Spoilers for the manga “Aoashi”! The story from the beginning is explained.


Serialized in Big Comic Spirits since 2015.
Spoilers for the popular manga “Aoashi” (author: Yugo Kobayashi)
Can Ashito make it in Esperion?
What will be the outcome of the Premier League? The synopsis and storyline of “Aoashi” including
I would like to talk about the latest book from the beginning.


The main character, Aoi Ashito, lives in the countryside of Ehime.
Although the local soccer level is high
He was a self-centered player who played soccer by himself because of his “self-satisfied” nature.

Ashito was stunned when he was defeated in a tournament in Ehime Prefecture.
He happened to be watching Ashito’s game.
Tatsuya Fukuda, the manager of Tokyo City Esperion FC
He saw something shining in Ashito’s play and
He was encouraged to take the Tokyo City Esperion’s selection (entrance examination).

Ashito came to Tokyo for selection.
There, he was bewildered by a level of soccer that he had never been exposed to before.
The goal is to pass the selection process.

Will Ashito be able to pass the Tokyo City Esperion selection?
How will Ashito grow in Tokyo City Esperion?

|Selection to Esperion! What are the results?

Ashito participating in the selection.
With as many as 66 participants, director Fukuda
The chances of recruiting any of them as youth members are extremely small,” he says.
The selection process consists of an ability test followed by mini-games.

The player showed one play that shined out despite his messy play.
Ashito passes the first round and is selected as one of the 11 students.

The final exam is for Tokyo City Esperion’s
Practice match with youth members.
The youth members include the A team (top team)
Nagisa Akutsu, a regular player, was there.

Ashito and his team had the upper hand in the beginning, but
Gradually, the youth members became more and more precise and showed their true potential.
They easily scored two goals to end the first half.
In the second half, the selection team was still on the back foot. In the second half, the selection team was pushed back.
The team is now playing a game with a converted team.

The selectors despair, and two more goals are conceded.
While many of the players lose heart, Ashito, Eisaku Otomo, and Soichiro Tachibana do not give up, and at the end of the game, the three score a goal together, and the three are selected to play in the tournament.

|Team B, which creates conflicts with its members! Fighting in the Tokyo Metropolitan League!

Ashito said goodbye to his mother and classmates.
He joins Tokyo City Esperion’s youth team. The youth members include Yuma Motoki, Jun Asari Martis, and Keiji Togashi, the only player scouted by Fukuda.
Nozomu Date, the coach of the second team (B team), had them play a red-and-white match.
Ashito scored a goal in the first game, but the team’s goal was not enough to win the game.
The team’s lack of precision in basic play led to a series of mistakes, and they were unable to get passes, leaving them in shambles.

In the red-white game, while Motoki was promoted to the A team, Ashito, who had hit rock bottom, worked hard on basic play with Tachibana, Otomo, and others, and was able to make a few mistakes.
They learn to stop and play with the ball firmly in their hands.
The A team, called the Yellow Monsters, joins the A team, and Ashito and his teammates practice with the A and B teams.
Esperion plays an irregular game of 11 vs. 21. 2 when the B team has 11 players. The team of one will beat you, but the team of one will beat you.
When the A team has 11 players, they dominate the game 2-0.

Ashito and his teammates struggled desperately, but the game ended with Asari and Kuroda unable to communicate with each other during the match.
The game ends with Asari and Kuroda in a stalemate.
The members of the Esperion Youth Team entered Meisen High School, a partner school of the Esperion Youth Team, but the mood at the school was still bad, and Ashito and his teammates had a big fight with Otomo and the other members.
The Tokyo City Esperion B team joined the Tokyo Metropolitan League and faced Seikyo High School in the first round.

Instead of letting them play this one game as regulars, they asked, “Why did we get into trouble with Asari and Kuroda?” However, due to their poor rapport with each other, they were unable to work together at all, and led 0-3 in the first half.

At halftime, the players argued with each other, but the coach, Date, did not change the lineup and put Togashi, who did not get along with Asari and his teammates, in the center back position.
In the second half, Ashito becomes concerned about the position of Asari and Kuroda, and decides to play a triangle with Asari and Kuroda on the same line.
They discover the importance of this and begin to work together.

After two goals back through the coordination of the three players, Ashito’s quick thinking in applying the triangle led to Otomo’s goal to tie the game.
Ashito scored the final goal to win the game 4-3.
Here, Ashito and Otomo and Asari and Kuroda made peace.

|Shockingly, Ashito is now a convert!

The second section will be against Kurume Daiichi High School.
Due to the injury of the A team captain, Yoshitsune, the players who played well in this game had a chance to join the A team, which is why the A team coach, Fukuda, came to observe the game.

In the first half, Ashito was too conscious of Kuribayashi, who was making his professional debut for the same team, and the game ended in a tie without a goal.

However, with advice from Date, Ashito understood how to pass the ball and was able to score a goal to win the game 3-0.
Convinced that his performance in this game will help him make the A-team, Ashito asks Fukuda if he wants to join the A-team, but Fukuda gives him a surprising answer.

He was told, “You can’t make the A-team, Ashito, you have to convert from FW to SB.
Shocked, Ashito goes missing after hearing the news.

However, Hana finds Ashito and takes care of him emotionally, and Ashito returns to the youth team.

On the first day of the conversion, Ashito played a red and white game in Esperion.
Sometimes he is not able to move as much as he would like, and the feeling that “this is not my position” begins to well up in him.

|The Selection Relegation Team Strikes Back! Musashino Kekkodan Youth vs.

Esperion, which had been shorthanded by the promotion of Asari and Kuroda to the A-team, was out of form and suffered four consecutive losses in the league, along with Ashito, who was no longer a regular member of the A-team.

Ashito is not satisfied with the position he is given, but he does not want to cause trouble for the team, so he watches videos of Kuribayashi, who plays in the J-League, and practices hard so that he can always look around him and play.

After four consecutive defeats, the team faced a game against Tama Tama Athletic University High School. In this game, Ashito played regularly and Yoshitake, the leading scorer for the A team, also played.
Esperion scored the first goal thanks to Yoshitake’s individual skill, but they lost a goal due to a coordination error by Togashi and Takeshima.

As the game continues to be tied, Ashito, although still inexperienced, plays with his vision and finally passes to Togashi for the win.

The next opponent was Musashino Kekkodan Youth, a team that is currently undefeated and on a winning streak, and whose coach Satake has taught them to press hard.
They are a strong team with a high level of players.
Here were Kaneda and Nakano, who were not selected. Kaneda thought that the reason he was not selected was because he had been playing with the others, and he was making Tachibana, Otomo, and Ashito his enemies.

Tachibana felt that he had betrayed his old club, Musashino FC, and since he had not been able to achieve any results with Esperion, he asked Date if he could sit out this match, but Date decided to include Tachibana in the starting lineup.

Asari and Kuroda, who had failed to produce any results with the A team, returned to the team to play regularly, but the team was still in a state of disarray because of the discord between Togashi and Takeshima/Kuroda, who had a grudge against each other when they were in the Jr. youth team.
Wary of Musashino’s press, Esperion tried to avoid the press by connecting the ball with long passes, but Musashino responded immediately and took the lead when Kaneda grabbed a chance and another forward pushed it home.

Esperion, on the other hand, had a chance created by Ashito, and Tachibana, who had been slumping, scored a goal to tie the game.
Musashino, still not losing heart, takes the lead again thanks to Kaneda’s physicality and hunger for victory.

The first half ended with the teams keenly aware of the strength of their opponents, even though the score difference was only one point.
The discord between Kuroda, Takeshima, and Togashi has deepened and the team has become disjointed, but the coach, Date, blackmails the team, and Kuroda, Takeshima, and Togashi decide to fight for victory.

In the second half, as Togashi and Takeshima began to work together, Togashi’s physicality and high level of skill were on full display, and he began to overwhelm Kaneda. Esperion’s defense got into a rhythm, and Ashito broke Musashino’s defense with a diagram run (a diagonal run to break down the formation), and Otomo scored the equalizer.

Ashito, now able to see a world he had never seen before, further disrupted his opponent and scored his own third goal, and Tachibana scored the game-winner with a fourth goal.
Kaneda’s heart is completely broken, but he fights to the end with the help of his captain, Muto, and the game ends 4-2. Fukuda, who was watching the game, promoted Ashito, Kuroda, Otomo, and Togashi to the A team.

|Ashito has been promoted to the A-team!

The four players joined the A team, but struggled to keep up with the overwhelming difference in level, both physically and mentally. Despite the difficulties, Ashito keeps his head on his shoulders and shines with his off-the-field passing, earning him a spot on the bench.
Esperion will now face Kashiwa Commercial High School in the seventh round of the Premier League. Esperion shows a high level of movement, but Kashiwa Shogyo also hangs on, and a good match ensues. In the midst of all this, Yoshitake scores the first goal.
Ashito is impressed by the height of the Premier League, but Taira is unable to play due to injury, so he starts the game in the second half. However, he starts to play in the second half of the game because Taira is out of action. Then, Kuribayashi joins the game.
The Esperion team’s strength is greatly enhanced by Kuribayashi’s overwhelming level of play, and they succeed in winning the game 2-0 with a goal by Motoki.
However, Ashito notices that Kuribayashi is saving his strength by watching his movements and starts to take the position that Kuribayashi is looking for. Then, near the end of the game, Kuribayashi joins the starting point of an attack that Kuribayashi considers and gets the third goal by Akutsu, winning the game 3-0.
After the game, however, Fukuda calls Ashito and tells him that he is not at a level where he can play in the game.
He still wanted to play in the game and appealed directly to Fukuda, saying that he was close to getting something out of the game, but he was acutely aware of the difference in the level of play.

Currently, the three teams vying for the top spot in the Premier League are Tokyo City Esperion Youth, Funabashi Gakuin High School, and Aomori Seiran High School.
Yoshitake, Takasugi, Yamada, and Akutsu are out of the team.
Fukuda, concerned about the large gap between the strength of the regulars and the subs, accompanies the inexperienced but motivated Ashito and his teammates to night practice sessions to teach them how to lead the defensive line. As a result of the practice, Ashito and his teammates are rapidly improving their strength.
Fukuda appreciates this growth and assigns four members of the defensive line (Ashito, Togashi, Takeshima, and Asari) to start for the Tokyo Vans youth team in the 7th game.
The match against Tokyo Vans Youth arrived. Esperion showed a solid defense from the beginning, but Kiriki, the captain and ace of the match, was not called up for the national team this time, so he repeatedly played selfishly and could not find a rhythm in the attack.
The first half ends 0-0, but after Fukuda and Kuribayashi, who had come to watch the game, give Kiriki a message, Kiriki’s awareness changes little by little.

The Esperion eleven, who were willing to play up to Kiriki’s level, were impressed by the dedication of Otomo, who joined the team midway through the game, and made an exquisite pass to assist Motoki in scoring a goal. Asperion’s defensive ability is enhanced by the coordination with Nikaido and Kobayakawa, and Ashito begins to ride the wave and unleashes his abilities to score the final goal for a 2-0 win.
Meanwhile, Akutsu was selected for the Japanese national team, but struggled in the national team due to the influence of his too-strong self.

|Fierce battle with Funabashi Gakuin High School! After that, what’s left of Ashito …

After back-to-back wins following the Tokyo VANS, Esperion will face a Tennozan match against Funabashi Gakuin High School.
Esperion’s overseas team has returned. They will be facing off against Taira in this match, and they will need to win by a large margin to do so.
Takasugi and his team are determined to have Taira play in his retirement match. Newcomers Ashito, Togashi, and Otomo will be in the starting lineup.
The team went into the match as the best member.
From the beginning of the match, Funabashi Gakuin’s aces, Tripone Rufin and Nihara, showed their offensive ability, but Akutsu and his teammates, who were on maximum alert, worked well together and did not give them any opportunities to make decisions.

On the other hand, the attackers completed the 5-lane attack given by Fukuda and attacked Funabashi Gakuin’s goal.
Takasugi scored the first goal through the confused defenders. Esperion was riding the wave, but a passing error by Ashito allowed
The team was hit by a furious counter attack. Although the counter attack did not result in a goal, Funabashi Gakuin pushed back and ended the first half.

In the second half, Funabashi Gakuin changed the position of Tripone and Nihara to match up with Ashito, and Tripone showed his physical ability and scored the equalizer.
Ashito, who puts everything into his soccer game and plays like a madman, gets into a desperate rough play and is sent off for a hand in the penalty area.
Esperion leads 1 to 2 after a penalty kick, but Kuribayashi and Akutsu refuse to give up on the game until the very end.
The team played with all their might.
Akutsu’s persistent header at the end of the game tied the score, and the game ended 2-2.
Ashito, who had been disrespecting his mother and flowers who came to cheer him on to devote himself only to soccer, began to think about his attitude toward soccer. Two months after the match against Funabashi Gakuin, Tripone, who was fatigued from the match against Esperion, was unable to play the next game, and the team drew the next game, dropping out of the championship game.
On the other hand, Esperion won the game with Akutsu, the new captain, leading the team in the absence of Kuribayashi and Yoshitsune.
The team went on to top the league standings. The two teams competing for the championship are Aomori Seiran and Esperion. Aomori Seiran is led by the famous coach Narimiya and has star players such as Ren Kitano, Japan U-18 national team goalkeeper Makimura Haneda, who used to play for Tokyo Vans, Taiyo Fujinaga, Sei Moriyama, Kentaro Tsutsumi, and Dermaine Jay Yamagai.
Tokyo City Esperion had been playing in the J-Youth Cup since Akutsu claimed the team.
Although they were winning the games, Akutsu was getting frustrated. Akutsu has been working hard to become a professional himself without reaching out to those below him. However, Akutsu is now realizing how difficult it is to teach, and he gradually changes and begins to mentor the younger players, including Ashito.
In the J-Youth Cup quarterfinals against Gannon Osaka, Akutsu scored the first goal, but the defense collapsed and the team suffered a 1-5 defeat. Esperion began to collapse internally after this defeat. In the following game, in the 17th round of the Premier League, Esperion suffered a 0-1 loss to Funabashi Gakuin. Akutsu’s poor health was a factor in this loss. Akutsu’s mother, who had neglected him, sent him a letter saying that she was going to hospital, which had a great impact on his mental health.
Fukuda, seeing that Akutsu was not doing well, decided to have Ashito play in the final league game against Aomori Seiran, and named Akutsu and Ashito as the two key players for the match against Aomori Seiran.
Seiran has a freshman, Ren Kitano, who has signed a professional contract with FC Kashima, and Ashito, Otomo, and others decide to go watch the game between Seiran and Funabashi Gakuin. These are the spoilers up to volume 21.

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