Uncle from Another World 2nd season anime sequel air date when and content spoilers! How many volumes and from where to where is the continuation?


In this article, I have made a spoiler prediction on when the second season of Uncle from Another World will be aired, if at all, and what the contents of the second season will be in terms of the book!

Although the production company has had the misfortune of having to postpone the broadcast due to the Corona virus, it is a reverse other world anime with a strong comedic flavor that you will not get tired of watching, and we hope that those who are interested will read this article.

|What is the first anime season of “Uncle from Another World” about and how far is the manga?

This is the first season of Uncle from Another World, and currently four episodes have been aired. Comparing the progress of the anime with the original work, the four episodes of the anime that have aired to date have drawn up to the second volume of the original work.

Since Sawae is listed as an official character in the anime, and she first appears in volume 5 of the original, she meets Alicia, Edgar, and Raiga, who are depicted in volumes 3 and 4 of the original, erases their memories (since they know that she destroyed the warding), and explores the dungeon with them.

The story will be aired from episode 5 to 8 of the anime in this order: Hagen Regfalgen, the head of a merchant association who is trying to make connections by threatening the elves who had put a spell on him and borrowed money as collateral, and Doldor, a gigant hunter who had come to kill the dragon, and they fight off their differences.

Sawae will make her first appearance in episode 9 of the anime and visit Takafumi’s home to bring back her friend Fujimiya, and will be stopped when she tries to erase her memory after being seen by the magician. The story will be set in “Purgatory no Yu,” a hot spring inn built by a transferee from the past. Since the story set in “Purgatory no Yu” has been developed right up to the end of the 5th volume of the original work, it is thought that the first season will end with “Purgatory no Yu”.

|Broadcast date for the second anime season of “Uncle from Another World” and plans for the sequel

I know many of you are wondering, will Uncle from Another World air a second season? If we only look at the current situation where the first season is airing to rave reviews, I am thinking that there will not be a second season for a while (at least a couple of years).
Of course, if the anime is finished airing and the video distribution sites and disc sales are still good, I think it will be produced. However, considering that Sawae has been cast as a character in the first season, and that at least up to volume 5 of the original work will be aired, it will be difficult to get the original work published immediately until volume 10 or 11 is published.
Since the original work is published in 6 to 8 months, it will be 2 or 3 years after the first season finishes airing.

|If the second anime season of “Uncle from Another World” is broadcast, how many volumes of the manga and the original stock.

Assuming that a second season is decided to be aired, it will probably be up to the currently published volume 7, and later on to volumes 8, 9, and 10.
If the first season airs up to volume 5, then even taking into account a slight gap, I think that volumes 9 and 10 will be made into the second anime season.

If the first season airs up to volume 5, the stock would be only 2 volumes. If the second season is to be animated with 12 episodes, there is a clear lack of stock…

|Highlights and characters from the second season of the “Uncle from Another World” anime

The contents that will be aired in the second season, in no small part, include the confession to Alicia of the fact that she exercised memory erasure twice and promised not to do so in the future, and the discovery of the uncle’s real name and the real name of the elf who is following him as they introduce themselves to each other.

The highlights of the story include the uncle’s tsundere behavior until he nicknames Midori, his victory over the power of the raging god in cooperation with Alicia, Mabel, Midori, and others, and the struggle of Alicia and the others to get back the uncle who was imprisoned on suspicion of being an orc.

The story will be aired in the second season and will include Reagen, Doldor and others. The story will be aired in the second season.

|Spoiler prediction for the second anime season of Uncle from Another World

It will be definite up to the original volume 7, which is currently being drawn, and the storyline in which Regen and Doldor appear. After that, I expect that the story will follow the process of Uncle’s return to modern Japan and the story that follows those who have been transferred just like Uncle.

I think that Sawae, who is worried about Fujimiya, will learn the fact that Uncle can exercise magic upon his return to another world, and that Sawae will join Uncle in his appreciation of life in another world. Fujimiya was originally worried about Takafumi, too, but they are appreciating it together, and it seems likely that they will be appreciating it in the future by joining the circle.

The story is developed with a strong comedic element as they trace the person who created the hot spring in Purgatory or the Ice Clan, confirm the fact that such a person has returned and search for a way to return, and there is also a scene where an uncle who is not good at romantic feelings or interpersonal relationships gets into a good mood with Midori. I expect that the relationship between the two will become closer.


How about the first season of “Uncle from Another World”, whether or not there will be a second season, and what are your expectations for the contents of the second season? Many of you may be disappointed that the stock of the original work is so small that even if a second season is confirmed, it will probably be a long time in the future.
The first season of the show has a great story and a lot of laughs, so I am sure that the second season will be decided as soon as the stock of the original is accumulated.
I think that the work has become more interesting since the battle with the dragon in the latter half of the fourth volume of the original work. I think that the first season will end with a lot of mysteries, such as how he returned to Japan, his future with Midori, and other transferees, so I hope for a second season, even if there is a gap in time.

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