SPY x FAMILY Spoilers for each volume|Attractiveness and the latest news on the anime adaptation!


The “2020 National Booksellers’ Choice Recommended Comics,” “2020 Manga Grand Prize,” “2019 Next Comic Award (Web Manga Category),” and more… SPY x FAMILY” has received numerous awards.

The work is now attracting a lot of attention, with a total of over 12.5 million copies of the comics sold by November 2021, and an anime broadcast beginning this April.

In this article, we will explain the outline of “SPY x FAMILY”, points to enjoy, and the latest information.

|SPY x FAMILY” will begin airing on April 9, 2022 at 23:00!

Finally, the “SPY x FAMILY (SPY x FAMILY)” anime has begun airing!
It airs weekly on April 9 (Sat.) from 23:00 on TV Tokyo and other stations.

The anime is scheduled to be broadcast in two “split” episodes on TV Tokyo and elsewhere.

First season [confirmed].Spring 2022 (April to June)
Second season [undetermined]Fall 2022 (from October) or Winter 2023 (from January)

The year 2022-2023 is going to be full of “SPY x FAMILY” in both animation and events!

|What’s the story behind “SPY x FAMILY?” Short and brief synopsis

It was a time when countries around the world were engaged in a fierce information war behind the scenes. The East (Ostania) and the West (Westeris) have been in a cold war for more than a decade. Tasogare, a highly skilled spy belonging to WISE, the West’s Intelligence Bureau, is assigned a top-secret mission to find out the movements of Donovan Desmond, the president of the East’s National Unity Party, a dangerous figure who threatens the peace between East and West. The name of the mission is Operation Strix. The mission is to “create a family within a week and infiltrate a social gathering at a prestigious school that Desmond’s son attends. Tasogare” plays the role of Lloyd Forger, a psychiatrist, and decides to start a family. But when he meets his daughter Anya, a psychic who can read minds, and his wife Yol, an assassin, their interests coincide and they end up living together while hiding their true identities from each other. The three of them live together while concealing their true identities. World peace is entrusted to this happening family for the first time in many years.
From the official website of SPY×FAMILY

To summarize more shortly…

 ”During the Cold War in a certain country, “a spy man,” “a psychic girl,” and “an assassin woman.
  Forming a fake family for their mutual benefit, they use their individual personalities to protect world peace.”

This is the story of the “The Story of the World”.

At first glance, “spy” and “assassin” may seem like serious and action-oriented works, but despite the setting, “SPY x FAMILY (SPY x FAMILY)” has many heartwarming x comedic elements.

The detailed story will be introduced in the synopsis section of each volume.

Also, you can read the story at the beginning of the first volume on the author’s Twitter account, so check it out if you’re interested!

|Introduction of Main Characters in “SPY x FAMILY”|What is the Forger Family, a family in disguise?

Here we introduce the main characters, who are essential to understanding the story.

Lloyd Forger… fictional father/spy of the West (Tasogare).

Name: Lloyd Forger (Real name: Unknown)Fictitious occupation: psychiatrist, psychiatrist at Berlint General HospitalReal job: spy for WISE (code name: Tasogare)Age: unknownSpecial skills: disguise

Lloyd Forger’s public face is that of a father and a brilliant psychiatrist.

And behind the scenes, he is the No. 1 spy in the West. His code name is “Tasogare.

In addition to his extraordinary powers of observation, memory, and athleticism, he has been able to successfully complete any mission with his ability to disguise himself using a hundred different faces.

He was given a new, extremely challenging mission, “Operation Strix (Strix).
The mission was to “get married and have a child within a week.
Lloyd (Tasogare) finds a “wife” and a “child” for this mission and creates a fake family, the Forgers.

Yol Forger…fictional mother/Killer (Thorn Princess)

Name: Yol Forger (real name: Yol Briar) Fake Job: Clerk at Berlin and City Hall Real Job: Assassin for the underworld organization “Garden” (code name: assassin) Age: 27 Special Skill: Putting others to sleep with a single breath so they don’t suffer

For the operation, Lloyd (Tasogare) was looking for a woman to be his mother (wife), and Yol Briar appeared.

On the surface, she is a calm and kind-hearted woman who works as an office worker at the Berlindt City Hall.
But her true nature is that she is an assassin.
She belongs to an assassination organization called “Garden” and works under the code name “Thorn Princess.

She is a woman with a strong sense of public image and a desire to “get married soon and reassure her brother, the only family she has left,” so she has entered into a sham marriage with Lloyd (Tasogare), a man with whom she has a common interest.

Anya Forger… fictional daughter/psychic who reads people’s minds.

Name: Anya Forger (Real name: unknown)Front face: first-year student at Eden SchoolBack face: psychic (can read people’s minds)Age: 6 years old (real age: unknown)

A girl Lloyd (Tasogare) met when he was looking for children at an orphanage for an operation.

In fact, she also had a secret face of being a psychic (able to read people’s minds).
Anya has experienced being creeped out by her ability to read people’s minds, so she seems to keep her psychic abilities from being noticed by anyone.

Therefore, neither Lloyd nor Yol know about Anya’s ability.
However, Anya knows that Lloyd is a “spy” and Yol is an “assassin” because of her psychic ability.
I am always “excited” to read what is going on in their minds.

|Spoiler alert! Three things to enjoy “SPY x FAMILY” more

Here we share our knowledge with you to help you enjoy “SPY x FAMILY (SPY x FAMILY)” even more!

Points for more fun (1): Know the period setting of SPY x FAMILY

One of the most attractive features of SPY x FAMILY is that it is set in an actual historical period!

SPY x FAMILY takes place in 1960, in Europe after the end of World War II.

This can be seen from the fact that all the text is written in English and the furniture and clothing that appear are from the 1960s.
Other elements of SPY×FAMILY that are typical of the 1960s and Europe are as follows.

(1) The east-west map that appears in the book matches the topography of Germany at the time (the beginning of volume 1).
(2) A CRT TV with legs, a dial telephone, and a chair from the 1960s (the cover picture of volume 4) appear in the book.
(3)The model for the “Eden School” Anya attends is a real school in England.
(4) The building is European in style

I’ve seen historical and music manga set in Europe, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen an action x comedy manga set in Europe…? (Lupin III, if I may say so?).

So I hope you enjoy the main storyline, and of course, these period settings, as much as I hope you enjoy SPY x FAMILY (SPY x FAMILY)!

Point 2: “Operation Strix,” a top-secret mission by Tasogare, a talented spy.

The best part of “SPY x FAMILY (SPY x FAMILY)” is that you can experience this authentic spy mission while calling yourself a heartwarming comedy manga!
This time, the talented spy Tasogare was given a new top-secret mission, “Operation Strix.
The purpose of the mission is “to contact Donovan Desmond, President of the National Unity Party, who threatens the peace between East and West, and to find out what he is up to”!

Such an important mission Operation [Strix (Strix)] is a combined mission, and the mission procedures are sent from WISE each time.

Combined mission of Operation STRIX
At the beginning of the mission: “Start a family in a week”.
Phase 1: “Enroll in the Eden School.”
Phase 2: “Attend the reception and contact Desmond.”
Phase 3: ?

Watching a mission go through these phases makes us, the readers, feel like we’re part of the top-secret mission, and we’re excited to follow the story to see what happens next!

Point 3) The author is Mr. Tatsuya Endo, who was also an assistant for Aoeki.


In reading SPY x FAMILY, I would like you to know a little about the author of this work, Mr. Tatsuya Endo.
He is an experienced manga artist who had been working for 20 years before “SPY x FAMILY” became a big hit.
The manga artists he worked with during his time as an assistant are absolutely gorgeous!

The list of manga artists that Tatsuya Endo worked with as an assistant is as follows

Kazue KatoBlue Exorcist
Yusuke NomuraBlue rock
Yoshiyuki NishiMucho and Rosie’s Magic Law Office
Tatsuki FujimotoChainsaw man
Yasuhiro KanoKISS×DEATH
amieuNothing sounds better than this
Nao EmotoJosee, the Tiger and the Fishes

It seems that you have worked as an assistant not only for boys’ manga, but also for girls’ manga in all fields.

Tatsuya Endo’s drawing ability is so strong that when he was an assistant, it was said, “When Endo is around, the drawing ability of the work improves.
Yuji Garai, the author of “Jigokuraku,” which is also serialized in “JUMP+,” admits his skill as one of the “Three Musketeers whose drawings are so good that they make him fall flat!

Especially the action scenes!

|SPY x FAMILY” each mission from volume 1 to volume 8!

Here is a summary of the first eight volumes of SPY x FAMILY (SPY x FAMILY)!

SPY×FAMILY” Mission 1: Create a fake family and enroll your child in the prestigious Eden School.

Comics Volume 1 Synopsis

After completing a mission, Tasogare, the most talented spy in the West, receives new orders from WISE headquarters.
“Get married and have a child, and you have one week to do so.
Surprised at the absurd order, Lloyd (Tasogare) overcomes various difficulties and successfully creates a fake family called the Forger family.
However, the members of the Forger family are father: a spy, daughter: a psychic, mother: an assassin, and…
Each of them had a secret they could not tell!
What will be the result of the entrance exam to the prestigious Eden School taken by the family with such a reason?

SPY x FAMILY” Mission 2: Get close to the son of the President of the National Unity Party.

Lloyd (Tasogare) was able to successfully enroll Anya at the Eden School despite various happenings.
In a short time, Lloyd (Tasogare) had to carry out a new order from WISE.
“Contact the son of Donovan Desmond, President of the National Unity Party.”
Through Lloyd’s subterfuge, Anya was placed in the same class as Donovan Desmond’s son, Damien.
However, Damian has a cocky attitude because he is the son of a rich man.
Anya is so annoyed with Damian that she gives him an iron fist as soon as she enters the school… (Laughter)
Lloyd (Tasogare) is unable to let go of his stomach medicine when he learns that Anya has been punished with lightning (Tonito) from her first day at school, a task that has no prospect of success.
But, in fact, Damien seems to have a thing for Anya, who is going in headlong…?
What will happen to Anya and Damian’s relationship and Operation “Strix” in the future?

‘SPY x FAMILY’ Mission 3: Was the Natural Enemy in the Family? Secret Police Yuri VS Spy Tasogare

One day, the Forger family was visited by Yol’s only immediate family, his brother Yuri.
Yuri is an “elite civil servant in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
However, as one would expect from a talented spy Lloyd (Tasogare), Yuri’s business trip made him feel uncomfortable.
The business trip story was a manual of fictional stories used by the “intelligence agency of the East” to lie about traveling to other countries.
Yes, his real face is that he is a member of the State Security Service (SSS), the domestic counter-intelligence agency, a.k.a. the secret police!
Lloyd learned that the secret police, sometimes working as a spy hunter in the West, was close at hand.
Can he successfully carry out “Operation Strix” under such circumstances?

SPY x FAMILY Mission 4: Can Anya’s new pet dog, Bond, see the future? 

Anya was involved in an incident and met a group of bomb dogs.
Among them was a mysterious dog (Bond) who could predict the future.
Anya, who can read the minds of living things, receives an image of the future in which Lloyd is caught in a bomb explosion and dies…!
Anya learns of this and heads to the building where the bomb was planted with Bond to stop it.
Can Anya and Bond save Lloyd and protect the peace between East and West?

SPY x FAMILY” Mission 5: Avoid red marks! A third-rate spy appears?

Lloyd (Tasogare) is worried that poor grades will delay Operation Strix (Strix)’s plans, so he decides to falsify Anya’s test results.
Lloyd (Tasogare) makes all possible preparations and sneaks into the Eden School. But there was another suspicious man there.
This man is Shinonome, a colleague of Lloyd’s.
Lloyd (Tasogare) cannot hide his surprise at the “spying” behavior of this man, who takes notes with information in his hand, breaks windows with all his might, and so on.
He is even taking the liberty of setting up a rivalry with Tasogare, who is said to be the best spy in the western part of the country.
How will the battle between the third-rate spy Shinonome and the best spy in the West, Lloyd, play out?
And will Anya avoid red marks? ….!

SPY x FAMILY” Mission 6: Spy Woman vs Killer.

Fiona, a junior who secretly dotes on Lloyd, visits the Forger family.
Shocked to see Lloyd’s changed smile after having a family, Fiona decides to “take the wife” from Yol, who seems unreliable as a wife!
Fiona challenges Yeol to a game of tennis for the title of wife.
Female spy vs. female assassin in one match. Result below?

SPY x FAMILY” Mission 7: Get the “Sweetness of Wisdom,” which makes you smarter as soon as you eat it.

The Sweetness of Wisdom” is one of the Seven Wonders of Eden School.
The sweets, served on a whim by a mysterious patissier who appears out of nowhere, are not only exquisite in taste, but many students who have tasted them have become “students of the emperor,” giving rise to the rumor that “eating them makes you smarter.
When Anya hears from Becky that her academic class placement will be determined by the next test, she tries to get her hands on the “Sweet of Wisdom” to avoid being a bozo!
The contestants are fighting to see who will be the last one to eat the last remaining “sweet of wisdom” in the Bubba-drawing game, and in the end, it comes down to a one-on-one battle with Damien.
Anya is in big trouble because she’s about to lose… and she desperately holds back her tears!
That seemed to work on Damien’s love interest (lol), and Anya got the rest of the “sweetness of wisdom”!
Now, Anya ate the “sweetness of wisdom. She feels something she hasn’t felt before, and takes the test, but what will the result be…?

SPY x FAMILY” Mission 8: Escort the mafia on a luxury cruise ship.

One day, a phone call came to the office where Yol works, Berlint City Hall.
Hello.” “You have a visitor, Princess Thorn.
It was the “manager” of the “Assassination Organization Garden” to which she belongs who summoned Yol.
This time, she was asked to escort GRETCHER FIMILY, the mafia that has been organizing the underworld in the East.
The mission was to protect his surviving wife and son by taking them on a cruise ship together to exile them to a safer country.
Meanwhile, Lloyd (Tasogare) and Anya, who had won “a pair of tickets for a luxury cruise ship trip” in a lottery draw, are also to board the same ship!
Will Yol be able to complete his request without harming Lloyd (Tasogare) and Anya?

SPY×FAMILY Mission 9: Eliminate assassin groups and dispose of bombs

The battle between Yoru and a group of assassins is coming to an end…!
Yol struggles to fight with his bare hands against an enemy who uses a sword.
Behind the scenes, another plan is in progress, and a bomb has been planted on a luxury cruise ship.
Although the first bomb was easily disarmed, Lloyd believes that there is more than one bomb based on his past experience.
With time running short, the entire ship’s personnel search for the bomb, but are unable to find it.
Anya tries to help Yol and Lloyd by using her mind-reading power…!

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