【BLEACH】Wandenreich summary! What are the capabilities of the members of Quincy’s empire?


Wandenreich” in “BLEACH” is an organization of Quincy. It appears in the last chapter of “BLEACH”, “Thousand-Year Blood War”, and its powerful Quincy’s abilities will make the last chapter of “BLEACH” exciting. This article summarizes the members of “Wandenreich” and their abilities.

|What is Wandenreich?

The “Wandenreich” in “BLEACH” attacked the Soul Society to destroy it, and Shinigami/Soul Reaper has a long-standing relationship with the Wandenreich. This article summarizes the basics of “Wandenreich”.

Wandenreich is a Quincy collective organization

The “Wandenreich” in “BLEACH” is a group of human “Quincy” who collect and manipulate Reiryoku to fight against each other.

The last enemy of Shinigami/Soul Reaper including Ichigo Kurosaki?

The “Thousand-Year Blood War” in which “Wandenreich” appears is the final chapter of “BLEACH”. It is the last battle of Ichigo Kurosaki, who has fought “Hollow”, “Gotei 13”, “Arrancar” and “Fullbring”, and all the mysteries will be revealed.

Without Sternritter, Wandenreich would not be what it is today.

Wandenreich” features a number of powerful Quincy. Among them, the elite called “Sternritter” were so strong that they could overwhelm Shinigami/Soul Reaper’s captains and vice captains, and Shinigami/Soul Reaper had to fight a hard battle.

What is Sternritter?

Sternritter is the name of Quincy’s elite unit in “Wandenreich”.

An elite unit composed of dozens of people

The members of Sternritter have been given different alphabetical abilities by Yhwach, the king of “Wandenreich”.

|Wandenreich “Sternritter” members [key figures].

The Sternritter in “Wandenreich” are all powerful, but there is a pecking order among them. In this article, we will introduce some of the main characters in the Sternritter.

Sternritter member: Yhwach

Yhwach in “BLEACH” is the leader of the “Wandenreich.” Here we introduce Yhwach, the last enemy of “BLEACH”.

Who is Yhwach?

Yhwach is the leader of the “Wandenreich” who appears in the final chapter of “Bleach”, “Thousand-Year Blood War”. He is the founder of Quincy, and is called “His Majesty” under Sternritter, to whom he gave his soul.

Yhwach Specific Capabilities

Yhwach, King of Wandenreich, has the ability “The Almighty”, with an “A” for Schrift, the ability to see and know everything in the future. All the powers he knows can be nullified by this ability. It is one of the strongest abilities in “BLEACH.

Yhwach battle scene

Yhwach has been victorious in battle against the powerful Shinigami/Soul Reaper. In his first appearance, Yhwach and his close associate Hashwald were watching from the sidelines when Zaraki Kenpachi, one of the Shinigami/Soul Reaper camp’s leading forces, attacked them and overwhelmed them. Later, he shot down his nemesis, Yamamoto Genryusai, the commander of Gotei 13, inflicting a major blow to Soul Society. At the end of the game, they defeated ichibē Hyōsube of the Zero Division and finally won the battle against Yhwach by fighting in collusion with Ichigo Kurosaki, the main character of “Bleach” and all the other members.

Sternritter member: Uryu Ishida

Uryu Ishida is a member of the Sternritter of Wandenreich, which appeared in the final chapter of “Bleach”, “Thousand-Year Blood War”. Here we introduce Uryu Ishida, who is also a close friend of Ichigo Kurosaki.

Who is Uryu Ishida

Uryu Ishida in “BLEACH” is a high school student who attends the same high school as Ichigo Kurosaki, a survivor of Quincy. Early in the story, he joins Ichigo in going to the Soul Society to save Shinigami/Soul Reaper Kuchiki Rukia, who is originally an enemy of Ichigo’s. In “Thousand-Year Blood War,” he joins the Sternritter and the Soul Reaper. In “Thousand-Year Blood War,” he becomes a Sternritter and Yhwach’s successor.

Uryu Ishida’s unique abilities

Uryu Ishida’s unique ability is “Antithesis,” a Schrift given by Yhwach with the same “A” as Yhwach. The Schrift given by Yhwach is the same “A” as Yhwach’s. It is an ability to “reverse” an event that has “already happened” between two points that you specify. Huschwald described it as a power that could compete with Yhwach’s “The Almighty”.

Sternritter Member: Jugram Haschwalth

Jugram Haschwalth is a member of Sternritter in “Wandenreich”. Here we introduce Jugram Haschwalth, Assistant to the Emperor of Sternritter.

Who is Jugram Haschwalth?

Jugram Haschwalth in “Bleach” is the Assistant to the Emperor of Wandenreich, known as the Sternritter Grandmaster, and is given the Mask of the Ruler by Yhwach, which allows him to assume power on Yhwach’s behalf at night when he sleeps. Yhwach is given the “Mask of Ruler” by Yhwach and can assume power on his behalf at night when he sleeps.

Jugram Haschwalth’s inherent capabilities

Jugram Haschwalth’s unique ability is “The Balance,” a Schrift given to Yhwach with a “B,” the ability to share the bad luck that occurs in the world at range with the lucky ones.

|Wandenreich “Sternritter” member [SS].

The “Wandenreich” Sternritter members include the SS (Schutzstaffel), or Quincy, who are allowed to accompany Yhwach and are inspired by the “wars of the ages”. Here we introduce you to the four quincy members of the SS Yhwach.

Sternritter member: Pernida Parnkgjas

The first Yhwach SS (Shushetz Taffel) will introduce Pernida Parnkgjas.

Who is Pernida Parnkgjas?

Pernida Parnkgjas in “Bleach” is a member of the Yhwach SS. Her appearance is shrouded in mystery, as she wears a hooded coat specially designed for the SS and hides her face. Her true identity is an arm with a huge single eye in the center of its palm, which is called Reio’s left arm.

Pernida Parnkgjas unique ability

Pernida Parnkgjas’ unique ability is “The Compulsory,” with a “C” for Schrift, the ability to make her own nerves erode into the interior of an object, transforming it at will as if it were part of her own body. Quincy is the rare Sternritter who is not empowered by Yhwach.

Sternritter member: Gerard Valkyrie

The second Yhwach SS will be about Gerard Valkyrie.

Who is Gerard Valkyrie?

Gerard Valkyrie in “Bleach” is a member of Yhwach’s SS. He wears a feathered mask and carries a shield and sword like a gladiator, but his true identity was rumored to be the “Heart of the Spirit King” in Sternritter, but the truth is unknown and was never revealed.

Gerard Valkyrie’s Specific Capabilities

Gerard Valkyrie’s unique ability is “The Miracle”; Schrift is “M”, the ability to exchange wounds to the divine scale and become gigantic; rare among Sternritter, not endowed with powers from Yhwach Quincy.

Sternritter member: Askin Knucklevault

The third Yhwach SS will introduce you to Askin Knucklevault.

Who is Askin Knucklebar?

Askin Knuckleval from “Bleach” is a member of Yhwach’s SS. He is a flippant Latin Quincy with a habit of saying “deadly”. Despite his aloofness, he is one of the few people allowed by Sternritter’s selection to be taken to the palace of the spirit king.

Askin Knucklebar Specific Capabilities

Askin Knuckleval’s unique ability is “The Death Dealing,” a Schrift “D” given to Yhwach that allows him to manipulate at will the “full lethal dose” of a substance that is lethal when ingested by an organism. Ability.

Sternritter member: Ligier Barro

The fourth Yhwach SS will be about Ligier Barro.

Who is Ligier Barro?

Ligier Barrot in “Bleach” is a member of Yhwach’s SS. A brown man with an X over his closed left eye, he is the leader of the SS and was the first to be granted power by Yhwach, calling himself “His Majesty’s masterpiece.

Ligier Barro’s inherent ability

Ligier Baro’s unique ability is “di-ixaxis,” the Schrift applied to Yhwach with an “X,” the ability to penetrate objects in the line of fire of a giant gun that has been transformed into a spirit armament.

|Wandenreich “Sternritter” member [Other].

Sternritter is full of other unique and powerful characters, not only the SS. Here we introduce some of the other Sternritter characters.

Sternritter member: Bambietta Busterbein

Meet Bambietta Busterbein, one of Sternritter’s own.

Who is Bambietta Basterbein?

Bambietta Busterbein is one of the Sternritter in “Bleach.” She has the appearance of a petite girl dressed in a military-like uniform. Her personality is quite short-tempered and temperamental, and whenever she is frustrated, she has the bad habit of choosing the man of her choice and killing him.

Bambietta Busterbein’s unique abilities

Bambietta Busterbein’s unique ability is “The Explosion”; the Schrift given to Yhwach is “E”, the ability to turn the very object that touches the spirit child into a bomb and blow it up.

Bambietta Busterbein battle scene

Fighting with Komamura Sa-jin, the captain of the 13th Gokyoi 7th Squadron, she was completely defeated by Komamura, who had regained Manjutsu and obtained the secret art of Bankai.

Sternritter Member: Es Noto

Meet one of Sternritter’s own, Es Noto.

Who is Es Noto?

Es Noto in “Bleach” is one of the Sternritter. He is a thin man with long black hair, wearing a black mask with spikes on it.

es-noto’s inherent ability to

The unique ability of Es Noto is the ability “The Fear”, a Schrift given to Yhwach with an “F”, a powerful evocation of “fear from instinct” without reason.

Combat scene in Es Noto

Kuchiki Rukia and Byakuya Kuchiki engaged in battle and were defeated before Rukia’s Manjusai, which she had acquired through training in the Zero Unit.

Sternritter member: Lil Tot Lampard

Learn about one of Sternritter’s own, Liltot Lampard.

Who is Lil Tot Lampard?

Liltot Lampard is one of the Sternritter characters in “Bleach. She is petite and cute, and her nickname is “Lil.

Liltotto Lampard’s unique abilities

Liltotto Lampard’s unique ability is “The Gluttony (The Grattan),” Schrift is “G,” and his mouth transforms into a giant, devouring his prey whole. Ability.

Liltot Lampard battle scene

An attempt was made to overthrow Yhwach through treachery by consecration, but it was returned and defeated.

Sternritter member: Buzz Bee

Meet Buzz Bee, one of Sternritter’s own.

Who is Buzz Bee?

Buzz Bee is one of the Sternritter characters in “Bleach.” He is a red-headed Mohawk with a bolt in his right ear and a nut in his left ear. He has known Eugram Haschwald since they were boys.

Buzz Bee’s unique abilities

Buzz Bee’s unique ability is “The Heat,” with an “H” for Schrift, the ability to control powerful flames at will.

Buzz Bee’s battle scene

Due to a past relationship, he engaged in a battle with Haschwald and was defeated.

Sternritter member: TSANG TO.

Introducing one of Sternritter’s own, TSANG TO.

Who is TSANG TO.

TSANG TO. is one of the Sternritter in “BLEACH”. He looks like an oriental with a scar on the left side of his mouth.

Specific Capabilities of TSANG TO.

TSANG TO.’s unique ability is “The Iron”; Schrift is the ability to turn one’s body into steel with an “I”.

Combat scene of TSANG TO.

He was defeated by Hibanya, the captain of the 13th guard force of the 10th guard force, who took back the swastika and trapped him in a huge ice cross.

Sternritter member: Kirge Opie

Meet Kirge Opie, one of Sternritter’s own.

Who is Kirge Opie?

Kirge Opie in “Bleach” is a Sternritter. He is the commander of the hunting party in the imaginary sphere (Yakuto-alumei) with a saber as his spiritual armament.

Kirge Opie Specific Capabilities

Kirge Opie’s unique ability is “The Jail,” with a “J” for Schrift, the ability to trap the enemy in an inescapable spirit child cage.

Kirge Opie battle scenes

During an engagement with Ichigo Kurosaki, he was cut in half and killed by a slash from Grimjor, who suddenly appeared.

Sternritter member: BG9

Here is an introduction to one of Sternritter’s own, BG9.

Who is BG9?

BG9 in “BLEACH” is one of the Sternritter. He is a mechanical doll whose entire body is covered with armor reminiscent of Western armor.

BG9 Specific Capabilities

BG9’s unique ability is unknown. Schrift is “K”.

BG9 battle scene

In the first battle, he took Shattered Bee’s swastika, but in the rematch, he took it back and was defeated. He was then executed by Haschwald.

Sternritter member: Pepe Wacabrada

Meet Pepe Wacabrada, one of Sternritter’s own.

Who is Pepe Wacabrada?

Pepe Wacabrada in “BLEACH” is one of the Knights of the Star Cross. He has an obese appearance with a bald head and beard, dark skin and sunglasses.

Pepe Wacabrada’s inherent ability

Pepe Wacabrada’s unique ability is “The Love,” or Schrift, which is the ability to make an “L” with both hands to form a heart symbol and make the target fall in love with you.

Sternritter Member: Robert Accutron

Meet Robert Accutron, one of Sternritter’s

Who is Robert Accutron?

Robert Accutron is one of the Sternritter in “Bleach.” He looks like an old gentleman in a suit with glasses.

Robert Accutron’s inherent capabilities

Robert Accutron’s unique abilities are unknown. Schrift is “N”.

Sternritter member: Driscoll Belch

 Meet Driscoll Belch, one of Sternritter’s own.

Who is Driscoll Belch?

 Driscoll Belch is one of the Sternritter in “Bleach.” He is a big man with a black beard and a confident speech.

Driscoll Belch’s inherent ability

Driscoll Belch’s unique ability is “The Overkill,” or Schrift, with an “O,” the ability to raise his own strength by continually killing lives.

Driscoll Belch Combat Scenes

After defeating the vice captain of the Jakubu and taking the swastika, he used the swastika on the general commander Yamamoto Motoyanagisai, who rushed to the scene, but was instantly consumed by the outraged Motoyanagisai.

Sternritter member: Mininha Macaron

Meet Mininha Macaron, one of Sternritter’s own.

Who is Mininha Macaron?

Mininha Macaron in “BLEACH” is one of the Sternritter. She has big breasts and a calm and lovely appearance.

Mininha Macaron’s Specific Capabilities

Mininha Macaron’s unique ability is “The Power,” which is “P” for Schrift, the ability to exert such monstrous strength that it can lift buildings off the ground with ease!

Mininha Macaron’s battle scenes

She was manipulated by Pepe’s ability and attacked Liltotto, and Liltotto disabled her in combat.

Sternritter member: Berenike Gabrieli

 Meet Berenike Gabrieli, one of Sternritter’s own.

Who is Berenike Gabrieli?

 Berenike Gabrieli is one of the Sternritter in “Bleach.” He is a man with gold mesh hair color.

Berenike Gabrieli’s Specific Capabilities

Berenike Gabrieli’s unique ability is “The Question,” a Schrift “Q,” but the details are unknown.

Berenike Gabrieli Combat Scene

He died after his throat was torn out before he could show his abilities to Kenpachi Saraki. Therefore, the details of his abilities are unknown.

Sternritter member: Jerome Gizbat

Meet Jerome Gizbat, one of Sternritter’s own.

Who is Jerome Gizbat?

 Jerome Gizbat in “Bleach” is one of the Sternritter. He is a big brown man.

Jerome Gizbat’s Specific Capabilities

Jerome Gizbat’s unique ability is “The Roar”; Schrift, with an “R”, is the ability to transform into a large monkey and release a voice that can blow away enemies.

Jerome Gizbat’s battle scenes

He attacked Kenpachi Saraki, but was instantly cut in half from the head and killed.

Sternritter member: Mask de Masculine

Here is an introduction to Mask de Masculine, one of Sternritter’s

Who is Mask de Masculine?

Mask de Masculine in “Bleach” is one of the Sternritter. He is dressed like a masked wrestler.

Mask de Masculine Specific Capabilities

Mask de Masculine battle scenes

Mask de Masculine’s unique ability is that of a hero (The Superstar), with an “S” for Schrift, the ability to heal wounds and power up when cheered.

He was defeated by Koizugi’s true Manjidou, which he had mastered through his training in the Zero Unit.

Sternritter member: Candice Catnip

 Meet Candice Catnip, one of Sternritter’s own.

Who is Candice Catnip?

Candice Catnip in “Bleach” is one of the Sternritter. She has big breasts and wears revealing clothes.

Candice Catnip’s Specific Capabilities

Candice Catnip’s unique ability is “The Thunderbolt” Schrift is “T” for Thunderbolt, the ability to deliver thunderbolts from the sky or palm.

Candice Catnip’s battle scenes

He engaged Byakuya Kuchiki Kuchiki, but was kicked out and defeated.

Sternritter member: Nanana Najar Koop

Meet Nanana Najar Koop, one of our Sternritter members.

Who is Nanana Najar Koop?

Nanana Najar Koop is one of the Sternritter in “Bleach.” She wears goggles covering the upper half of her face.

Nanana Najar Koop’s inherent ability

Nanana Najar Koop’s unique ability is “The Underbelly,” with a “U” for Schrift, the ability to paralyze an opponent by observing them to determine their exact pressure placement.

Sternritter member: Gremmy Tumieux

 Meet Gremmy Tumieux, one of Sternritter’s own.

Who is Gremmy Tumieux?

Gremmy Tumieux is one of the Sternritter in “BLEACH”. He is a boy who wears a long coat and a hood and is proud to be the strongest Sternritter.

Gremmy Tumieux Specific Capabilities

Gremmy Tumieux’s unique ability is “The Visionary”, a Schrift “V”, the ability to turn imagined events into reality.

Sternritter member: Gwenael Lee

 Meet Gwenael Lee, one of Sternritter’s own.

Who is Gwenael Lee?

Gwenael Lee is a figment of Gremmy’s imagination and is not a real person.

Gwenael Lee’s Specific Capabilities

Gwenael Lee’s unique ability is the Vanishing Point. It is the ability to completely erase one’s own presence from the other person’s sight and consciousness.

Sternritter member: Nyanzor Waisol

Meet Nyanzor Waisol, one of Sternritter’s own.

Who is Nyanzor Waisol?

Nyanzor Waisol, one of the Sternritter characters in “Bleach,” has two tongues and wears a poncho-like headdress.

Nyanzor Waisol Specific Capabilities

Nyanzor Waisol’s unique ability “The Twist”, Schrift is the ability to twist enemy attacks with a “W”.

Sternritter member: Lloyd Lloyd

 Meet Lloyd Lloyd, one of Sternritter’s own.

Who is Lloyd Lloyd?

Lloyd Lloyd in “Bleach” is one of the Sternritter. They are identical twin brothers with skinheads and a large third eye on their foreheads.

Lloyd Lloyd’s inherent ability

Lloyd Lloyd’s unique ability is “The Yourself”, which is the same for both brothers with a “Y” in Schrift, but with different abilities. The elder brother’s ability is to imitate the shape and all of his opponent’s strength and skill. The younger brother’s ability is to imitate the shape, memories, and spirit of his partner.

Lloyd Lloyd’s Battle Scenes

The elder brother transformed himself into Kenpachi Saraki, but was defeated because he could not keep up with Kenpachi’s growth. The younger brother transformed into Yhwach, but was defeated by Motoyanagisai’s Manjide.

Sternritter member: Giselle Jewel

 Meet Giselle Jewel, one of Sternritter’s own.

Who is Giselle Jewel?

Giselle Jewel is one of the Sternritter characters in “Bleach.” She has the appearance of a woman, but is actually a man.

Giselle Jewel’s Specific Capabilities

Giselle Jewel’s unique ability to turn those who have been exposed to her blood with a “Z” into zombies and control them at will.

Giselle Jewel battle scenes

He engaged Yhwach, but was returned and defeated.

Sternritter member: Shaz Domino

 Meet Shaz Domino, one of Sternritter’s own.

Who is Shaz Domino?

 Shaz Domino is one of the Sternritter characters in “Bleach.” He has a tattoo on the right half of his face and black-rimmed glasses.

Shaz Domino Specific Capabilities

Shaz Domino’s unique ability is The Viability. This is Shaz’s ability to repair his own body by taking in the spirit children around him, as imagined by Gremmy.

Shaz Domino Combat Scenes

Ichigo escaped from Kilge’s ability and was cut down before he could identify himself and explain his abilities.

|Wandenreich “Sternritter” capability

Wandenreich “Sternritter” will introduce you to the capabilities of the “Sternritter”.

Sternritter’s ability to [blood-suit].

It is a combat technique that improves defensive capabilities by pouring reiko directly into the blood vessels.

Sternritter’s ability [sanctuary worship].

Quincy’s offensive and defensive spells are combined into one extreme defensive spell.

Sternritter’s ability [Holy Slavery].

The power of “absolute servitude of the spirit child” is picking up all beings composed of spirit children and absorbing them as one’s own power.

Sternritter’s ability [Quincy Complete Communion].

This is the final enhanced form of Quincy and his colleagues in “Wandenreich.”

Wandenreich has remained very popular even after the series ended. The animated version of “Thousand-Year Blood War” has also attracted a lot of attention.

|Wandenreich is in sight.

Wandenreich was an organization with many unique members. Wandenreich,” which continues to enjoy strong popularity even after the end of the series, can be seen in the final chapter “Thousand-Year Blood War,” so please read “BLEACH.

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