The Executioner and Her Way of Life spoilers and characters! Based on the novel by Novelist?


Animated in April 2022, “The Executioner and Her Way of Life (Virgin Road)” is a fantasy work about the journey of a girl who is responsible for the execution of a stray who is said to bring human suffering to another world, and a stray summoned from Japan. This text contains spoilers from “The Executioner and Her Way of Life,” including anime spoilers, characters, and reviews about the original story, manga, and artwork of “The Executioner and Her Way of Life.”

|What is The Executioner and Her Way of Life

The Executioner and Her Way of Life” is a light novel work that attracted attention for its serious worldview and unique setting in which the main character is an executioner, and was adapted into a manga in 2020 and an anime in April 2022. Below you will find a synopsis of the anime from “The Executioner and Her Way of Life (Virgin Road),” including spoilers, characters, an overview of the original story and manga, and reviews and ratings about the work.

Summary of The Executioner and Her Way of Life

The Executioner and Her Way of Life (Virgin Road), an anime based on a light novel by Sato Masato, is an otherworldly fantasy work that aired on TOKYO MX and other networks from April to June 2022. The original work is a popular work that won the 11th GA Bunko Grand Prize, and a manga version was released in 2020.

The Executioner and Her Way of Life Theme Songs

The OP theme song for The Executioner and Her Way of Life anime is “Paper Bouquet” by Mili, and the ED theme song is “Lights Serenade” written and sung by ChouCho.

|The Executioner and Her Way of Life Anime Spoiler

Below are spoilers for the animated version, which aired from April to June 2022, from “The Executioner and Her Way of Life,” which is also a manga series.

Episode 1 Spoilers

In this world where the concept of magic exists, there is a legend that a foreigner, a stray, summoned from Japan will destroy the world, and the stray is destined to be killed by an executioner to protect the world from disaster. On that day, a Japanese boy, Mutou Mitsuki, is summoned to the castle of King Grizarica. He is judged incompetent for this world and is thrown out of the castle.

While Mitsuki is at a loss in this strange world, he is rescued by a priestess, Menou. Mitsuki is taken into the church, but she is the owner of the concept of purity, which is dangerous in this world, and is executed at the hands of Menou, even though she is rescued. Menou then sneaks into the royal castle and meets Akari, a girl summoned from Japan.

Episode 2 Spoilers.

Akali, too, is a dangerous person who should not exist in this world, and Menou snuck out of the royal castle with Akali and set about executing her. However, Akali’s ability to turn back time quickly heals her wounds, and Akali herself is unaware of her execution. Menou, who has decided that it is beyond his control, sets out for Garm to perform the Orwellian ritual to execute Akali.

Episode 3 Spoilers.

Menou lied to Akali that she was going back to Japan and boarded a train bound for Garm, but the king’s daughter, Ursna, a female knight, was also on the train, and a terrorist attack targeting the princess broke out on the train. The king is under interrogation for summoning gentiles, and the terrorists’ reason for targeting Ursna is to take the princess hostage and make a deal.

The agate peach forces the train to release the terrorists and captures the main culprit, but the terrorists take out the primary color no-red stone and cause the crustacean knights to appear at the expense of their fellow passengers. The train’s controls are destroyed in the battle and it begins to run out of control, but Akari’s guiding force succeeds in stopping the train.

Episode 4 Spoilers.

Despite a near-catastrophic accident, Akari’s abilities save the day, and Menou and his group board the train for the transfer. Menou meets with the Great Sage Orwell of the cathedral and is asked to investigate a series of missing young women in the city, as there are two days until the ceremony.

Episode 5 Spoilers.

At the request of Menou, Momo embarks on an investigation of a series of missing persons cases. Upon receiving information about a suspicious figure in the old royal castle, she discovers a hidden passageway while investigating the basement of the old castle and runs into the princess, Ursna, again. The two then work together and reach a secret space that seems to have been created for a ritual, which they surmise to be a testing ground for the transference technique by Nobles, knights and royalty.

In fact, Nobles and Faust (the clergyman) were shuttling between the royal castle and the cathedral through this underground passageway, and it was believed that there was a mastermind behind it. Meanwhile, on the ground, a ceremony is held to return Akali to Japan, but Orwell, who had planned to use the agate, reveals his true nature, and a battle breaks out. The floor of the cathedral collapses, and Menou escapes by falling into the basement, where he finds several bodies lying on the floor with red materials.

When the Japanese realize that Orwell is the cause of their summons to another world, Orwell sets up a protective barrier around the cathedral and plans to use Akari’s pure concept to rejuvenate them, using Menou as a test subject.

Episode 6 Spoilers.

The ritual site in the basement of the cathedral was actually an experimental site for personality bleaching, and Orwell drew Akali and Menou to this place in search of his own rejuvenation, despite the taboo of human experimentation and the relocation of otherworldly people. Menou fell into the basement of the cathedral, and was attacked by the demonic movers invoked by Owen. Momo Arshuna and his group, who had discovered the space for the relocation technique in the basement of the old royal castle, were also forced to fight against the demons that emerged from the depths of the space.

At that time, Akari’s pure conception kicked in and Momo went berserk, destroying the entire cathedral’s wards. This allows Menou and Akali to join forces and succeed in defeating Orwell. Through this battle, it is revealed that Akali has regressed from a future where she was not executed by Menou, and Menou sets out on a journey to the Holy Land to ensure Akali’s execution.

Episode 7 Spoilers

Peering into Akali’s mind, Menou learns that she has regressed from months into the future to redo her days with Menou, and that Akali’s reason for regressing was to avoid Menou’s death. The group arrives in the port town of Revere, and Momo, who has kept Aashna locked up in the danger zone of the ancient ruins, arrives in Revere ahead of them.

According to Momo, a terrorist group calling itself the Fourth Estate of the Force is hiding in the town, and he advises that its allies have been taken into custody by Flare, and that his apprentice, Menou, may be in danger. He also suggests that if Akali is locked up in Pandemonium, he can execute her, but Menou does not think about executing Akali until he arrives here and begins to doubt himself, thinking that he is unable to execute her.

The next day, Menou puts Akali to sleep, places her on a rubber board, and attempts to execute her using pandemonium, but again, Akali’s pure conception manifests itself and she lives. Meanwhile, at the castle on Liber Island, Marron, the daughter of the acting head of the family, was discussing a certain person visiting the town.

Episode 8 Spoilers.

After returning to the town with Akali, Menou is once again attacked by a group of terrorists he encountered on the train bound for Galum, but he manages to defeat them and goes to the church to apply for money for his future travels. Menou was asked by the church to investigate a magic potion circulating in the town. Although the raw material of the potion was human flesh, Menou noticed that no one was missing in the town and instructed Momo to investigate the distribution route of the potion, which Menou did through a special route.

As a result of the investigation, it was Manon, the daughter of the deputy head of the Count of Liebel, who was connected to that person, who spread the magic potion, killing those who defied her with the potion as an example. Meanwhile, Momo also discovers that Aashna was involved behind the distribution of the potion, and first, in order to investigate Manon’s background, she blunders into a nightclub hosted by her.

Episode 9 Spoilers.

Manon’s soiree, which suggested a connection to the Force involved in the generation of magical potions, was attended by wealthy people from all over the country. Akari, who senses something is wrong, begins her own investigation of Manon, although she begins to feel uncomfortable with the many things she is experiencing for the first time, including meeting Manon for the first time.

Meanwhile, Momo breaks into the magical potion production base and heads for the location where the generator is located. There, she finds the iron virgin who was used as a generator, the magic potion, and a dying girl who was used as a material for the generation of the potion. Just as Momo tries to rescue the girl, an instantaneous explosion is triggered and she is blown away by the blast. Momo managed to escape from the base, despite being affected by thorn poison, and ran out of power after sending a message addressed to Menou.

After rescuing Momo, Menou reports the results of his investigation to the church and asks them to seal off Castle Revere, the stronghold of the Force. Meanwhile, Akari, trapped in Revere Castle, activates the Pure Concept to stop time for the Forces, and meets Manon.

Episode 10 Spoilers.

The island of Revere is sealed off due to Manon’s involvement in the creation of the magic potion, and Menou heads to the island to rescue Akari. At that time, Manon confronts Akari, who reveals that she learned of her purity concept from the events in Pandemonium, that her mother was a stray, but after being hidden by the Force, she married Manon’s father, and that she was found by Flare 10 years ago and executed before his eyes.

Manon is then restrained by Menou, who rushes to the scene, but when Menou sees through her true nature of not really wanting to kill people, she takes her own life, and a new girl, Pandemonium, emerges from Manon’s body. Each time she dies, Pandemonium tears her old body apart to be reborn as a new self, and in exchange for her own resurrection, she sacrifices the townspeople of Revere.

Episode 11 Spoilers.

As the battle between Menou and Pandemonium unfolds, it is discovered that in the town of Revere, about 100 people have been sacrificed to Pandemonium’s original sin magic, each having taken a magic potion. As the Pandemonium grows larger and larger by devouring the summoned creatures, and Menno Aashna struggles with it, Akali comes face to face with a Pandemonium girl, who demands that she speak of her memories in Japan.

However, Akali refuses the request and says that as long as she has a future where she is killed by the agate, she does not need any other memories. Meanwhile, Pandemonium points out that Akali’s pure conception and regression in time allowed her to come out of her sealed place, and that the source of the town is Akali, and hints that there is a way back to Japan.

Episode 12 Spoilers.

Pandemonium is one of the four major human errors in this world, and the lost people, including Pandemonium, were searching for a way to return to Japan while causing trouble in the other world. Then, Pandemonium’s battle plunged into single combat with Menou, and Menou, deprived of his scriptures and dagger, found himself in a tight spot. He thought he was in an absolutely fatal situation, but was saved by the pure concept of Akari, who rushed to the scene and succeeded in sealing Pandemonium.

Just before its annihilation, Pangdemoniuum told Akali that he could be executed by using the “Sword of Salt,” and upon hearing these words, Menou decided to execute Akali. Meanwhile, after the battle of Pandemonium, Akali lost consciousness, and although she had lost her memory from the middle of the night party until she fainted, Menou and Akali set out on a journey to the Holy Land!

List of characters and characters in The Executioner and Her Way of Life

|Teaser Video

Below is a list of characters and characters from “The Executioner and Her Way of Life,” which also highlights the unknown pasts of some of the more mysterious characters and characters.

Tokitou Akari

A character/character from “The Executioner and Her Way of Life,” Akari is a stray summoned from Japan to another world. The pure concept is the ability to rewind time, and Akari herself recognizes it as an ability to heal wounds, as the ability is triggered unconsciously.


The protagonist of “The Executioner and Her Way of Life” is an executioner who kills lost people. Having lost his hometown in the past due to a man-made disaster caused by the pure concept of lost people, and having been bleached of his own personality, he decided to become an executioner after being saved by Flare. Although he is an executioner, he feels guilty about killing lost people who are innocent.


A character/character in “The Executioner and Her Way of Life,” she is an assistant girl who adores Menou. She was once in an institution that trained candidates for executioners, and just as she wanted to get out of there, Menou became an executioner on the condition that the other candidates be released, and Momo chose to become an executioner as well.

Mutou Mitsuki

A character from the beginning of “The Executioner and Her Way of Life,” he is a Japanese boy who was summoned to another world along with Akari. He was judged incompetent by the king due to his pure concept of erasing objects, and was executed by the hands of Menou.

Ursna Grizarica.

A character/character from “The Executioner and Her Way of Life,” she is a princess of the Kingdom of Grizarica with the title of Knight. Although she is the daughter of the king who summoned the Japanese with pure concepts, Ursna herself is not involved in them and is pursuing the identity of the mastermind behind the summoning of the lost people.


A character/character in “The Executioner and Her Way of Life,” he is an executioner and mentor to Menno’s upbringing. He has executed Manon Lebel’s mother, a stray, in the past.

|What is the original story of The Executioner and Her Way of Life? How many volumes are in the anime?

Below is a summary of the original story and manga of “The Executioner and Her Way of Life,” which is whispered to be based on the novel “Novelist” and how many volumes the anime is based on.

Is The Executioner and Her Way of Life based on a Novelist’s Novel? What are the sales figures?

The original novel of “The Executioner and Her Way of Life” introduced here is a work by GA Bunko, which won the 11th GA Bunko Grand Prize. As of April 2022, a total of seven volumes of the original novel “The Executioner and Her Way of Life” have been published, with the total number of copies sold topping 300,000 as of February 2022.

Is there a cartoon of The Executioner and Her Way of Life?

The Executioner and Her Way of Life” has also been announced as a manga adaptation based on the Ryo Mitsuya manga and Niritsu character design, which will be serialized in Young Gangan from 2020, with a total of four manga volumes published as of June 2022.

How many volumes of the original The Executioner and Her Way of Life anime?

Although the anime for “The Executioner and Her Way of Life” has not been determined, based on past trends in anime adaptations of light novel works, it is assumed that the anime is based on the contents of volumes three through four of the original work.

|Reviews and Ratings for The Executioner and Her Way of Life

Below are some reviews and evaluations of “The Executioner and Her Way of Life,” with its serious worldview and unusual characters and characters.

Review 1: The animation is interesting.

While many otherworldly works have a cheerful atmosphere in which the protagonist is reborn in a strange world and struggles to adjust to life in that world, “The Executioner and Her Way of Life,” introduced here, attracted attention for its unusual setting in which the protagonist is an executioner. Reviewers found the deep storyline interesting, with points to consider, such as the identity of the lost person Menou executes and the mystery of Akari’s abilities.

Review 2: I watched it casually and found the style to my liking.

The Executioner and Her Way of Life (Virgin Road)” is an otherworldly story that also has a serious atmosphere, and some reviewed that they started watching the anime casually because of their preconceived notions of the title. On the other hand, some were pleased to have found a work they liked outside of their own tastes, and reviewed the anime as interesting because of the style they liked, the unpredictable development, and the interactions between the characters and characters reminiscent of yuri elements.

Review 3: I was overwhelmed by the rage.

The Executioner and Her Way of Life” follows the journey of a lost girl and the executioner who is after her life, and its highlights are the serious interactions that are not found in otherworldly works. Although “The Executioner and Her Way of Life” is based on a light novel, many viewers have become familiar with the work through the anime, and have expressed their desire to read the original story and manga version as well.

Review 4: Interesting developments that make me nervous.

The original novel of “The Executioner and Her Way of Life,” which depicts the journey of Akali, a lost person who returns to another world from the future, and Menou, an executioner who decides to execute her, continues as of July 2022, and the relationship between Akali and Menou, which is assumed to be connected in some way The relationship between Akari Menou and the Executioner is attracting a lot of attention. Another appealing aspect of “The Executioner and Her Way of Life” is the way it takes viewers beyond their expectations, with some reviewers commenting that the thrilling development of the story is interesting.

|The Executioner and Her Way of Life Spoiler Summary

The Executioner and Her Way of Life” anime spoilers, a list of characters and characters, an overview of the original story and manga, and reviews and ratings about the work. While otherworldly stories are interesting in that the main character is reincarnated from the real world and lives in another world, “The Executioner and Her Way of Life” focuses on the future of Akari Menou, who is regarded as a lost person to be executed and with whom a mysterious relationship is established.

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