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This is a summary of the anime “Lycoris Recoil,” which depicts the battles of the girls called Lycoris Recoil. The following is a list of Lycoris Recoil. We will also introduce the reasons why Lycoris Recoil is said to be interesting, as well as the ratings and opinions of anime viewers. In addition, the ending of the story will be discussed.

What is Lycoris Recoil?

Lycoris Recoil Overview

Before we discuss synopsis spoilers and character actions, let’s start with some basic information about Lycoris Recoil, an original anime that has been airing since July 2022 and is also being serialized as a manga in Comic Flapper. Character designs are by manga artist and illustrator Imigimuru.

Lycoris Recoil Supervision

The director of the anime “Lycoris Recoil” is Shingo Adachi. Shingo Adachi is an animation director and animator who has been active since the 1990s, and it seems that he first took charge of animation in “Mobile Battleship Nadeshiko”. He has also worked on “Galileadonna” and “Sword Art Online” and is married to animator Haruko Iizuka in his private life. The animation “Lycoris Recoil” seems to be his first work as a director.

Lycoris Recoil Spoilers.

Here is the synopsis of the anime “Lycoris Recoil” with spoilers. It seems that many anime fans have rated “Lycoris Recoil” as interesting. The smiling relationship between Chisoku Nishiki and Takina Inoue will also be introduced with spoilers.

Episode 1 Spoilers

The anime “Lycoris Recoil” begins with a scene in which Chisoku Nishiki is summoned by Mika. Japan, a country governed by the rule of law, is known for its lack of danger, but behind the scenes, a group of girls known as “Lycoris” have been keeping Japan safe. In the first episode of the anime, one of the Lycoris is taken hostage by an arms dealer, and Takina Inoue defeats the arms dealer with a machine gun after communication with the command center is cut off.

Takina Inoue used a machine gun to defeat the arms dealer, but was beaten by Fuki Harukawa, who was angry at her for nearly killing a comrade. The commander also believes that Takina Inoue’s actions ruined the operation, and sends her to “Cafe Ricorico”. Takina Inoue then meets Chisoku Nishikiki, who has a cheerful personality unlike Licorice.

Takina Inoue is depressed about being left at “Cafe Ricorico” and wants to return to DA with a successful career. However, because Chisoku Nishikiki was only working “taking care of children,” “teaching Japanese,” and “delivering coffee,” Takina Inoue was puzzled by her job, which did not seem to be licorice. In the meantime, Chisoku Nishikiki and Takina Inoue are overwhelmed by suspicious men when they receive a request from a woman named Saori who is being stalked by a man.

Episode 2 Spoilers.

Episode 2 of the anime “Lycoris Recoil/Ricorico” begins with a scene of Walnut and Robota talking. Walnut, whose whereabouts have been identified, has requested “Cafe Lycorico” to escort him, and Chisoku Nishikiki and Takina Inoue are to escort Walnut. The two were therefore riding in a car driven by Walnut, but Robota’s hacking deprived them of control of the car.

Since the car was being tracked by Robota’s drone, Walnut cut the line and Takina Inoue destroyed the drone, thereby regaining control of the car. The three men also got out of the car and took refuge in a building, but they were attacked by Robota’s fellow men. Nishikiki Chisoku then overpowers the men while performing the divine feat of “dodging bullets”.

Chisoku Nishiki is an overwhelmingly strong licorice, but she had a desire not to kill people. Therefore, she treats a man who has been shot by Takina Inoue, and the man who is treated decides to abort the mission. In the meantime, Walnut, who was wearing a stuffed animal, was shot, but since the stuffed animal was “Mizuki Nakahara, who was wearing a bulletproof vest,” Walnut/Kurumi, who was made to look dead, was sheltered at “Cafe Ricorico”.

Episode 3 Spoilers.

In episode 3 of the “Lycoris Recoil/Ricorico” anime, Chisoku Nishikiki and Takina Inoue visit the DA. Lycoris conducts regular physical checkups and physical fitness tests, but Chisoku Nishikiki had been avoiding them because “going deep into the mountains is a hassle. However, Mika told her to go because it was the last day, and Takina Inoue, who heard the conversation, also decided to go to the DA to appeal directly to the commander for her reinstatement.

There was a rumor among the Licorice that Takina Inoue had almost killed one of their friends, and when she visited the DA, she was sarcastic. Also, Chisoku Nishikiki meets Fuki Harukawa again at the physical fitness test, and Fuki Harukawa asks Chisoku Nishikiki about Takina Inoue. Chisoku Nishikiki then asks the commander to “reinstate” Takina Inoue, but the commander refuses on the grounds that it is a violation of his orders.

Since the partnership between Takina Inoue and Fuki Harukawa was dissolved, “Otome Sakura” became Fuki Harukawa’s new partner. Otome Sakura provoked Takina Inoue, who was training with her, and when Chisoku Nishikiki heard the provocation, she became angry and they decided to face each other as a pair. However, Takina Inoue could not accept her situation and fled the scene.

Chisoku Nishikiki and Fuki Harukawa/Otome Sakura decided to face off, and Chisoku Nishikiki was able to overpower them both with her superhuman abilities. In the midst of all this, Takina Inoue, who had made up her mind to fight, entered the battle, beating up and shooting bullets at Fuki Harukawa. And Takina Inoue is smiling for the first time, sending a message that she will join the game at Cafe Rico Rico when she returns.

Episode 4 Spoilers.

Episode 4 of the anime “Lycoris Recoil/Ricorico” features a “holiday episode between Chisoku Nishikiki and Takina Inoue. Chisoku Nishikiki and Kurumi are playing an online game, and Chisoku Nishikiki is battling Takina Inoue for losing to her opponent. Then, it turns out that Takina Inoue is wearing “men’s underwear” because of her acrobatic moves, so Chisoku Nishikiki takes Takina Inoue out shopping to buy some girly underwear.

Takina Inoue is not too keen on having fun on her day off, but when Chisoku Nishikiki helps her pick out some clothes, she is not too happy about it. Also, Takina Inoue was not sure which underwear to choose, so she had an embarrassing moment in the locker room when Chisoku Nishikiki showed her her underwear. And with the shopping done, the two visit a cafe and an aquarium.

Chisoku Nishikiki and Takina Inoue were enjoying the aquarium. In the midst of all this, Nishikiki Chisoku is talking about the “Alan Agency” and shows a forlorn look on her face as she wants to thank the person who saved her. This made Takina Inoue turn red in the face and say “Sakana-“, which cheered up Chisoku Nishikiki. We had such a pleasant holiday, but at the end of the day, a man named “Majima” caused a shooting and explosion on the subway.

Episode 5 Spoilers.

Episode 5 of the anime “Lycoris Recoil/Ricorico” features an “escort episode for a man named Matsushita. Matsushita, who does not have long to live, wants to “go sightseeing in Tokyo,” and the members of “Cafe Lycorico” decide to escort Matsushita. Also, in a conversation between Matsushita and Chisoku Nishiki, it is revealed that “all of Chisoku Nishiki’s heart is a machine.

Matsushita’s tour of Tokyo was going well, but on the way, it was revealed that an assassin named “Jin” was after Matsushita’s life. Jin is a dangerous assassin who used to work for the same company as Mika in the past, and the team at Cafe Rico Rico decides to “blame Matsushita and strike from here. Therefore, Mizuki Nakahara rushes to the scene, but encounters Jin on the way and is detained.

Jin was aiming his gun at Matsushita from a height, but Takina Inoue jumped on him just in time. Takina Inoue was also in a tight spot, but Chisoku Nishikiki, who came to support her, put a bullet in Jin’s abdomen. And although they succeeded in defeating Jin, the mystery remains at the end: “Matsushita is a fake drug addict who escaped from the hospital.

Episode 6 Spoilers.

Episode 6 of the anime “Lycoris Recoil/Ricorico” features an episode in which Lycoris is attacked by Majima. Takina Inoue decides to live in Chisoku Nishikiki’s house until her safety is secured, and the two begin living together. In order to share the household chores equally, Takina played rock-paper-scissors-scissors with Chisoku Nishikigami, but Chisoku Nishikigami read her “muscle movements” and lost all the rock-paper-scissors games.

Chisoku Nishiki was attacked by Majima when he was out on a delivery. At that time, he fought back by pretending to be hit by a car, but his vision was blocked by Majima’s blood. This put Chisoku Nishikiki in a tight spot, but Takina Inoue saved her life just in time. The other members of the team also rushed to the scene and succeeded in escaping, and Majima was blown up by a rocket launcher fired by one of his allies.

Episode 7 Spoilers

Episode 7 of the anime “Lycoris Recoil/Ricorico” features an “Investigating Mika” episode. Chisoku Nishikiki, who has superhuman vision, reads a message on Mika’s phone that says “I want to talk about Chisoku,” and this curiosity leads her to infiltrate Mika’s favorite BAR.

Chisoku Nishiki has infiltrated the BAR with Takina Inoue, and Shinji Yoshimatsu is seen in the restaurant. Thinking that “love comes in different forms for different people,” Nishikiki Chisoku decides to leave, but he learns that “Shinji Yoshimatsu is a member of the Alan Agency. So, Chisoku thanks Yoshimatsu Shinji, but Yoshimatsu Shinji shows no interest in her, and there is a sense of disquiet because Mika has kept the truth from her.

Episode 8 Spoilers.

Episode 8 of the anime “Lycoris Recoil/Ricorico” depicts the “Rebuilding Episode of Cafe Ricorico”. Cafe Lycorico had been supported by the DA, but it was still in the red due to inadequate management. Takina Inoue takes the lead in rebuilding the business, and the innovative parfait that she invents becomes a big hit.

Discussion of Lycoris Recoil’s anime highlights.

After looking at the director’s profile and synopsis spoilers, we will discuss why the anime “Lycoris Recoil/Lycorico” is so interesting. We will also discuss the highlights of “Lycoris Recoil” and spoil the cool action.

Highlights (1) Unrealistic girls

Lycoris” in the anime “Lycoris Recoil” is said to be interesting because of its unrealistic setting due to its high combat capability. Also, Lycoris is composed of “an orphan girl protected by DA,” but since DA is not determined to be absolutely righteous, there seems to be a consideration that “DA has a back face. Therefore, there seems to be a consideration that “Licorice is not an orphan, but a being whose parents were killed by DA.

Highlights (2) Action Scenes

The anime “Lycoris Recoil” features cute female characters, but the action scenes are unimaginable for such female characters. The main character, Chisoku Nishiki, has a superhuman ability to “avoid bullets” and shows invincible strength in close combat, and such action scenes are said to be the reason why the work is so interesting.

List of characters and characters from Lycoris Recoil

After learning about the interesting attractions and synopsis spoilers, we will list the characters in the anime “Lycoris Recoil/Lycorico”. We will discuss the characters’ profiles, identities, and purposes. The unique characters in the anime “Lycoris Recoil” seem to be an interesting attraction.

Character 1:Chishu Nishiki

Chisoku Nishiki is the main character in this work, with a distinctive bob cut and red ribbon. She has inhuman vision and insight, and shows a divine skill of “avoiding bullets” in battle. She also avoids “killing people” and uses “non-lethal bullets” in battle. She is usually cheerful and innocent, and she and Takina Inoue are like best friends.

Although Chisoku Nishikiki has a bright and innocent personality, she is depicted as a killing machine in her childhood reminiscences, which leads some to believe that she was ruthless in the past. It is also known that he has been a licorice since he was 7 years old and was active in the radio tower case. Chisoku Nishiki uses non-lethal bullets because “it doesn’t feel good to take another person’s life,” but it is also considered that she has killed someone important to her in the past.

Character 2: Takina Inoue

Takina Inoue is the main character in this work. She is sent to Café Rico Rico because of a blunder in an assignment early in the story. Although she was initially portrayed as lacking in emotional expression, she began to smile after spending time with Nishikiki Chisoku and other members of the store. He is a skilled gunner with a hundred shots, and has been active in rebuilding the store, which had been losing money.

Character 3: Mizuki Nakahara

Mizuki Nakahara is a clerk at Cafe Rico Rico and is 27 years old. She was a member of the DA’s information department before the main story began, and seems to have known Chisoku Nishikiki for a long time. She seems to have a strong desire to get married and is usually conspicuous in her words and actions in seeking encounters.

Character 4: Kurumi

Kurumi is a character with blond hair and a petite figure, and her real name is “Walnut,” a hacker. It has been considered that Kurumi is not his real name either, because when asked for his name, he says “Kurumi,” which is the Japanese translation of Walnut. Also, although he looks like an elementary school student, Walnut has been known for more than 30 years, so it is possible that Kurumi is an adult.

Character 5: Mika

Mika is the manager of Cafe Rico Rico and is 48 years old. She was a DA training instructor before the main story begins and is like a father figure to the orphaned Chisoku Nishiki. She has a calm and gentle personality, but because she is depicted as pondering about Shinji Yoshimatsu and the Allan Agency, it is thought that she knows the organization’s backstage face.

Character 6: Fuki Harukawa

Fuki Harukawa is a “First Licorice” like Chisoku Nishiki and is 17 years old. She beat up Takina Inoue, who almost killed her friends, but was shown to care about Takina Inoue in the physical fitness test episode. It is also known that he has special feelings for Mika.

Character 7: Shinji Yoshimatsu

Shinji Yoshimatsu is a member of the Alan Agency, usually posing as a businessman in an ordinary company. He is the one who supported the orphaned Chisoku Nishikiki, but he does not reveal his true identity by regulation. He also believes that Nishikiki Chisoku’s “talent for killing” should be utilized.

Character 8: Otome Sakura

Sakura Otome is a “second licorice” and is 15 years old. She has a belligerent personality and is depicted provoking Chisoku Nishikiki and Takina Inoue. She has the same rank as Takina Inoue, but Takina Inoue seems to be superior in ability.

Character 9: Kusunoki

Kusunoki is the DA’s commander, a female character with distinctive red hair. She admires Chisoku Nishiki’s ability, but at the same time, she thinks that he has a difficult personality. This is a very interesting point.

Character 10: Majima

Majima is a terrorist who attacked the subway system, in which he blew up the subway and took the lives of many licorice. He was also involved in a past radio tower incident, where he witnessed the overwhelmingly powerful Nishiki Chisoku. As of episode 8 of the anime, his detailed purpose is unknown, but since he shows an unusual obsession with “achieving balance,” it is thought that he is trying to equalize the balance in Japan by destroying the DA.

As of episode 8, Majima’s true identity is unknown, but since he and Chisoku Nishikiki are shown to share the same interests, it has been suggested that “Chisoku Nishikiki and Majima” are brother and sister. Also, although Majima has an extraordinary sense of hearing, his true ability is not hearing, as he shows a divine technique of “placing a slanted smartphone on the railing.

Character 11: Robota

Robota is a terrific hacker and a character who wears a robot like a toy. He sees Kurumi as his rival, but Kurumi seems to be a better hacker. He also supports Majima at his request, but he is almost killed for his lack of success.

List of anime voice actors for Lycoris Recoil characters

After learning about synopsis spoilers and character information, we will list the voice actors who appear in the anime “Lycoris Recoil/Lycorico”. We will summarize the voice actors’ profiles and biographies, as well as the works they have appeared in in the past. The anime “Lycoris Recoil” is said to be well acted by the voice actors.

Chisho Nishiki / Chika Anzai

The voice of Chisoku Nishiki in the anime “Lycoris Recoil” is voiced by voice actress Chika Anzai. Chika Anzai has been active in voice acting since the 2000s and has voiced characters in such works as “Chaika the Coffin Princess” and “Sakura Quest.

Played the role of Takina Inoue / Shion Wakayama

The voice of Takina Inoue in the anime “Lycoris Recoil” is voiced by voice actress Shion Wakayama. Utone Wakayama has been a voice actor since 2006 and has voiced characters in such works as “Sayonara me no clamor” and “Asa-chan no Sailor Fuku.

Played the role of Mizuki Nakahara/Ami Shimizu

The voice of Mizuki Nakahara in the anime “Lycoris Recoil” is voiced by voice actress Ami Koshimizu. Ami Koshimizu has been a voice actress since 2003 and has voiced characters in such works as “School Rumble” and “Strike Witches.

Played by Misaki Hisano as Kurumi

The voice of Kurumi in the anime “Lycoris Recoil” is voiced by voice actress Misaki Kuno. Misaki Kuno has been a voice actress since 2003 and has voiced characters in works such as “The Seven Deadly Sins” and “Senki Zesshou Symphogear.

Kosuke Sakaki as Mika

The voice of Mika in the anime “Lycoris Recoil” is voiced by voice actor Kosuke Sakaki. Kosuke Sakaki has voiced characters in such works as “Basilisk: Sakurabana Ninpocho” and “Fuun Ishin Dai☆Shogun.

Maki Kawase as Fuki Harukawa

The voice of Fuki Harukawa in the anime “Lycoris Recoil” is voiced by voice actor Maki Kawase. Maki Kawase has been active in voice acting since the 2010s and has voiced characters in such works as “Zombieland Saga” and “Major Second.

Shinji Yoshimatsu / Yoshiaki Ueda

The voice of Shinji Yoshimatsu in the anime “Lycoris Recoil” is voiced by voice actor Yoshi Ueda. Ueda Yoshi has been active as a voice actor since 2001, and has voiced characters in works such as “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure,” “Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.” He has voiced characters in works such as

Makoto Koichi as Sakura Otome

The voice of Otome Sakura in the anime “Lycoris Recoil” is voiced by voice actor Makoto Koichi. Makoto Koichi has been a voice actor since 2014 and has voiced characters in works such as “Radian” and “Egaonodaika.”

Actress Yoko Sawaumi as Kusunoki

The voice of Kusunoki in the anime “Lycoris Recoil” is voiced by voice actress Yoko Sawaumi. Yoko Sawaumi has been active in voice acting since the 1990s and has voiced characters in films such as “Oedo Rocket” and “Shaman King.

Makashima Yakuza/Chen Matsuoka

The voice of Majima in the anime “Lycoris Recoil” is voiced by voice actor Sadajo Matsuoka. Sadayuki Matsuoka has been active as a voice actor since 2009, and has voiced characters in such works as “A Love Comedy in which a childhood friend never loses” and “Sword Art Online.

Yuuki Sakakibara as Robota

The voice of Robota in the anime “Lycoris Recoil” is voiced by voice actor Yuki Sakakibara. Yuki Sakakibara is a voice actor who has been active since 2018 and has voiced characters in works such as “Prince Genius’s Deficit State Revival Technique” and “Orient”.

Spoiler alert for Lycoris Recoil terms.

After learning about the synopsis spoilers, characters, and voice actors, we will introduce the terms of the anime “Lycoris Recoil/Ricorico”. Information about the coffee shop where Chisoku Nishiki and Takina Inoue work and why the girls are fighting will be explained with spoilers.

Terminology 1 DA

DA is a “security organization” that prevents terrorism and crime, and its official name is Direct Attack. As a national public organization, it cooperates with the government, but has more power than the police. In addition, the public does not know about the existence of the DA because information is falsified when incidents occur. The headquarters seems to be located far from the city center, where many licorice live.

Terminology 2 Coffee shop ricorico

Cafe Ricorico is a coffee shop where Chisoku Nishiki and Takina Inoue work. Although it is nominally a “branch of the DA,” it has the authority to operate independently and seems to regularly escort civilians. Although it receives support from the DA, it seems to be running in the red because it is run too appropriately.

Terminology 3 Licorice

Licorice is an active duty member of the DA and has a “Murderer’s License” which authorizes her to kill. The uniform that Licorice wears is an urban camouflage uniform, and we know that he cannot use a gun without the uniform. Licorice also seem to have ranks, with the highest rank, Nishiki Chisoku and Harukawa Fuki, wearing red uniforms.

In the Meiji era, there was a security organization called “Yatagarasu,” and “Higanbana,” which is under the organization, seems to be the current licorice. There was also a male organization called “Kimikagekusa,” but its details are currently unknown, leading some to believe that Licorice and Kimikagekusa are enemies. It is also believed that the terrorist Majima is a former member of Kimikagecho.

Terminology 4. Allan Agency

The Alan Agency is a support group operating under the name “Alan Adams” that finds gifted children from the poor and provides them with free assistance. However, since it was discovered that the Alan Agency was involved in the gun trade early in the story, it is considered that the Alan Agency has an underhanded face. The main character, Chisoku Nishiki, has a “machine heart” with the assistance of the Alan Agency and wanted to thank the people who saved him.

There seems to be a consideration that the Alan Agency and DA are connected in Lycoris Recoil; DA says that they are protecting an “orphan girl” and making her into Lycoris, but the consideration is that “the Alan Agency finds a gifted child and DA kills the parents and makes the girl an orphan”. It seems. Therefore, if DA and Alan Agency are evil organizations, there may be no such thing as licorice in the end.

Terminology 5 Radiata

Radiata is an AI installed in DA, whose scientific name is Lycoris radiata, which is the scientific name for higanbana. It is a fairly high-performance AI that can prevent hacking from the outside, but Kurumi easily hacks DA, which shows that he is a hacker not comparable to Robota.

Theme song for Lycoris Recoil

After learning about the synopsis spoilers, characters, and voice actors, we will introduce the theme song of the anime “Lycoris Recoil/Lycorico” Lycoris Recoil is not only popular with viewers for its story, but also for its theme song.

OP theme song of Lycoris Recoil

The OP theme song for the anime “Lycoris Recoil” is “ALIVE” by ClariS, a music unit that has been active since 2009 and has sung theme songs for such works as “Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai”, “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” and “Monogatari Series The members are Clara and Alice. The members are Clara and Alice, who seem to have started their activities on Nico Nico Douga when they were in junior high school.

ED theme song of Lycoris Recoil

The ED theme song for the anime “Lycoris Recoil” is “Flower Tower” by Sayuri. Sayuri is a singer-songwriter who has been active since 2010 and has sung theme songs for such works as “My Hero Academia,” “Kuzu no Honkai,” and “Golden Kamui. Originally a two-person unit, they dropped out of high school when they started their band activities.

Comments and Ratings on Lycoris Recoil

After learning about the characters, voice actors, and theme song, we will summarize impressions and evaluations about the anime “Lycoris Recoil/Lycorico” Since Lycoris Recoil is a very popular topic, various impressions and evaluations have been raised by the viewers. We will summarize the impressions and evaluations about the story and characters introduced in this article.

Comments/ratings: ricorico is hilarious!!!

The anime viewers seem to have commented that “Lycoris Recoil is interesting”. This seems to have led to its high evaluation.

Comments and Ratings: ricorico has adorable characters!

Anime viewers seem to have commented and evaluated Lycoris Recoil by saying that the characters are cute. Since unique and good-looking Lycoris appear in the work, that seems to be the reason why the characters are said to be cute. Also, “Sakana-” said by Takina Inoue when she encourages Chisoku Nishikiki seems to be a topic of conversation among viewers.

Lycoris Recoil has not only cute characters, but also “cool action scenes,” according to the feedback and evaluations. In particular, the dynamic action scenes of Chisoku Nishikiki, who has high physical ability, seem to have been evaluated as cool. Also, since “Chisoku Nishikiki is good at close combat” and “Takina Inoue is good at shooting,” there are comments and evaluations that the duo of the two is the strongest.

Comments and Ratings: I hope they produce a second season of the cartoon!

As of August 2022, “Lycoris Recoil” is still on the air, but there are already comments and evaluations asking for a second anime season to be produced. Also, since it is difficult to delve into all the characters in 13 episodes, there are comments and evaluations that they would like a movie version or OVA to be produced. The project is already under consideration for a sequel.

Summary of Lycoris Recoil

This article introduces the synopsis, impressions, and evaluation of the anime “Lycoris Recoil”. If you have never seen Lycoris Recoil, please take a look at the synopsis, impressions, and evaluation in this article.

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