Classroom of the Elite’s Megumi Karuizawa has a sad past! Also about her relationship with Yosuke Hirata and Kiyotaka Ayakoji.


Megumi Karuizawa appears in “Classroom of the Elite.”
She is the highest ranked girl in the D class caste and is also the leader of the girls’ group. She has cute looks and a cheerful personality.
She is also in a relationship with Yosuke Hirata, the center of the D class, and is looked up to by everyone around her. However, it is known that Karuizawa has had a painful experiences in the past.
Megumi Karuizawa’s past is explained. We also summarize the relationships between Karuizawa and Yosuke Hirata, and between Karuizawa and Kiyotaka Ayanokoji!

|Megumi Karuizawa’s spectacular past explained

Profile of Megumi Karuizawa

  • Name: Megumi Karuizawa
  • Birthday: March 8
  • Astrological sign: Aquarius
  • Height: 154cm
  • Measurements: B76, W54, H77
  • Year 1, Class D
  • Academic ability:D+
  • Physical Ability:C-
  • Flexible thinking:B-
  • Social contribution:D+
  • Comprehensive:C

Megumi Karuizawa has a gal-type atmosphere.
In Class D, she is highly popular along with Kushida Kikyo. Although she does not stand out so much in her studies or athletics, she is able to make exquisite judgments in important situations, showing that she is quick-witted. She is quick-witted. “I am not a great person,” she says. But I’m the only one who can do it, right?

Explaining Megumi Karuizawa’s Sad Past

Megumi Karuizawa reigns at the top of the class hierarchy in high school, but she was bullied in junior high school. Karuizawa, who had always had a winning personality, made enemies with girls of the same type of strong personality as soon as she entered junior high school.

Since then, Karuizawa Megumi has been

  • Textbooks are scribbled on
  • Hide the notebook.
  • Got water sprayed on in the bathroom.
  • Being caught on video being punched and kicked, and being laughed at by the class.

They experience bullying such as those.

A junior high school experience of humiliation.

In addition, Karuizawa is

  • Someone puts a thumbtack in shoes.
  • Putting animal carcasses in desks
  • Skirts are taken off in front of classmates.
  • After swimming class,hide their underwear.
  • Forced to confess to boys she don’t like.

and other unimaginable middle school activities.
Karuizawa’s stomach even still bears the marks of the blade. His life must have been in danger. The bullying he received in junior high school remained a traumatic experience in Karuizawa’s mind even after entering high school.

|Is the relationship between Megumi Karuizawa and Yosuke Hirata a fake couple?

By dating Hirata, she is at the top of the caste.

Soon after entering Advanced Training High School, Karuizawa began dating Yosuke Hirata, another D class student. Karuizawa saw Hirata’s qualities as a leader, and by becoming a couple with Hirata, he established himself at the top of the class caste.

For Hirata, too, Karuizawa, who was being bullied, was the object of his “need to help. This is because Hirata turned a blind eye to the bullying of a childhood friend, a boy named Sugimura, when he was in junior high school.
Sugimura attempted suicide and is now brain dead. This incident inspired Hirata to want to help someone else.

Then, after entering high school, Hirata heard from Karuizawa about the bullying and helped Karuizawa by going out with him.

Karuizawa and Hirata are a fake couple.

There is no romance between Karuizawa and Hirata.

  • Karuizawa: took advantage of Hirata, who is good-looking and a class leader.
  • Hirata: Want to protect Karuizawa from being the target of bullying.

Because their interests matched, they began dating as a “fake couple.

Both were attractive women and men, and it would seem that spending time together would bring about feelings of affection, but no affection developed between Karuizawa and Hirata.

Broke up in the third semester of the first year.

Karuizawa and Hirata will break up in the third semester of the first year.
Since they were originally a fake couple, it is not appropriate to call it a breakup, but still, the announcement in class created an atmosphere of commotion around them. The truth is not known, but it was in Karuizawa that they broke up.

However, even though they broke up, Hirata seems to have the intention of helping Karuizawa if she is bullied in any way.

|Relationship between Megumi Karuizawa and Kiyotaka Ayakoji

This section describes the relationship between Megumi Karuizawa and Kiyotaka Ayanokoji.

Ayakoji learns about Karuizawa’s past through a zodiac test.

After the survival game on the deserted island is over, a zodiac test is held on board. Ayakoji, who is in the same group as Karuizawa, learns that Karuizawa was bullied in junior high school.
Ayakoji decides that Karuizawa can be useful, and tells Karuizawa that he knows a secret from his junior high school days.

Ayakoji uses Karuizawa

Furthermore, Ayakoji told Karuizawa, “I will protect you from bullies from now on,” and began to subjugate Karuizawa and use him as his collaborator.
Karuizawa has always been smart, so he was an easy frame for Ayakoji to use.

Karuizawa’s secret is sometimes revealed to Ryuen, a C class student, but Ayakoji beats him up and Karuizawa is saved.

Karuizawa and Ayakoji begin dating.

After being saved from Ryuen, Karuizawa’s love for Ayakoji begins to grow in her heart.
Ayakoji, who was aware of Karuizawa’s feelings, confessed them to Karuizawa at the end of the first year.
Karuizawa and Ayakoji thus begin dating! This development was quite unexpected!
However, since they have not announced that they have started dating, they exclusively date at home.

The only person who was aware of Karuizawa and Ayakoji’s relationship was Maya Sato, who experienced a double date during the winter break.


We explained Megumi Karuizawa’s past and her relationship with Hirata/Ayanokoji.

  • Megumi Karuizawa is a girl at the top of her class caste
  • In middle school, he was bullied to the point that his life was in danger.
  • Enters high school and becomes the leader of the girls’ group by dating Yosuke Hirata, a good-looking guy and the class leader.
  • No romantic feelings between Karuizawa and Hirata, fake couple
  • Ayakoji learns of Karuizawa’s past and begins to subjugate and use Karuizawa.
  • Karuizawa and Ayakoji begin dating at the end of the first year.

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