Introducing the characters of SPY x FAMILY! Who is the most popular character?


The reason for the popularity of “SPY x FAMILY,” the flagship manga of “JUMP+,” is its unique and appealing characters. The main characters in this work are all capable of making manga fans turn the pages. In this article, we will introduce you to the main characters and their supporting characters, including their personalities and pasts, all at once!

|Top 3 Character Popularity Ranking of “SPY×FAMILY” (Spy Family)

We surveyed 100 people and compiled the results. I knew the main three were strong! Below you will also find the voters’ comments. 1st : Anya (44 votes) 2nd : Yol Briar (22 votes) 3rd : Lloyd Forger (18 votes) The other main vote getters were Fiona Frost and Sylvia Sherwood.

|Main Characters

Lloyd Forger

Real Name/AliasNone/Twilight
Birthday (age)Unknown (first half of the 30th generation?)
CapabilitiesDisguise and other espionage activities
voice actorTakuya Eguchi

Lloyd Forger is ostensibly a “skilled psychiatrist working at Berlindt General Hospital. However, this appearance is only temporary, and his true identity is that of a highly skilled spy belonging to the WISE organization in the West. His code name is “Dusk,” and it is said that he gave up his real name when he became a spy. His abilities necessary for espionage activities, such as fighting techniques and thinking ability, are all high across the board, and his disguise ability is particularly outstanding. Originally a war orphan, he became a spy to create a world without children crying like him. In the film, Lloyd is the “Operation Owl” who establishes a relationship with Donovan Desmond, a key figure in the East. He is a spy who is willing to make ruthless decisions in order to accomplish his mission.。

Lloyd’s Gap is a very interesting one.

As a spy, Lloyd also shows a cold-hearted side. However, in his true nature, he is kind and considerate of the world and people. He is therefore considerate and cares for Anya and Yol in their daily lives. At first, Anya and Yol became family for their own reasons. However, as he gets to know them, his own human side comes out, and we see scenes that show his affection for them. The gap between these two faces is the most attractive thing about Lloyd.


Real Name/AliasSubject 007
Birthday (age)Unknown (estimated 4-5 years old)
Voice actorAtsumi Tanezaki

Anya is a young girl who lived in an orphanage and was adopted by Lloyd because of her intelligence. However, her true identity is that of a super-capabilities who can read other people’s thoughts. She is not very smart by nature, and her age does not seem to reach the six years that Lloyd was looking for. However, by reading Lloyd’s thoughts, she was able to pose as his ideal child. Anya is a SuperCapabilities because she was originally created as “Subject 007,” an experimental subject for an organization. She was so fed up with her daily routine of studying that she ran away, and then moved from orphanage to foster home to foster home while hiding her Capabilities. In reality, he is not good at studying because he has not yet reached the age of six, and is depicted as a childish figure in many scenes.

Such a cute kid! I’m in love.

Anya, who has telepathic capabilities, is the only one in the family who knows everyone’s identity. She loves “Haha” and “Chichi” and helps them from the shadows. Her struggles even as a child are quite adorable. Anya sometimes shows her cheating face, perhaps because she can read their thoughts, but she also has a mature side. Still, she is only a child. Her predictions and aims are often off the mark, making readers melt in various directions.

Yol Briar

Real Name/AliasYol Forger/The Thorn Princess
Birthday (age)Unknown(27 years old)
CapabilitiesKilling Technique
Voice actorSaori Hayami

Yol Bryar is a clerk, working at Berlint City Hall. She is engaged to Lloyd due to a conflict of interest during the production of the film, and thereafter goes by the name of Yol Forger. However, her true identity is that of a highly skilled assassin who is feared in the underworld. She lost her parents when she was a child and began her career as an assassin to support her brother, her only family. Yol has always been skilled in the art of killing, and has a tolerance to poison and an uncommonly strong arm. She is usually a mild-mannered, natural, and lovely woman. Because of her profession, Yol is good at cleaning, but she is unable to do any household chores such as cooking. Lloyd is often annoyed by her and Anya’s bizarre behavior.

Yol is so cool when it comes down to it!

Normally, Yeol is a natural and exudes a soft atmosphere. However, he is brilliant in the way he kills his targets in the blink of an eye in his main job, and you can’t help but fall in love with the gap between the two. He also shows his true colors when Anya and Lloyd are in a pinch and helps them out when they need it. The scene where he instantly defeats the remnants of the smuggling ring that came after Lloyd is very cool!


Real Name/AliasBond Forger
Birthday (age)unknown
Capabilitiesknowing the future
Voice actorUnpublished

Bond is the Forger family pet, named after Bondman, the main character in Anya’s favorite spy cartoon, SPYWARS. He is a large dog, large enough to carry a child on his back, and is adored by the family. He was originally an experimental animal created by “Project [Apple]” and has Capabilities to predict the future. Bond and Anya prevented a terrorist bombing in which Bond himself was used. Anya, who learned through telepathy that he had Capabilities to predict the future, took a liking to him, and he became a member of the Forger family. He has a very mild-mannered personality and is unusually intelligent for a dog. However, since he has no way of communicating future dangers, he often spins out of control.

Bond’s model dog is ……

There is no specific breed of Bondo. The author, Tatsuya Endo (Tatsuya Endo), has said that he drew Bond in reference to the Great Pyrenees. He also said that “Pi-Natu” was also a candidate for the name. However, he said in the fourth volume of the book that he decided on Bond because it reminded him of an existing character.


Real Name/AliasFrankie Franklin (alias)
Birthday (age)Unknown (early 30s?)
Capabilitiesinformation gathering
Voice actorHiroyuki Yoshino

Frankie is a man who runs a tobacco shop in Berlint. However, his true identity is that of an informant who cooperates with Dusk and gathers information as well as disguises documents. He has an afro and red glasses, and Anya calls him “Mojamoja. He is single and wants a girlfriend, but he is not lucky enough to meet anyone or have a relationship, and his character of being unattractive is well established. Therefore, he envies Lloyd, who has a happy family, although it is a disguise. He is also friends with the Forger family, and although he and Dusk have a business relationship, he also exudes an atmosphere of being somewhat of a friend. He is a hard worker who is called upon to babysit Anya and take care of Bond when something goes wrong, and is also called upon for personal errands.

Yuri Bryer

Real Name/AliasYuri Bryer
Birthday (age)Unknown(20 years old)
Capabilitiesnone in particular
Voice actorunpublished

Yuri Bryar is Yol’s younger brother and is a diplomat working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, the diplomat is a cover, and his true identity is that of a member of the SSS, the State Security Service, known as the “secret police. He has been on the elite street thanks to Yol, who earns his money as an assassin, and actually worked as an employee of the Foreign Ministry, but was later elected to the Security Service and assigned to track down Dusk, a spy in the West. Yol does not know that he is a member of the secret police. Yuri was a severe sissy and the first thing he loved about Yol. To such an extent that he stops thinking when it comes to Yol, he will eat even the murderously bad food prepared by his sister with a smile. Although he was unaware of Lloyd’s true identity as Yol, he was wary of his fiancée who suddenly appeared. Anya calls him “uncle.


Sylvia Sherwood

Real Name/AliasSylvia Sherwood (possible pseudonym)/Lady of Steel (Full Metal Lady)
Birthday (age)unknown
Capabilitiesnone in particular
Voice actorYuko Kaita

Sylvia is Dusk’s supervisor and handler of Operation Owl. She is a Spartan boss who imposes impossible tasks and is nicknamed “Full Metal Lady. She has infiltrated the East as a diplomat at the embassy of the East and West. She hates war itself with all her heart and wants world peace, and when she saw Anya, she said she wished she had a daughter as good as her.

Fiona Frost.

Real Name/AliasFiona Frost (possible alias)/night mail
Birthday (age)unknown
Capabilitiesespionage activities
Voice actorunpublished

Fiona Frost is a female agent for WISE, to which Dusk belongs. She usually works as a clerk at Berlint General Hospital. Although she is a talented woman, she does not show her emotions at all and is shunned within the organization because of her unapproachable atmosphere. In her heart, Fiona has an unusual love for Dusk, who raised her. She is planning to replace Yol as Lloyd’s wife, and Anya, who is the only one who knows her true feelings, is wary of her.

|Eden School

Donovan Desmond.

Real Name/AliasDonovan Desmond.
Birthday (age)unknown
Voice actorunpublished

Donovan Desmond is the president of one of the national parties in the East. He is a dangerous figure who plots war between East and West and is the target of Operation Owl, to which Dusk has been assigned. A cautious recluse, he is rarely seen in public. He only attends social gatherings at the Eden School, where his son attends, and Lloyd is trying to make contact with him there. Once when they spoke directly, Desmond told him that “people will never be able to understand each other,” and Lloyd surmised that this mindset led to the use of force.

Damian Desmond.

Real Name/AliasDamian Desmond.
Birthday (age)Unknown(6 years old)
Capabilitiesnone in particular
Voice actorunpublished

Damien is the son of Donovan Desmond and the second son of the Desmond family. Lloyd took advantage of his admission to the Eden School and enrolled Anya there as a conduit to the Desmond family. He already has a henchman and is initially portrayed as a bratty kid who is overbearing to those around him. However, he also has a Han Qi and hardworking side, and he seems to be conscious of Anya. Anya, who knows Lloyd’s strategy, makes an effort to get along with him, but misunderstandings and Damien’s pride cause the rift to grow deeper and deeper. ……

Becky Blackbell

Real Name/AliasBecky Blackbell
Birthday (age)Unknown(6 years old)
Capabilitiesnone in particular
Voice actorunpublished

Becky is Anya’s classmate and friend. Her father is the CEO of Blackbell, a major military company, so her family is extremely wealthy. She is strong-willed and selfish, and when they first met, she tried to make Anya her protégé. However, when Anya made a comment about his concern for her, he began to treat her as an equal friend. Although she is a child, she also has a mature side and is in love with Lloyd, whom she has seen in a photograph.

Henry Henderson.

Real Name/AliasHenry Henderson.
Birthday (age)Unknown(66 years old)
Capabilitiesnone in particular
Voice actorKazuhiro Yamaji

Henry is a teacher at Eden School and Anya’s classroom teacher. He is in charge of history, and his main emphasis is on “elegance” above all else. He also looks for elegance in his admissions tests and admits the Forger family who showed out-of-the-ordinary moves in their entrance examinations. He may be a bit on the natural side, but he is a sensible man who truly cares about his students’ growth and happiness. Anya, of course, kindly watches over Damien and his students as they learn.

Walter Evans

Real Name/AliasWalter Evans
VolumeVolume 1, Episode 5
Birthday (age)Unknown(59 years old)
Capabilitiesnone in particular
Voice actorunpublished

Walter Evans is the head of Dormitory 5 at Eden School and is a gentleman with well-groomed gray hair and glasses. His subject is Japanese, and he also participated in the admissions interview. He is as warm and sincere as he appears, and is recognized as a “nice guy” by Anya, who can read his mind.

Murdoch Swan

Real Name/AliasMurdoch Swan
VolumeVolume 1, Episode 5
Birthday (age)Unknown(47 years old)
Capabilitiesnone in particular
Voice actorunpublished

Murdoch Swan is the head of the Eden School’s second dormitory, where he is in charge of economics. He is the only son of the previous principal of Eden School, who held the position of Capabilities and above. He is a lousy man who takes advantage of his father’s power and his wife and daughter have run away from him. **He is jealous of the happy family and asks Anya nasty questions and makes her cry when she comes for an admissions interview. He was punched in the face by Henry for insulting the school after the Forger family told him he was “wishful thinking.”

Bill Watkins

Real Name/AliasBill Watkins
VolumeVolume 3, Episode 15
Birthday (age)Unknown(6 years old)
Capabilitiesnone in particular
Voice actorunpublished

Bill Watkins is a male student in Class 4 at the Eden School. He is the son of a Major in the People’s Army Command, and has an unusual physique and intelligence. He has won various ball game competitions since he was in kindergarten and was feared as “Bill the Magic Bullet.

|Assassination organization “Garden

Store manager

Real Name/Alias不明/店長
Birthday (age)不明
Voice actor未発表

The head of the Garden, an assassination organization in the East to which Yol belongs, is known as the manager. He is a dark-skinned man with mysterious eyes, and as the name of the organization implies, he tends to the Garden, which is overgrown with plants. He is a man who strongly desires the peace of the nation, and has no mercy for targets that the nation recognizes as enemies. He also has no soft spot for insiders, and in order to test whether Yeol, who has a family, has become dull, a scene was depicted in which he unleashes a spectacular attack on Yeol.

Matthew McMahon

Real Name/AliasMatthew McMahon
Birthday (age)unknown
CapabilitiesKilling Technique
Voice actorunpublished

Matthew McMahon is Yol’s boss, Director of Policy at the First Department of Berlint City Hall. However, his true identity is that of an assassin who is a member of the “Garden. He is so old that he looks like an old man, but his killing skills are real. During an escort mission on a luxury cruise that he took with Yol, he defeated a large number of assassins with overwhelming combat power. He is also a skilled commander and gives instructions to his girlfriend when he is on a mission with Yol.



Real Name/AliasUnknown / Shinonome
VolumeVolume 5, Episode 27
Birthday (age)unknown
Capabilitiesnone in particular
Voice actorunpublished

When Lloyd visits the school to falsify Anya’s exam results, he finds a man. It is the spy, Shinonome, who was asked to falsify the Desmond brothers’ answers. He has decided on his own code name in response to Dusk, but his skills cannot be called professional by any stretch of the imagination. He also has a show-off personality despite being a spy. This led to shoddy work and Lloyd’s hand-wringing, and his further corrections led to the mission’s failure.

Cabby Campbell.

Real Name/AliasCabby Campbell.
VolumeVolume 6.
Birthday (age)unknown
Capabilitiesnone in particular
Voice actorunpublished

Cabby Campbell is a wealthy man who made his fortune in the energy industry. He is a well-known collector of antiques and organizer of “Campbelldon,” a dark tennis tournament. The winner of “Campbelldon” receives a piece of his choice from his collection of antiques. In order to retrieve an important item hidden in one of his antiquities, Dusk and Night Mail joined “Campbelldon” together.

The characters in SPY×FAMILY are all unique!

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SPY x FAMILY” depicts extraordinary daily life with a comedic touch, while each of them hides their secret faces. The main characters, who are kind and skilled, as well as the sub-characters who support them, are full of charm. The TV animation of this work will start on April 9, 2022. Be sure not to miss out on seeing the Forger family and the rest of them in all their dashing glory!

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