imagine that Wakana was not good at socializing and was always alone. The highlight of volume 6 is the episode where Wakana grows even more.

Amane is a beautiful girl, but she is actually a man. She is a cross-dressing layer. Wakana is curious about how Amane, a man, transforms herself into a beautiful girl, and she learns many things from him. Wakana’s feelings change when she learns that Amane not only has cosplay skills, but also has a past and struggles as a cross-dresser.

In this volume, Wakana also overcomes various obstacles, such as the difficulty in making costumes. We can’t miss the exciting development of Marin cosplaying as a bunny girl, but please pay attention to Wakana’s growth.

|My Dress-Up Darling Volume 7 Spoiler: Wakana’s New School Life! Start of the Cultural Festival


As the season progresses, preparations for the school festival have begun at Marin and Wakana’s school. For Wakana, who is not good at socializing due to her past trauma, school is not a fun place to be. However, when Marin decides to cosplay at the school festival, Wakana’s school life suddenly changes.

This is the place to see

In the latest issue of My Dress-Up Darling, we have an episode from the school festival. Unlike Marin, who speaks openly about what she likes, Wakana has always kept her personal life a secret.

It may take a lot of courage for Wakana to make a costume at school. However, once she tries it, it turns out to be okay, and Wakana’s school life becomes completely different from what it was before.

Then, Marin decides to try cosplaying as a man for the first time. She has to participate in the Miss Contest as a host in a suit. Up until now, Marin’s cosplay has been all about her cuteness and style, but now that she’s dressed as a man, she has to kill all of that and become cool. Please enjoy the different atmosphere of the school youth story.

|Spoilers to the latest story to be included in volume 8 of My Dress-Up Darling.

Episode 56.

Wakana and Marin are preparing for their male costume play at the school festival, and this time they are preparing the wigs. This time they are preparing the wigs. For the cosplay, they don’t just use the wigs that are sold, but cut and set them according to their image.

Also, Wakana had experience dressing up as a man before when she cosplayed as Shinju, but when she looked into it again, she realized that her makeup still had a feminine touch to it. I admire Wakana’s attention to detail and her never-ending desire to improve!

Episode 57.

Finally, the costume was ready and Marin tried it on in front of his classmates. The classmates were very excited to see how well Marin looked in the male costume, which included underwear that would make her breasts and buttocks look masculine and flat.

The classmates were excited to see how well Marin dressed up as a man, but Wakana was the only one who looked pale. Because she realized that she had made the costume based on Marin’s measurements without the corrective underwear, and the resulting image of the costume was different. Wakana decides to fix the problem, but there is little time left before the festival.

Episode 58.

Wakana decided to make some changes to her costume, but she also told Marin that there was something else she wanted to try. She told Marin that there was something else she wanted to try, and that was to make Marin behave in a “manly” way. Unlike in the photos, this time he has to move and talk on stage. He decided to make his cosplay more complete not only with his makeup and costume, but also with his behavior.

Wakana and Marin are studying “manly” behavior with their classmates, and you can feel the warmth in their hearts as they actively talk with their classmates and are happy to be called friends.

Episode 59.

With the school festival approaching, preparations for the event are in full swing, and Wakana and Marin’s attempt to make a rainbow rose as a prop fails miserably. Wakana is about to paint the petals of the artificial flowers one by one, a time-consuming process, when an unexpected savior appears.

A friend of Marin’s showed her how to make a very simple rainbow rose. Wakana had never been good at relying on others, but when she saw how happy her friend was to be relied on, she felt like she had changed one more thing about herself.

Episode 60.

It was finally the day of the festival. As her classmates worked hard not to be outdone by the other classes’ performances, Wakana was also working hard to fix her costume. As Wakana works hard, her classmates bring her gifts, Marin declares that she will definitely win first place in the Miss Contest, and Wakana is inspired by the efforts of others.

Inspired by the efforts of many people, Wakana gets back into the swing of things. However, she wanted to concentrate on her makeup in a place where no one could see her, but for some reason, a large crowd of observers had gathered in front of her.

Episode 61.

She thought she had chosen an unpopular room to concentrate on her makeup, but it turned out to be a huge crowd of classmates who were very interested in her makeup. Wakana felt pressured by the tension of so many eyes on her and the pressure to live up to their expectations, but only then did she understand that she wanted to do her best to make Yumemi the best. You will definitely be thrilled to see Wakana’s face change from pale to the reliable face of a craftsman!

Episode 62.

The Miss Contest has finally begun, and Marin will be cosplaying as Rei Konoue, the main character in the popular live-action movie “The Student Council President is the No. 1 Host”. Since it is a popular work, students all over the school know her well.

The audience was excited to see Marin’s cosplay, as if she had brought the popular character Rei to the school. Amidst screaming cheers, Marin and Wakana’s cosplay ended in a great success.

Episode 63.

Thanks to the points gained from this, the class’s performance also won first place, and the classmates were very excited. With the excitement still intact, we all went to the launch party.

Wakana, who had never been to a party before, was a bit hesitant at first, but thanks to her carefree classmates, she had a great time. This is the last episode of the Cultural Festival, where Wakana’s bright smile is too bright for her classmates.

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