What is the relationship between the War Devil and Asa Mitaka? A thorough discussion of his abilities and his relationship with the chainsaw man.


This article will predict & explain how Asa Mitaka came to contract with the war demon, and the relationship between the war demon and the chainsaw man!

※This article contains spoilers for “Chainsaw Man,” so please use caution when reading.

|The Rust Boss of “Chainsaw Man” Part 2? Profile of Asa Mitaka

What kind of girl is Asa Mitaka?

Asa Mitaka is a student who lives in a town where the chainsaw man is a devil hunter. She is a girl who is often skeptical of the people in her town and school, saying things like, “This town is rotten,” and “I don’t need friends …… because there is no point in having them.” She has an aversion to demons because demons ate her parents. At first, she thought that the chicken demon, Cockapoo, should “die! She eventually contracts with the war demon. In the end, she makes a contract with a war demon. It is whispered that he may be the last boss of the second part of the series. He is a very important character who is whispered to be the last boss of the second part of the series.

|【Spoiler】How Mitaka Asa became a war demon

I have no friends and long for my classmates.

Asa Mitaka is a female student who has no friends and lives her student life alone. She is always frustrated with her classmates who pass by her, and she feels that they are “in the way” or “dead. The only people she talks to are the chairperson of the committee and her homeroom teacher, Ms. Tanaka, who cares about Asa. One day, she is given a chicken demon “Kokeppi” in her classroom. According to Tanaka-sensei, “After three months, he will eat Kokeppi!” I want her to know the value of life.” Her parents were eaten by the demon, and she was disgusted with Kokeppi, saying that she hoped he would die soon.

It kills the mossy peas.

Three months passed, and the day to kill Kokeppi arrived. However, the chairman of the day committee declares that he will not kill Kokeppi. Everyone in the class agrees with the chairperson, and Kokeppi becomes a member of the class. In a celebratory mood, they all go to play soccer. At that time, Kokeppi calls out to Asa, who was not participating in the soccer game, “Asa Mitaka! Asa Mitaka!” to Asa, who was not participating in the soccer game. Asa is touched that Kokeppi remembers his name and realizes that he has been envious of everyone. Asa runs up to everyone to join them in soccer. However, she falls and crushes Kokeppi to death.

The chairman of the committee is a “demon of justice.”

Asa is depressed because he has killed Kokeppi, and is visited by the committee chairperson and the teacher at his house. To her surprise, she had made a contract with the “demon of justice. According to her, Tanaka-sensei liked Asa while he was in a male-female relationship with the committee chairman and told her to be friends with Asa. Thinking that killing Asa would give her a happy ending with Dr. Tanaka, she cut Asa’s face open. At that moment, a “war demon” in the form of an owl-like bird appeared and spoke to Asa, saying, “If you want to live, I will take your body. At that moment, Asa pulls out Dr. Tanaka’s spinal cord and kills the chairman (demon of justice) with the Tanaka Spinal Cord Sword.

|Demons of war “turn their own things into weapons.”

The war demon’s ability is the ability to “turn what is mine into a weapon”. In the work, he stated, “I have the power to turn mine into weapons,” and “I want to turn as many people as possible into weapons so I can go to war with the chainsaw man.” In fact, the Devil of War turned Dr. Tanaka’s spinal cord into a weapon, the Tanaka Spinal Cord Sword, in episode 1. He also described the demon of justice turning his hand into a hand grenade. Incidentally, according to the Devil of War, “the higher the guilt of the weaponized object, the stronger the weapon. We do not yet know details about its other abilities, but we will introduce them as soon as they are revealed.

|Do the devils of war like Yoshida?

Hirofumi Yoshida reappeared in the second part of the second episode. When Asa is dismayed by the war demon’s remarks, he asks, “Are you all right?” “Do you want me to take you to the infirmary?” He asks Asa, “Are you all right? The demon of war then took over Asa’s body and asked him about the chainsaw man, followed by the shocking words, “Shall I make you my boyfriend?” Asa is surprised by the sudden confession. To Asa’s surprise at the sudden confession, the war demon says, “I have the power to use my own things as weapons. If someone falls in love with me, it means he belongs to me, so I can use Hirofumi as a weapon.” He explains. In other words, the war demon simply wanted more human weapons. It was not love at first sight for him nor did it love him.

|[Consideration #1] Is the Devil of War one of the “Four Knights”?

There are “four knights” in the Chainsaw Man, and it has been discussed by fans that this concept is consistent with the concept of death, war, hunger, and domination in The Four Knights of the Apocalypse. The reason is that Makima had said, “There are many things in this world that would be happier if they were gone, such as death, war, and hunger. This statement suggests that the four knights are the demons of “death,” “war,” “hunger,” and “domination,” and that Makima, the demon of domination, wanted to eliminate the existence of the other three demons. From the above, we can consider that Asa Mitaka, the demon of war who appeared in this issue, is definitely one of the “four knights. How will he be involved with Nayuta, the reincarnation of the demon of domination, in the future? We can’t take our eyes off him!

|[Consideration #2] What is the relationship between war demons and Asa Mitaka?

Summary of “Devils of War” remarks

  1. Demons of war = illusions seen by Asa’s brain.
  2. Asa is dead and the demons of war got his body.
  3. but left half his brain in Asa.
  4. If we don’t obey the demons of war, they will take all of Asa’s brains.
    (Take away all of the brain and Asa really dies.)
  5. Asa cannot hide his thoughts from the demons of war.
  6. When Asa is terribly afraid, the demons of war cannot take over Asa.

The above is a summary of the war demon’s statements in the work. Conclusion, the war demon took over Asa’s body that was dead -> he left half of Asa’s brain because he did not know about human society -> Asa’s ego is probably still there too. Finally, the two men signed an agreement that if they could beat the chainsaw man, they would return his body ⇄ and help him win the chainsaw man. The relationship between the war demon and Asa is a relationship that has never existed between the two characters before, but if we were to give a name to Asa’s existence, “Majin (temporary)” would be a good fit.

|[Consideration #3] War demons and a causal connection to the chainsaw man?

Asa (the demon of war), having defeated the demon of justice, sees the Censorman poster and says, “Wait for me, Censorman…! I’ll make him spit out his nukes…!” He said, “I’ll make him spit out the nukes…! Since Makima made a statement in Part 1 to the effect that nuclear weapons existed and were feared as much as the demon that bears their name, does he mean that he wants to make the nuclear weapon demon that was eaten by Chesorman spit out of Chesorman’s mouth? Perhaps the war demon wants to increase people’s fear of war by resurrecting the nuclear weapon demon = increase the war demon’s capacity. However, since Makima also stated that “I am the only one who can remember those names anymore,” it only adds to the mystery as to why the war demon remembers about nuclear weapons, a concept that has disappeared. In any case, it is believed that the Demon of War will replace the Demon of Domination, which was the last boss of Part 1, as the last boss in Part 2, and will oppose the Chainsaw Man. Stay tuned for more developments!

|Fan feedback and discussion of the first episode of Part 2 of “The Chainsaw Man.”

The first episode of the second part of Chainsaw Man, skips a lot of information from the very beginning. Personally, I like the composition of justice losing the war and the illustration of the “Devil of Justice” as “having multiple faces” and “not being grounded” is sharp.

If it’s based on the four knights of Revelation, then part 1 is the demon of domination, part 2 is the demon of war, part 3 is the demon of hunger, and part 4 is the demon of death…? Dr. Tatsuki, don’t tell me you’re planning to do four parts of Censorman ……?

|Part Two of “The Chainsaw Man” Begins! I’m curious to see what the demons of war are up to.

This article summarizes a new character, Asa Mitaka, a war demon. We look forward to seeing what she will do in the second part of “Censorman. The demon of war is still a mystery to us. How will she be involved in the future? Let’s wait with anticipation!

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