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The popular manga “SPY x FAMILY” is expanding into a variety of media, including animated cartoons and musicals. In “SPY x FAMILY,” Walter Evans, who appears in Anya Forger’s Eden School, has become a topic of conversation. What kind of teacher is Walter Evans? In this issue, we will introduce the activities of Walter Evans in “SPY x FAMILY,” as well as his anime voice actor.

Walter Evans is a mild-mannered Eden School teacher.

The Eden School, where Anya Forger, a major character in “SPY x FAMILY,” attends, has a variety of teachers, but one of the most warm-hearted teachers is Walter Evans.

What kind of person is Walter Evans in “SPY x FAMILY”? First, let’s check out some information about “SPY x FAMILY” and Walter Evans’ profile.

SPY×FAMILY Film Information

SPY x FAMILY Overview

SPY×FAMILY” is a manga that has been distributed by Shueisha since September 2014 and is still being serialized every other Monday since March 2019 in the Weekly Shonen Jump application and website Shonen Jump+. The author is Tatsuya Endo, and “SPY x FAMILY” is Endo Tatsuya’s third serialized work.

SPY×FAMILY” is the first manga in the history of Shonen Jump+ to receive more than 2,000 comments in a single episode, and the total number of views exceeded 3 million by the time the fifth episode was published, and is considered a signature work of Shonen Jump+. Since “SPY x FAMILY” is such a work, the first volume went into overprint immediately after its release and sold more than 300,000 copies in 22 days.

A musical is scheduled to be staged in 2023, and “SPY x FAMILY” is expanding into a variety of media. The historical background of “SPY x FAMILY” is set in a fictional country divided into East and West: East (official name: Eastern People’s Republic, known as “Ostania”) and West (official name: Unannounced, known as “Westeris”).

These two countries are in a state of conflict or cooperation, and the setting of “SPY x FAMILY” may remind many people of modern Germany, which was divided into East and West. The capital of the eastern country, “Berlindt,” sounds reminiscent of “Berlin,” and the backgrounds that appear in the work are similar to German cityscapes.

SPY x FAMILY Synopsis

More than ten years have passed since the Iron Curtain fell between East and West, and a tentative peace has been established between the neighboring East (officially known as the People’s Republic of the East) (Ostania) and the West (Westeris). In this situation, Dusk, a skilled spy sent from the West to the East, is ordered to create a fake family and enroll his adopted son in the prestigious Eden School, where Desmond’s son attends, in order to gain access to Donovan Desmond, a politician in the East, through Operation “Owl” (Strix).
This is the beginning of a “temporary family” of three strangers, a spy man named “Tasogare,” an assassin woman named “Ibarahime,” and a psychic girl named “Test Subject 007,” who struggle with daily troubles in order to live a “normal everyday life as a family.

Profile of Walter Evans

Walter Evans is a 59-year-old male teacher at Anya Forger’s Eden School. He is a veteran teacher and holds the special position of “housemaster” for his achievements and personality. Housemasters are responsible for the dormitories in which some of the students live.

Walter Evans is the housemaster of Malcolm’s fifth dormitory. His subject is Japanese. He has a warm and sincere personality and is trusted by students and parents alike, and is described as a “nice person” by Anya Forger.

Spoil Walter Evans’ interview scenes and activities.

Walter Evans, a teacher at the Eden School where Anya Forger attends. What are the scenes and activities of Walter Evans’ interview with Anya Forger? Next, let’s check out the spoilers for the interview scene and activities of Walter Evans in “SPY x FAMILY” to Anya Forger.

Activity 1) Worked as a teacher at Eden School for many years.

The first spoiler to Walter Evans’ interview scene and activities in SPY x FAMILY is “Working as a Teacher at the Eden School for Many Years”. Walter Evans has worked as a language teacher at the Eden School for many years. Kind and mild-mannered, Walter Evans is trusted by students and parents alike, and later became responsible enough to be given the position of housemaster (housemaster) of Dormitory 5, Markham.

Activity 2) Interviews at Eden School

The second spoiler for Walter Evans’ interview scenes and activities in SPY x FAMILY is the Eden School interview exam. Walter Evans, along with Henry Henderson and Murdoch Swann, was the test administrator for the Eden School’s freshman interview exam. He was also the interview examiner for the interview exam taken by Anya Forger.

Murdoch Swann, who had run away from his wife in his private life, was using harassing questions at the interviews to vent his sorrows, and he asked Anya Forger a question like, “Who do you like better, your current mother or your former mother? In doing so, Walter Evans was softly trying to stop Murdock Swann.

List of characters related to Walter Evans

In “SPY x FAMILY,” Walter Evans and many other fascinating characters appear. So, what characters are related to Walter Evans? Let’s take a look at the list of characters related to Walter Evans in “SPY x FAMILY”.

List of characters (1) Lloyd Forger

The first character on the list of characters related to Walter Evans in the anime “SPY x FAMILY” is “Lloyd Forger”. Lloyd Forger is a talented spy for the Western Organization WISE, whose code name is “Twilight”. In addition to being good at disguise, Lloyd Forger has extraordinary combat, memory, and information processing abilities, and uses a variety of faces and names for each mission.

List of characters (2) Yol Forger

The second character on the list of characters related to Walter Evans in the anime SPY x FAMILY is Yol Forger. Yol Forger is a female clerk at the Berlint City Hall who goes by the code name “Thorn Princess”. However, her secret face is that she is a very skilled assassin. She is married to Lloyd Forger and is Anya Forger’s mother-in-law. She is used to cleaning up after assassinations and is good at cleaning, but she is not very good at other household chores.

List of characters (3) Anya Forger

The third character on the list of characters related to Walter Evans in the anime “SPY x FAMILY” is Anya Forger. Anya Forger is a girl who was created as “Subject 007,” an experimental subject of an organization. She has psychic and telepathic abilities to read other people’s minds, and can see and hear images of other people’s thoughts and the voices of their minds. She is estimated to be 4 or 5 years old, but calls herself 6 in order to meet the requirements for admission to the Eden School.

List of characters (4) Murdoch Swan

The fourth character on the list of characters related to Walter Evans in the anime SPY x FAMILY is Murdoch Swan. Murdoch Swan is the only son of the previous principal of Eden School and a 47-year-old male teacher. He is a villain who wears his father’s prestige on his shoulders. His bad character has caused his wife and daughter to run away from him, and he uses harassing questions at job interviews to vent his sorrows.

Murdoch Swan’s insensitive questions at the Forger interview made Anya Forger cry and infuriated Lloyd and Yol Forger so much that they asked him to leave the Eden School, but Murdoch Swan himself spat, “It’s an insult to our school. He himself called it “an insult to our school. Murdoch Swan was punched in the face by Henry Henderson, who said, “Who insulted our school?

List of characters (5) Henry Henderson

The fifth character on the list of characters related to Walter Evans in the anime SPY x FAMILY is Henry Henderson. Henry Henderson is a 66-year-old male teacher at the Eden School, where he is in charge of history.

Henry Henderson places a high value on being elegant, and even his admissions standards require elegance. He has been a member of the Forger family since Anya Forger’s entrance exam and has been a classroom teacher since Anya Forger’s admission.

Walter Evans’ Animated Voice Actor

The first season of the “SPY x FAMILY” anime aired from April to June 2022, and the second season is scheduled to air from October of the same year. What kind of voice actor voiced Walter Evans in the much-talked-about “SPY x FAMILY”?

Next, let’s check out the profile of the voice actor who voiced Walter Evans in “SPY x FAMILY”, his major voice acting credits, and the character he played in detail.

Profile of Hiroshi Ienaka

Hiroshi Yanaka is the animated voice actor for Walter Evans in SPY x FAMILY. Hiroshi Yanaka is an actor, voice actor, and narrator who is currently 64 years old, born on March 10, 1958 in Tokyo, Japan, and belongs to the office theater company Seinenza with blood type A. Hiroshi Ienaka’s wife is Miho Yoshida, a voice actress.

Hiroshi Ienaka’s main films and characters played

Hiroshi Ienaka’s major voice acting credits and the characters he has portrayed include Hayato Honda in “Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Koen Mae Hashutsujo”, Hamster Veil in “Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Koen Mae Hashutsujo”, Grandpa in “Shiroi Suna no Aquatope”, and Bernard Dion in “GARO – GARO: The Mark of Fire”. (Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Koen-senshojo), Grandpa (Shiroi Sands no Aquatope), and Bernard Dion (GARO -Garo-Flame Mark-).

He has also dubbed for John Cusack, Sam Rockwell, Robert Carlyle, Christian Slater, Edward Norton, John Leguizamo, and Ekin Chen.

Comments and Ratings on Walter Evans

Walter Evans appears in “SPY x FAMILY” as a mild-mannered Eden School teacher. What are people’s impressions and evaluations of Walter Evans? Finally, let’s check out what people think and say about Walter Evans in “SPY x FAMILY”.

This one said to Walter Evans in “SPY x FAMILY”, “Dr. Walter Evans is kind, I love him. I love Dr. Henry! LOL,” he tweeted. Many fans said they “like” Walter Evans because of his kindness, but Henry Henderson seemed to be equally popular compared to Walter Evans.

This person tweeted to Walter Evans in “SPY x FAMILY,” “Walter Evans is a very good-looking teacher. There were many readers who felt that Walter Evans was a very good teacher, not only because of his personality, but also because of his mild and gentle appearance.

This one is for Walter Evans in SPY x FAMILY: “Nice of Dr. Evans to respond to Anya so favorably and kindly.” He tweeted. Many readers seemed to be smitten by Walter Evans’ kindness in taking a favorable view of Anya Forger’s answer during the interview.

Walter Evans Summary

How about a summary of Walter Evans in SPY x FAMILY? Walter Evans is a language teacher at Anya Forger’s Eden School and the housemaster of the fifth dormitory, Markham.

Veteran voice actor Hiroshi Ienaka performed the animated voice of Walter Evans, which was well received by readers. Please check out “SPY x FAMILY” featuring Walter Evans, who is supported by students and parents alike for his mild-mannered personality.

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