The popular light novel series began serialization in 2012 on the novel submission website “Shosetsu-ka Naro” and was published in book form in 2013. It has already been adapted into a manga and a drama CD, and its first anime season was broadcast in 2019, attracting a lot of attention. A second season will also be broadcast starting in 2022! It is a work that one cannot take one’s eyes off of in the future. In this article, we will look at the 22 Here is an introduction to the volume.

|The Rising Of The Shield Hero” is scheduled to air its second anime season in 2022, and a third season is in the works!

The second season of the TV anime will begin airing in April 2022, and a third season is also in the works. For more information, check out the official website of the TV anime “The Rising Of The Shield Hero” Season 2.

Is TV animation too awful?

Although “The Rising Of The Shield Hero” is a very popular work that has gained the support of many fans, the first TV anime season skipped important scenes and settings that were essential to the story, perhaps due to the length of the episode, making the story incomprehensible to those unfamiliar with the original work.
For this reason, some fans have criticized the anime version as being terrible.
However, perhaps the second season will depict the battle against “Reiki,” which is also popular in the original story, so the anime can be expected to be a success.

|Volume 1 Spoiler: Summoned as a hero to save the world!

One day, a university student, Naofumi Iwatani, is suddenly summoned to another world.
He was summoned as one of the heroes to save the world from the disaster that is about to come in a few months, but his characteristic is that he is a shield hero with no offensive power. ……!?
This is the first installment of a success story about the main character, Iwatani Naofumi, who, despite being summoned as a brave man, is dropped to the bottom with no power and no friends.

As a hero without the offensive power of a shield, he is ridiculed by those around him from the beginning of the story, and even his few friends are trapped and entrapped by him. Under these circumstances, he becomes completely distrustful of people.

However, since he himself has no offensive power, he buys a subhuman slave, Raftalia, as a means of attack.

She is the main heroine of this work, a small subhuman of raccoon-dog descent, a girl who had been enslaved after losing her family and home in a wave of calamity. She is Shobun’s first companion, and in the early part of the story, the two gradually build a trusting relationship, which is the best part of the story.

By the way, Raftalia is a girl of about 10 years old, but due to the characteristic of subhumans that her body grows as her level increases, she grows to be a beautiful girl of about 18 years old in the middle of the story. It is a key point of this work that not only Shobun’s growth but also hers is depicted.
You will be moved by the way Raftalia overcomes various difficulties and grows up. Please check it out.

|Volume 2 Spoiler:Firo, a bird-shaped demon, is too cute.

Although he and Raftalia became true friends and succeeded in protecting the villagers from the disaster, Shangwen was still treated badly by the king.

He then challenged the “egg gacha,” which was said to bring out monsters. What he draws is a bird-shaped demon, Philorial, ……!
Despite being summoned as a hero, Naofumi is not taken seriously by anyone. On the contrary, he was set up in a vile trap and was ridiculed and neglected by the king, his fellow heroes, and the people he was supposed to protect.

It is no wonder that he distrusts people, but he seems to be gaining friends little by little, including Raftalia and the people of the village he protected.

Even so, he is still neglected by the king and is still in a position to be ridiculed. In this volume, a new friend joins him. It is Philorial, a bird-shaped demon. It hatched from an egg that he won in the “Egg Gacha,” and was named “Filo. It is no exaggeration to say that the highlight of this volume is the cuteness of Firo.

She can take the form of a cute little girl who looks like an angel, but in fact she is a weak demon for meat. However, being raised by Naofumi, she will later become a higher species of phyloreal queen.

She is not only a powerful attacker in battle, but also one of the heroines of the story who spreads her cuteness. In this volume, she makes her first appearance, so you will be able to enjoy her activities to the fullest.

|Volume 3 Spoiler: A powerful enemy appears and you’re in big trouble!

Shobun, Raftalia, and Firo came to the “Hourglass of the Dragon’s Hourglass” to improve their class. However, what awaited them there was again the humiliating interference of the kings against Shobun.
Naofumi could not hide her indignation at such treatment, but then a wave of calamity occurred and ……?

Can the unfortunate heroes who are treated unreasonably really take revenge on those who mistreat them? ……

Naofumi has gained friends in Raftalia and Firo, but he continues to be treated coldly by the king and others,……. In fact, it may be getting even worse.

He is treated as a coward if he helps other heroes, as a kidnapper if he saves the princess’s life, and so on.

Furthermore, in this volume, a powerful enemy named Glass appears and he is in big trouble. She is a beautiful Japanese-style girl who is also a brave warrior of the fan. She is working for a certain purpose and is at odds with Shobun at first and ends up fighting with him. Her fighting ability is so high that even the heroes are unable to stand up to her.

She is a character that combines beauty and strength, not to mention her attractive visuals and her warrior-like nature, and high fighting prowess. In the end, she reconciles with the group of heroes, but how did she come to such a development? …… You will have to actually pick it up to find out.

|Volume 4 Spoiler: Reveals Why They Treat Us So Badly

More danger comes to Naofumi. It was that he had been accused of kidnapping the second princess of the kingdom, Melty.

He is now being hunted by the government, and the only thing that appears in front of him is ……!

The unfortunate protagonist, Naofumi, is summoned to another world and is immediately betrayed by his friends and persecuted by all kinds of people. In this volume, the mastermind behind why he, the hero of the shield, is treated so badly is revealed.

With the mastermind revealed, Naofumi is now determined to take revenge for the treatment he has received so far. This volume is a revenge drama as these mysteries are solved.

Melty, the key person in this volume, is a young girl who is the second princess of Meromark. The group happens to meet her by chance, but she takes advantage of the encounter and frames Shobun as the one who kidnapped her.

Naofumi has struggled many times in the past with the question of why she should be driven to this point, and the reader shares her feelings. Please take the time to read this volume, which resolves the frustrations created by the previous developments.

|Volume 5 Spoiler: Journey to the next level

Finally, Naofumi took revenge on the king and princess who had disgraced him. He had been falsely accused of being a rapist and kidnapper of the princess, but finally, little by little, the misunderstandings are being cleared up.

In the meantime, Naofumi and his friends visit an island to improve their class. There, they meet a young man who is ……?

Naofumi finally escapes from his unfortunate situation and sets out on a journey to raise his level of skill in this volume.

With his misunderstanding cleared up, his relationship with the other heroes has moved forward. The setting of this volume is an island called Carmilla. He has been subjected to various persecutions and has even been prevented from improving his class, but in this volume he is firmly raising his level.

Then a new character appears. That is the duo of Larkberg and Terris. Larkberg is a young man who looks to be in his twenties, and Terris is a demure woman.

Larkberg, a.k.a. Lark, is the older brother with a caring personality, but he is actually a friend of Glass. She had told him many bad things about Naofumi, so when they met on the island, he felt a gap between what he had heard about him and who he actually is.

In addition, Glass herself makes an appearance in volume 5, her second appearance since volume 3, and it will be interesting to see what kind of moves she makes this time.

|Volume 6 Spoiler: the nobleman’s daughter, Licia, joins us!

After the battle with Glass and his men, the group left Carmilla Island. They met a weak girl who looked as if she would take her own life at any moment.

When Shobun learned of the girl’s situation, he told her: ……?

After the battle with Glass and the others, the group left the island. On their way back to the island, they met Licia on the boat.

She was originally the daughter of a Merlomak nobleman, but when her family fell into ruin and she herself was about to be sold, she was saved by Kawasumi Itsuki, a brave archer. Since then, she has been a companion of Itsuki’s and has put her trust in him, but Itsuki is a man with a very annoying sense of justice.

He has a strong sense of justice and goes around defeating the bad guys as he travels, but he often makes things worse because he doesn’t listen to people well in the first place.
On top of that, he frames Licia for being weak and banishes her from his group. Betrayed by someone she had trusted, she was so depressed that she felt she would die at any moment. It was then that she met Naofumi.

She is a young looking girl with a timid personality, but when she met Naofumi, she became a friend to help her look back on Itsuki. We are looking forward to seeing her new friends in action, but the highlight of this volume is probably the battle with Reiki.

Reiki is a guardian beast in the form of a giant turtle, but now it is a monster that goes around killing lots of people. Some rather mysterious characters also appear around this Reiki. You may also feel mysterious elements.

Please read on to find out how he will face a powerful enemy and how his new friend Reesia will play an active role in the story.

|Volume 7 Spoiler: Fighting Reiki

Reiki was not only not dead, but had become more and more terrifying.

What action did they take to break the situation? ……!

The group defeated Reiki, despite being torn apart by their friends. However, Reiki, whom they thought they had defeated, was not actually dead; on the contrary, he had become even more ferocious. Then a woman named Ost-Hourai, who claims to be Reiki’s messenger, appeared on the scene.

At first glance, she appears to have a nasty personality, but she seems not to be a bad person in essence, as she encourages Reecia, who is self-loathing due to her weak character, and when push comes to shove, she is willing to sacrifice herself to help her friends.

She will play a major role in this volume, so check it out. With the reappearance of this Ost and even more legendary phyloreal, Fitria, the group will once again confront Reiki, and also face the person who is the mastermind behind the Reiki incident.

Incidentally, while there have been significant additions and corrections between the web and book versions, the differences are especially noticeable in this volume. Even those who have already enjoyed the web version will find something new in the book version.

|Volume 8 Spoiler: Follow the boy who controlled Reiki to another world!

The mastermind behind Reiki’s manipulation was a boy named Kyō-Esnina, the hero of the book. The group succeeded in hunting him down at the end of the battle, but he escaped to another world.

Naofumi followed him, but ……!
The Reiki incident reaches its climax in this volume, as a boy named Kyou-Ethnina manipulates Reiki and recovers its energy by killing many people.

Kyou is a beautiful boy, but he has a very twisted personality. He also hides his insidiousness well and acts like a good person to those around him, which makes him even worse.

He was the mastermind behind the Reiki Incident, but he was hunted down by the group in the previous volume and escaped to another world.
Naofumi was chasing after him, but somehow she found herself locked in a prison cell. She was in a great predicament, separated from all her friends except for Licia, and her own level was back to 1. Then Kizuna Kazayamakizuna appeared.

She is an 18-year-old girl who calls herself “Ore. She looks much younger than her age and looks like a child, but she is straightforward and kind. For some reason, she was locked up in jail and met Naofumi, and they decided to join forces.

While the previous volume was heavily modified from the web version, this volume is also completely original, and you can enjoy a story that differs greatly from the web version.

The birth episode of Raf-chan, a shikigami born from Raftalia’s hair, which appears in this volume, is also different from the web version. This cute character resembles a raccoon and makes a “Rahu” sound. Be sure to keep an eye out for Rafu-chan’s activities.

|Volume 9 Spoiler: The Battle Against the Mastermind, Keogh

Finally, the rematch with Kyou began. His childhood friend, a female warrior named Yomogi, stood in front of the group with the weapon he had given her.

However, the weapon is a terrible trap set by Kyou. ……?
This volume completes the story that has been developed in the original book version, which is not in the web version, since the previous volume. Naofumi had lost her power when she was locked up in prison, but she was able to get out of her predicament with the help of new friends.

However, that was short-lived. The group is attacked by Kyou’s childhood friend Yomogi and a group of homunculus, and the group is forced to fight Kyou again. Moreover, Kyou, as a matter of course, came up with a series of despicable moves.

Many readers may be particularly annoyed by his treatment of Yomogi. She has been given a powerful, misshapen weapon by Kyou, which is a trap designed to bring down Yomigi and the Naohumis. This is a terrible punishment for a woman who fights for Kyou.

She also does whatever she pleases, such as altering half-animal, half-human creatures and reviving the dead on the pretext of helping her friends. Licia plays an active role amidst all this. How her activities will drive Kyou to the brink, you will have to pick up the book to find out.

|Volume 10 Spoiler: We are so close to the time limit for the world to end!

After defeating their enemy Kyou, the group returned safely to their original world. However, there were only three and a half months left until the world’s time limit of disaster.
Naofumi, who had been persecuted so much in the past, was once again offered assistance by the Queen of Merlomarck.

What did he demand in response? ……!

After returning from the other world with Kyou, the group is once again on the move to confront the world’s disasters. Naofumi, who had been falsely accused, ridiculed, and driven to the point of ultimate distrust of people, has regained her position by defeating the mastermind.

The previous volumes of the book had been original stories from other worlds, but the main story resumes in this volume.
He once again receives aid from the princess and requests that a certain land be given to him as his domain. The land, in other words, was the site of Raftalia’s village. He wanted to rebuild her homeland.

To do this, he would obtain slaves as the manpower he needed. This was also to buy back those who had been taken from the village and enslaved, like Raftalia.

And to get those slaves, he would participate in the “Coliseum of Darkness”. Here, new characters are also introduced. Since the stage is the Colosseum, the book offers a wide variety of battles.

Volume 10 also differs from the web version in many ways: some characters who appeared in the web version do not appear in the web version, and in a good way, you will not be able to stop turning the pages.

|Volume 11 Spoiler: Saving Raftalia’s Homeland!

The group set out to rebuild their hometown in Raftalia. To gather manpower for the rebuilding, Naofumi was buying up villagers who had been sold into slavery, but then information about the survival of a certain brave man came in and ……?

Continuing from the previous volume, this is the reconstruction of Raftalia’s homeland.
In the previous volume, the author participated in the “Colosseum of Darkness” to buy up villagers who had been sold into slavery, just as Raftalia had done.

This volume is one of many new friends, including some of the characters they met there. Among them, the siblings Fowl and Atra will continue to be main characters in the future.

The two are half-human and half-subhuman, known as the Hakko species, and they seem to have a lot of painful pasts. The younger sister, Atra, is prone to illness, and the older brother, Foal, fights in the Coliseum to pay for his sister’s medical bills.

Although Foal is a pure type of person who loves his sister, he is a bit too much of a sissy and is extremely sissy-conscious. He is also smothered by Atra.
Meanwhile, information about the survival of the dismembered heroes comes in, and the group sets out to search for them. There are some infuriating scenes in their interactions with these brave men, but Naofumi finally snaps, which may make many of you feel a sense of relief.

|Volume 12 Spoiler: Reunion with the Bow Hero

Kawasumi Itsuki, the bow-wielding hero who once accused Licia of a crime she didn’t commit and then banished her from the group, is somehow raking in the fight money at the Colosseum. ……?

The story of the other heroes continues from the previous volume. The catchphrase of this volume is “Rehabilitating the Brave,” and as the name suggests, Naofumi is reforming and rehabilitating the brave men and women.

The one who is rehabilitated in this volume is Kawasumi Itsuki, who once drove Licia out of her home in tatters. At the Colosseum, he used the self-aggrandizing pseudonym “Perfect-Hyde-Justice” to earn fight money.
One of the highlights of this volume is this one-on-one fight between Itsuki and Licia. It will be interesting to see how he will change after his fight with Licia, who has single-minded faith in Itsuki no matter how badly he is treated.

Another new character to check out is Gaerion. He is a boy of the Will breed of dragons, and as he is only a baby, he is raised by Naofumi.

He loves Naohumi so much that he does not get along with Firo, a demon who was also raised by Naohumi.
This volume also describes the incidents that Gaerion gets into, so be sure to check it out.

|Volume 13 Spoiler: Raftalia’s Past Revealed

Raftalia was suddenly attacked. This volume touches on the secret of her birth.
When Naofumi learns of the existence of Kutenlou, the country that is watching her, she decides to go there. ……!?
Raftalia has lost her village and parents to a wave of calamity and has become a slave, but this volume begins a new chapter in which the secret of her true birth is revealed.

In the previous volume, Kutenrou’s existence was revealed through her new miko (shrine maiden) clothes. This is because that miko outfit was actually the costume of the royal family of Kutenlou. From these facts, it became clear that Raftalia was Kutenlou’s royalty, or in other words, her natural destiny.
However, it seems that she herself was unaware of this fact, and she herself is puzzled by such things.

Naofumi, on the other hand, is angry with Kutenroe for not doing anything to help her, even though he knows that she has been struggling a lot. In order to protect her, the group goes to Kutenlou with a plan to overthrow the Kutenlou government.

This episode is also an original story not depicted in the web version, so even if you have already read the web version, you will be able to experience the excitement of not being able to read what is to come.

|Volume 14 Spoiler: Hounding the State by Joining Hands with Revolutionaries

Naofumi ventures to Kutenloh in an attempt to overthrow the state, where he decides to join forces with the revolutionary faction.

He carries out his operation smoothly, but an unexpected person appears there: ……!
The Kutenrou section, which began in the previous volume, delves into the secret of Raftalia’s birth. When he finally gets to Kutenlou, he finds it to be a closed, corrupt country infested with maladministration. Naturally, there are people who want to reform the country, and Naofumi decides to join forces with these revolutionaries to hunt down Kutenro.

But then, a brave woman named Sildina, a card-carrying heroine, appears before him. She is actually the younger sister of Sadina, whom Rakhtalia adores as an older sister. It seems that she was born after Sadina left Kutenroe, and the group is gradually driven into a corner as they become hostile to each other as a countermeasure against the bravest of the brave.

This volume concludes the story of Kutenro for the time being. From the next volume, the group will return to the village that has become their territory again.

|Volume 15 Spoiler: The brave men of the spear are here!

The group returned to the village from Kutenloh. Before Naofumi, Motoyasu Kitamura, a brave man with a spear, appeared. Naofumi was a scribbler in a carriage drawn by Philoreal, and he was ……!

He had reformed and rehabilitated the brave men before going to Kutenro, and in this volume, Motoyasu Kitamura, one of the remaining men, makes a reappearance. He was a womanizer anyway, but after taking twists and turns and falling in love with Firo, he became a man who perversely loves her and Philoreal.

Incidentally, he also calls Naofumi “father-in-law,” etc., because he raised Firo.
Motoyasu was now a runner in a horse-drawn carriage pulled by Filo Real, and Naofumi decided to race him in a horse-drawn carriage competition in order to make him a friend.

The filorial race unfolds somewhat like a horse race or bicycle race. It not only has the thrill inherent in racing, but also has elements that will make you laugh unintentionally.

However, racing is not the main story of volume 15. The main story is the battle with the Phoenix. The atmosphere changes and the battle against the Phoenix unfolds in a serious manner. At the climax, a surprising development awaits you. If you are curious about the ending of the battle of the phoenixes, please pick up the book and check it out.

|Volume 16 Spoiler: Naofumi Pinches Again

Who was the person who sidetracked you in the Phoenix War ……? The damage caused to Naofumi and his team was incalculable.
What was the opponent that Naofumi confronted in anger ……?

Naofumi and his group suffered great damage in the battle against the Phoenixes that began in the previous volume. The person who intervened in the battle against the Phoenix and created such a situation is Tact-Alsahorn-Fobray.

Faced with his claim to be the hero of the whip, Naofumi rushes into the battle in anger. However, to his surprise, he is deprived of his power as a shield hero by Tact.
In the same way, he had taken abilities from other heroes as well, possessing multiple powers such as axes and claws in addition to the whip and shield. Because of this, he is a powerful fighter, and Naofumi quickly finds himself in a pinch.

However, what appears in front of him are the girls who have so far put their bodies on the line to protect him and the village. ……The development of this area is very moving. Please pick up a copy and read it for yourself.

|Volume 17 Spoiler: The Next Crisis Comes

Naofumi had defeated Tact and had made her own peace with her victory, but before she had time to bask in the afterglow of her victory, she received news of another crisis.
It is from the world of Kizuna and his friends that she has been kidnapped. ……?

The battle with Tact was over, but the next crisis was happening in the world of Kizuna. Originally, in that world, the heroes other than her had abandoned their mission to protect the world and were at odds with her. In the midst of this, she was taken away by betrayal and petrified.

In order to save the petrified Kizuna, the group once again heads for the world where she lives. Although significant additions and corrections are no longer familiar in this series, this volume is also almost entirely original to the book, so you will find some interesting things in it that you will not find in the web version.
There are a lot of particularly harrowing developments in this issue, and I can’t wait to see what happens next! Many of you may think that this is a good idea.

As an aside, this volume hints at Itsuki’s musical talent. Although his talent was not duly appreciated in a world with different abilities, he seems to have a very good sense of music, as he can play any instrument immediately. Although not related to the main storyline, the reader will be pleased to see that each of the characters supporting the story is described in an attractive manner.

Finding the cute points of these characters will also be a pleasure in this work.

|Volume 18 Spoiler: Naofumi Gains New Powers

Naofumi has acquired new powers after battles in the bonded world.

In order to make the most of one of the characteristics of this power, which is that he can raise his abilities by eating, he decides to visit a famous chef. ……!?

In the world of Kizuna, Naofumi, who has acquired a new ability that allows him to increase his abilities when he eats, takes full advantage of this opportunity and eats a large amount of food. However, no matter how much he eats, the more he eats, the more he can improve his abilities, but he is only human, so there is a limit. So he decides to look for a dish that is efficient and gives him maximum power with minimum quantity.

However, in a place where he was supposed to be looking for food, he somehow ended up in a cooking competition with a chef. He has always been a good cook, so much so that his friends call him “the brave cook of food. He was a cooking prodigy who could make the same dish from any food once he had eaten it.

The cooking battles between him and the chefs are, of course, exciting. This is a unique story in this series, which has been full of battles, and you will be able to read it with ease.

|Volume 19 Spoiler: What is the enemy regarding the disaster…?

By chance, the group learned the identity of the enemy regarding the wave of disaster and came to a castle on the continent.
However, after fighting off the treasure hunters (who pretended to be treasure hunters) who attacked them there, a problem arose ……!

After a culinary battle, the group learned the identity of the enemy and visited a castle on the continent, guided by a magical dragon. This demon dragon was the dragon emperor of the world where Kizuna and his friends live, in other words, the king of dragons.

Originally, Kizuna, Naofumi, and the others were enemies, but now they are cooperating with each other, as they would be in trouble if the world collapsed. Currently, he is in favor with Naofumi and is cooperating with him this time as well. In this volume, this magical dragon will play an important role, so please read with attention.

The group also visits the master of the Jizaiju Ryu in order to learn how to counteract the “covering magic nullification,” which removes reinforcements. This is also Glass’s school, and her past will be revealed. The old man who is her teacher is also quite unique and keeps the reader interested in the story.
Incidentally, this volume contains a story that the author has been warming up to for a long time. If you take this opportunity to read the first volume once again, you will discover something new.

|Volume 20 Spoiler: Another shield hero appears…!

When Naofumi’s group returned from the world of kizuna-tachi, they were transported to a strange place with an entire village in their territory.
There, to their surprise, another brave man with a shield appeared. ……?

Naofumi and his group return from the world of the bonded to the original other world. Warned by Sein’s sister, the group is on high alert as they report and complete their errands.

However, upon returning to their home village, Naofumi, without warning, is enveloped in a mysterious flash of light that sends the entire village to an unknown location. The hero of the previous generation of shields, Mamoru Jono, appeared there, and Naofumi and his friends were transported to the past.
The story of the past is different from that of the main story. Although it is difficult to return to the main storyline, the interaction with the previous shield heroes is a very interesting element. The future of the story is unpredictable, which makes me even more curious about the future development of the story.

|Volume 21 Spoiler: The secret behind the hero of the previous shield…?

Naofumi and his group are transported to the past with their entire village and form a cooperative relationship with Mamoru Jono, the hero of the previous generation of shields.

However, Mamoru is conducting an extraordinary experiment behind the scenes. ……?
The Naofumi form a cooperative relationship with Mamoru Jono, the hero of the previous shield. However, Naofumi does not fully trust Mamoru.
One day, Naofumi is summoned in the middle of the night by one of the orphans under Mamoru’s protection and taken to a hidden cellar in Siltran Castle.
There, Mamoru is engaged in inhumane acts of near-human experimentation. Mamoru was attempting to transform the orphans into a stronger race.

Why did Mamoru, the hero of the Shield, engage in such an act? And how does Naofumi feel about Mamoru’s actions? Please read this book to find out how it all ends.

|Volume 22 Spoiler: Fighting the Great Pienza

In the past, there was a great power called Piensa.
Piensa, which solves everything by force, suddenly launches an invasion against the countries that tried to form an alliance with Siltran, the small country where Naofumi and his friends are staying.
The story of the past continues to unfold in volume 22.
Siltran, the small country where Naofumi and his friends are staying, is being scouted by people from various countries, as it had repelled the invasion of the large country Piensa.
In the midst of this situation, Piensa invades the countries that have proposed an alliance with Siltran. Naofumi’s comrades who were scouting Piensa were caught in the middle of the attack and were seriously injured.
Naofumi tries to heal his friend, but the wound is irreversible, and even a brave shield cannot heal it. What will happen to his mortally wounded friend?
This volume also introduces Naofumi’s nemesis, “the one who pretends to be a god,” and it will be interesting to see how this nemesis will play a role in the battle between Naofumi and the Piensa army.

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