Spoiler commentary and discussion of My Dress-Up Darling (manga)


My Dress-Up Darling” (Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru) is a youth manga serialized in “Young Gangan” by Shinichi Fukuda. The story is about a high school boy who enjoys making dolls and Marin Kitagawa, a popular and pretty gal in his class who would normally be difficult to get in touch with, but they become close through cosplay. The heroine, who shines doing what she loves, and the hero, who hides what he loves, fall in love through their strong feelings for each other’s favorite things. It is a cosplay love comedy with a lot of skin color.

|Outline of “My Dress-Up Darling

My Dress-Up Darling” (Sono Bisuku Doll wa Koi wo Suru) is a youth manga serialized in “Young Gangan” (Square Enix) since issue 3, 2018, by Shinichi Fukuda, a female manga artist who won the 23rd Ace Newcomer Manga Award Encouragement Award. Gojo Wakana, a first-year high school student who dreams of becoming a hina doll craftsman, is making costumes for hina dolls at school one day during the first semester when her classmate and class favorite Marin Kitagawa sees her. Marin, who has always wanted to cosplay but has never been able to make a costume because of her clumsiness, asks Wakana to make one for her. At first she is puzzled by Marin, who she thinks lives in a world completely opposite to her own, but Marin’s enthusiasm wins out and she ends up making a cosplay costume for her. While it is a romantic comedy with a lot of exposure and happenings, it is a work that passionately depicts the feeling of cherishing what you love, and the main character, who hides what she loves from others, grows up through cosplay.

|Synopsis and story of My Dress-Up Darling

First time cosplay edition

Gojo Wakana, who aspires to become a doll maker, was traumatized by the abuse she received as a child for her love of dolls, and kept her love of dolls a secret. There was no way she could tell her classmates that her hobbies were admiring hina dolls or training to make them, and she was living her high school life without friends because she felt that her being different from everyone else in what she liked would be an obstacle. On the other hand, when she saw Marin Kitagawa, the popular girl in her class who was accepted by everyone even though she was proud to say what she liked, she envied him for living in a world that was the complete opposite of hers, but at the same time she thought it was a world that had nothing to do with her. After school, Marin sees Wakana being forced to clean up after her classmates and tells her that she should speak her mind for herself. These words left a strong impression on Wakana, who had been keeping what she wanted to say to herself inside for a long time.
One day, Wakana’s sewing machine at home breaks down, so she decides to use the sewing machine at school. The result is that the family is forced to leave the house. Wakana thought that Marin would feel uncomfortable because of her memories of being denied in the past, but Marin did not deny it and praised her Ohinasama. Wakana is happy to be praised for something she likes for the first time, but when Marin finds out that she can make clothes for Ohinasama, he asks her to make a cosplay costume for him. At first, Wakana tries to refuse, but seeing Marin’s honesty about her feelings, she decides to cooperate. Marin talks passionately about the character she wants to cosplay, and it turns out to be “Shizuku Kuroe,” a character from an adult game for men. Wakana, who had no idea about video games, was surprised because she had thought that women would be reluctant to play male-oriented games. When she told this to Marin, she was surprised to hear back that it doesn’t matter what you like, regardless of gender, and Wakana couldn’t help but cry a little, referring to her own love of dolls.
The two decided to start making cosplay costumes and took measurements from a beginner’s book. Marin couldn’t wait to get started, so she tracked down Wakana the next day at her house on Saturday. Wakana is nervous about having a woman in her room for the first time, but suddenly she takes off her clothes and turns white when she sees Marin in a bathing suit.

Wakana is unable to take her measurements because she is so conscious of her own feelings, and she is ashamed of her impure feelings when she is confronted with Marin’s true love of becoming Shizuku Tan. She is ashamed of her impure feelings for Marin, who has asked for her help, and she focuses on her measurements, determined to give her all to Marin. The next measurement was the chest circumference, which was the character’s main selling point and Marin was most particular about when making the costume. Wakana tried to maintain her composure as she took the measurements, but she could no longer maintain her composure when she saw Marin’s chest in front of her. She finally finished taking measurements, but Marin suggested that she measure between the breast points in order to create a breast pouch that would make her large breasts look more attractive. Marin is particular about her breast pouch, so she wants to measure it, but she has to take off her swimsuit to do so. Finally, when measuring the inseam, Wakana, who did not have to look at his face, was able to take the measurement calmly. However, Marin, who had always remained calm no matter where she was being measured, let out an involuntary yelp when the measuring tape touched her sensitive inner thighs, and that was the first time she felt embarrassed. After the measurements were taken, Wakana was recommended to play the role of a “nuru-onna” in order to design a costume.

On Monday, when Wakana arrives at school, she is made acutely aware that she and Marin live in different worlds. Marin, however, is unconcerned, and steps into Wakana’s world to talk to her. When Marin leaves, Wakana hears people around her making fun of her. Wakana runs away from Marin who talks to her every recess to avoid being seen by her acquaintances, but she is finally caught by Marin. Marin is angry at Wakana for avoiding her, but she tells Marin that it is better not to be with her in public because if she is around Marin, even Marin will think she is an idiot. Marin, however, does not care about that and takes Wakana by the hand to go shopping for cosplay costumes.
After regaining her composure, Wakana takes out a three-sided drawing of Shizukutan’s costume and decides what she wants to buy. Marin, happy to be of service to Marin, is determined to continue with the shopping, but when Marin tries on a garter at a lingerie store, she is not shy about showing Wakana her underwear. The woman shows her appearance. Marin plays with the impatient Wakana, teasing her. On the way home, Marin is excited about where he will show his cosplay outfit, and he shows Wakana, who has no idea about such events and how to enjoy them, some pictures on his cell phone. Marin showed a picture of Juju, a very beautiful girl who looked like she was in junior high school. When Wakana didn’t respond to any of the photos, Marin asked, “Aren’t these people pretty? Wakana, who had a special feeling about the word “beautiful,” said that she only used the word when she truly thought it was beautiful, and that she could not simply say it out loud.
Marin was not particular about the event, but only told Wakana that she was going to be at the event, which made her impatient. She was wondering if she would be able to make a costume for a human in two weeks when it was taking so long to make one for a doll, and she felt like she was going to go crazy if she couldn’t make it in time. Just when she was about to lose control of her impatience, her grandfather collapsed. Fortunately, it was nothing serious, but he had to go to his cousin Miori’s house for a while to go to the hospital. She was on the verge of a flat tire when she received an application to visit her grandfather, a midterm test, and even a request to see the Hina Dolls. She is not able to help Marin, who was looking forward to seeing the costumes, and she has not been able to practice her brush strokes to become a head doll maker. Suddenly, she remembers her grandfather’s words when he asked her why she continued to make hina dolls: “Sometimes it’s hard, but I want people to be happy, so I can do my best even if it’s hard. He wanted to make people happy, so he decided to do the best he could, even though it was painful, and set about making a costume with a needle and thread.

 Wakana is determined to make it as best she can, even if it is hard.

After staying up all night, Wakana managed to finish the costume the morning before the event, and when Marin came to see it, he was speechless at how well it turned out. This clears up the misunderstanding that Marin had no intention of attending today’s event, and Wakana sits down, relieved that she no longer has to worry about the deadline. Marin, however, is unable to realize that her failure to communicate properly had pushed Wakana to the brink, and she begins to cry. Marin continues to cry, and Wakana, troubled by this, suggests that they try on costumes to change the mood. Wakana was happy that Marin was happy, but she also wanted to make sure that she would be happy when she actually arrives.
She put on the false eyelashes she had bought for the dolls and put on makeup to make her look like Shizuku-tan, and when she put on the costume, there stood Shizuku-tan as Nuru-onna 2. Marin was very excited, but Wakana had made various improvements to the outfit, such as the comfort and ease of movement, so it wasn’t quite perfect. Somehow we managed to create a white background for the photo session. Marin was so excited by the beautiful photos that she created a social networking account for cosplay and uploaded the photos under the cosplay name “Marin. Happy to be “Shizuku-tan,” Marin suggested going to a cosplay event the next day. Wakana refuses because she only has a samue, but Marin, not knowing what’s wrong with her, half-heartedly decides to attend the next day’s event.
The next day, the two attend the cosplay event in the summer sun. Marin is immediately greeted by a line of photographers who want to take pictures of her. Marin stays at the end of the line so as not to get in the way, and looks around the event hall. Then, seeing Marin as Shizuku-tan, I realize that their fun relationship is over now that they have finished making the promised costumes. Marin suddenly smiles at Wakana, who is feeling sad. The moment Wakana sees Marin’s smile, she feels as if her heart has been grabbed, and she begins to feel pain. As she looks at Marin, who is running toward her, she realizes what this feeling is, when she hears, “I’m going to take off my clothes! Marin’s bombshell statement, “I’m not a fan of this. Marin’s costume, which was made to fit Marin’s breasts, was about to be ripped to shreds. In addition, Marin was suffering from heat stroke due to the hot sun and the thick fabric she had chosen for her school for young ladies. They decided to go inside the venue to give the costume first aid and cool down. They were about to leave, but since they had left in the middle of the photo shoot, they tried to find the lady with the camera at the time to take one last picture. Both Wakana and the camera lady were surprised at Marin’s insistence.

On the train ride home, Wakana feels that this is the end of the relationship, but thanks the staff for a good experience and fun. Marin tells Wakana how sad she is about the next cosplay, and Wakana, who thought she was only going to wear one costume, is relieved to hear Marin say that they can still continue this relationship. Marin, still excited from the event, tells Wakana how much fun everyone had doing what they loved at the event, and when Marin talks about the beautiful cosplayers at the event, Wakana, who is nodding off, says she was so happy to see them. Marin was surprised and embarrassed by the sincere compliment, as she remembered Marin’s smile, which was very special to Wakana.
Later at Wakana’s house, the two wash their costumes used for the event, and Marin becomes conscious of her beauty. Marin’s grandfather, who has been staying at Miori’s house for the past few days, comes home and sees Wakana’s costume, and they exchange opinions on how to make it. Marin’s stomach growls and she decides to have dinner at Wakana’s house. There, he discovers that Marin’s eating habits are terrible, and his grandfather, concerned, invites Marin to come over for dinner from now on.

First time layer friends edition

One rainy day, a girl drenched in rain jumps in front of Gojo Doll Store. When Wakana’s grandfather finds her, he thinks she is a friend of his and tells her to go out and take a bath because she will catch a cold. Wakana rushes into the bathroom to see if she is the thief and finds a naked girl wiping herself, and she awkwardly asks the girl who has changed her clothes what she needs. When Wakana asked her name and school, she thought she was a child, but it turned out she was actually one year older than her. She was enjoying looking at the dolls, but then she came to her senses and asked Wakana why she was being shown the dolls. Wakana thought she was just observing the hina doll costumes, but in fact, she saw Marin’s cosplay costume on SNS and came to order it. Wakana tries to refuse the order, but is blackmailed by “Juju,” a cosplayer, to make a costume for her on the grounds that she saw Marin naked. Wakana realizes that Juju is a cosplayer whom Marin had said she liked, and Marin comes to visit her just as she finishes her part-time job. Marin is very excited to meet the cosplayer of her dreams, and although she is a little taken back by Marin, she is excited to meet Marin’s “Flower Princess Retsugen! When Wakana and Sajukana exchange contact information, Marin is happy to find out that Wakana does not have a boyfriend. Marin invites Sasukana to cosplay as Nikaido Zion’s sister, Nikaido Neon, but she immediately turns him down. She only wanted to cosplay for herself and take pictures, so she didn’t get involved with the other layers. But then Marin and Wakana offer to split the bill. They were planning to rent a studio at an abandoned hospital for the photo shoot, but the studio fee at the hospital was too expensive, so they decided to split the cost and use the money they saved for the costumes.

That night, Wakana had her grandfather take a look at her doll’s face, and she was nervous because she hadn’t practiced at all, but he complimented her on how her involvement in Marin’s cosplay had a positive effect on her doll’s face, making it look better than before.
Later on, for the costume, “Flower Princess Retsu! When she opened the front door, she found Marin wearing almost underwear, which made Wakana freeze. He realized that he had not done so and hurriedly returned to his room. Wakana was so upset that she thought that wasn’t what she was worried about.
Marin, who had put on contacts and changed into loungewear, led Wakana up to her friend’s house for the first time, and she was nervous. Wakana wanted to pick up the complete box and leave early, but she decided to watch anime with Marin in his room to reduce the amount of luggage she had to carry. Wakana was nervous about being in a woman’s room, and Marin’s room at that, but the shock of seeing a room full of posters of nurume girls made her nervous.
As they watch anime side by side, Marin realizes that this is a “home date. Marin is enjoying watching Wakana, who is looking at the screen seriously, but the sound of Marin’s tummy rumbling ruins the good mood.

 Wakana ate the failed omelette rice thinking it was fried rice.

They finished their fried rice (Marin thought it was an omelette) and continued watching anime.
In the evening, Sajuana and Wakana are on the phone checking the three-view drawings of the costumes they have finished. They imagined that Sajuana’s sister was small and cute, but when they went to the family restaurant where they were to meet on the day of the meeting, there sat a woman who looked older than Sajuana. The woman who looked older than her was called “Shinju,” and she was Sajuana’s younger sister in junior high school. The two learn about cameras from Shinju, who is in charge of photography for “Juju. Marin decides to buy a single-lens reflex camera that can take high-quality pictures someday. After a break from talking about cameras, they talk about their upcoming photo shoot, and Wakana and Marin are asked by Saju to go on a location hunt at the studio beforehand. Wakana and Marin agree to go with her, and they end up going to an abandoned hospital studio for the weekend.
On the day of the location scouting, Marin asks Shinju about how to take pictures while looking around the abandoned hospital. Meanwhile, Sajuana was stuck at the entrance, unable to proceed because the atmosphere was scarier than she had expected. When Wakana, who couldn’t help but notice, called out to her, Sajuana, who couldn’t honestly say she was scared, quickly walked to the back of the hospital. During the visit, a thunderstorm hit the abandoned hospital and it became darker and scarier, and finally she sat down. Wakana asks her why she is going to such lengths to confirm the location of the shooting. Wakana asks her why she’s going to such lengths. She knows there are more skilled people out there, but when she saw Marin’s cosplay photos, she fell in love with the costume at first sight, and at the same time she was jealous that someone else was wearing Wakana’s costume. The first is Wakana, who had always wanted to make dolls that would make people fall in love with her at first sight, is moved to tears when she is told that she fell in love with her costume, and holds her hand to thank her, but her fear of the abandoned hospital and the shock of being held by the opposite sex for the first time causes her to faint.

Later that day, Wakana visits the fabric store where she bought the materials for her Black Lily costume, and consults with the store clerk about the fabric while showing him a three-view plan of the costume. Marin was happy to be able to help with the accessories for her own costume.
On the day of the shoot, Marin dressed as Black Lobelia and Sajuana dressed as Black Lily were waiting in another room for Shinju and Wakana who were getting ready for the shoot. Marin and Sajuana were taking a couple of shots to pass the time when Shinju came in from the next room dressed as Soma’s older brother from “Flower Princess Retsu! In fact, Wakana had asked him if he wanted to cosplay when he was alone on his way home from location scouting. There, he told her that he really wanted to cosplay like Sajuana, but that he would never fit in, and that he didn’t want to look weird and make his sister hate him. Wakana told him that “the charm of cosplay is that you can be anything you want to be” and encouraged him to try cosplaying with her. I immediately asked her who she wanted to cosplay as, and to my surprise, she answered “Flower Princess Retsu! He told me that he wanted to cosplay as Soma’s older brother from “Flower Princess Retsu! It was the first time for her to cosplay as a man, but Wakana was eager to give her a chance to do so, but she couldn’t spend much money on it since she was on pocket money. When he tried on the uniform at Wakana’s house, he found that his large chest didn’t look manly enough for her, so he wrapped a sarashi around it. I remembered people who dressed up as men at play events and searched the Internet. He then learned that there is a special inner wear called “B Holder” that is specially designed to crush the breasts, and that it is available at a price that even Kokoro Kotobuki can afford. After some trial and error with makeup and hair, the day of the event arrived. Shinju was nervous that he would not look good in the costume and would be disliked by his big brother Soma, but he was relieved to see Sajuana and Marin, who were very excited and praised him, and was so happy that tears came to his eyes. As the photo shoot went smoothly, Sajuana, who had been negative about taking photos with other layers, realized that it was fun not only to be a character and enjoy the photos by herself, but also to cosplay with others. She also fell in love with Wakana, who treated both her precious cosplay and her sister, Shinju, with great care. After returning home, when Sajuana and Shinju were checking the photos taken at the party, Sajuana confided that she was jealous of Shinju, who could do cosplay that she could not. Seeing a side of his sister that he thought was perfect in every way, Shinju realizes that he is not the only one suffering from this problem and decides to get a part-time job and cosplay when he becomes a high school student.

Summer Vacation Edition

With the summer vacations upon us, Wakana and Marin decided to try out a new character, this time a fighting game character named “Veronica,” who was very revealing but not flirtatious. The costume was the quickest to make so far, thanks in part to the minimal amount of fabric and the clean design. As she looked at the finished costumes, Wakana thought back on her past days and felt that making the costumes had been a good experience, and that there would be a positive change in her doll making as well. One day, Marin invited Wakana to go shopping in Shibuya, and she was worried about the fact that she only had a samue, so Marin suggested that she coordinate her outfit. Wakana, who usually wears only school uniforms, doesn’t know what she likes, so she tries on the clothes Marin has chosen for her one after another, but Marin, whose love for her makes everything look cool, is at a loss to choose. Wakana, on the other hand, can’t find anything that fits her, so she decides to try on clothes at another store. On the way to the store, when they talked about when they would dress up as Veronica, Wakana told Marin seriously that she wanted him to do it alone this time because the costume was too revealing. Marin was worried that Wakana might not like the heavy atmosphere, but was relieved when she found out that the reason for Wakana’s refusal was due to the revealing nature of the costume. Marin loves Liz the succubus, but she is too cute and doesn’t seem to fit the character. So he tells Wakana that he will not cosplay. Marin is happy to hear that Wakana thinks she looks good in the costume and decides to try it out. Once Marin decides to try the costume, Wakana reads the manga to draw the details of the costume on a three-panel drawing, but the deformed characters in the four-panel manga make it difficult to understand the details of the costume. It was a new challenge for Wakana to come up with most of the costumes herself.
When the costumes were ready, Marin found a studio near Wakana’s house that was just right. On the day of the shoot, Wakana somehow found herself in a love hotel.

 Marin mistakenly booked a love hotel for a studio.

Wakana was puzzled by the fact that the room was in a love hotel, but she calmed herself down by telling herself that she would have wasted the room charge if she had left without taking a picture.
Marin was very excited to see how cute she looked in the outfit. Marin told Wakana, who was trying to find the right answer, that the fun part of cosplay is to be free to create your own interpretation, and that it was fine to use Wakana’s interpretation. He said that the costumes he made were too good to be true, which was the highest compliment for Wakana. The fact that she had thought of and made most of the parts herself was a good stimulus for Wakana, who would like to make her own unique dolls in the future.
After finishing the makeup, the two decided to recreate a scene from the manga and shoot it. The shooting went smoothly, and when the last photo was taken, Wakana felt that she was not satisfied. She realized that the cause of this lack was the way she looked at the subject. Wakana wanted to photograph Liz from the perspective of the main character, Kaname, and asked Marin to lie down on the bed and straddle her.

 Marin straddles the top of Wakana for this photo.

Marin was also conscious of Wakana’s presence and became embarrassed. Just as I was about to leave, it was time to go and the shooting was over.
Marin’s father, who had temporarily returned home from his summer job, found out that Marin had not done her homework and grounded her until she finished it. Marin is so excited to be able to go to the summer festival with Wakana, that Wakana is thrilled to see her dress up and do her hair with such enthusiasm. Marin notices this and is happy that all her hard work is worth it. Wakana thinks about next year and feels sad that she won’t be able to see the fireworks with Marin. But Marin invites her to go with him next year, and Wakana is happy to think that they will be together again.
On the last day of summer vacation, after watching a horror movie at Marin’s house, Wakana went home to practice making hina dolls. Just as she was about to go to bed, Marin called her to say that the movie she had seen during the day had scared her to sleep, and the two decided to stay on the phone until they could fall asleep, talking about nothing else. Marin secretly expressed her feelings for Wakana, who had fallen asleep earlier.

 Marin expresses her feelings to Wakana, who has fallen asleep.

Female Layer Edition

Wakana and Marin attend a cosplay event at the aquarium, and while touring the museum in their cosplay costumes, they encounter a model with a broken hook on her skirt. She was cosplaying as a game character called Space Idol Cosmolabbers and introduced herself as Amane Himeno, and asked if Wakana and Marin were cosplay partners. The two, who don’t really care about the difference between their cosnames and real names, didn’t care and told her their real names, that they went to the same high school, and other personal information, which secretly made Amane nervous. When it came time for Wakana to fix the hooks on her skirt, it was revealed that Ame was actually a man. The two were too cute to be surprised. Since they were so cute, they decided to move to a different location and asked her to tell them how she wears her makeup and what she pays attention to when she wears women’s clothes. As they were showing her cosplay photos, they found one in which she had breasts. In order to reveal the secret of her breasts, Amane takes them to a certain store. The secret of her breasts was that she was wearing body make-up underwear to recreate the large breasts of two-dimensional characters. After that, they were taught about cosmetics for the stage and decided to go out to the plaza for the photo shoot. There, Amane confided that she hated herself for not being masculine enough, but that cosplay had helped her gain confidence in herself little by little. She was relieved to find that neither Wakana nor Marin, whom she had met at the event, had denied her. Amane was glad that she had come to this cosuibe, even though she had attended it on a whim.

Halloween Edition

Marin decided to make her next costume as Arisa Jugokuya, a character from a gag anime, and Wakana tried to make a bunny-girl costume for her, but the costume just didn’t work. When she was about to compromise, she was able to get a solution from a store clerk while browsing the material store. Wakana, who thought she had become accustomed to making costumes from materials she had used before, was depressed because she had been conceited. The sales clerk encouraged her to enjoy making mistakes, and the costume was completed.
Marin and Wakana went to the studio to take pictures with Marin, who thought Wakana was uncomfortable with the high legged costume. She had prepared for the event. Wakana was grateful for Marin’s confidence, but when Marin came out after changing, she was wearing the same outfit as usual and did not know where the measures against exposure had been taken. She was not sure what was being done to protect her from being exposed. The result was that

Marin, oblivious to Wakana’s concern, starts talking about the bunny girl’s stocking preferences. He prefers stockings that have mesh tights and a “Sen-ni-no-ho” (a pair of mesh tights), so he thinks about changing the tights at home and taking a picture of himself in them. However, he remembered that he was going to have a Halloween party, so he decided to wear them there and invited Wakana to the party.
On the day of the Halloween party, Wakana is nervous about what Marin’s friends will think of her and whether it was a good idea for her to come. Marin’s male friend Kensei asks her how she can wear makeup even though she is a man, and she gets defensive, remembering how she was told when she was little that it was disgusting for a boy. But Shiki, another male friend of Marin’s, calmly replies, “People who can do it can do it. He realized that he had once been told by a girl named Non-chan that he was creepy, and he had assumed that everyone else would say the same thing. At that moment, Noha, a good friend of Marin’s who was holding the microphone, asked over the microphone if Wakana and Marin were dating.

|Characters in My Dress-Up Darling

Gojo Wakana

She is 15 years old and in her first year of high school.
Her parents died early and she lives with her grandfather in Iwatsuki, where they share a house and a doll store called “Gojo Ningyo”.
Her dream is to become a doll maker. She has a special feeling for the word “kirei” (beautiful).
Her hobbies are training to make hina dolls, talking with hina dolls, and appreciating hina dolls, so she has no friends.
She only has a samue, but when she and Marin go clothes shopping, she buys two jinbei.
Marin invited her to a Halloween party, where she wore a stuffed rabbit.

Marin Kitagawa

First-year high school student.
In the same class as Gojo. She has a pierced tongue.
Her mother passed away due to illness, and her father is working alone, so she lives alone at home.
She is a cheerful gal with many friends. She works part-time as a reader model and has increased her part-time work to buy a single-lens reflex camera.
She hates people who make fun of things she likes. She is dynamic and often surprises Gojo by being out of the loop.
For some reason, she can’t float in the water and can’t swim, but she loves the ocean.
Height 164cm, bust point 20cm, cosplay name is “Marin”.
I have 50 characters I like the most.

Wakana’s grandfather

Grandfather of Gojo Wakana.
Owner of the Gojo Ningyo store. He has been making dolls for 48 years.
He is worried that Gojo, who is always making dolls, may not have any friends.
He is worried about Marin, who eats only unbalanced food, and asks her to come over for dinner.

Marin’s father

He is working alone. He is sorry that he can only come home on Bon and New Year’s.
He proudly shows the magazines in which Marin appears to the people at work.
She is worried about Marin, who is loose and sloppy like her.


A girl who called Gojo’s love of dolls disgusting when she was little. Her words have had a great influence on Wakana.

Noha Sugaya

Marin’s friend.
She often sees Marin and Wakana together and wonders if they are dating.


Friend of Marin. Likes older women.
At the Halloween party, she wore a camisole dress and cat ears.


Friend of Marin. Likes older women.
Her brother is attending a cosmetology school.


Cousin of Gojo Wakana. She calls Gojo “Wacchan. Gojo calls her “Miori sister.
She takes care of Wakana’s grandfather who is in the hospital in the film.


We met at the first cosplay event I attended. We exchanged contact information and she would send Marin the photos she took.

Layer friends

Inui Sajyuna

She is a sophomore at Sakuranomiya Girls’ High School.
She is not immune to the opposite sex because of the escalator system in her high school.
Her childhood dream was to become a magical girl.
Her cosplay name is Juju.
She has a young appearance and looks like a junior high school student.
She only wants to take good pictures as a magical girl or girls anime cosplayer, so she has never gotten involved with other cosplayers.
She is not good at scary places.

Inui Shinjyu

Junior high school student, 178cm, younger sister of Sajuana Inui
She enjoys cameras and likes to take pictures of birds and landscapes.
She loves Sajuana so much that she created the name “Juju” and her cosplay account so that she can see more of her big sister’s cute pictures.
She usually works as a photographer for her sister Juju.
She has always wanted to try cosplaying, but was hesitant to do so because she was afraid of ruining her sister’s image of the character and making her sister hate her. With Wakana’s help, he cosplays as “Flower Princess Retsu! in the film, with the help of Wakana.

Himeno Amane

He is cute but male. His real name is Chitose. 20 years old.
In his second year of high school, his older sister came up with the idea of doing makeup for the first time. He hated himself for not being masculine enough, but through cosplay he gradually gained confidence in himself.
When he was a university student, his girlfriend denied his cross-dressing and they broke up.
When he takes off his make-up, he becomes an extremely beautiful young man.

Cosplay Characters

Kuroe Shizuku

Marin’s first cosplay character in Nurume 2. She is a member of the “Shame Club” at a young lady’s school. She is a sex slave. Her image color is purple.
Marin’s first cosplay character. She has made two costumes for this work, one for her school uniform and the other for the school festival, and participated in a cosuibe.

Nikaido Neon

The shock of a broken heart to a childhood friend causes him to fall into evil and become an enemy. When he transforms, he becomes Black Lobelia.
Black Lobelia is characterized by her gray hair and the color of her eyes, which are different on each side.
Marin cosplayed as Black Lobelia at the party.

Nikaido Shion

The girls’ anime “Flower Princess Retsu! and a rival of the main character. She is in the third grade of elementary school.
In the story, she transforms into the magical girl Princess Lily and fights evil, but when she learns that her older sister Neon is the enemy, she falls into evil and becomes Black Lily.
Saju Kano cosplayed as the character at the event.


Flower Princess Retsu! The elder brother of Mirai, the main character in “Flower Princess Retsu! He is Nikaido Neon’s love and childhood friend. Although not officially known, he seems to be dating Neon’s other childhood friend, Sakuya.
Shinju cosplayed with him at the party.


A character from a fighting game called “KILLING GIGS”. He has brown skin and jagged teeth, and Marin says he has the best lower tits. She is sentenced to 60,000 years in prison. She only made the costume because it was too revealing, but did not actually wear it in front of Wakana.


Succubus is the heroine of “I, a super successful high school novelist, am in trouble because a succubus is coming after me every night. The character is characterized by her half-twintail and tail.
She calls herself “Boku.
After looking for a room that was typical for a novelist, she decided to shoot at a love hotel.
Since the character was deformed, most of the costume was made by Wakana’s creation.

Hatsusegawa Subaru

The character appears in a training simulation game called Space Idol Cosmo Lovers. He came in second place in the general election.
The character that Amane cosplayed in the game.

izayoi Arisa

He is a part-time assassin in a comedy anime called “Kochira Tsukuyono ♡Kampany~.
She looks cool, but in fact she is a screw-up.
The photo shoot was held in a rented studio to create the right atmosphere.

Terms for My Dress-Up Darling

|Teaser Video

Head Master

A craftsman who makes the faces of hina dolls. Delicate brush strokes are required to draw the beautiful faces of Japanese dolls.

Animation & Games

Holy ♡ Nuru Nuru Onna Gakuen – The Young Lady is a Shame Club Harenchi Miracle Life 2

Nuru-jo for short “Nuru-jo 2” Theme song “Nuru-uru♡Pyuha~to
It is a very popular erotic game and has been adapted into an anime.
The story takes place at a school for girls called Nuru Nuru Joshi Gakuen.
The main character is the grandson of the school’s headmistress, and for some reason he enrolls in an all-girls high school, even though he is a boy.
The school has a “humiliation club” and the protagonist is ordered by the headmaster to join the club.
It is a story of rape and humiliation, but it is okay because there is love in it.

Flower Princess Intense!

Anime for girls. A magical girl story with complicated human relationships. Total 126 episodes
A unique anime that, despite being a magical girl story, is resolved almost exclusively through fistfights.
The main character’s rivals, Nikaido Zion and her sister Neon, were popular mainly among elementary school girls and adult males at the time of broadcast.
Nikaido Zion’s mascot character is a sexual miscreant, which is rare in anime for girls.
In this work, Sajukana, Marin, and Shinju cosplay as the Nikaido sisters and Soma’s brother.


A fighting game in which the characters are all underworld figures such as hit men, corrupt cops, and yakuza. In this game, Marin cosplays a character named Veronica.

I’m a super successful high school novelist and I’m having trouble with a succubus coming on to me every night!

Author:Kani Miso

Sabakoma” for short. It is an everyday four-panel story about Kaname, a high school student who is a novelist, and Liz, a succubus who tries her best to get him to sleep with her.
The characters are depicted in deformed forms.

Space Idol Cosmo Lovers

Also known as “coslava
A simulation game in which the player acts as a manager and trains his or her idol to become the top idol in the universe, while at the same time dating the idol.
If the company, fans, or other idols find out about the relationship, the player is fired, the idol breaks up, and the game is over.

This is Tsukiyono♡Campany~!

An assassin comedy anime that never fails. Also known as “Kochikan.
The uniform is bunny girl.

Cosplay Terms

breast pouch

A term used to describe the way the line of the chest is clearly visible like a pouch, even though the person is wearing clothes. Women with naturally large breasts need to have special clothes made for them, as their breasts are not emphasized when they wear clothes.

Between the bust point

Length between both nipples. Essential for an attractive milk pouch.


Abbreviation for cosplayer. There are various ways to enjoy cosplay, from large-scale events such as events, coterie magazine sales with dedicated cosplay spaces, and street events, to studio photo shoots and photo shoots at home, where photos are uploaded to SNS.

Pomp and Circumstance

Use such as breast heaping, face heaping, etc. Used to exaggerate, beautify, etc.

Rental Studio

You can photograph cosplayers in a variety of situations, including schools, classrooms, period dramas, brothels, Japanese-style rooms, gothic to Western-style buildings, abandoned houses, and hospitals. In this work, Saju Kanou and Marin are “Flower Princesses! and rented an abandoned hospital studio for the shoot.

location scout

Location hunting is an abbreviation of “location research” and refers to researching locations in advance. For this film, we confirmed the angles and images to be shot in an abandoned hospital studio in advance.

B Holder

Innerwear that squashes the chest and makes it appear flat. It is best suited for men’s wear and kimono, and was used by Shinju in this work to cosplay as Soma’s older brother.

high-leg leotard

The cut at the crotch is deep and sharply angled, and includes swimsuits, underwear, and leotards. Characteristics of high-legs include sexiness, the appearance of longer legs, and ease of movement. In this work, when cosplaying Black Lobelia, I couldn’t find any Japanese swimsuits, so I looked for and purchased a swimsuit from overseas. Later, the bunny girl costume is also high-leg.

Famous quotes, lines/scenes and scenes from My Dress-Up Darling

|Teaser Video

Gojo: “I suppose it must be easy to live in a world where people accept you as you are…”

Gojo sees Marin, who is at the center of the class and can cheerfully and proudly say what she likes, and feels that she is someone who lives in a world that is the complete opposite of his. The film depicts the wall between Gojo, who cannot say what he likes because of the trauma of being ridiculed for what he likes in the past, and Marin, who can say what she likes without hesitation.

MarinYou have to speak your mind for yourself.

Marin’s line when she saw Gojo being forced to clean up. Marin can say that she likes what she likes because she likes what she likes. Gojo, who has been denied what he likes, remembers that he really wanted to say how he feels. The scene that led Gojo to change.

Gojo “Yes! Ms. Kitagawa is a respectable sex slave!”

The first time Marin tries on a cosplay costume, she asks her if she’s really becoming her sex slave, Shizuku-tan. This scene marks the beginning of their cosplay journey together.

Wakana: “Everyone has a lot on their mind, you just can’t see it because you can’t see it.

Wakana’s words to Xinju, who thinks that Marin is very dexterous and can do anything. I learned that. When Shinju was told this, it didn’t hit him, but later, by being exposed to his sister’s problems, he truly understood that everyone has the same problems in unseen places.

Wakana: “I would never say that!”

He said these words to Amane, who was worried that she might be uncomfortable in women’s clothing. She was worried that people would think she was weird.

Backstories, trivia, quips/episodes, and anecdotes from My Dress-Up Darling

The wig store in the film is a real store

The wig store the two visited in the book is an actual store in Ikebukuro called “Swallowtail. The author actually went to the store and interviewed the wig store.

First cosplay event modeled after the “acosta!

The first cosplay event times were modeled after the “acosta!” cosplay event by the cosplay photography studio Hakosta. The events are held mainly in Tokyo (Ikebukuro), Saitama, Kyoto, and Osaka.

Abandoned hospital studio in the works

The abandoned hospital studio in the film is modeled after an abandoned hospital studio in Yashio City, Saitama Prefecture. The price is 15,000 yen per hour. The studio has a reputation for realistic photography as it used to be a real hospital.

Initially thought to be a cosmetic of Shinju.

In the work “Flower Princess Retsu! The author was also thinking of cosplaying another male character named Sakuya. Both were male characters, but Sakuya’s costume was too different from his true self, so he became Souma.

Casino-style studio is an actual studio at Shinjuku-Gyoen Station

The studio where Marin took the bunny-girl costume photos in the film is called “Studio Macaron Night,” a studio located a minute walk from Shinjuku-Gyoen Station.
The studio is divided into a China area, a casino area, and an American diner area, making it possible to shoot a variety of scenes.

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