SPY x FAMILY Spoilers! Painful home comedy that is getting a lot of attention with the decision to make an animated series.


SPY x FAMILY” has been serialized on Shueisha’s official manga app “Shonen Jump +” since March 2019. A preview manga was published in the main Jump magazine at the same time as the serialization began, and a traveling reading of the manga was also published immediately after the release of the first and second volumes of the book, showing the high expectations of the editorial department. In this issue, we will introduce the highlights and charms of this work! Please note that some spoilers are included.

|What’s the story behind “SPY x FAMILY?” Brief Synopsis

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The story takes place in the East (Ostania) and the West (Westeris), where there is a temporary peace after the Cold War. Twilight, a skilled spy sent from the West to the East, is assigned to “Operation Owl” to attend a reception at the prestigious Eden School, which his son attends, in order to contact Donovan Desmond, a politician from the East who threatens the peace between East and West. Since he needs a family to carry out his mission, Dusk identifies himself as psychiatrist Lloyd Forger and visits an orphanage in search of an adopted child. There he meets Anya, a girl who can read people’s minds. She is “thrilled” to discover that Lloyd is a spy, and she follows him. Later, Lloyd rushes to find his wife because he needs to be accompanied by his parents for the interview examination at the Eden School. Then he meets a woman named Yol Bryar in town. Anya, who had discovered through her psychic powers that she was an assassin, had a plan, and Lloyd and Yol were married under false pretenses. Thus begins the first temporary family life of three people whose interests coincide with each other.

How much of the manga is depicted in the anime?

It’s been officially announced that this will be a two-cour cartoon! From that, we can infer that the first course will cover the contents of Volumes 1~4 up to the appearance of Bond, and the second course will cover the contents of Volumes 5~8, including contact with Desmond and the mission on the luxury liner.

What’s so interesting about “SPY x FAMILY”?

The most appealing features are the unique characters: a spy father, a hitman mother, and a psychic daughter. The reason for their popularity can be said to be their hand-to-hand battles and laugh-out-loud comedies.

|Mission #1: Start a family and enroll them in a prestigious school! (Volume 1)


Dusk, a spy from the West who has been conducting espionage operations in the East, is assigned a new mission, Operation Owl. The mission is to contact Donovan Desmond, President of the National Unity Party in the East, to find out his movements, to start a family, enroll his children in the Eden School, and infiltrate a social gathering. Dusk adopts Anya, a girl he meets at an orphanage who goes by the name of Lloyd Forger and can read minds. She is not as smart as he thought she was, but through Lloyd’s subterfuge, he obtains the questions for the written exam and manages to pass the first test. The second test was an interview, and she had to be accompanied by her parents, so Lloyd hurried to find a woman who could play the role of his wife. He met Yeol, a woman with the face of an assassin, and their interests coincided, and she agreed to play the role of his wife. This is how the interview test went. The candidates were being graded as soon as they entered the school, but Lloyd and his team quickly realized the situation and managed to get through it without difficulty thanks to their excellent coordination. The interview went as practiced, although Anya was in danger. However, one of the teachers repeatedly asked nasty questions, citing the fact that Yol is not Anya’s biological mother. Lloyd gets mad and destroys his desk. It seemed hopeless that Lloyd would be accepted, but instead, his actions caught the attention of Matron Henderson, and he was moved up from the alternate list and managed to gain admission.

|Mission #2: Get voted high achiever at school! (Volume 2~3 Episode 16)


The Eden School had a system in which selected outstanding students were given special scholarships called “Imperial Scholars”. In order to attend the social gathering to which Desmond belonged, it was a prerequisite to be a parent of one of these students. To be selected as one of these special students, one had to collect eight “stars (stelae),” which were given to students who achieved excellent grades. On the other hand, if a student fails to perform well or causes problems, he or she will be punished with “thunder (tonito),” and if eight accumulate, the student will be expelled from the school. Lloyd is half-convinced that Anya will not be selected as a special student and plans “Plan B, Operation Nakayoshi,” in which he befriends Desmond’s son, Damien, and invites him to his house. He sends her off with high hopes for her communication skills, but Anya hits him on her first day of school and comes home with more thunder (tonito). The Forger family is depressed because they are suddenly starting from a negative place. However, a turning point comes at a hospital where they volunteer to contribute to society. Anya heard the voice of a boy who had fallen into a swimming pool and was drowning, and tactfully saved him so that his psychic powers would not be revealed. For this, she was awarded a star for her lifesaving efforts.

|Mission 3: Anya, save Chi-Chi Haha with your dog! (Volume 3, Episode 17~ Volume 4)


Anya, who had won a star, was able to get a dog as a reward and attended a shelter dog giveaway. A large dog walked outside the building, and when she read his mind, the dog thought of the Forger family. Curious, she left the transfer meeting and followed the dog. However, it turned out to be a dog prepared by a terrorist organization to assassinate Foreign Minister Blanz. Anya enters their hideout and is caught, but the dog saves her. The dog can foretell the future and escapes, but Anya, who has no sense of direction, and the dog soon catch up with them and put them in a tight spot. Yol, who is worried about Anya, rushes to the scene, defeats the terrorists, and the situation is resolved. The situation seems to be over, but the dog once again shows Anya a scene from the future. There, Lloyd is buried under the rubble, probably dead. Anya runs out with the dog to save him. When Anya arrives near the clock tower where the tragic accident occurs, she learns that the terrorist leader has set a bomb trap in a nearby hideout. However, there is no way she can figure out how to disarm the bomb, and she can’t risk her psychic powers being discovered, so she leaves a message in ketchup. Anya’s drawing was too poor to accurately convey her intentions to the Lloyds who came later, but they were alerted and noticed the trap, so no damage was done. The case was later successfully solved, and the dog that protected Anya and her family became a member of the Forger family and was given the name Bond.

|Mission 4: Avoid red marks in the first semester mid-term exam! (Volume 4 Episode 18 ~ Volume 5 Episode 27)


Midterm exams are finally approaching at Eden School. The top and second place students in each of the four subjects for which midterms are administered will receive stellar grades. However, students who receive a red mark will be given a tonito. Anya, who cannot use her psychic powers during the new moon, is in a great hurry to study. However, Lloyd, who does not trust her, decides to tamper with the answer sheets, which are heavily guarded. He finally gets his hands on Anya’s answer sheet while bumping into a colleague who is completely incapable of doing the job. The marking is completed and the results are posted. Anya’s result is 213th out of 220. But she is proud of it. Anya has managed to avoid red marks in all subjects on her own. While complaining about the results, Lloyd also acknowledges her efforts.

|Mission 5: Recover the Zacharis Document! (Volume 5, Episode 28 ~ Volume 6, Episode 34)


Fiona Frost (a.k.a. Night Mail) is a spy who loves Lloyd. Fiona is unusually jealous of Yol, who brings out a different look in Lloyd than before. Fiona and Lloyd are given a mission to recover the “Zacharis Document,” which was supposed to have been buried during the East-West War. The two compete in the illegal gambling tennis tournament “Gambeldon” in order to retrieve the document that lies inside the prize. Fiona, who continues to make tremendous love, and Lloyd, who continues to draw, win smoothly and deservedly. The two try to get the winning prize, but they learn that the Security Bureau is also working to secure the documents. The mission was on the verge of failure, but thanks to Fiona’s resourcefulness and Lloyd’s disguise, they succeeded in retrieving the Zacharis document.

|Mission 6: Make contact with Desmond! (Volume 6, Episode 35~6, Episode 38)


The stage is set for the semi-annual Eden School social gathering. Under tight security, Lloyd is looking for an opportunity to make contact with Desmond. He catches wind of a meeting between Damian and Desmond and talks to Damian. When Desmond finally shows up as planned, Lloyd briskly greets him and tells him his name. Lloyd tries to take advantage of their unique connection, but Desmond rejects him “socially” with a big smile on his face. Lloyd leaves, glad to have left his name on his head.

|Mission 7: Go on a mission on a luxury cruise ship! (Volume 6, Episode 39 ~ Book 56)


Yol’s mission is “escort.”

The next task for Yol, the Thorn Princess, is to escort a woman and her young son who are being hunted by an internal Mafia war. The plan was to transport them on a luxury cruise ship for ordinary passengers and deliver them offshore to a ship in a country of exile. Lloyd and Anya also win a pair of tickets to the luxury liner through a lottery and board the ship together, albeit separately. Yol and Anya are attacked by a number of assassins, but Yol manages to eliminate them one after another with his expert skills. Anya, on the other hand, is trying to prevent Lloyd and Yol from running into each other by accident.

Anya saves Yol and Lloyd!

Yeol, who had kicked out the rest of the crowd, finds herself in a tight spot surrounded by a group of skilled assassins. Lloyd, on the other hand, learns of the presence of a bomb aboard the ship and moves to deal with it. Yol, who is limited by his bare hands, and Lloyd, who is unable to fully grasp the location of the bomb, both win the battle thanks to Anya’s support in the shadows. After the successful escort mission, Yol joined Lloyd and the others, and the three of them enjoyed their vacation.

|The attraction of “SPY x FAMILY” is its unique characters.

SPY x FAMILY” is interesting because the three family members are unique characters and their relationships are exquisite. The father is a spy, the mother is an assassin, and the daughter is a psychic. They have a very special family environment, but they do not know each other’s true identity. However, only Anya, who can read minds with her psychic powers, knows the real faces of her parents. This composition creates a poignant development in which the three of them sometimes don’t mesh or cross paths, but at other times they unwittingly work together to make things work.

Father: Lloyd Forger

(C) Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha, SPY x FAMILY Production Committee

(Left image) The main character in this film, a spy from the West. Dusk is his code name, and he goes by the name of Lloyd Forger in his “Operation Owl” assignments. In the first episode, he disguised himself as an enemy underling and infiltrated their hideout without being noticed at all. Normally, he is a rational and cold-hearted man, and he considers his disguised family members as part of his duties. However, he is a gentle and humane person by nature, as he became a spy because he was a war orphan and wanted to “make a world where children don’t cry. He is a hard worker who is often swept away by Anya and Yol’s strange words and actions, and struggles when the organization to which he belongs orders him to take on other missions even though he is on duty. He is very careful in his preparations and never neglects to gather and analyze information necessary for his missions, but he is completely unaware of Anya and Yol’s true identities.

Mother: Yol Forger

(Right image) She is a 27-year-old woman who is an employee of the Berlint City Hall on the outside and a skilled assassin called “Thorn Princess” on the other side. Her parents died when she was very young, and she started her career as an assassin to support her younger brother Yuri. She has extraordinary physical abilities, and her simple fighting skills may be higher than Lloyd’s. She has a bad drinking habit and is so bad at cooking that her food can make people fall over. She is quite good-looking and beautiful, but she is unaware of it and has a natural disposition. She is even oblivious to the meaning of sarcasm and sarcasm from her work colleagues and confidently states “I forgot” as an excuse for not reporting her marriage to her brother. Perhaps it is a habit of his killer, but he often has delusions of things. Thinking that if he stays single at a good age, people around him might get suspicious and report him or arrest him, he decides to get married to Lloyd under false pretenses. He considers Anya to be Lloyd’s biological child.

Daughter: Anya Forger

(center of image) A girl with the psychic ability to read other people’s minds. She is 4 or 5 years old according to Lloyd, but she is interested in spying and calls herself 6 years old to follow him. She was “Subject 007” who was accidentally created by an organization’s experiment. When she escaped from the organization, she hid her abilities and went from place to place seeking protection. She seems to be uncomfortable in crowds because she can automatically hear the voices of other people’s minds. He is not very smart and cannot study well, but when the time comes, he cheats and deceives by listening to the voices of others’ minds. He misses Lloyd and Yeol, calling them “Chichi” and “Haha,” but pretends not to know their true identity even though he knows who they are. He pretends to be unaware of their true identities because he is afraid of losing his current life, and for the same reason, he does not tell anyone about his abilities. He loves to watch “Spy Wars,” an animated spy show that he watches every week without fail, and his favorite food is peanuts.

Pets: Bond


Bond is a dog created by “Project Apple,” a research project that attempted to create an animal with a frighteningly high IQ, and has the psychic ability to predict the future. He has a psychic ability to predict the future. He was about to be used by a terrorist organization to assassinate Foreign Minister Blantz, but he met Anya and helped Lloyd indirectly by cooperating with her. This led to Bond becoming a member of the Forger family. His godfather is Anya, from the animated spy character “Bondman”. Although he can see fragments of the future, he has no way to communicate this, so he has to ask Anya to read his mind. Anya hears other dogs talking (in their minds), but as for Bond, he has only ever made dog-like noises. The breed is unknown, but he is a large dog, large enough to run with Anya on his back.

|Get ready for the anime adaptation by reading the spoilers for SPY x FAMILY!

In this issue, we introduced the very popular manga “SPY x FAMILY. The three members of the Forger family are very well-characterized, their interactions make us laugh, and their fast-paced development is intertwined with serious scenes in a perfect balance that draws us into the story. This work, which has already gained popularity overseas and won numerous awards, will begin airing its anime on April 9, 2022. Let’s look forward to its on-air broadcast!

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