What is the identity of Reiki in The Rising Of The Shield Hero? And about the purpose and the mastermind behind the case.

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In the second season of “The Rising Of The Shield Hero” anime, demons in the form of bats appear and cause damage to people.
In fact, these bat-like demons with tortoise shells are Reiki’s messengers.
The bat demons appeared because someone had broken the seal of Reiki and caused it to run amok.

By the way, what kind of being is Reiki, and what kind of purpose and mission does it have?

The following three points will be explained in this issue.

  • Reiki’s identity
  • Reiki’s Purpose and Mission
  • The Mastermind Behind the Reiki Incident and His Purpose

|The Rising Of The Shield Hero” Explains What Reiki Is/h2>

In the second season of “The Rising Of The Shield Hero” anime, a giant turtle called Reiki appears and heads west, destroying the city.

Upon receiving this news, the three heroes, Kitamura Motoyasu, Amaki Ren, and Kawasumi Itsuki, recklessly confront Reiki, only to lose track of him.

The true identity of Reiki is explained here.

Reiki’s identity: one of the Four Spirits.

Reiki is one of the four spirits.

What are the Four Spirits?

  • Reiki
  • Oryu
  • Kirin
  • Phoenix

These are the above four and are the guardian beasts in the other world.
The four spirits were sealed by heroes who existed in the past.

Reiki, a giant turtle demon, was sealed under the Chinese-style country of Reiki, but was revived after being unsealed by Kyou Ethnina, the mastermind behind the Reiki version.

When Reiki is destroyed, the next four spirits, the phoenixes, will awaken.

The four spirits in “The Rising Of The Shield Hero” are thought to be modeled on the four auspicious beasts of Chinese folklore.

Runaway Reiki brings more bad luck than waves

Reiki, now unsealed, comes toward Merlomark, destroying the city.

Its strength is overwhelming, and it brings more mischief to the nations than waves.
Reiki’s means of attack are physical attacks such as kicking and stomping, utilizing its huge body.
In addition, there is gravity magic and powerful electric shocks released from his mouth. It should be noted that by taking away the opponent’s SP, it is possible to continuously release electric blasts.
Since they never run out of energy, they can be quite a troublesome enemy for opponents.

Bat is Reiki’s messenger

In the Reiki version, bats with turtle shells attack humans and demons.
The bats were actually Reiki’s messengers, and they planted eggs in humans and other demons, using them as nurseries to increase their numbers.

Eggs were also laid on Kiel’s back, and without treatment, he would have been emaciated and likely dead.

Ost-Houli is a humanoid messenger.

In episode 48 of the manga “The Rising Of The Shield Hero,” a strange woman suddenly appears in front of Naofumi and says, “Please defeat me. If you don’t, I won’t be able to fulfill my mission.

However, the woman suddenly disappears.
We later learn that the woman’s name is Ost-Hourai.

Ost is Reiki’s humanoid messenger.
She is also the mistress, or concubine, of the king of Reiki.
Ost has been taking advantage of her position in the center of the Reiki Kingdom to steal the spirits of more and more people and disrupt the country’s interior.

In other words, he is an evil entity, but Ost, who is also Reiki’s alter ego, was collecting souls and sending them to Reiki in the form of warded energy.
However, Reiki was taken over by the mastermind, Kyou, and he could no longer fulfill his role as a guardian beast, so he asked Naofumi to defeat Reiki.

How to beat Reiki

To defeat Reiki, the head and heart must be crushed at the same time, and a seal must be applied to inhibit regeneration.
In addition, the core must also be destroyed since it was controlled by Kyou.
However, in order to destroy the heart and the core, the user must enter Reiki. However, even if you do get inside, the heart itself is designed to detect and attack intruders, so defeating Reiki is a very difficult task.

Furthermore, Naofumi and his team will have an extremely difficult time defeating Reiki because it is controlled by the mastermind, Kyou.

|Explanation of Reiki’s purpose and mission

Reiki’s original purpose and mission was to retrieve the souls of this world and form a boundary to protect it from the “wave.

However, because the seal was not properly broken by the mastermind, Kyou, Reiki went out of control, destroying cities one after another and causing more disasters than the Wave.
Reiki was originally meant to protect the world, but it was used by the mastermind to become a mere tool for killing.

|Explaining the Mastermind and Purpose of the Reiki Incident

Mastermind behind the Reiki incident: Kyaw-Esnina

As already mentioned, the mastermind behind the Reiki incident is Kyaw-Ethnina.

Kyou is a household vessel in the same world as Lark, Terris and Glass, and a hero of the book.
However, he and Lark have different ideas. Such Kyou is dark, insidious, self-centered, and has a personality that turns against him when he does not get his way.

He captures Kitamura Motoyasu, Amaki Ren, and Kawasumi Itsuki as hostages, who challenge Reiki but are defeated, and uses them as a source of Reiki’s energy.

Keogh’s objective: to make the world a better place.

Kyoo-Ethnina’s goal is to make good use of the world.

Since Naofumi’s world will be destroyed by Lark and her friends, she thought that she could use Reiki to massacre people and manipulate its energy as she wished in a world that will be destroyed anyway, so she unsealed Reiki.
Kyoo seemed to think it was a rather good idea to massacre the people of a dying world.

This is an idea that does not seem very heroic.

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