What is the release date of the Haikyuu the Movie! !!!FINAL Diptych (5th season anime movie) release date when and how many volumes and episodes from where to where? Will it last?


In this issue, we discuss the movie version of “Haikyuu! FINAL”, which was released at an event held on August 13. Haikyuu has already been completed, but this article will focus on the part of the story that is depicted in the original work, and whether it will be developed to its conclusion as in the original work! If you are interested, please read this article.

|When and when will the “Haikyuu!!!” theatrical version be released? FINAL” two-parter release date and when?

Just a few days ago, the production of a two-part theatrical version was announced, and the kick-off event will be held in August 2023.

Although detailed information about the first and second half of August has not been released, if it is the first half (the first week), a part of the film will be released in the following two weeks.

As for the second part, we think that the first part will be released during the summer vacation season and the second part during the winter vacation season, a schedule that will make it easier for students and working people to visit movie theaters.

HIQ is a youthful sports anime about high school students, and is very popular among students from elementary and junior high school to high school and university students, as well as working adults who were students when the series was first serialized, so we think that the movie will be released during the summer and winter vacation seasons.

|Will the theatrical version of “Haikyuu! FINAL” to the end of the manga?

Comparing the progress up to the 25th episode of the 4th season with the original manga, the anime adaptation has reached up to the 33rd volume of the original manga (Inarizaki High School battle). Looking at the released advance footage, the scene of the confrontation with Otogoma High School and the final high school showdown, the battle against Ogurai High School and Korai Hoshikai, who belongs to Ogurai High School, were depicted in the original story, just like after the main character Hinata’s graduation.

In the original work, Haikyuu is not complete in the high school confrontation part, but from the fact that the title of the movie version is “FINAL,” the fact that it is a two-part story, and the cut-in content of the preceding video, we believe that the company is not creating an anime after the movie version or a sequel, but is taking a complete stance to bring the story to completion.

|How many volumes, how many episodes, where to start, and where to end for the theatrical version of Haikyuu! FINAL” how many volumes, how many episodes, from where to where?

The advance footage shown at a recent event included cut-ins of the original story up to the vs. Otokoma High School version and vs. Ogutai High School, as well as footage suggesting a future for the main character Hinata, so we believe that the high school version and subsequent story will certainly be included as a full-length movie version until its conclusion.
The fourth season of the anime was drawn up to around 292 or 293 episodes in volume 33. Therefore, the high school version will continue from episode 294 of volume 33 to episode 326 of volume 37, and the high school version will continue from episode 338 of volume 38 to episode 369 of volume 42.

The beach volleyball training is from episode 370 of volume 42 to episode 377 of volume 43, and the V League version is from episode 380 of volume 43 to the final episode 402 of volume 45, which completes Haikyuu.

Since it is a two-part story, we will discuss later where the story begins and ends, but volume 33, episode 294 to volume 45, episode 402 are the two parts of the movie version of “Haikyuu! FINAL” is the content of the two-part movie.


We have made some predictions about the contents of the theatrical version of “Haikyuu! FINAL”, whether the story up to its conclusion will be depicted, and what form the story up to its conclusion will take when it is divided into two parts.

The announcement of the production of the movie version, which hints at the conclusion of the story two years after the end of the fourth season, was great news for fans who are anxious to see the sequel. The timing of the kick-off event has been disclosed, and the release of the theater version after the event is a reality, so let’s wait in anticipation!

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