All the charms of “Battle in 5 Seconds of Meeting!” And the characters’ abilities!


Battle in 5 seconds after meeting” depicts the clash of power and brainwashing among the abilities. The flashy battles and high level tactics will immerse the viewer into the world of the manga. We will introduce the charm of this work from the viewpoint of the whole story! Please note that this contains spoilers.

Battle in 5 seconds after meeting

The main attraction of this work is not only the flashy clash of abilities, but also the games between the abilities. Please take a look at this first. MangaOne has released this PV.

As a general rule, there is one ability per person. How that single ability is used is the key to the story. Deception and betrayal are commonplace, and even allies cannot reveal the full extent of their own abilities.

But to win this battle, you must build a trustworthy relationship and “trust that opponent”.

A flashy clash of abilities and capabilities! Rather, it may be more like a highly sophisticated battle of wits between two people with different abilities. Here is a synopsis of each volume and an introduction to the abilities of the characters on the cover.

The battle of brains and abilities in Battle in 5 seconds after meeting is intense! Synopsis.

Akira Shiryanagi, who is bored with his daily life and can only devote himself to playing games, spends his days in boredom while achieving prodigious grades at school.

One day, Kei is suddenly caught up in a game that is almost like killing each other. He is surprised by the sudden turn of events, but seems to be able to escape the situation by making full use of his natural intelligence. However, a woman calling herself “Mion” appeared from somewhere and shot Kei’s body with a cannon.

Kei was thought to be dead, but somehow he woke up and found himself in a strange place. In addition to Kei, several other similar people had gathered there.

When they awoke, Fascination appeared in front of them again and abruptly said, “We are going to ask you to become experimental monitors. He says that each one of them has been given a special ability.

Battle in 5 seconds after meeting” is an unprecedented “new generation ability battle” in which battles between ability holders are depicted!

Animation to be in 2021!

An anime of “Battle in 5 seconds after meeting” will be broadcast from July 12, 2021.
It is produced by “Studio A-CAT” and has a splendid cast, with “Ayumi Murase” voicing Akira and “Aimi” playing Yuri.
The attraction of “Battle in 5 seconds after meeting” is the battle scenes using special abilities, and the viewers will be able to enjoy the speed and tactics of battles to the fullest, which cannot be experienced in the manga.

It will also be interesting to see how Akira will use his brainpower to conquer the game.

Character Spoiler Information

Before I spoil the story, let me introduce you to the characters in the game. In “Battle in 5 seconds after meeting,” each character fights using their given abilities.
Here we will introduce their abilities, personalities, and positions in the work.

Shiroyanagi Akira

The main character, Akira, is a 16-year-old high school student. He is very smart, but he has no friends and always seems to be on his own. In the program, he uses his natural intelligence to find one strategy after another, and proceeds with the battle as if everything is as Akira wishes it to be.
Akira, who always responds to any situation with calm judgment and thought without getting upset, gradually gains the trust of those around him.

At first, he considers his friends as a means to clear the game, but as they rely on him, he learns friendship and compassion.

Akira’s ability is “the ability that the other person thinks is your ability”. Akira advances the program to his advantage by making the other party believe in the ability he wants to use.

Amagake Yuri

The heroine, Amagake Yuri (a.k.a. Yuri), is a 17-year-old high school sophomore who lives with her “divorced mother, her new boyfriend, and the child he brought home, Riria. Yuri was planning to save money and live on her own, but she learned that Riria was being abused.
Yuri joins the program and does everything he can to help Riria get through it and get home.

Compared to Akira, who is always calm and unflappable, Yuri is the type of person who acts on his emotions and intuition. He is also very compassionate, and his willingness to help anyone makes him a trusted friend of Akira’s.

Yuri’s ability is to “increase his physical ability by five times,” which seems to be one of the best in the series.

Tatara Ringo

Ringo is also a high school student like Akira and Yuri, and initially appears as an enemy team. In fact, he plays the same online game as Kei and admires Kei, who was a charismatic figure in the game.
In order to gain the trust of his admirer, Akira, Ringo tells him that if they work together, they can advance the program to an advantage, and they succeed in becoming friends.

Ringo’s ability is “the ability to copy an opponent’s ability at one-tenth the cost. Although not suited for combat, he will be an informant, taking advantage of the ability to know the opponent’s abilities in advance.

Ringo seems to see Yuri as a rival in love, and is often late to the party against the aggressive Yuri. It will be interesting to see whether Ringo will be able to turn his attention to Akira and the progress of their romance.

Kashii Rin

She is a 24-year-old office worker whose ability is to create instruments used in torture from blood and sweat. She is also physically strong and intelligent, making her a character with the power to change the course of a battle single-handedly.

Despite her bewitching appearance, she also seems to have a cold-hearted side, easily betraying others if it is for her own survival.

For some reason, he has his eye on Kei, and sometimes betrays his own team to become an ally of Kei and his friends. However, he could become an enemy at any moment.

If he becomes an ally, he is reassuring, but if he becomes an enemy, he becomes a very dangerous opponent, so we cannot take our eyes off Suzu’s movements.

Omoto Iori

Mannenqing is perhaps the most enigmatic character in the work: a 19-year-old freelancer, he seems unremarkable at first glance, but he seems to know quite a lot about the mysteries of the program.

Furthermore, he has the ability and intelligence to easily defeat Akira, and his strength is unknown. Mannenqing tries to use Akira’s abilities to achieve his goal of defeating the watchman’s charmed sound.
Mannenqing used his arm as a cannon to defeat Akira. It is possible that he may have the exact same ability as Akira.

His overwhelming strength and his means-against-means mindset make him the character that will become Kei’s greatest rival.

『Battle in 5 seconds after meeting』アニメ化前に知っておきたい主要キャラの能力まとめ

Spoilers & Comments for each volume of Battle in 5 seconds after meeting

Encountering a Losing Event! [Volume 1 Spoiler Warning.

Akira Shiryanagi was an excellent student and a regular in the top 10 of the national mock examinations, but at school he was not a model student, but rather a problem child. Tired of his daily life, the only thing he could do to pass the time was to play video games, which he brought to school and played constantly. He was always playing games, even taking them to school with him.

And the situation he was looking for came suddenly. One day, Akira was attacked by a stranger. Moreover, the man was a man of extraordinary strength that could not be compared to an ordinary human being.

Akira thought this situation was “scary” but also “interesting. He observed the situation, thought about it, and attacked the man as if it were a game he played everyday, and finally succeeded in fighting him off.

However, his joy was short-lived when a woman who called herself “Chime” appeared and pierced Akira’s belly with a cannon, saying that it was a losing event.

When Akira woke up, he found himself in a strange place, with many others who had also been taken here. Fascination appeared before them again and started to say something outrageous: “The family registers of the people here have already been registered.

She tells them that the people here are no longer registered, that she has brought them here to monitor her experiments, and that she has given each of them a special ability.

Akira thinks first to figure out what is going on. Then, he decides to destroy the organization to which Fascination belongs, the one that forced this unreasonable situation. However, the experiment that Fascination is referring to has already begun, and she has to fight with a stranger using her abilities.

The boy with the silky hair and chestnut-colored eyes who graces the cover of the first volume is the main character, Kei Shirayanagi. His ability is “the ability that the opponent thinks is your ability. For example, if you can make your opponent think that “Akira Shiryanagi has the ability to turn his arm into a cannon,” his arm will become a cannon. On the other hand, if he does not think that way, he will not become a cannon.

Akira has been given a peculiar ability, but he uses it with his advanced intelligence to complete his experiments.

Incidentally, his rarity is still unknown. It could be called a cheat, but this ability, which only he can manipulate, seems to be quite valuable.

The second program opens! What are Yuri’s abilities? Spoiler Alert!

After the first program, in which each of the players competed one-on-one, the second program will begin. The next experiment is a “5-on-5” team competition. Teams were formed on their own, and the rule was that the team that won three times first would win the game.

Kei and his teammates reveal their abilities to each other, and only Kei explains that his ability is “the ability to turn his arm into a cannon. Of course, this is a lie. What kind of idea does Akira have ……?

In the final round of the tournament, with two losses and two victories, Amagake Yuri from Akira’s team was to challenge the final battle.

In the second volume, the second program ends. As a result, Kei’s team wins, but it seems that the losing team will also go on to the next program. However, there may be some kind of penalty if they lose. ……

Now, the girl on the cover of this issue is Yuri, or Yuri Tensho. Her ability is “physical ability multiplied by 5”. It sounds like a simple power-type ability, but it is not simply a five-fold increase in attack power.

Punching” is an action that uses the entire body, including foot stomps, hip rotation, grip strength, muscle strength of each part ……, etc. “All of these actions are multiplied by 5. If all of these were multiplied by a factor of five, then the force of a …… punch would be far more than five times greater!

Therefore, Yuri’s ability is one of the strongest A+ known in the work. Because of her value, Akira chose her as his partner.

Program 3 begins! A man named Kirishima is after Akira [volume 3 spoiler alert].

After winning the second program, Akira throws himself into the third program without much rest.

Kei is given only a short explanation and rules: “You have 100 points. He is given only a short explanation of the program and its rules: “You have 100 points, and you win if you complete the missions and reach 1000 points.

The third program is by far the largest in scale and has the largest number of participants. The participants were divided into three organizations in this program and were to fight a total war.

Akira, who was not yet a member of any of the organizations, wanted to have a trusted teammate to help him activate his abilities. He was lucky enough to meet Yuri, a teammate from the second program.

Akira worked with Yuri and was recruited to join the “Green” team, one of the three forces. After much consideration, Akira decided to join this team with Yuri.

Finally, he tells Yuri about his true ability. By convincing Yuri that his ability was “telepathy,” Akira convinced Yuri of his true ability.

At this point, he thinks to himself, “It is so much harder to trust someone than it is to make them trust you. This is a good indication of how Akira has lived his life up to now.

The cover of this issue features Madoka Kirisaki, who fought with Akira in the first program and teamed up with Kei and Yuri in the second program. Since her first battle with Akira, they have often exchanged information.

Like Akira, he also lied about his abilities in the second program. He told everyone around him that he had the ability to turn a tree branch into a sword, but strictly speaking, he had the ability to turn a tree branch into a sword that could cut anything.

There is no clear description in the work yet, but if it really can cut anything, …… it would be a very troublesome ability. The most important thing to remember is that Akira is a target, and he’s on the same team, but he’s not the only one who’s on his guard. We don’t know how rare he is yet either.

Intensifying Third Program! Akira he near apple [volume 4 spoiler alert].

To earn points, Akira and Yuri went on a quest. The mission, called “Ghoul Hunting Quest,” was not supposed to be that difficult, but a giant ghoul appeared that could withstand both Akira’s cannon and Yuri’s attacks.

Then, the “Red” team, a militant group, appears, and a fierce battle is inevitable.

Akira manages to defeat the giant ghoul with the help of Yuri, but he cannot escape from the red team. However, the deputy leader of the red team, Kuroiwa, appears and makes an unexpected proposal.

Furthermore, “Tatara Ringo,” who was an enemy of Akira and his team in the second program, comes in contact with Kei and reveals a secret to him.

An all-out war between the green team versus the red team. The “King Hunting Game” was about to begin with the condition that the losing team would be eliminated from the third program. At last, the situation of the third program was about to take a major turn.

The fourth volume of the series, which finally developed into an all-out war, may have surprised readers with the unexpected appearance of Tatara Ringo on the cover. Apparently, she knew Akira in the real world and conspired to contact him.

Ringo’s ability is “the ability to copy an opponent’s ability by a factor of ten. With this ability, when copying an opponent’s ability, one can see what kind of ability the opponent has. Therefore, Ringo knew Akira’s true ability. When told this story, Akira was quite upset.

However, Ringo thought he was going to threaten Akira, but instead asked him to make him a partner. What will Akira, who already has a reliable partner in Yuri, do about Ringo’s proposal?

By the way, she doesn’t know how rare it is yet either.

Let the king hunting game begin! Fierce team play! Spoiler alert for volume 5.

Finally, the “King Hunting Game” begins. The rules of the game are simple: each team designates a king, and the winner is the team that defeats the king. The game tests the brains of the green and red teams in deciding who to choose as king and what strategy to use.

Each team starts its own battles, and the battlefield changes rapidly. The green team, however, was outnumbered by the red team, which had a lot of experience and skill. Furthermore, it is discovered that there is a spy of the red team in the green team. ……?

With the green team at a disadvantage, the king hunting game proceeds.

In addition, Akira, who is becoming more human as he comes into contact with his friends, begins to show his unreliability by revealing his own weak feelings.
The cover of the fifth volume, in which the third program is accelerated, features Kuroiwa Masaya, the deputy leader of the red team, who is the brain of the red team, as treacherous as Akira.

His ability is called “loan sharking,” the details of which are still unknown. However, there is no doubt that his ability will be rampant in the “King Hunting Game.

The day when his ability, and its rarity, will be discovered is not far off.

The king-hunting game finally reaches a climax! [Volume 6 Spoiler Warning.

Akira has been separated from Yuri in volume 5. Yuri is the only one who knows Akira’s secret, but she has fallen out with him and made a rational choice to cut Asuka off, which was not part of his plan.

As if to remind himself, Akira mumbles that this is all part of the plan, but as he gradually becomes more and more emotional, he gradually begins to worry about her.

Yuri, on the other hand, is worried about his mother Asuka, who has just given birth to baby Taro, and rushes to her because a powerful enemy named Ookami, whose rarity is A+ rank, is waiting there with a trap set.

At that time, Kumakiri was also fighting the enemy, prepared to commit suicide. He is determined to end this game even at the cost of his own life.

The green team seems to have been attacked unilaterally, but it seems that the red team is not all smooth sailing either, with Suzu and Hanakoi falling out with each other.

The battle has become fierce in various areas in volume 6.

One agreement between Suzu and Akira is likely to be the key to this battle from volume 5. Although they are both unknown to each other, Suzu seems to have made a certain pact with him.

She solves the trick of what seems to be Suzu Koi’s “immortality ability” and wins. Akira then murmurs that it depends on which side he falls on, red or green. After that, the battle finally reaches its climax.
Yuri, with the help of Kirisaki and Kumakiri, fights Ogami, whose abilities are the most valuable among those whose rarity is revealed in volume 6.
At the same time, Ringo is pressing to retrieve Taro, who was stolen from him at the scene with the person who was the true identity of the traitor.

The traitor causes the fall of Shirawashi, the leader of the green team, and this game seemed to have been settled, but in fact, the game was not over yet. Kuroiwa called Fascination, the person who started this experiment, and was told by him that the game was not over yet.
Akira came to him and ……. The king hunting game has reached its climax. How will the game end?

The game is over! Then, I didn’t expect …… [Volume 7 Spoiler Alert]!

Akira and Kuroiwa meet each other, and the game is finally at its climax. Kuroiwa’s ability is “loan sharking. It is an ability that allows him to control the person he thinks has helped him by what he has done, and the amount of time and content he can control depends on the help he receives.

At first glance, the game seems dangerous when it appears in front of Kuroiwa, but Akira seems to have some ideas about it. ……

Akira was also in danger, but there are other players fighting in various places.

Yuri and Kumakiri are also fighting against a great god who has five times the physical ability. Even though he has five times the physical strength, they thought they could win the battle if they fought together, but for some reason, Ookami still stood up even after being hit by a spectacular attack.

On the contrary, he was too powerful for his own good, and he even seems happy that his doubts about who he really is can now be put to rest.

Ringo, on the other hand, takes on Momoko, the true identity of the traitor, and tries to take Taro back. Ringo’s ability is to copy his opponent’s ability for one-fifth of the time, so although he was worried about the battle, it is actually a good part of it …….
Finally, the match is settled, but at the end of the book, no way! You’ll be surprised, no doubt, by a fact that will fundamentally call into question the setting of the story in the first place!

More trials for Akira! 4th program starts [volume 8 spoiler alert].

After winning the 3rd program, Akira and his team will enter the 4th program. The content of the program is to hold a battle royale in the real world where Akira and his friends live.

The program has so far been a battle between participants, but it has become a difficult program in which ordinary people are also affected, and the same observers as Fascination are also participating. The battle is expected to become even more intense.

Yuri comes to stay at Akira’s house with a girl named Riria. Yuri and Riria are not related, but they are like sisters living in the same house. Because of Yuri and her friends’ family problems, they decided to have her stay at Kei’s house.

The relationship between Akira and Yuri is also noteworthy, as they spend time together and grow closer not only as battle buddies but also as a man and a woman.

Meanwhile, before the battle gets into full swing, Akira and Yuri go to the home where Shirawashi’s wife lives to fulfill the wish of Shirawashi, who died in the 3rd program.

They successfully fulfill Shirawashi’s wish, but on their way home, they are attacked by two participants.

Akira and Yuri cooperate and manage to defeat the enemy. Relieved, they now discover that there is a person in the program who is known as “X, the 10-killer”.

With the intensifying 4th Program and the appearance of “10-Killer X,” Akira decides that it is too dangerous for a small group of people to act together. He gathers Yuri, Kumakiri, and Ringo and decides to fight through the 4th Program together.

Of the 72 participants in the program, only 6 would survive. Will Akira and the other four make it through?

The scene changes, and this time, the monitors of the same program as Fascination gather together and seem to be discussing something. It seems that the problem is that Fascination allowed Manyon to participate in the program.

The monitors are trying to make Fascination take responsibility by imposing a penalty on her. The penalty is a dangerous one, not only for Akira, but also for Yuri and others whom Akira has forced to participate in the program.

Who is this young man, Mannensei, whom the observers consider so dangerous? And what further trials will come to Kei and his friends as a result of the penalty?

Kashii Suzu died? Who is the person who killed her? [Spoiler alert for volume 9.

Suzu and Mannenqing begin to fight. Mannenqing, together with his friends, gradually pushes Suzu into a corner. Suzu tries to use her abilities to get through, but Mannen-qing finally puts the final nail in her coffin.

Since Suzu was strong enough on her own, Mannenqing must have tried to take her by surprise together with her friends. As expected, Suzu was no match for Mannenqing.

Suzu, who was one of the best in the work, finally died, and Mannenqing looked for his next target.

Akira teams up with Yuri, Kumakiri, and Ringo to make a plan to win the 4th program, when the news of Suzu’s death comes in. Akira guesses that the murderer of Suzu is Mannenqing.

It seems that Mannenqing is crushing people who are acting alone. This time, he senses that Kirisaki, who has been fighting with him, will become a target of Mannen Ao. So, Yuri and Kumakiri rescue Kirisaki and ask him to join them.

Yuri and Kumakiri go to rescue Kirizaki, but along the way they are attacked by someone…

Meanwhile, Ringo is trying to find out who the evil participant is called “X, the murderer of 10 people.
However, Ringo’s true identity is revealed to X, and he is attacked with the ability to explode.
Ringo is cornered by X’s “ability to turn anything of value into a bomb. Then Kitajima, who was on the same team in the 2nd program, comes to her rescue.

Kitajima tries to save Ringo by using his “ability to cancel any ability by putting his hand on the ground,” but he still cannot escape from X’s threat.

Will Ringo and Kitajima survive?

Akira’s father is here! Is he actually a program participant? Spoiler alert for volume 10.

While Yuri and Kumakiri make the necessary moves to advance the program, such as rescuing Kirisaki and Ringo making contact with the “10-killer X,” Akira is going to see his father.

Apparently, he is going to ask a favor from Kei’s father. Akira’s father is a person who works for the Public Security Agency, so he is probably looking for information and for the protection of his friends.

They meet again after a long time, and it turns out that his father is actually a participant in the program as well. He then offers to retire to Akira. He also seems to know the identity of Mannen Blue and seems to be quite familiar with the program.

The conversation between Akira and his father remains parallel, but suddenly they are attacked by a mysterious participant. As the battle begins, the father realizes that Akira will not retire, and he and the mysterious participant try to defeat him.

Akira is targeted by both the mysterious enemy and his father, but he takes advantage of the situation and manages to get out of the way.

Akira’s father escapes, but he shows that he is willing to kill his son in order to win the game, and he also uses his ability to defeat the mysterious participant.

What kind of ability does Akira’s father have? And how will he and Akira settle their scores?

The scene then switches to Yuri and Kumakiri on their way to help Kirisaki.

On their way to Kirisaki’s house, Kumakiri and Yuri are attacked by a shadow manipulator and struggle. Kumakiri deals with the shadow-controlling enemy, while Yuri goes to Kirisaki’s place first.
However, Kirisaki has already been attacked by the enemy and is unable to move. Chitose, who attacks Kirisaki, has the ability to transform sugar into various forms, and is quite powerful, turning it into cotton candy-like strings to catch the enemy, or making lumps like kompeito sugar to hit the target. Yuri, too, is being driven into a corner more and more. In a pinch, to his surprise, Kirisaki’s grandmother appears…

Triggering of the “disaster” that forcibly reduces the number of participants [volume 11 spoiler alert].

Yuri and Kirisaki are stuck in a situation where they are attacked unilaterally by their enemy Chitose’s ability. Then Kirisaki’s grandmother appears and uses swordsmanship to free Yuri and Kirisaki.

However, this time the grandmother becomes the target and is attacked by Chitose.
Kirisaki is angry that his lack of power has brought his grandmother into the fight, but he remembers his grandmother’s words that she taught him a long time ago, and Kirisaki’s ability improves.

Kirisaki is now able to “forcefully cancel an opponent’s ability. With this ability, he was able to neutralize Chitose’s ability and stop his attack.

After a brief moment of relief, Leonhardt, the observer, appeared and forced the three of them to participate in a program called “disaster”.

The “disaster” is a program that forces the participants to reduce the number of participants, and the warden can make up the rules as he pleases. This time, Leonhardt releases many zombie-like beings called “demons” into the other world he has created and forces them to attack the participants.

Participants caught up in the disaster must escape from the zombies and reach the designated goal to clear the program.

Yuri was the first to be sent into the disaster. He is suddenly attacked by zombies, but uses his abilities to escape. Then, by chance, he meets another team of participants who have also been sent to the disaster.

Among them is a man named Hoshino, who got Yuri involved in the program…

Meanwhile, Kumakiri, who was also sent to the disaster, was fighting a shadow-controlling opponent who attacked him when he went to rescue Kirisaki. He managed to defeat the enemy, but this time he was surrounded by multiple zombies and was in a desperate situation. Then Mannen Ao appeared and covered Kumakiri. What is he trying to do?
Chitose is also attacked by zombies, but he is unable to show his ability. Chitose is in a pinch, but Kirisaki appears and saves her. Can Yuri, Kumakiri, and Kirisaki escape the program safely?

Finally, Akira also jumps into the disaster! Spoiler alert for volume 12.

When he did not hear from Yuri or Kumakiri, Akira became suspicious and went to Kirisaki’s house. He learns from Kirisaki’s grandmother that Yuri, Kirisaki, and the others were involved in the disaster. He also received a call from Mannenqing asking him to come to the disaster. It seems that Mannenqing is trying to invite Akira to the disaster in order to take advantage of his abilities. Akira realizes that Yuri, Kumakiri, and the others will be in danger if he does not comply with Mannen Ao’s request, and he jumps into the disaster.

It seems that Fascination is also participating in the disaster. The Yakuwasai is a difficult program that is said to be inescapable once you enter. Even without Fascination’s participation, the number of participants should decrease, but it seems that there is another purpose…

Yuri tries to find Kirisaki and Kumakiri and head for the goal together, but it is dangerous to move around the zombie-filled disaster alone.

Another team leader, a woman named “Claire,” suggests that if they can get to the control room where they can check the surveillance cameras, they can find their friends.
Yuri, Claire, and the rest of the team head for the control room, despite being attacked by zombies.

On the way there, they are confronted by a powerful zombie called “antibody carrier,” but thanks to Hoshino’s ability, they manage to get out of the way.

The scene changes, and this time Kirisaki and Chitose are also attacked by the antibody carrier. It seems that zombies with antibodies have special abilities, and this time the enemy seems to have the ability to use magnets.
Chitose and Kirisaki manage to win after a fierce battle, but Kirisaki is bitten by a zombie.
Kirisaki gradually becomes a zombie and loses his reason. The most important thing was to reach the goal before zombification.

Akira also enters the disaster, but he is unable to use his abilities alone. In no time at all, he was surrounded by zombies and was in desperate need.

However, Akira asks Yuri for help in a certain way. If Yuri does not notice Kei’s SOS, Kei will die. Will Yuri be able to save Kei? The depth of their bond will be tested.

Protect the apples from the evil that’s creeping up on them! Spoiler alert: Volume 13.

Ringo was fighting a powerful enemy named “X, the 10-killer.” The attack by X, which uses the ability to explode, seemed to be fatal, but she managed to escape and survive.

Ringo was hospitalized with Kitajima’s help, but a new enemy attacked Ringo, who was seriously injured.

Kitajima moves Ringo to another room to avoid detection. However, the temperature in the hospital drops due to the enemy’s ability to lower the air temperature, and Kitajima and Ringo, who had been hiding, are gradually driven into a corner.
Then, for some reason, Suzu, who is supposed to be dead, appears.

Suzu begins to fight the enemy who attacks Ringo. Suzu attacks using her ability to create weapons by sending bodily fluids, but she struggles because her sweat and blood freeze due to her opponent’s “cryogenic ability.
However, Suzu managed to defeat her foe by using her natural intelligence and was able to protect Ringo.

Why did Suzu save Ringo and Kitajima? In fact, it seems that information about the participants brought by Akira, Yuri, Ringo, and other fascinating sounds was leaked to the other opponents.
As a result, Ringo and Kitajima were attacked by unknown enemies, as I mentioned earlier.

Suzu also felt that it was dangerous to work alone since her face was known to the other teams, so she helped Ringo to propose a temporary alliance with Ringo, Kitajima, and Shishido, who was also on the same team and a friend of Suzu’s.

At first, Ringo was unsure about accepting Suzu’s proposal, but then he realized that Kei, Yuri, and the others were most likely involved in the disaster.
He decides to temporarily join forces with Suzu until Kei and the others return.
Kei, on the other hand, who is in a bad situation, was able to escape from the crisis because Yuri came to his rescue. Akira then makes a plan to find Kirisaki and Kumakiri and escape.

However, Akira and his friends are in a pinch when Leonhard, the boss of the disaster, is awakened…

Ringo dies in mortal combat with a vicious enemy! [Volume 14 Spoiler Warning.

The heinous participant, “X the Ten-Killer,” who nearly killed Ringo, goes on to kill more and more of the other participants. Then, when X discovers that Ringo, whom he had supposedly defeated, is still alive, he holed up in the Capitol building and took the children hostage.

X lures Ringo out and seems to want a direct confrontation.

Ringo, angered by X’s involvement with innocent people, decides to go to the Diet building with Kitajima, Suzu, and Suzu’s friend Shishido.
Ringo comes up with a plan of action before he does battle with X. The key to the strategy is Shishido’s ability to copy and paste one person’s ability onto another, and Ringo asks Suzu to paste Kitajima’s ability onto her.
Ringo is unable to move without a wheelchair, but he still decides to take the field of battle himself and challenges X to a direct confrontation.

Before Ringo arrives, X holds a hostage auction. He declares that he will release the person who raises the most money and kill everyone else.
Why did X start the auction? It seems that Manyara is involved in it?

Finally, the battle between Ringo and his friends and X begins. In the beginning, Ringo and his team had the upper hand, and it seemed that the battle would soon be won. However, X saw through Ringo’s strategy, and on the contrary, Suzu was taken hostage.

X makes a proposal to Ringo: “Choose one person you want to blow up and I will save the other hostages.
Ringo, not wanting anyone to die, desperately tries to think of a way out, but she seems to be trapped without any options.
However, this was actually Ringo’s strategy, and he succeeded in driving X into a corner.

Just when it seems that the victory is decided, Ringo is attacked by X’s last desperate attempt with such force that he could have died.

Is Ringo dead? And what will happen in the battle with X?

The Boss of the Bane! A showdown with Leonhardt! [Volume 15 Spoiler Warning.

Ringo was not dead; he was dying and managed to survive. Then, despite his mortal wounds, he managed to defeat X.

Just as he was about to regain his composure after safely releasing the hostages brought by X, Akira’s father, Touya, now appears.

Kei’s father tries to kill Ringo, Kitajima, Suzu, and Shishido, but offers to let them go if they agree to certain conditions. Kitajima agrees to the condition, and Ringo and the others manage to get away with it.

The scene changes, and now the participants involved in the disaster and Leonhardt, the observer, are fighting. The battle involves not only Akira and Yuri, but also Kumakiri, Kirisaki, and other powerful forces, putting Leonhardt at an overwhelming disadvantage.

Furthermore, Akira sees that Leonhardt, as the observer, cannot attack the participants in the program and takes advantage of the battle.

However, Leonhardt brings the 3rd team’s dead program participants back to life as zombies, bringing their forces to even strength.

Yuri manages to hold his own, and pushes Leonhardt into a corner by attacking, but Leonhardt, who has released his power, sets up a ward that will kill anyone who touches it.

Akira and his team were unable to attack. Akira and the others, who were in trouble because they could not finish the job, were confronted by Mannenqing, who was one of the participants.
Mannenqing grabs one of the participants and throws him toward the ward. The participant hit by the ward dies, but Leonhardt’s ward also disappears.

In fact, there is a rule that the warden is not allowed to kill the participant, and if he breaks the rule, he is penalized.

Leonhardt, who had broken the rule, albeit indirectly, turned himself into a zombie and attacked Akira and the others before he could receive the penalty.

The disaster is now entering its final stage. Will Akira and his friends be able to escape from the disaster and meet up with the dying Ringo?

At last, a goal! Will we escape from the disaster? Spoiler alert for volume 16.

The stage collapsed when Leonhard, the boss of the disaster, turned into a zombie.

Kei and his friends are torn apart. Kei then discovers Kumakiri and Chitose, and together they aim for the goal.
However, Kumakiri seems to distrust Kei after the battle with Leonhardt. He had trusted Kei until now, but he suspects that Kei is hiding his abilities.
Furthermore, he speculates that Kei may be working with Mannen Blue, in which case Kumakiri tells him that he will leave Kei.
While he was wondering whether to tell Kei the truth or not, the zombies attacked him.

Kumakiri manages to escape from the zombie attack, but the ground collapses and he is left alone.

Kei tells Kumakiri of his true ability and tries to save him with instantaneous movement. However, his ability is not activated.

For Kei’s ability to be activated, the other party must truly believe in Kei.

It seems that Kumakiri could not trust Kei to the end. Kumakiri, unable to do anything about it, was attacked by a zombie. What happened to Kumakiri?

On the other hand, Yuri and the others were also aiming for the goal, but on the way they met Kirisaki, who had been turned into a zombie.

Kirizaki is dazed and attacks Yuri and the others. However, Kirisaki regains his consciousness through Yuri’s words and decides to go for the goal with Yuri.

They reach the castle, which they think is the goal, but they cannot find the exit. If they do not find a way out in a hurry, they will be caught in the collapse and die.

Just as their impatience reaches its peak, Yuri discovers the real exit. He rushes to the exit, but on the way, a zombified Leonhardt appears…

Charm of the Battle in 5 seconds after meeting

Here is an introduction to the appeal of “Battle in 5 seconds after meeting”.

Unpredictable battles with abilities! 

The main attraction of “Battle in 5 seconds after meeting” is the battle using abilities. Each participant is given only one ability and fights using it.

Since the participants do not know what abilities each other has, it is interesting to play games to find out each other’s abilities, and you can read the book while thinking about how you would fight.

Also, the brain games among the participants are not to be missed. In particular, the main character, Akira, uses his top class brains to defeat his superior opponents one after another.

For example, he deliberately puts his opponents in a corner and tricks them into defeating him at the end, or he uses their abilities against them to clear the program, always defying expectations.

The real appeal of this work is the fun of the battles, in which the outcome of the game cannot be determined simply by the strength of one’s abilities.

The strength of the ability varies with the program.

In “Battle in 5 seconds after meeting,” players fight in a game-like setting called a program.

The contents include “one-on-one battles,” “all-out team battles,” and “earning points by completing quests,” with the difficulty level increasing as you complete each program.

One of the highlights of the game is that abilities that were not active in the first program suddenly become stronger in other programs.

For example, Ringo’s ability to “copy the opponent’s ability for one-tenth of a point” meant that he could not win in a one-on-one battle. However, in a program where you act as a team, you can take advantage of the characteristic of being able to know your opponent’s abilities in advance and become an informant.

With so many programs available, it is exciting to read about what abilities will come into play.

Mystery of the Program

Akira and his team are caught up in the battle, without being told why the program is being implemented.
All they know is that there is a “monitor” in charge of the program and that they will be killed if they act against the monitor’s intentions. Little else is revealed as the program progresses.

As the story progresses, we learn that there are multiple watchers and that there is a mysterious entity that unites the watchers.

It seems that there are still many mysteries about the program. What is the real purpose of the program, and who is the last boss?

A gifted boy who is tired of his ordinary life is suddenly forced to participate in a fierce battle. The characters who appear one after another have different abilities, and each battle has a different flavor. The main character is a boy who has always been somewhat cold, with few emotional ups and downs, but as he comes into contact with his friends and various other people and engages in battles, he becomes more human.
The battle scenes are fast-paced and fascinating, but the story also draws the viewer’s attention to the boy’s inner life, which changes as the story progresses.

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