The Rising Of The Shield Hero” Spoilers for the original! From glossary of terms to external biographies


|The Rising Of The Shield Hero” spoilers for the original story, broken down by anime season!

アニメ『The Rising Of The Shield Hero』Season2 新ビジュアル

©2021 Aneko Yusagi/KADOKAWA/Shield Hero Production Committee S2

The Rising Of The Shield Hero” is an otherworldly summoning fantasy by Aneko Yusagi, who is also set to produce the second and third seasons of the anime. The work is popular for its punchy setting in which the protagonist is summoned as a hero, but is treated so unfairly that he has become distrustful of humans. What will happen to the hero, who is always facing adversity, and what is the truth hidden in the world to which he has been summoned? The following is a summary of the original novel as well as an introduction to the development of this intriguing work. If you are curious about the plot of the anime’s second season and beyond, can’t wait for the anime, or just want to review the original work, this article is for you.

|How many volumes of the anime “The Rising Of The Shield Hero” will be depicted in the second season?

アニメ『The Rising Of The Shield Hero』Season2 新ロゴ
©2021 Aneko Yusagi/KADOKAWA/Shield Hero Production Committee S2

The first season of “The Rising Of The Shield Hero” anime consisted of 25 two-cour episodes. In the beginning, the events that befall the main character Naofumi are so severe that some may lose heart after the first few episodes, but in the middle, Naofumi is distrustful of people, and with the trustworthy friends he has finally acquired, he is able to take one step at a time toward a brighter future. The story gets more interesting at an accelerated pace from this point onward. The first season of the series covers the content up to the fifth volume of the original novel. There were some stories that were omitted, but the main storyline followed the flow of the original work. The second season will likely start from the sixth volume of the original work. The anime is scheduled to be produced up to the third season, so it may be animated about 5 or 6 volumes at a time and catch up to the latest book.

|The Rising Of The Shield Hero” Main Characters & Basic Terms

Naofumi Iwatani

アニメ『The Rising Of The Shield Hero』Season2 優先カット
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Naofumi Iwatani is a 20-year-old college student summoned as a shield hero. In his original world, he was a geeky young man who played online games. Traumatized by the incident after his summoning, he has a suspicious attitude with a glazed look in his eyes, but he is a kind person at heart.


アニメ『The Rising Of The Shield Hero』Season2
©2021 Aneko Yusagi/KADOKAWA/Shield Hero Production Committee S2

Raftalia is a subhuman girl of raccoon-dog descent. She lost her parents in a wave and was sold into slavery, whereupon she was purchased by Naofumi. Since then, she has been working with Naofumi, serving as his sword, though she can only use a shield. As her level rises, her appearance also matures, and she is portrayed as a very beautiful girl.


アニメ『The Rising Of The Shield Hero』Season2
©2021 Aneko Yusagi/KADOKAWA/Shield Hero Production Committee S2

Hatching from an egg lottery purchased by Naofumi is Filo, a bird-shaped demon philoreal queen. In her bird form, she pulls a carriage with her large body. In her humanoid form, she is a beautiful blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl. She is a gourmand with a cheerful disposition and is the mood-maker of the Naofumi group.

Melty Merromark

Melty-Merlomark is the second princess of Merlomark and the first in line to the throne. She is a striking girl with twin-tail hair. She loves Philo Real and is best friends with Philo, and as she accompanies Naofumi and his group on their journey, she becomes more determined to make Merlomarck a better country.

Four Holy Braves

The Four Holy Braves are four brave men who are summoned to protect the world. They can only be summoned in times of world crisis, and only otherworldly beings can become Four Holy Braves. In addition to shields, there are sword, spear, and bow braves. Braves are so special that they are originally deified by the “Four Holy Braves”. However, in Merlomark at the beginning of the story, the “Three Brave Faiths,” excluding the shield, were believed in, and the shield was looked down upon.

Seven Holy Braves

Seven Holy Braves is a term used to refer to those who have become the bearers of a household weapon, which is a kind of household existence of a holy weapon; unlike Four Holy Braves, they can be residents of the local world. Seven Holy Braves are chosen by the spirits of the weapon as in the case of Four Holy Braves, but in the case of Seven Holy Braves, if the spirits give up on them, they may lose their status.

|The Rising Of The Shield Hero” Spoilers (1) (1st season of anime/ volume 1-5 of the original)

Naofumi, a college student reading a book, is suddenly summoned to another world as a shield hero. There were also heroes of the spear, bow, and sword summoned from the parallel world of Japan. In this world, a calamity called the Wave is occurring, and it is the mission of the four heroes to protect the world from the Wave. Naofumi was betrayed and falsely accused of treachery immediately after his summoning, resulting in the loss of money and trust and a distrust of people. Although he continues to receive cold treatment from the government, Naofumi adds Raftalia, a subhuman slave he purchased as an attacker, and Firo, who hatched from an egg, to his group and continues to work steadily to save people. A powerful enemy named Glass also emerges from the waves, further deepening the mystery of the phenomenon of waves in this world. Naofumi finally gets her revenge by defeating the Pope of the Three Valorist Sect. With the return of Mirelia, the original king, Naofumi’s honor is finally restored.

Restore Honor! The stage is set for Carmilla Island

On a brighter note, Naofumi’s group went to the island of Carmilla to improve their class. There they meet Larkberg and Terris and hit it off with them, but it turns out that they are heroes from another world. In order to save their world, they needed to defeat Naofumi, a hero from another world. Glass, who had previously antagonized them, also appears, and it is revealed that she is also a brave warrior from the same world as Lark and the others. After an even contest between the two, Glass and her team retreated as time ran out for the wave. Naofumi and her team narrowly won the battle.

|The Rising Of The Shield Hero” Spoiler #2 (Original Volumes 6-10)

On the way back from the island, Naofumi encounters Licia, a former party member of the bowman, Tree. She claims to have been expelled from the party by the self-centered and righteous Tree, and Naofumi, unable to leave her alone, decides to join her. This was so far depicted in the 25th episode of the anime. From volume 6, the story enters the Reikame version. The four spirits, or Reiki, which are supposed to be the guardian beasts of this world, have been unsealed and are now on the rampage. The “three idiot” heroes, except for Shield, who were blinded by greed, challenged the Reiki, but were defeated. Finally, Naofumi was sent to defeat it. It turns out that the Reikame is being controlled by someone. Naofumi follows Kyou, who has escaped, to another world.

Naofumi’s level reverted to 1!

In the other world, Naofumi lost his friends and fell back to level 1. He is placed in a difficult situation, but through an encounter with the Four Holy Braves of the other world, Kizuna, and reconciliation with Glass and Lark, he succeeds in defeating the mastermind, Kyou. With the energy that Kyou took from the turtle, Naofumi returns to the other world. As a reward for solving the Reikame case, Naofumi receives a fiefdom and the title of Count in his hometown of Raftalia. He uses the land to buy up the enslaved villagers of Raphtalia’s hometown and rebuild his domain. However, he runs into financial difficulties, so Naofumi tries to get rich at the Colosseum. Nadia, a former combat slave and bounty hunter, joins him at the Colosseum.

|The Rising Of The Shield Hero” Spoiler #3 (Original Volumes 11-16)

From volume 11, we continue to see the rebuilding of Raphtalia’s homeland, and in the process, two new siblings, Faul and Atra, half-human and half-alien, are added to the group. At the same time, the story of the rehabilitation of the remaining heroes begins, with the sword-wielding hero in volume 11 and the bow-wielding hero in volume 12 finally coming to terms with his past after a long struggle. In the village, Naofumi begins to raise a new male dragon, Gaerion. As reconciliation with the other heroes progresses, the secret of Raphtalia’s birth is revealed through the miko (maiden’s robe) that Naofumi has been dressing her in as a hobby. She was a descendant of a family that was the natural order (royalty) of the eastern island nation of Kutenro and had the role of coordinator of the heroes.

To save Raftalia.

When Naofumi realizes that her life is in danger, he decides to take control of Kutenloh; once Naofumi has taken control of the state, Raftalia assumes her heavenly destiny. Here, Sildina, the younger sister of Sadina (Nadia), whom Raftalia adores as her sister, also joins her. Back in the village, Motoyasu, the brave spearman, finally joins them. Once all the heroes were present, we moved on to the battle against the four spirits, the Phoenixes. Atra lost her life protecting her comrades due to a spear by Tact. Tact is a whip hero, a prince of the Forbray nation who plans to conquer the world. Naofumi’s shield is taken from her by him and she is seriously injured. Between life and death, Naofumi comes to the spiritual world of weapons. Encouraged by the personality of the deceased Reikame and Atra, Naofumi is revived. Together with the king, who is awakened as a wise king after Tact kills his wife Mirelia, he wipes out the Forbray army.

|The Rising Of The Shield Hero” Spoiler #4 (Original Volumes 17-22)

This time, Kizuna, a brave hero from another world, is in trouble. In order to save Kizuna, Naofumi and his friends travel to the other world where Kizuna is in charge again. Naofumi and his group fought them off and rescued Kizuna without incident. Naofumi and his group fought them off and rescued Kizuna, who was chosen as a hero of the mirror in Kizuna’s world, and gained a new power to increase his abilities through food. Next, the group faces off against the Wave Sentinels, during which it is revealed that the identity of the Wave Sentinels is that of reincarnated people, just like the heroes. It also turns out that behind the scenes there is a mastermind “a being who presumes to be a god” with power equal to that of a god.

What started in the past world is a death game ……?

Volume 19 continues to stay in the world of bonding. After forming a cooperative relationship with the Demon Dragon, Naofumi once again faces Mine, Sein’s sister, and others in a battle for the Demon Dragon’s territory. Mine is now only a soul, and Sein’s sister declares war on Naofumi’s world. The turmoil in the bonded world has settled down, and in volume 20, Naofumi and her friends return to the world they have been in charge of for a long time. Naofumi and his friends are now transported to the past, and Naofumi joins up with Mamoru Jono, the hero of the previous Shield, to search for a way to return to the original time period. Naofumi and his friends are caught up in a death game, but they fight back with the “0 series” weapons, which specialize in the power of gods. However, Melty is kidnapped as a hostage by a newly emerged “Pretender to God.

|The web version of “The Rising Of The Shield Hero” is complete! What’s the Conclusion? [SPOILER ALERT

The Rising Of The Shield Hero
©2019 Aneko Yusagi/KADOKAWA/Shield Hero Production Committee S2

The mastermind behind the web version of the wave is the goddess Media Pides Merkiner, “the one who presumes to be God. This was Mine’s true identity. She was sending a kind of alter ego of her own soul to various other worlds to gain experience. She is such a powerful foe that even the “0 series” weapons of anti-god power can inflict only minor wounds on her, and Naofumi, the Four Holy Braves and Seven Holy Braves, the heroes and friends of the otherworldly household vessels, work as one to defeat Media. The four heroes who saved the world by defeating the media will be offered three choices: to have their three wishes fulfilled and return to their original world, to live permanently in another world as heroes, or to have the right to travel back and forth between their original world and another world. They will be rewarded with one of these options. Naofumi and Raftalia had both put together a force comparable to that of a goddess to counter the media, and Naofumi used her power to create her own alter ego, which was to be a goddess of the other world, a goddess of the other world.

Is Naofumi in another world a harem?

Returning to his former world, Naofumi graduated from college and became an excellent businessman. He marries Raftalia, who had come to Naofumi’s home as a homestay while studying abroad. On the other hand, Naofumi, who remained in the other world, married Raftalia. Raphtalia is the first wife, and Naofumi has a harem of children with other heroines who have taken a liking to her. The story ends with Naofumi becoming a legendary hero. In the “Yari no Yusha no Yakyuusha no Yandemo” (The Redoing of the Spear Hero), a looping adventure of Motoyasu, who has obtained a time-traveling item, is depicted.

|Can’t wait for the second season of “The Rising Of The Shield Hero” anime to air!

The Rising Of The Shield Hero
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