【Tokyo Revengers Spoilers Latest Episode 252】Coco will save Inupi!


With a second anime season, “Christmas Decisive Battle,” in the works, the final chapter of Tokyo Revengers just keeps getting more exciting!
Here is the latest confirmed spoiler alert for episode 252 of “Tokyo Revengers” in the May 11, 2022 (Wednesday) issue of Weekly Shonen Magazine.

Tokyo Revengers previous episode 251 depicts Inupi struggling against the first Black Dragon legends, Waka and Benkei, but not stepping back.

Coco was concerned about Inupi and was lost when he asked her to lend a hand since they were best friends.
However, just as Benkei was about to deliver the finishing blow to Inupi, Coco finally got between them and punched Benkei out. At that time, Hanma was ordered by Mikey to clean up the mess and stand in front of the injured Mitsuya, Chifuyu and the others.
Pa-chin then reached Mikey and declared war on him.
Will Pa-chin be able to lead Mikey away?
And what will Hanma, the god of death, do to Mitsuya and the others?
Please note that Tokyo Revengers #252 will appear in Weekly Shonen Magazine #24, May 11, 2022, due to the fact that the previous issue of Weekly Shonen Magazine was a combined issue.

The title of this presentation is【Tokyo Revengers Spoilers Latest Episode 252】Coco will save Inupi!

|Tokyo Revengers Spoilers Latest Episode 252 Discussion

What will happen to Tokyo Revengers in the future?
Here are some possible developments.

Please note that there are spoilers for the latest episode 251 of Tokyo Revengers.

Tokyo Revengers Spoilers Latest Episode 252 Discussion|Cleaning Up After Hanma the Reaper

Mikey ordered Hanma to “clean up the mess.

After that, he picked a fight with Mitsuya and the others after the battle, which suggests that cleanup means to destroy the exhausted opponents.
It seems that the reason Hanma had not appeared until now was to conserve his energy.
What kind of fight will Hanma put up against Mitsuya and the others who have wounds all over their bodies?

It would be difficult for Hanma to fight alone, but there is an episode in which Hanma was once called “the god of death in Kabukicho” and won a crushing victory against 10 opponents by herself.

He may have a theory that he targets the weakest ones first, and breaks them down by making them cover for their friends.

Incidentally, the Shinigami Hanma episode was drawn in Weekly Shonen Magazine issue 24, 2021.
It was exactly one year ago, so it is possible that the Hanma Warriors will be back again after a one-year absence! It is likely that there will be a development like “Hanma Warriors again!
In the story, Hanma was asked by Kisaki why she was following him, and it is said that she told him the reason in front of Kisaki’s grave.
This reason was also stated in the battle, and may be connected to why she decided to follow Mikey.
It is also emo that Hanma and Kisaki keep this secret only between them, but I would like to know if they tell me.

Tokyo Revengers Spoilers Latest Episode 252 Discussion|Pa-chin is killed?

Pa-chin, one of the few remaining founding members of East Manji, has finally reached Mikey.
Pa-chin has been officially touted on Twitter as one of the best in the East Manjiji, but even so, I can’t imagine him being able to beat Mikey.

I think Pa-chin, with his power and toughness, will go to any lengths to appeal to Mikey’s heart, but he will be cruelly beaten by Mikey who has released his black impulses.

However, the fact that Pa-chin confronts Mikey may touch on the episode where Mikey kept his friends away from him during the two years that Budo was back in the future.

He may enter a reminiscence scene in the conversation about how he should have stopped them then.
In that case, we might be able to find out when and how he lost control of his black impulses.

I want to get some hints as soon as possible because I don’t see any clues to save Mikey.

Tokyo Revengers Spoilers Latest Episode 252 Discussion|When Waka and Benkei return to our side.

Coco has turned in from Kanto Manjikai for her best friend Inupi.
I hope Waka and Benkei will follow suit if possible.

In episode 251 of Tokyo Revengers, Inupi asked them about Shinichiro Sano’s intentions, and they seemed to have an opinion about it.
Depending on the reason why they have to join Kanto Manjikai, I feel that there is no chance that they will switch sides.
Also, Senjyu was defeated by Sanzu, and Sanzu’s meaningful name was uploaded from official Twitter.

It is possible that Sanzu will do more harm to Senjyu.
To Waka and Benkei, Senjyu is their former boss and princess.

If Senjyu is in trouble, they will not be able to remain silent, and I expect that they will turn on him there.

Tokyo Revengers Spoilers Latest Episode 252 Discussion|The truth about Waka and Benkei’s entry into Kanto Manjikai

Senjyu has been defeated and Inupi’s flag is not good.

Benkei said that he is not as naive as Waka, so he will defeat Inupi without mercy.
However, when Inupi asked Waka why he joined Kanto Manjikai, Waka replied that he should ask Benkei. If this is true, then it was Benkei who decided to join Kanto Manjikai.
He may mention it in his fight with Inupi.
Benkei seems to have a lot of blood on his hands. Is it because he was fascinated by Mikey’s madness or something?
Also, Waka seemed to be taking it easy on Inupi, judging from the way Benkei spoke.

Waka may have joined Kanto Manjikai or may not be satisfied with Kanto Manjikai as an organization.

Tokyo Revengers Spoilers Latest Episode 252 Discussion|When will Senjyu return?

In Tokyo Revengers episode 250, Sanzu attacks Senjyu with an iron pipe.
Senjyu falls down and loses consciousness.
People were screaming that Sanzu won and Sanzu was about to walk away.

So is Senjyu retired?
No, as a member of the Revengers, he will not end up like this.
Sanzu was hinting at something about Mikey and his changed past.

So I am sure he will reveal or reminisce about what happened in the past.

It is true that Sanzu and Mikey had some interaction with his sister, as they came up with the name “Senjyu” together after the scar on her mouth, and that is not the only reason for her fall into darkness.

We cannot know how to save Mikey and his family unless we know what the real cause is and what the problem is that Mikey and his family need to solve.
I think Sanzu will show us the clue and then Senjyu will defeat him.
I know that one of Senjyu’s main goals was to apologize to his brother, but his original goal should be to restore the good friendship between the brothers.

I believe that they will come back.

Tokyo Revengers Spoilers Latest Episode 252 Discussion|What’s next for Mitsuya and the other winners?

Mitsuya and Hachikai defeated the Haidani brothers, and Chifuyu defeated Mocchi.
Although the story is depicted as a quick and easy one, it may be because they were worn out from chasing each other and fighting in the melee, which led to an early resolution.
I don’t think they had time to talk long, but I would like to hear Mitsuya’s current thoughts after defeating the man of his dreams.
I think Mitsuya’s respect for the Haidani brothers is genuine, judging from the position of his earrings and motifs, so I hope the relationship between model and designer will develop in the future.
I also wonder if they can fight from here. It looks like they beat them right away, but they were strong opponents.

Fighting the next cadre right after this seems tough considering the fatigue and damage.

Tokyo Revengers Spoilers Latest Episode 252 Discussion|What about the remaining executive showdown?

Tokyo Revengers 251 last episodes The executive matchups at this time are as follows.

  • Takemichi vs. Kakucho
  • inupi & coco v waka & s benkei
  • Partin vs. Mikey
  • Mitsuya & Hachikai & Chifuyu & Akkun vs. Hanma

This means that 3 allies (Smiley, Angry, and Payan) and 1 enemy (Sanzu) are free.
The situation is still difficult, as Benkei and his team have not been completely defeated, although Coco seems to have an advantage because she has turned.
On the other hand, Kanto Manjikai has Sanzu almost unharmed and free, and there are some aspects that cannot be read from the numbers alone.

Tokyo Revengers Spoilers Latest Episode 252 Discussion|What will drag Mikey down from on high?

Episode 247 of Tokyo Revengers depicted Mikey looking on from a high place. Mitsuya says that this is an “unusual” choice, but at the time of the Battle of the Three Heavens, Mikey was also watching the situation from the sidelines.

The fierce brawls are probably not so bloodthirsty for Mikey now.
At the time of the Three Heavenly Wars, his black impulses were awakened by his tie-up with Kakucho.
This time, too, he may not be willing to make a move unless someone tries to drag him down or unless there is a development that catches Mikey’s interest.

Takemichi is still the most likely candidate for Mikey’s attention. Takemichi, however, is in the middle of a fierce battle with Kakucho.

It is possible that a founding member of Higashi Manji, such as Mitsuya or Pa-chin, will be the first to reach Mikey.

Tokyo Revengers Spoilers Latest Episode 252 Discussion|The Rematch between Kakucho and Budo

Kakucho once again turned toward Takemichi.
Having rediscovered his feelings for Izana, Kakucho will show even more strength. I believe that he will try to overwhelm Takemichi by showing his true nature as a fighter, such as his arm strength and toughness, but I still do not believe that Takemichi will lose.
Takemichi has the desire of everyone in Tokyo Manjikai on his shoulders, and his objective is to save Mikey.

In contrast, Kakucho has a purpose comparable to Takemichi’s that is still unclear. If it is a desire to win against Higashi Manjikai who defeated Izana, or a desire to make use of the life Izana gave him, Takemichi is likely to win on the strength of his desire.

However, if he is determined to become a man who is not ashamed of the life given to him by Izana, or if he is determined to become a man who surpasses the hero Takemichi, then it is likely to develop into a good match again.
However, Takemichi would be exhausted before the Mikey match, wouldn’t he? In that case, Budo might be exhausted before the battle against Mikey, and his friends might take his place.

Tokyo Revengers Spoilers Latest Episode 252 Discussion|What does Izana mean to Mikey?

Mikey used the word “thats” to inspire Kakucho. This was no doubt referring to Kurokawa Izana.
Izana was said to be the brother of Emma, the eighth president of Tenjiku and Black Dragon.
Mikey also thought of Izana as his brother and said he wanted to save him in Tokyo Revengers episode 173.

However, just before her death in episode 177, she revealed that she was not related to anyone and that there was nothing she could do to save him.
Mikey never mentions Izana again after that.

However, in the future, Mikey got a tattoo that became the symbol of Jersey, and the fact that he cited Izana this time shows that he has feelings for Izana.
It is possible that by being aware of Izana’s presence, he is cursing himself that he cannot save himself now that Shinichiro, Emma, and Draken are gone.

Or maybe he wants to think that he is not worthy of being saved because he couldn’t protect anyone.

Tokyo Revengers Spoilers Latest Episode 252 Discussion|Awakened Budo and Shinichiro overlap?

Tokyo Revengers episode 245 featured a scene where Takemichi punched Kakucho, knocking everyone off their feet.
It was so powerful!
Kakucho remembered Takemichi, who was his hero when he was a child.
Will Takemichi’s awakening influence be limited to Kakucho? I believe that his attempt to fight through despite his weakness may influence others as well. For example, some people may compare Takemichi to the way Mikey’s brother, Shinichiro Sano, was in his day. Mikey, Waka, Benkei, Senjyu something like that is likely.

Tokyo Revengers Spoiler Latest Episode 252 Discussion|The Kanto Manjikai created by Sanzu

Just before the final battle, when Sanzu agitated Tokyo Manjikai, the people of Kanto Manjikai laughed in sync with Sanzu’s statement, “Hahahahaha! and they laughed in sync with him. The laughter at this point caught me a little.

The look in their eyes was insane, as if they were made up or trained.
Furthermore, Sanzu referred to Tokyo Manjikai as “kid,” even though he and Takemichi were only one year apart in age.

This may be saying that Kanto Manjikai is a different level of organization from Tokyo Manjikai, but the level referred to here is not age or pure military strength, but rather a kind of nonsense.

For example, fear, violence, leading a team with illegal drugs, breaking the law to make money, and so on.

Mikey, the head of Kanto Manjikai, and Sanzu, the vice president of Kanto Manjikai, have already killed people, and Sanzu of the future criminal organization “Bonten” was also taking some kind of dangerous drugs.

It is no wonder what they are doing.
In the brawl, I think we will be able to catch a glimpse of such horror of Kanto Manjikai.

Tokyo Revengers Spoilers Latest Episode 252 Discussion|Takemichi talks about “Toman”

Takemichi made it clear that Kanto Manjikai is not Toman.
Since there was no mention of what exactly Toman is, it is likely that there will be a scene in the future where Takemichi talks about it during a fight.
Since it can be said that Toman is a team that symbolizes the former Mikey, it is likely to be a development that Toman talks about Toman and puts his feelings for Mikey into perspective.

It will be interesting to see what Mikey thinks now about “creating an era of delinquents” that Mikey told Takemichi before.

Tokyo Revengers Spoilers Latest Episode 252 Discussion|Did Waka and Benkei join the team themselves?

It seems that Senju also did not know that Waka and Benkei had joined Kanto Manjikai.
I wonder if the reason they joined was to protect Senju.
It is as if they are not to touch Senju because they are going to join Kanto Manjikai.
If so, it is understandable that they did not tell Senju.
Or it could be that he saw in Mikey the image of Sano Manjiro, whom he was attracted to in the past. He wanted to see how far he could go with Mikey, and considering how bloody Waka and Benkei were in their working days, such a thought seems likely.

Tokyo Revengers Spoilers Latest Episode 252 Discussion|Reaper Hanma’s Participation and Suspicion

Among the executives of Kanto Manjikai, there was a wanted criminal, a.k.a. “Shinigami” Shuji Hanma, who had been missing until now.
He was wearing a black mask that looked very appropriate, but it may have been to prevent him from being identified because he is a wanted criminal. He is a member of the same rangers as Waka and Benkei.
Do you think they are acquainted with each other or are they related to former Jersey?
I am curious about the circumstances leading up to their joining.
How did you include Hanma, who was an accomplice in the Emma case? However, the second Tokyo Manjikai would not have included Hanma because of the Emma case, and if they had, Mikey would have erased her without hesitation.

I think this is a better arrangement to reintroduce Hanma and make use of her.
Hanma, who became a fugitive for the murder of Izana, returned to visit Kisaki’s grave in June 2008.

It is possible that around this time he came into contact with people from Kanto Manjikai and the Rokubarahitodai side.
If so, it is possible that he was involved in the Takemichi attack.

In any case, Kanto Manjikai is a place that provides the “thrill” that Hanma likes, and it is also a good place to take on Takemichi, the former boss Kisaki’s enemy.

I expect that they will be a force to be reckoned with, just like a ranger squad.

Tokyo Revengers Spoilers Latest Episode 252 Discussion|Toumanji and Seki Manji’s Squad Composition

At the rally, Takemichi said, “We are now going to smash Kanto Manjikai!” He said this was their revenge and departed under the banner “Tokyo Manji Revengers.
The title was recovered.
People like Mikey, Coco, and Sanzu who chose to fall away and keep their loved ones away. It seems that these people who almost gave up on them will fight once again to fight to get them back.
Incidentally, the troop organization revealed in the rally and declaration of war scene is as follows.

By the way, there is no retired Shiba Daiju even though the animation of the Holy Night Decisive Battle Arc will be broadcast.
Will he appear in full force?

The following is the second generation Tokyo Manjikai.

  • President…Takemichi
  • Vice President…Chifuyu
  • Unit 1: Captain Inupi, members Akkun, Yamagishi, Takuya, and Makoto
  • Unit 2…Captain Mitsutani, Vice-Captain Hakkai
  • Unit 3…captain Pa-chin, vice captain Pei-yan.
  • Unit 4… captain Smiley, vice captain Angry.
  • Unit 5…Captain Senjyu

From here, the executives of Kanto Manjikai.

  • President…Mikey.
  • Vice President…Sanzu
  • general staff…Coco
  • Captain…Kakucho
  • Assault Team…Captain Haitani Ran、Vice Captain Haitani
  • Rangers…Captain Waka.、Vice President BENKEI、Troop Hanma
  • Department…Mochiduki、Madarame

Tokyo Revengers Spoilers Latest Episode 252 Discussion|Another cause of Mikey’s black urges?

In Tokyo Revengers episode 241, Senjyu revealed an unexpected fact.
The wound around Sanzu’s mouth was done by Mikey.

The moment when he ripped it open was not depicted, but considering the circumstances before and after, it must have been because Mikey questioned Sanzu about the plastic model but Sanzu did not admit it.

It was an extremely painful scene.
It was the catalyst for Bajaj and Sanzu to change, and it was also a traumatic experience for Senjyu.
However, while Sanzu was transformed by Mikey’s madness, I don’t think we can say that this was the root cause of Mikey’s black impulses.
What Senjyu saw was probably the moment when his dormant impulses were (perhaps) awakened for the first time.

It seems that Meji and Mikey’s brother, Shinichiro, were also at the house that day, so we may have some additional information.
It will be interesting to see what Shinichiro’s perception of Mikey’s black impulses was.

Tokyo Revengers Spoilers Latest Episode 252 Discussion|Meiji talks about Sanzu?

Senjyu talked about Mikey, Baji, and Sanzu when Senjyu was a little boy.

However, the world that Senjyu saw as a third grader and the world that Meiji, already a young man, saw would be different.
In the future, there may be a story about Mikey and his friends as seen through Meiji’s eyes.
When Meiji invited Takemichi to Brahma, he mentioned that he wanted to stop Mikey from becoming a bad adult.

He may have wanted to stop his own brother and his best friend’s brother, but from Senjyu’s recollections, it seems that he has always been in danger.
There may have been an incident or trigger that made them think they really had to stop him.
Also, Meiji had his eye on Drakken.

I think there will be a story about Draken, a key person who is indispensable to Mikey’s story.

Tokyo Revengers Spoilers Latest Episode 252 Discussion|Does Senjyu want to help Mikey too?

When Senjyu created Brahman, he was committed to defeating Mikey.
Senjyu was proud that he was the strongest, so of course he wanted to defeat Mikey because he was strong.

However, as long as Mikey said that he was the one who triggered his black impulses, Senjyu was surely carrying a sense of guilt.
I think he also wanted to help Mikey.
Rather, that is why he wanted to be the strongest…?
If that is the case, Senjyu is, by no stretch of the imagination, Mikey’s heroine (or rather hero?). A heroine (rather than a hero?) of Mikey’s.

Senmajime trying to save him with her fists is the best.

Tokyo Revengers Spoilers Latest Episode 252 Discussion|Is Brahman’s money recovered by Coco?

Coco came to visit Takemichi even though she was on the enemy side.
I think it is of course that she cared about Takemichi, who was one of Toman’s friends.
Coco also said “Toman” when she declared victory in Kanto Manjikai, so Toman must be important to Coco as well.

However, when Senjyu defended Takemichi and clearly stated that he was cleaning up the aftermath of the Three Heavenly Wars, I feel that he has nailed Takemichi.
It was a warning to Budo that he should not do anything unnecessary. Incidentally, the most troublesome thing to clean up after the Sangen War would be to cover up Mikey’s murder.
However, there is also the criminal who shot Drakken, and it is thought that he dealt with the situation by turning himself in as a substitute.

Then there’s the management of the Rokubara Hitodai that we absorbed, and the recovery of Brahman’s financial resources after the dissolution of the company.
It seems that Mingji was using Senjyu to make money. Coco, who is good at making money, would not have missed that, so Brahman’s funds must surely be recovered.

Tokyo Revengers Spoilers Latest Episode 252 Discussion|The Truth About Shinichiro Sano

Tokyo Revengers episode 230 depicted Shinichiro Sano as seen by Meiji.
I liked the reason why he was considered weak in fights, because he only challenged strong opponents.

However, it is a mystery why he was not popular even though he was such a good looking guy.
Maybe someone was sabotaging him, or maybe he was in love with someone who didn’t seem to turn his back on him the same way he did in fights….
Also, the jungle gym scene was the same composition as the previously depicted one with Mikey and Placechi climbing the jungle gym (Tokyo Revengers vol. 5, episode 39)

The relationship between Shinichiro and Meiji is also the same as that of Mikey and Baji, which clearly indicates that Shinichiro and Mikey are still very similar.
Also, Shinichiro does not seem to be harboring any black impulses at the moment. However, the fact that he emphasizes again that they are similar means that we can assume that he was harboring the same darkness as Mikey. Did the Shinichiro that Waka, Benkei, Senjyu, and Sanzu have seen have that side of him?

Meiji was a childhood friend, but it seems that he did not interact with Shinichiro just prior to his death.

Maybe there was something in his past in that area…?

Tokyo Revengers Spoilers Latest Episode 252 Discussion|Mystery of the Three Meji Brothers

When Senjyu shopped with Takemichi, he told him he was the mysterious Three Brothers.
The order of the three brothers is as follows.

  • Eldest son, Takeomi Meishi
  • Second son, Akira Harukiyo (Sanzu Harukiyo)
  • Elder daughter, Akashi Senjyu (Washiro Senjyu)

It is still unclear why it is marked “mysterious” or if it is hidden.
Sanzu and Senjyu look alike, but Takeomi does not, so it could be that they have different mothers or fathers. Furthermore, Senjyu’s strength and his appearance seem to lean toward Mikey.

Mikey may be involved in the mystery of the blood relationship.
I am also curious as to how Senjyu and Sanzu, who were so close that they came up with a name together, came to be at loggerheads.
Senjyu says that Sanzu didn’t like Senjyu’s strength and Takeomi’s lifting Senjyu up. I can’t wait to know what’s on Sanzu’s mind!

Tokyo Revengers Spoilers Latest Episode 252 Discussion|Is Sanzu obsessed with his brother and sister?

Senya Sanjyu Haru had Meishi, a founding member of the first Black Dragon, as her brother, and the strong and cute Senjyu was her sister.
Although they worked together on Senjyu’s delinquent source name, they did not like Senjyu’s strength or the fact that he was placed at the top of Brahman.

Sanzu’s boyhood is described a little in the extra chapter in Tokyo Revengers volume 23.
Mikey has him by the scruff of the neck and hands him over to Muto.
It was like he went on a rampage and was seized by Mikey.

He may have had a rough time comparing himself with his great brother and strong sister (but if he was loyal to them from the past as revealed in Tokyo Revengers episode 241, he may have been more of a spy for Mucho…?)
In the extra episode, he said he was an only child, and Sanzu may be jealous of, or even hateful to, his brother and sister.

Tokyo Revengers Spoilers Latest Episode 252 Discussion|About the Attack on Takemichi

The perpetrators of the attack against Takemichi were members of the Rokubara Hitodai.
South seemed to have nothing to do with the attack, but they attacked preemptively. As Drakken feared, the Three Heavenly War involves various interests and related speculations.

If Kanto Manjikai is the mastermind, it would be better to destroy Senjyu, but as they dare to go after Takemichi, it is likely to be someone close to Takemichi or someone from Brahman.
The attacker also knew Senjyu’s face, which should have been known only to his friends. I will consider the instigator and his intentions.

Tokyo Revengers Spoilers Latest Episode 252 Discussion|The mastermind behind the attack (1) Brahman’s relatives

Takemichi is a well-known figure in the delinquent community. However, I am not sure if he can be counted as an asset.
Given this, there is a way to use Takemichi by bringing him into the fold and having him attack and gain something from it.

Instead of retaliating against Rokubarahitoshiro, Brahman and Rokubarahitoshiro might join forces and prepare a scenario to destroy Kanto Manjikai.
If someone is planning such a thing, he is sharp but ruthless.

The only person who fits that image is the “god of war,” Meiji….

Tokyo Revengers SpoilerLatest Episode 252 Discussion|The Mastermind Behind the Attack (2) Kanto Manjikai

If it was orchestrated by someone on the Kanto Manjikai side, the purpose would be to crush Rokubarahitoyo and Brahman together.
This does not seem to be Mikey’s way, so it must not be Mikey’s intention, but it is likely that Sanzu would do it.
In that case, the reason would not be to destroy each other, but rather to disrupt the war situation by hating Takemichi. I would like to say that if Takemichi had not seen Senjyu’s death with his future vision, his sister would be dead, but I can’t prove it.

Tokyo Revengers Spoilers Latest Episode 252 Discussion|The Mastermind Behind the Attack (3) RukuharaTandai

From the conversations of the attackers, we can guess that they are members of RukuharaTandai, one of the three heavens. Moreover, they came without saying anything to South, the head of the group, and risked their lives to get the guns.
It is possible that they were seduced by someone other than South. However, it seems to me that another team of three heavenly beings who want to bring RukuharaTandai down would be more beneficial than the benefits RukuharaTandai would gain by attacking Takemichi.
Therefore, it is unlikely that the instigator is in RukuharaTandai.
In any case, he is a person who is quite dangerous because he has the power of talk that makes him decide to kill. He may have concealed his true identity when he made contact with the instigator.

Tokyo Revengers Spoilers Latest Episode 252 Discussion|The Mastermind Behind the Attack (4) Hanma Shuji

Hanma Shuji reappeared in Tokyo Revengers episode 243.
We know that he returned to visit the grave in June 2008, and that he joined Kanto Manjikai, which means he is an enemy of Takemichi. It would not be surprising if he was the mastermind behind the attack.

|Tokyo Revengers Spoilers Latest Episode 252

We will add spoilers when we know the contents of Tokyo Revengers episode 252. We will update this page around the release date of Weekly Shonen Magazine, so please bookmark the page and check back.

Tokyo Revengers Spoilers Latest Episode 252|When is the release date and will the next episode be on hiatus?

Due to the release of the merged issue of Weekly Shonen Magazine, the next week will not be released; Tokyo Revengers episode 252 is likely to appear in Weekly Shonen Magazine issue 24, which will be released on May 11, 2022.

|Tokyo Revengers spoilers latest episode 252 summary

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