What is the purpose of Nagumo Miyabi in Classroom of the Elite? Profile and some people who say he is annoying and dislikes her.


Nagumo Miyabi appears in “Classroom of the Elite.” He is the next student council president of Horikita Gaku.
He is a self-confident, narcissistic, and provocative person whose behavior is difficult to grasp.
What does such Nagumo Miyabi want to do with Altitude Training High School?

In this article, we will introduce Nagumo’s profile and then explain his objectives.
We also summarize some of the comments about Nagumo being annoying and disliked!

Profile of Nagumo Miyabi, Classroom of the Elite

Vice President of Student Council → President of Student Council

Nagumo Miyabi is a sophomore, one year above Kiyotaka Ayakoji and Suzune Horikita when she first appears.
As vice president of the student council, she supports the student body president, Horikita Manabu.
When he becomes student body president in the latter half of his sophomore year, he changes from his previous line and tries to introduce an extreme meritocracy to Kyoiku High School.

Extremely good grades

As the OAA numbers indicate, Nagumo is a very bright student. According to Mr. Mashima, Nagumo is one of the most outstanding students along with Horikita Gaku.
Originally a B class student, he has risen to A class and is targeted by Honami Ichinose.

Arrogant and confident

Nagumo Miyabi’s character is arrogant and confident. He has an irreverent attitude toward his senior student, Horikita Gaku.
He also describes the female students he has brought into the student council as his “personal property,” which shows his disdain for women.

His bad character oozes out from his face (laugh).
Since the former student council president, Gaku Horikita, is a person of character who has a strong belief that not a single student in his class will be expelled from the school, Nagumo’s scum-like character stands out even more.

Consider the purpose of Student Council President Nagumo Miyabi.

Nagumo’s objective: the ultimate meritocratic school.

Nagumo Miyabi’s goal in becoming vice president of the student council and then student body president is to make Advanced Training High School the ultimate merit-based school.
Nagumo says that the current school is a lenient system that does not allow students to drop out, and it is feared that a large number of students will drop out if Nagumo becomes student body president.

Unlike other schools, Highly Nurturing High School is a school where the student council has a lot of power.

As a start toward making the school the ultimate merit-based school, Nagumo introduced the OAA (over all ability) system.
By introducing an application called OAA, which looks at all students’ academic ability, physical ability, resourceful thinking, social contribution, and overall ability, the school creates an environment in which the best students can easily move up to A class.

Conversely, students with inferior abilities will be put at a greater disadvantage because their quantified grades can be easily seen.

Explanation of Nagumo’s efforts


Nagumo’s full-fledged appearance in the work begins in volume 8 of the novel. This section explains Nagumo’s efforts and actions.

Mixed training camp (1st year, volume 8)

Nagumo was trying to drag Horikita Manabu down from A class.
At the mixed training camp, he succeeded in getting Akane Tachibana, who was working as a student council bookkeeper, expelled from the school by deceiving Manabu’s eyes and targeting a group of girls.
Manabu used 2,000 private points and 300 class points to bail out Akane Tachibana. However, she was severely damaged just before graduation. This episode was a good example of Nagumo’s prickishness.

Tries to get Honami Ichinose to be his girlfriend (first-year version, vol. 10).

An intra-class vote depicted in volume 10 of the first-year edition. Honami Ichinose, who does not want to expel a single student from her class, plans to borrow private points from Nagumo. However, Nagumo’s condition for Ichinose is to become his girlfriend. Ichinose was prepared to go out with Nagumo, but Ayanokoji made a move, and Ichinose succeeded in procuring private points from the Ryuen class.
Nagumo’s plan fails.

Introduction to OAA (2nd grade, volume 1)

As explained earlier, OAA (over all ability) will be introduced in the second-year version. This system represents Nagumo’s intention to make it the ultimate meritocracy.

Special examinations in the back

Nagumo imposes a special behind-the-scenes exam on newly enrolled first-year students. The offer is unprecedented: if a randomly selected student is expelled from the school, he or she will receive 20,000,000 privates. The chosen student is Ayakoji, but he was not chosen at random; Ayakoji was chosen at the behest of Acting Chancellor Tsukishiro. New first-year students Kazuomi Houzumi and Kazuka Amazawa teamed up to have Ayakoji expelled from the school (second-year version, vol. 1).

Deserted Island Survival Test (Vol. 2~4 of 2nd Grade)

The desert island survival test was depicted in Volumes 2-4 of the second-year edition. Although Nagumo spent the 14-day test period with a solid system, the team came in second, only 2 points behind Rokusuke Koenji, who took part in the test alone. Moreover, 15 third-year students were expelled from the school during the survival test. There were no life-saving measures. This result was unexpected for Nagumo.

Summary of people who say Nagumo Miyabi is annoying and disliked

Many have called Nagumo “annoying,” “disliked,” and “scum” for his unusual rivalry with Horikita Gaku and his attempts to make Honami Ichinose his girlfriend in a ghastly way.

Here are some of them

Classroom of the Elite’s PV, Nagumo is only in the picture for a moment, but you can tell from that alone that he is a scumbag character.

Classroom of the Elite, all of Ichinose’s supporters hate Nagumo.
I’m an Ichinose supporter too, and I hate Nagumo a lot.
If you’re going to move classes, please do it in volume 7.

I finished reading Classroom of the Elite volume 8.
I hate Nagumo.

Some are even asking you to leave school! Will he be able to reign as the absolute leader until graduation? Or will he fight Ayakoji and take another turn? I’m looking forward to it.


Nagumo Miyabi of the Classroom of the Elite explained.

  • Nagumo Miyabi is the next student body president of Horikita Gaku, and a year senior to Kiyotaka Ayakouji and Suzune Horikita.
  • High academic achievement and athletic ability, but self-confident and arrogant
  • Nagumo’s goal is to make the High School for Advanced Training the ultimate meritocracy.
  • Many people have called Nagumo Miyabi “annoying,” “hateful,” and “scum.”

Thank you for reading all the way to the end!If you are interested in the rest of the story, buy the light novel and see what happens!

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