SPY x FAMILY” Anya’s despair scene is “too pitiful! Is the second cool a series of sadness?


Damian’s cold words made me cry instantly!

アーニャが描かれた『SPY×FAMILY』第2クールキービジュアル (C)遠藤達哉/集英社・SPY×FAMILY製作委員会
Key visual of “SPY x FAMILY” 2nd cool depicting Anya (C) Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha, SPY x FAMILY Production Committee

The TV anime “SPY x FAMILY” will begin its second season on October 1, 2022 (Saturday). Many viewers of the first cool may have been soothed by the rich facial expressions of Anya, the daughter of a psychic. In the second cool, we can expect to see not only happy and crying faces, but also many shocked and despairing faces. In this issue, we will introduce scenes of Anya’s despair one step ahead of the second cool.

*This article contains spoilers for the unanimated version. Animated viewers please be warned.

When he brags about having a dog, he is kicked to the curb with a “so what?

The first episode I would like to share with you is from the 23rd episode of the original 4-volume collection. Anya gets a dog, Bond, and is excited to go to school to show him off to Damien.

First, she reports to her friend Becky that she has a dog and wonders what her reaction will be. Becky is like, “Really? What kind of boy? and curious. Anya, sensing a response, immediately runs to Damian and smugly says, “Anya, there’s a dog in your house. However, Damien’s reaction was cold and he kicked Anya out of the room, saying, “So what? Anya’s eyes widen, her mouth curls up, and she falls down in a cold sweat.

Seeing Anya so depressed as if it were the end of the world, Damien turns his head and says, “Did I say such a terrible thing? Anya’s heart seems to break at once when her plan crumbles.

Damien has been informed that he is no longer on the force, and his face is pale!

The following is an episode from the 25th episode in the original 5-volume collection. Anya and Damien are asked to make animals using paper and scissors in arts and crafts class, and they decide to create one piece of artwork together.

Damian creates a griffon, a creature that is also included in the family crest. Damian draws a blueprint and asks Anya to make the hind legs, but Anya attaches a jet engine to the hind legs without permission and is scolded by Damian. Later, Damien asks Anya to make the parts for the wings, but she makes them unevenly shaped, and Damien says to her, “You’re useless! You’re useless! Anya’s face turns pale.

Anya’s face turned pale and she almost burst into tears, but the girls around her covered for her, saying “You don’t have to say that much…” because she looked so pitiful. Anya was shocked, but after class, she went to apologize honestly without talking back to Damian. Perhaps the reason she did not blame Damian even though she was hurt was because she understood Damian’s heart, which was dedicated to making animals.

Anya in double despair after her mother and dog attack her stuffed animals!

TVアニメ『SPY×FAMILY』MISSION:11「星<ステラ>」より (C)遠藤達哉/集英社・SPY×FAMILY製作委員会
From the TV animation “SPY×FAMILY” MISSION:11 “Stella” (C) Tatsuya Endo / Shueisha, SPY×FAMILY Production Committee

Woke up one morning to find my stuffed penguin in shreds!

The last episode I would like to introduce is the one included in the extra edition of the original 5 volumes.

Bond witnesses Anya sleeping with a stuffed penguin and, jealous of the stuffed penguin, rips it to shreds while Anya sleeps. Bond pretends not to know, but Anya, who can read minds, soon realizes that Bond is behind it. She then screams at Bond, “I hate Bond! she exclaims. Tears stream down her eyes and her nose starts to run.

The despair does not end there. Yol, unable to see Anya’s despair, says, “I’ll sew it back together for you. As Yol sews the stuffed penguin, the neck somehow falls off, leaving it even more tattered. Anya starts crying, “Bya~~~~~~~~,” and she is in unspeakable despair. In the end, Lloyd fixes it, but without Lloyd, she would have been in despair for a long time.

No matter how well she can read other people’s minds, Anya is a child at heart. It is also adorable that she is shocked by little things. Anya’s facial expression in the second episode is also something to look out for.

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