[Chainsaw Man] Kusakabe is a Miyagi Public Safety Devil Hunter! Death scene and the possibility of resurrection?


|What is Chainsaw Man?

Kusakabe in the “Chainsaw Man” manga is a Miyagi Public Security Devil Hunter called by Makima to protect Denji from assassins from around the world who were after the chainsaw demon and is probably the most unique character with a severe personality. Below we will introduce Kusakabe’s profile and nature in “Chainsaw Man,” Kusakabe’s contracted demon abilities and activities in work, Kusakabe’s final death scene, and the possibility of his reappearance or return in Part 2, the school version, with synopsis spoilers.

Chainsaw Man Overview

The manga “Chainsaw Man” by Tatsuki Fujimoto is a suspense work serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from 2019 to 2021, with the second part, “School Arc” serialized in Shonen Jump + from July 2022. In addition, the long-awaited anime series will begin in October 2022, and both the original manga and anime have attracted much attention.

Chainsaw Man Synopsis

Set in a world where demons exist, Denji, a self-proclaimed 16-year-old boy, works as a devil hunter to pay off his father’s debt, but one day he is tricked by a yakuza who arranges his work and is killed by a zombie demon. At that time, Denji’s partner Pochita (a chainsaw demon) is revived by becoming Denji’s heart and gains the ability to transform into Chainsaw Man. Denji becomes a public safety devil hunter after meeting Makima, a public safety officer.

|Chainsaw Man’s Kusakabe is a Devil Hunter for Miyagi Public Safety

Kusakabe, who appears with his buddy Tamaki, is one of the Devil Hunters assigned by Makima to protect Denji. While he is a serious and capable individual, he also shows a caring side by teaching Denji Power common sense. Below is a profile and character description, with spoilers, of Kusakabe, a Devil Hunter from the Miyagi Public Security Bureau, who drew attention for his exciting interactions with Denji in “Chainsaw Man.”

Kusakabe’s profile

Kusakabe of Chainsaw Man is a devil hunter belonging to the Miyagi Public Safety Anti-Devil Section 2, a public safety officer who escorts Denji along with his buddy Tamaki and whose trademark is his all-back hairstyle and black-rimmed glasses. Makima describes him as an “expert in interpersonal escort,” and his strength lies in his severe and rigorous escorting, such as when he determines Denji’s patrol route in detail, even down to a single alley.

In “Chainsaw Man,” he appeared in the assassin section and was assigned to guard Denji. Still, during a battle with Quansi in a department store, he was thrust into Hell by Santa Claus’ hell demon abilities and lost his battle with the dark demon, meeting an epic end.

Kusakabe’s character

Kusakabe, with his all-back hair and glasses, has a severe personality, but he also has a caring side, which is evident in his strict discipline of Denji and Power, who lack common sense. His seriousness is most apparent when he is Denji’s escort. Although he often argues with Denji, who has a lax personality, Kusakabe is always looking out for him as a senior, such by teaching him to be polite to his elders and warning Denji against trying to eat onigiri that has fallen to the ground.

He also reminds Power, who dislikes vegetables, not to pick favorites from the standpoint of nutritional balance, and he is not afraid of anyone, even if they are demons.

|Kusakabe’s exploits and final death scene in Chainsaw Man

As assassins were released from all over the world to target Denji, a plan was made by the Public Security Bureau in Japan to protect Denji, and many public security officials and devil hunters, including Kusakabe of Miyagi Public Security Bureau, were assigned to preserve Denji and fight against the assassins. Below is a synopsis of Chainsaw Man’s work and Kusakabe’s final death scene, which depicts a spectacular end and death scene, with spoilers.

Kusakabe’s activities (1) Escort mission

The Chainsaw Man, feared even by demons, can erase the very existence of demons. Because of this, in the “Chainsaw Man” world line, there was no World War II, no nuclear weapons, and the Soviet Union did not collapse. Denji’s existence as the holder of the Chainsaw Man’s heart became known, and assassins targeted him.

A Denji escort team was formed at the Public Security Bureau. Kusakabe of the Miyagi Public Security Bureau and other local public security officials were also assigned to guard Denji. At that time, assassins from overseas were raging in Japan, and the Kyoto Public Security Bureau, which was supposed to protect Denji, was on its way to Tokyo when it was attacked by the three American brothers, assassins from the U.S. The eldest of the three brothers disguised himself as Kurose using his skin demon ability and tried to get close to Denji and his group.

Meanwhile, Kusakabe and Tamaki of Miyagi Public Safety joined Denji without being attacked by the assassins and began escorting Denji with other public safety officials. Although Denji and Kusakabe often argue due to their different personalities, they continue to watch out for any suspicious figures around them, even though they say things that have nothing to do with the mission, such as warning Denji not to eat the rice balls he drops on the ground because they contain a large number of bacteria, and explaining the importance of nutritional balance to Power, who hates vegetables. He also keeps a watchful eye out for suspicious figures around him.

Kusakabe’s activities (2) Attack of the Puppet Army

Denji’s patrol route has several guards standing by at each point, while assassins from around the world also anticipate Denji’s movements and secretly wait for the right moment to strike. Meanwhile, Kusakabe, who was working with Denji and his friends, suddenly sensed the presence of a puppet demon. He waits for the doll demon to come, drawing a magic circle near the department store entrance, and uses his stone demon ability to intercept the doll demon.

However, Kusakabe’s stone demon cannot deal with the attack of more doll demons than he can handle, and the dolls force him out of the magic circle, rendering the stone demon’s ability useless. Kusakabe then joins Denji and confronts the Chinese assassin Quansi. Still, outside the department store, the German killer Santa Claus and the hell demon contract is made, and all the people inside the department store are pushed down to Hell.

Kusakabe’s activities (3) Final death scene

After being cast into Hell, Kusakabe, along with Denji and others, challenges the Dark Demon to a battle, but both arms are taken from him. However, Kusakabe draws a simple magic circle with the blood dripping from his severed arms and attacks the Dark Demon with his stone demon ability. However, Kusakabe’s desperate actions were fruitless, and the dark demon returned the favor, petrified him and the stone demon, and finally died as his body was shattered into pieces.

|Will Kusakabe of Chainsaw Man and the Stone Demon reappear or return in Part 2?

The story of Denji, the Chainsaw Man, is developing. In the second part of Chainsaw Man, which began serialization in July 2022, the main character is a high school girl who attends a particular high school, and the story unfolds as we get closer to Denji, the Chainsaw Man. Below, we will discuss Kusakabe, the Chainsaw Man, and the possible reappearance or resurrection of the contract demon and stone demon in Part 2, with some spoilers.

Will Kusakabe be back or revived in Part 2?

Kusakabe, who met a shocking end in the first part of “Chainsaw Man” when she was petrified of death, was depicted as having been resurrected in the second part. The second part of “Chainsaw Man” features the story of Asa Mitaka, a female student at Daiyon Higashi High School, who is the main character in the story, and familiar characters from the first part, the Public Safety version, such as Hirofumi Yoshida, a high school devil hunter.

In episode 98 of Part 2, a female student named Yuko, who looks precisely like Kusakabe, appears in the story, and her hairstyle with bangs down and glasses similar in design to Kusakabe’s may suggest that Yuko’s true identity is that of Kusakabe’s reincarnation. However, although Kusakabe is a human and the theory that she is a reincarnated schoolgirl is vehemently denied, the fact that she looks very much like Kusakabe suggests that Yuko may be Kusakabe’s older sister or blood relative.

In Chainsaw Man, Part 2, the relationship between Kusakabe and Yuko is not mentioned. It could be interpreted as a coincidence that the character designs are similar, so Kusakabe and Yuko are probably strangers to each other. On the other hand, in Part 2, many of the significant characters from the Public Safety version, such as Denji, have not yet appeared, and attention is also focused on the encounters between Denji and Asa and others that are likely to occur in the future.

Will the stone devil reappear or return in Part 2?

As for Kusakabe, although it is unlikely that she will reappear or be resurrected in Part 2, her relationship with Yuko, a female student who looks just like Kusakabe, and her true identity and activities will be of interest. On the other hand, Kusakabe’s contract demon, the stone demon, will most likely reappear and resurface in Part 2 due to the fate of demons who repeatedly reincarnate. Demons are doomed to pass between this world and Hell and basically cannot escape reincarnation.

On the other hand, if a demon is killed by the Chainsaw Man, it means that the Chainsaw Man’s ability erases its very existence, and there is no hope for its resurrection. In Part 1, Makima, the demon of dominion which was defeated by the Chainsaw Man, reincarnates in this world as Nayuta. While Makima’s case is considered an exception, the demon’s resurrection in the future depends on what defeated it. If not dominated by the Chainsaw Man, it is promised resurrection in the next world.

Kusakabe’s contract demon, the Stone Demon, was defeated by the Dark Demon, thus avoiding the extinction of existence itself, and is predicted to be destined to return to this world through resurrection in Hell. Moreover, although the reincarnation of the demon has the risk of losing the memory of its previous life, since the Chainsaw Man has not defeated it, it is possible that it will be resurrected in this world in the second part. It is possible that it will reappear.

|Strengths and capabilities of Kusakabe of Chainsaw Man

Kusakabe’s Contract Demon, Stone Demon, as the name implies, can petrify its target and will stand out for the intricate magic circles used when activating the ability, as well as the Power of the knowledge. Below is a synopsis of Kusakabe’s Contract Demon/Stone Demon ability and strength in Chainsaw Man, the magic circle used when using the Stone Demon ability, and the danger-sensing ability he shares with his buddy Tamaki, with some synopsis spoilers.

Consideration 1) Kusakabe’s contract demon is a “stone demon.

Kusakabe’s contract demon, the stone demon, as the name suggests, can petrify its target and was used in the production to intercept a Santa Claus doll attempting to break into a department store. The stone demon’s ability can be activated by first drawing a magic circle on the ground, which is the condition for starting the ability, and then standing inside the magic circle and blowing on the target. At times, there is a risk that an unrelated person may also be petrified by the stone demon’s whim.

On the other hand, the cost of a contract with a stone demon, although not revealed in work, is that the contractor himself will be petrified and die in conjunction with the death of the contracted monster, since Kusakabe was petrified and met a spectacular end at the same time that the stone demon was petrified. In addition, stone demons have conditions to activate their abilities, which would place some restrictions on the use of their abilities.

Consideration 2) Ability and strength of the “Stone Devil.”

While the ability to petrify a target is a very reliable ability in terms of combat and stone demons are considered to be reasonably strong, there are several conditions for activating the ability: First, you must not leave the magic circle on the ground; if you go outside the process, the stone demon’s ability will not be activated. The second is that you must blow on the target you wish to petrify in order for the effect to appear.

In addition, while stone demons can deal with a few people, they have the disadvantage of not being able to deal with a large number of people coming at them. Kusakabe withdrew outside the magic circle.

Consideration 3) Kusakabe’s Simple Formation

The magic circle, which is a condition for the activation of the stone demon’s ability, has no particular pattern, and the quality of the magic circle will not be reflected in how powerful the stone demon is. In “Chainsaw Man,” the stone demon magic circle appeared twice, once with a complex design that appears to have been painted over time, and once with a simplified design that appears to have been done in a makeshift manner.

The first was in a department store during an attack on a Santa Claus doll, where Kusakabe’s seriousness, meticulousness, and sense of design were on full display. Although his arms were cut off, Kusakabe was able to draw a simple circle in a limited amount of time to strike back at the demon.

Consideration 4) Tamaki’s “danger perception” is shared.

In addition to stone demons, Kusakabe also has an excellent “danger-sensing” ability that allows him to notice the footsteps of someone approaching from a distance, and it turns out that this ability is shared with his buddy Tamaki rather than Kusakabe’s personal ability. Tamaki is a devil hunter in the Miyagi Public Security Department’s Anti-Devil Division 2, a taciturn worker with a shaved head, a mole and dark circles under his eyes, and it is unclear whether or not he has a contracted demon.

Although it was not made clear how Tamaki-Kusakabe shared their danger-sensing abilities, the performance of these abilities was extremely high, and Kusakabe immediately took countermeasures when he sensed the presence of the doll demon from the regular sound of footsteps. Although Kusakabe had been informed of the presence of the assassins who were after Denji by Makima’s summons, he must be credited with detecting the approach of the assassins from a faint sense of discomfort that ordinary people would not have paid attention to.

In addition to noticing the approach of the assassins, he also predicted in advance where they would be coming from and drew a magic circle to intercept them, demonstrating his careful preparation.

|Chainsaw Man’s review and assessment of Kusakabe

Kusakabe’s struggle to draw a magic circle and fight to the end despite having both arms amputated by the dark demon is cool, and his interaction with Denji Power during the escort mission will reveal Kusakabe’s serious nature. Below are reviews and ratings of Chainsaw Man’s Kusakabe, with spoilers for his relationship with Yuko in the second part, the school chapter, and the return and resurrection of the stone demons.

Review 1: He was a mother character.

Kusakabe, with his all-back hair and glasses, gives off a serious image, but he also shows a side that suggests that he is a germophobe, and although it was assumed that he was such a character when he first appeared, his attitude toward Denji is described as that of a cur who disciplines his children. Kusakabe is the character who taught Denji common sense, and fans were interested to see what he would do in the film and how strong he would be.

Review 2: Good interaction with Denzi.

Kusakabe was summoned by Makima to escort Denji, but the serious and meticulous Kusakabe and Denji, who lacks common sense, are not the best of friends, and Kusakabe is always warning Denji about his lack of manners. However, readers find Kusakabe’s guidance of Denji not bad at all, but rather enjoyable, and some readers have become addicted to the fun that is brought out by their incompatibility.

Review 3: Kusakabe is cool.

Kusakabe in “Chainsaw Man” is one of the few characters in the series with glasses, and is noted for his seriousness and interesting interactions with Denji. He is also regarded as cool along with high school devil hunter Hirofumi Yoshida, and is an indispensable character in Chainsaw Man: Assassins. Although she was less active in the work, her resemblance to Yuko from Part 2 has once again drawn attention, and various speculations about her relationship with her are rife.

Review 4: A sense of professionalism.

Caught up in a department store raid, Kusakabe and his friends were thrust into Hell, where they were threatened by dark demons and Kusakabe was seriously wounded, having both of his arms cut off. However, in an attempt to fight back as best he could, he drew a magic circle in his own blood, and Kusakabe’s decisive action was praised by some as professional. Although he died in the end, Kusakabe’s professionalism resonated with fans and has gained popularity among core fans.

Review 5: I also like the combination of Kusakabe and stone devil

Strength in Chainsaw Man reflects not only the contract with a strong demon, but also the skill of the contractor himself. The combination of Kusakabe and the stone demon is presumed to be quite strong, coupled with the good chemistry between the two, and some reviewers have commented that they like the combination of the two. Kusakabe was not active in the production, and gave a weak impression, but it is also interpreted that his opponent was too strong for his own good.

Review 6: Consideration of Yuko’s identity as Kusakabe’s sister in Part 2

Kusakabe met a spectacular end and death scene in the Public Safety version, but in the second part, a female student, Yuko, who looks exactly like him, appeared, and it has been speculated that the two may be brother and sister. It is assumed that there is some kind of connection between Kusakabe and Yuko, and while some have suggested that she is a reincarnation of Kusakabe, the theory that she is Kusakabe’s younger sister is more likely.

Review 7: Deny Kusakabe and Yuko’s relationship please.

While the second part of the story, Yuko, has a history of having her family killed by demons, and the episode has raised the theory that she is the daughter of Kusakabe, who died a spectacular end at the hands of demons, some have expressed a desire to deny a Kusakabe/Yuko blood relationship based on Yuko’s feelings, which were gradually revealed. Some also say that Yuko’s thoughts are too sad and painful, having Kusakabe as her father, whose last scene as a devil hunter and death scene were depicted in the film.

|Summary of Kusakabe by Chainsaw Man

The following is a synopsis of Kusakabe’s profile in “Chainsaw Man,” his activities in the film, his final and death scenes, his possible resurrection in Part 2, and his abilities and strength as a contract demon and stone demon, with some spoilers. Kusakabe, who had a relatively large role among the public security devil hunters who escorted Denji, is a fascinating character whose interactions with Denji, who has a contrasting personality, and his unique ability as a stone demon have attracted attention, and whose relationship with Yuko in Part 2 is also of interest.

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