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Dr. Stone” began serialization in 2017 and has become one of JUMP’s signature works. The story takes place on the Earth, which has been hit by a mysterious event that petrifies the human race. After 3700 years, a high school student, Senku Ishigami, who is well versed in science, is freed from the petrification. Dr. Stone” is the story of Senku’s attempt to save the earth using the “power of science. The story depicts Chisora and his friends struggling to return the earth to a primitive age and restore it to modern civilization. This article will provide a spoiler-free synopsis of the film up to its conclusion! In addition, the reason for petrification and the possibility of producing the second part are also discussed, so please read to the end.

|Synopsis of “Dr. Stone”

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Dr. Stone” is a story about a super science geek high school student, Senku Ishigami, who struggles with science as a weapon on an earth where all humans have been petrified by a mysterious ray. 3700 years have passed and the environment has reverted to primitive, and Senku gathers his friends and restores scientific civilization through steady experimentation and craft. Amid reunions with friends who have been resurrected from petrification and clashes with those who have different ideas, Senku moves forward with faith in the power of science, which will never betray her. Senku’s ultimate goal is to revive all mankind through the power of science. To achieve this goal, Senku and his team will pursue the mystery of petrification and engage in a scientific survival on a truly global scale.

How many episodes of “Dr. Stone” are there?

As of May 2022, 25 volumes of the book have been released. The final volume, volume 26, is scheduled for release on July 4, 2022.

Where did the “Dr. Stone” cartoon continue?

The anime has aired through its second season, depicting the conclusion of “STONE WARS”; a special anime “Dr. STONE Ryusui” is scheduled to air in the summer of 2022, followed by the third season in 2023. It is likely that the third season will depict the “truth of petrification,” one Ayumu before going into space.

|Spoiler 1: Prologue (episodes 1-12)


Petrification of all mankind on earth

Daiki Ohki, a man who shouts loudly that he is going to confess his feelings to his classmate, receives a simple encouragement from his friend in the science club, Senku Ishigami, and calls his love, Yuzuri Ogawa, in front of a camphor tree. At that moment, however, a luminous body that covers the school comes at Daiki, Yuzuri, and Senku, and the three are helplessly swallowed by the light, which petrifies all humans on earth who are exposed to it. Although 3,700 years have passed since his petrification, Taiki has remained conscious, fed by his feelings for Yuzuri. Taiki finally succeeds in reviving Yuzuri from petrification. Taiki went to the camphor tree where he had summoned Yuzuri. There, he sees Yuzuri, petrified but still protected by the camphor tree, and he vows to save her. Next to Yuzuri, Taiki finds what looks like a message. When Taiki moves as instructed, he finds Senku waiting there, who has already been revived from petrification.

The strongest high school student in the primate world, Tsukasa Shishio, is back!

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After informing Taiki of his grand goal of reviving all mankind and bringing civilization back to the present day, Senku completes the petrification revival fluid after several years of research. Just as they were about to use the finished product on Yuzuri, they were attacked by a pack of lions. Senku then used the resurrection fluid on Tsukasa Shishio, the strongest primate high school student he happened to find. Tsukasa instantly sensed the situation and defeated the lions with his bare hands. The two seemed to have gained a reassuring friend, but Tsukasa was a dangerous man who wanted only the youth to prosper and would not hesitate to kill anyone who disagreed with his ideology. Senku, who wants to revive all mankind, and Tsukasa are at odds with each other. Tsukasa, fearing Senku’s scientific power, chases after him as he tries to escape and kills him. However, Senku’s broken neck contains the remnants of his petrification. Taiki bets on his ability to restore the petrification and drips resurrection fluid on his neck.

|Spoiler 2: STONE WORLD THE BEGINNING (episodes 13-45)


Let’s build a scientific kingdom!

Senku’s plan was successfully realized by Taiki, and Senku was resurrected. Taking advantage of Tsukasa’s belief that he is dead, he sends Taiki and Yuzuri to Tsukasa while he goes off on his own to create a “scientific kingdom” that can stand up to Tsukasa. After leaving them, Senku meets a mysterious girl named Kohaku, who takes him to the village where she lives. Senku is surprised to see so many people, but wonders why they have so little knowledge of the modern world. He then plans to use the people of this village as manpower for his scientific kingdom.

Spies of the Tsukasa Empire? The arrival of Asagiri Gen.

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Together with Chrom, a self-taught young man who has been studying science under the guise of magic, Senku makes friends one after another in the form of fulfilling the villagers’ wishes. One man comes to him after realizing that the villagers are looking for delicious food and has perfected the Nekojarashi Ramen. His name is Asagiri Gen. Gen says he is a natural resurrectionist, but Senku sees through him as a spy for the Tsukasa Empire. Gen immediately admits it. Gen’s work is finished when he reports to Tsukasa that Senku is alive, but his feelings are shaken by the presence of the power plant that Senku and his team showed him in the process of making a sulfa drug to cure the village priestess Ruri’s illness. On the same day, Gen is mistaken for Senku by Magma, who is not pleased with Senku’s selfishness in the village, and is attacked. While leaving the village with serious injuries, Gen asks Senku if he can make cola. Hearing his words that he will definitely make it, Gen decides to live with him.

Senku’s father, Hyakuya’s existence

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After successfully producing a sulfa drug and curing Tsukasa’s sister Ruri’s illness, Senku is surprised to hear that the name of the village where he stayed is “Ishigami Senku. The village Senku had always wondered about was the descendant of his father Hyakuya and his family, who were astronauts and had escaped petrification. Senku hears “One Hundred Tales” left behind by Hyakuya and learns that this village was left behind by his father for him, who will one day be resurrected. Thus, Senku inherited Hyakuya’s will and vowed once again to rescue the human race. The people of Ishigami Village also accept the wishes of their founder, Hyakuya.

|Spoiler 3: STONE WARS (episodes 46-83)


Tsukasa Empire vs. Ishigami Village in a decisive battle! A battle of fate is finally settled?

Senku was told by Gen that Tsukasa was considering using military force to conquer the village. Senku and his group had a few problems, including just barely surviving an attack by Tsukasa’s right-hand man, Hyoga, but Ishigami Senku and Tsukasa’s empire went into winter retreat with each other. Senku stressed the importance of information in battle, and Ishigami Senku finally started work on a cellular phone. The members of Ishigami Village faced various obstacles in the process of making the cellular phone, such as “producing a vacuum tube” and “procuring a filament. However, each time they face these obstacles, they strengthen their bonds and gradually make progress.

Cell phones perfected! Winning the Information War

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Finally, in the primitive Stone World, a cell phone was completed. Later, at Gen’s suggestion, Senku and his group spoke the name of world-renowned artist Lillian in Gen’s vocal mimicry. Then, they decided on a plan to destroy the Tsukasa empire from within by spreading false information that “America has already recovered. Magma, Chrome, and Gen take on the role of carrying the cellular phone to the Empire. Gen and his team sneak into the Tsukasa Empire and succeed in burying the cell phone in Senku’s grave, which Taiki had built, but they are discovered by HAKYO of the Tsukasa Empire. However, HAKYO does not want anyone to die and joins forces with Senku and the others on the condition that no one dies.

Ceasefire agreement! The decisive factor is Tsukasa’s sister, Mirai

Both sides had made perfect preparations, and the day of the decisive battle arrived. Senku and his team managed to gain control of a cave where they could make an unlimited amount of resurrection fluid in a matter of seconds, but they were pinched by the appearance of Hyotsuki and Tsukasa. However, thanks to the stalling efforts of Kohaku and others, Senku succeeded in mixing nitroglycerin and was able to talk with Tsukasa on an equal footing. Senku discovers that the reason Tsukasa was earning prize money as a fighter was for the sake of his **brain-dead sister. He then told Tsukasa that with his ability to repair petrification, his sister might wake up. In response, Tsukasa agrees to a cease-fire agreement. ** When Tsukasa’s sister Mirai is doused with the resurrection fluid, she wakes up.

Shishio Tsukasa is in cold sleep!

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A cease-fire was set in the battle, but Hyougetsu, who had been eyeing Tsukasa’s life with a vengeance, pierced his left chest with a spear. In a desperate situation, Tsukasa and Senku teamed up to finish off Hyougetsu with an improvised stun gun. Tsukasa, however, was seriously wounded. In order to save Tsukasa, Senku came up with a way to keep him alive by freezing him in place. The key to success is to find a way to intentionally cause petrification. Thus, the long battle against the Tsukasa empire comes to an end, and Senku and his team move on to the next stage of their journey.

|Spoiler 4: Dr. STONE (episodes 83-137)


Aim for South America! Senku and his friends’ new adventure begins!

Senku discovers from Hyakuya’s message that the mystery of petrification lies in South America, and sets about building a sailing ship to cross the sea. He then resurrected Nanami Ryusui (七海龍水), heir to the Nanami Zaibatsu, to be the captain of the ship as it crossed the sea. Ryusui looked at the ship and pointed out problems with the materials, and since the ship to be built was a motor sail ship, oil was needed. Using a map, Senku begins to search for the Sagara oil field, but realizes that the topography of Japan has changed drastically over the past 3700 years. Making a balloon with members of the scientific kingdom, they produced a new map.

Oil Discovery! Sailing to the other side of the earth

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Senku and his team succeed in discovering the Sagara oil field, thanks to Kohaku’s out-of-the-ordinary eyesight and the discovery of an oil-covered boar. The kingdom of science also tested a gasoline engine in a motorboat, and even completed the production of a GPS. Despite the twists and turns, the scientific ship “Perseus” was completed on September 10, 5741 AD. The members selected by Ryusui boarded the Perseus, and Senku and his team finally went out to sea. Once at sea, they first set out for the island where Hyakuya and her friends had landed from space. The word “treasure chest” is frequently used in the 100 stories left by Hyakuya, and Senku thought that Hyakuya and his friends might have left behind some precious ore. Then, it turned out that the “nameless” villager aboard the power team was actually a “Soyuz,” the same name as Hyakuya’s spaceship, which had drifted ashore from the Treasure Island and arrived in Ishigami Village. Now we know that the island we are about to land on has a human being who is an offshoot of Ishigami Village.

Discovery of the spacecraft Soyuz!

After discovering the island, Senku, Kohaku, Gen, and Soyuz first land as a scouting party. However, when Gen becomes suspicious that the communication connection has been lost, he peeks through a telescope at Perseus and discovers that Chromium and the others have been petrified. Senku and the others, who had discovered that there was someone on the island who knew how to petrify people, met Amaryllis, a resident of the island. Senku learns from Amaryllis that the head of the island wields power through the use of a bomb that petrifies people, and that he has a grudge against the head and wants to take away the petrifying bomb. He and Amaryllis succeed in sending Kohaku to the palace. Kohaku discovers the “Soyuz” spaceship entangled in a large tree where the headman lives. She sends a box of minerals to Senku. Senku then makes a large amount of resurrection fluid from one of the minerals, “platinum,” and revives Ryusui and his friends one after another.

Senku and the others against Shrike and Ibarra!

The Science Kingdom, which has been resurrected, makes full use of drones and other scientific equipment to engage in heated battles with the vizier Ibarra, who holds real power on the island, and the strongest warrior, Shrike. At one point, it looked as if all the members of the Science Kingdom had been petrified and were no more, but because Senku had thrown the resurrection fluid upward at the moment of petrification, the kingdom succeeded in automatically reviving itself. Although the battle for the petrification device with drones develops after that, Senku succeeds in petrifying Ybarra in the end. The Kingdom of Science then emerged victorious from its battle with Ibarra.

|Spoiler 5: The truth about petrification (episodes 138-211)


Declaration of Rocket Production! Let’s go defeat our lunar enemies!

While reporting the victory to the mainland, Senku’s communications are intercepted by someone. Senku measures the direction of the radio waves to find out where the unknown enemy is. He then determines that the enemy is on the “Moon’s surface. When Taiki wakes Matsukaze, a stone statue he picked up from the ocean floor, it turns out that the petrification device fell from the sky. Senku then declared that he would build a rocket in order to go to the moon. Having obtained the means of petrification, Senku brought Tsukasa back to life. And he finally makes a plan to build “cities of corn,” “cities of superalloy,” “cities of aluminum,” and “cities of mathematics” all over the world in order to make the resurrection of human beings around the world a reality. He will build cities all over the world and revive human beings one after another all over the world. The first city to be created is the “city of corn” to produce alcohol, an important element of the resurrection fluid. Senku and his team then set their sights on California, a state located across the Pacific Ocean, in search of “Yellow Dent,” a cone with high production efficiency.

Zeno’s here! Get tips on airplanes


Perseus survives the long voyage and arrives in the Americas. Senku and the others search for corn as they continue down the river. It is then that Tsukasa notices the smell of gunpowder smoke from the guns mixed with the wind. At the moment he is called to get down, a storm of bullets hits them. Senku predicts that there are also natural resurrectionist science users in the United States. Next, a plane carrying Stanley, the right hand man of the enemy boss, attacks Senku and his group. Apparently, the U.S. military power is considerably superior to that of the Kingdom of Science, and Senku, with her resourcefulness, succeeds in getting the plane abandoned, and brings the “lost and found” back to Perseus. Gen, raising a white flag, infiltrated the enemy headquarters to learn the identity of the other party. There, Gen meets the enemy boss, Dr. XENO, for the first time. Gen discovers that Xeno is a professional scientist. Xeno was a former NASA researcher. He is also a NASA researcher with whom Senku had a discussion as a boy. That is the Dr. Zeno with whom Chisora is currently engaged in a war.

The Heated Spy Battle! Who will win, Zeno or Senku and his friends?

Meanwhile, Perseus also receives a spy from the enemy, Luna. Unexpectedly, this battle turns out to be a master-disciple duel, and the spy operations intersect. Senku and his team succeeds in turning Luna against Zeno and his team, who have overwhelming military power, and they exchange fire with a “carrier version of Perseus” modified from a plane they found and a tunnel dug by Crom. Senku and his team succeeded in capturing Zeno, and while leaving a few of their friends in the Americas to help develop the city, they headed for their next destination, South America.

Found a pile of petrification equipment!

Arriving in South America, Senku and his team obtained rubber, motorcycles, and new friends and set out for the petrified hypocenter. They succeeded in evading Stanley, who was chasing them in a fighter plane, and crossed the Andes Mountains, which was the most difficult part of the mission. As they approached the petrified hypocenter, Gen was reluctant to search for a small petrification device in the vast area. However, Senku suggests that a multi-stage attack of rays of light is necessary if they intend to seriously destroy the human race, and that there may be more than one device. Four months after their departure from Japan, they finally arrived at the petrified hypocenter. The Kingdom of Science finally arrived at the petrified hypocenter. Before their eyes, a mountain of petrification devices glittered.

Lonely Suika


Because diamonds are needed to activate the petrification device, and also to secure materials for future crafts, Senku decides to build a superalloy city in the Amazon, the sacred land of stones. At the same time, Senku prepares to meet the final battle with Stanley in this land. The strategy of the scientific kingdom is to self-destruct using a petrification device. The production of the all-important diamond battery is difficult, but based on Senku’s discovery, Joel, a watch engineer from the Cone City group, succeeds in creating a diamond battery. The device was activated by the communication that Whyman had been sending from space, and all mankind was petrified once again. A few months later, only the watermelon was revived by the device prepared in advance. Relying on the note left by Senku, Watermelon spent seven years alone to create the resurrection fluid and revive Senku.

|Spoiler 6: STONE TO SPACE (episodes 212-231)


The space flight program is finally underway!

Senku revives his friends one after another. In the process, they discover that humans have been made immortal by a petrification device. Senku and Zeno team up to develop a spaceship in order to talk directly to the whiman. The Kingdom of Science is divided into three groups: those who remain in the city of superalloys to develop a rocket engine with Zeno, those who travel around the world on the New Perseus with Senku, and those who aim to revive the Corn City. The Senku group, wanting the mathematical power to run the rocket, resurrected Nanami SAI, a genius mathematician and Ryusui’s brother. He also crafted a computer for him, and Senku announced his one-way rocket plan.

Going into space to uncover the true identity of Whyman.

Chrome is not satisfied with the one-way plan and devises a round-trip rocket plan. The majority vote is taken, and Senku crafts the Internet and mobilizes the knowledge of scientists around the world. Ryusui, the pilot, Senku, the scientist, and Kohaku, the fighter, are selected to board the rocket because of their aptitude. However, Stanley is reinstated by Ryusui’s recommendation and is chosen as the pilot and fighter. Senku, Stanley, and Kohaku are petrified upon launch, and travel into space. Upon awakening in space, the three proceed with the docking operation, but one of their vehicles malfunctions. The work is completed when Ryusui happens to be on board one of them. The group finally arrives at the moon. Senku and the other three land on the surface of the moon, saying, “This is a good idea.

At last, we meet the Whovians! Who is he?

The true identity of the Whyman was a mechanical organism that was a parasite on intelligent life. The petrification device itself was the Whyman. Instead of giving them eternal life through petrification, the Whymans wanted humanity to nurture them. However, mankind was not as intelligent as they assumed and did not welcome petrification. When Senku heard their arguments, he demanded a negotiation with them in sashi. Senku convinced them that if humanity and the whities teamed up, they could create an extraordinary craft. Although the whities said that the possibility of such a partnership was close to zero, the human race had nonetheless managed to rebuild a scientific civilization from scratch in just 10 years. One of the Whymans expresses interest in Senku’s negotiations. Thus, Senku and his team returned to Earth with one of the heretic Hoymans in hand.

|Spoiler 7: Conclusion (Final Episode, Episode 232)

Upon returning to Earth, the group lands in the ocean and is given a large award after their rescue. The gold medal reads “E=mc²”. Senku was reunited with her friends from the Kingdom of Science, and the threat of the petrifying rays had disappeared with the departure of the Whymans.

Taijyu & Yuzuriha

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A few years later, Taiki and Yuzuri had their wedding. Yuzuri’s parents are happy and Nikki is crying with joy. Kohaku is enjoying a sumptuous meal while celebrating. Taiki had previously declared that he would not confess to Yuzuri until he saved humanity. Unfortunately, the scene of Taiki’s confession and the beginning of their familiarity was not depicted, but the two seem to have made progress in their relationship after saving humanity from the threat of petrification. Stanley and Yo performed a shooting match for entertainment, indicating that the relationship between the former friends is still going on.

Asagiri gen.

Asagiri Gen is dressed in a suit. He still calls himself a mentalist, but he appears to be a diplomat traveling around the world. After work, he changes into his regular clothes and returns to Japan, where he is picked up by car, perhaps by François, who serves as his secretary. He adjusted his busy schedule to attend Daiki and his family’s wedding.

Chrome and Luri

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At the wedding, Kohaku asks Ruri about her progress with Chrome. Ruri blushes and confesses that the day before, Chrom proposed to her that he would marry her if she finished the bad craft she is working on. Luli said yes to that. Kohaku was taken back by Chrome’s moody proposal, but Ruri seemed happy. A few years after this conversation, Chrom was still involved in some kind of bad craft with Senku, and it can be seen that he is still a scientist.


When Daiki comes to Senku’s lab and declares his marriage to Yuzuri, Senku engages in an exchange reminiscent of episode 1. There is a huge device in the room, and Chrome, Watermelon, Kaseki, and Joel are also there. Senku thought he could save 7 billion people by building a time machine and shooting petrifying rays into the past. He drew a mind-boggling roadmap and laughed, “This is an inspiration.

|Consideration 1: What is the true identity of the whiman?

The true identity of the Whyman was the petrification device itself, and this petrification device was a parasitic organism of the machine. They turned their attention to the human race because they believed that intelligent creatures would gladly accept eternal life through petrification, and in return, they would do their own maintenance. The petrification would be released more quickly the more they worked their brains. For Whyman, it was a miscalculation that it took 3,700 years for humans to un-petrify. From this explanation, it is clear that Senku was able to return from petrification as quickly as possible because she did not stop thinking from the moment she was petrified. Although Senku’s voice came from the Whyman, according to Sonarman’s Ukyo, it was a machine-generated voice. It is thought that Whyman had a strong interest in Senku, the man who rebuilt civilization from scratch.

|Consideration 2: Mechanism of petrochemical equipment

The last episode revealed how the petrification device works. According to the scientists’ explanation, the petrification device is a device that allows the molecules of living organisms to control the resistance they receive from the Higgs field at will. Matter gains mass by being submerged in a pool called the Higgs field. The petrification device can change the water pressure in this pool at will to reduce the mass to zero or increase the resistance to petrify the substance. Senku has been struggling to use this power to create a time machine that ignores gravity.

|Consideration 3: What happens after Tsukasa and the watermelon?

ドクターストーン あさぎりゲン コハク 氷月
©America Studio, Boichi/Shueisha, Dr.STONE Production Committee

Tsukasa and Hizuki, who appeared before Senku as heels, were suited up for the wedding. They were reminded of the sins they had once committed and felt that a new era had arrived. Since they seem to feel guilty, we expect that both of them are now doing work that helps others. Watermelon and Ryusui were on Senku’s special project team. The others can be seen as Zeno, SAI, Chrome, Kaseki, and Joel. It seems that Ryusui is still involved in science with Senku, with his desire to complete the time machine and Kaseki’s desire to help Senku. The members of the science team seem to prioritize science over love, so even if Kohaku and Senku …… have a future, it will probably be after he retires as a scientist.

|Consideration 4: Will there be a second part production of “Dr. Stone”?

©America Studio, Boichi/Shueisha, Dr.STONE Production Committee

Senku was working on a new bad craft called a time machine in the last. Zeno also mentioned that at least the information could be sent to the past. Even if it is difficult to complete the machine itself, it would be interesting to send information to the past and see what Senku in the past would do when he receives it ……. It seems difficult to develop future science and technology as it is, so if there were to be a second part, it would probably start from the past. I would like to see a second part or a spin-off, as this is an interesting entry point into science.

|Dr .STONE” is the ultimate science manga that is 10 billion% exciting!

Dr.STONE ドクターストーン
©America Studio, Boichi/Shueisha, Dr.STONE Production Committee

Dr. STONE” is an adventure work that lets you know how interesting science can be and how interesting manga can be. In this article, we will introduce the story of “Dr. Stone” up to the last episode, with spoilers. The story took a sudden turn when they went to the moon, but it ended in a “suggestive” ending that is typical of “Dr. Stone. Senku’s scientific life seems to be continuing, so let’s read the completed story, enjoy the anime sequel, and wait for the next evolution of “Doctostone”!

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