AOASHI: Spoilers for the Musashino match! Includes the results of the match and the team’s model.


|What is AOASHI’s Tokyo Musashino Kick Club Youth?

The manga “AOASHI” features various high schools and youth teams, and Tokyo Musashino Kekyu-dan Youth is one of them. The Esperion Youth B team, to which the main character Aoi Asihito belongs, played Tokyo Musashino Kekyu-dan Youth in the last match of the first season of the anime. Check back this time for a spoiler-free explanation of the Esperion Youth and Musashino match, including the results.

AOASHI Film Information

Overview of AOASHI manga and anime

The manga “AOASHI” has been serialized in “Bic Comic Spirits” since issue 6, 2015 and is written by Yugo Kobayashi. AOASHI” is a soccer manga, but it is unusual among them in that it is based on the J-Youth age group. The reason for this is said to be that in 2015, the then deputy editor-in-chief of Spirits noticed that there were no manga that dealt with J-Youth in earnest and planned to do so. Such manga “AOASHI” has been highly acclaimed, including fourth place in the 2017 Manga Grand Prize.

The manga “AOASHI” will air over 24 episodes starting in April 2022, and the last episode of the anime is the Esperion Youth and Musashino Battle, which will be discussed in this article. The manga “AOASHI” has also attracted attention for its wide-ranging development, including the serialization of a spin-off manga “AOASHI Brother Foot” featuring the brother of the main character, Aoi Asihito, and a stage adaptation.

Synopsis of AOASHI

Fukuda Tatsuya, the coach of Tokyo Esperion Youth, takes notice of Aoi Asihito at a game in his home prefecture of Ehime. He evaluated Aoi Asihito’s ability to play at an unknown public junior high school and recommended him to take the Esperion Youth selection test. Aoi Asihito joined Esperion Youth, but was advised by coach Fukuda Tatsuya to switch to sideback, where he utilized his ability to look over the goal line to play as a commanding sideback.

What is Tokyo Musashino Kekkodan Youth?

Tokyo Musashino Kekyu-dan Youth, which appears in the manga “AOASHI,” is a youth team based in Tokyo, similar to Esperion Youth, but unlike Esperion Youth, which is a subordinate organization of Esperion in the J. League. The current core players of Tokyo Musashino Kekyu-dan Youth are mainly members who failed the entrance exam of Esperion Youth.

Tokyo Musashino Kekkodan Youth also plays in the Tokyo Metropolitan League, as does Esperion Youth B Team. As of the time of the Tokyo Musashino match, Tokyo Musashino Kekkodan Youth had won all six of their games, while Esperion Youth B team was in a bad situation, being in the relegation zone. The Esperion Youth B team could not be relegated, so they needed to win the Tokyo Musashino game.

|Spoilers for AOASHI’s Musashino game and the results of the match.

How many volumes and episodes of the Battle of Musashino?

Here is a spoiler description of the Musashino match in the manga “AOASHI” and the result of the match. In the manga “AOASHI,” the Musashino match is depicted in volumes 9 through 11, with volume 8 depicting the Esperion Youth B team’s four consecutive losses before the Musashino match, which put them in the relegation zone, and the entry of Junnosuke Nakano and Akinori Kaneda, who were Aoi Asihito’s teammates in the Tokyo Musashino Kickball Club youth team during the selection process. Aoi Asihito’s teammates Junnosuke Nakano and Akinori Kaneda joined the Tokyo Musashino Kickball Team youth team.

Musashino Battle Spoilers (1) Growth of Kaneda and Nakano

Spoilers for the Musashino game in the manga “AOASHI,” the first of which introduces the growth of Kaneda and Nakano. Kaneda and Nakano have become key players in the Tokyo Musashino Kekkoudan youth team, and they played on the same team as Aoi Asihito in the Tokyo Esperion Youth Selection. However, after being rejected from the youth selection, Kaneda and Nakano were scouted by Tokyo Musashino Kekkodan Youth and are playing as mainstays of the team.

As two players who were unsuccessful in the Esperion Youth Selection, at that time they were considered inferior in ability to the successful selections of Aoi Asihito, Eisaku Otomo, and Soichiro Tachibana, and to the members who were originally promoted from the lower divisions of Esperion Youth. However, the two players who have become mainstays of the Tokyo Musashino Kekkodan Youth, the top-ranked team in the Tokyo Metropolitan League, have clearly matured.

Kaneda, in particular, has a strong rivalry with the members of Tokyo Esperion Youth, and he challenges the Tokyo Metropolitan League with a determination not to be defeated by Tokyo Esperion Youth alone. In this Tokyo Metropolitan League, Kaneda has acquired such ability that he is the top scorer by the time the Esperion Youth and Musashino matches begin. Of course, not only Kaneda, but Nakano also shows his growth.

Musashino Battle Spoilers (2)Tachibana’s true colors

The following spoiler introduction to the Musashino game in the manga AOASHI is about Tachibana coming into his own. Tachibana, who like Aoi Asihito passed the selection process at Tokyo Esperion Youth, was originally a member of Tokyo Musashino Kekkodan Junior Youth. During his time at Tokyo Musashino Kekkodan Junior Youth, he was a key player and is well-liked by the members of Tokyo Musashino Kekkodan Youth.

Although Tachibana was such a player, he was in a slump, unable to play well with the Tokyo Esperion Youth B Team. Before the game against Musashino in the Tokyo Metropolitan League, Tachibana had yet to score a single goal. Tachibana, who had lost confidence, even considered withdrawing from the competition himself. However, with the encouragement of her coach, Tachibana was able to start the game against Musashino. Tachibana made up her mind to score for her coach.

Then, Tachibana realizes that it is the figure of Aoi Asihito who is pulling her up in Esperion Youth. He says to Aoi Asihito, who is working hard and aiming for the top, “You are the first player I ever admired. Asihito,” he said in his mind, and he also succeeded in scoring a goal during the game. Perhaps this brought him out of his shell, and his previous slump seemed to be a lie, as he played well in the game.

Musashino Battle Spoiler (3) Togashi and Takeshima trust each other

The next spoiler for the Musashino game in the manga “AOASHI” is Togashi and Takeshima, who trust each other. Togashi and Takeshima are defenders of Tokyo Esperion Youth, but the two have a history. That history goes back to their elementary school days, when Takejima had been a member of the Esperion youth organization since then, and Togashi had participated in the training of the Esperion youth organization when he was in elementary school.

At this time, Togashi is dissatisfied with the members of Esperion Junior Youth, who are trying to figure out how to be more efficient than the game in front of them just to become professionals, and the quality of their play changes when the youth coach is there or not. The junior youth members, such as Takeshima, clashed with each other because they thought they were right. It remained a big rift even now.

Although they were working together as center backs, they had been playing the game without making eye contact. But that would not stop Kaneda. After losing a goal in this game, the two learned that the coach trusted them strongly and expected them to work together even more. Here, the two put aside their past ruts and began to build a two-person combination.

Musashino Battle Spoilers (4) Asito’s Overhead Power

The following spoiler introduction to the Musashino game in the manga “AOASHI” is about Asito’s overhead power. The main character, Aoi Asihito, and his teammate Asito, were very much focused on scoring as forwards when they joined Esperion Youth. However, coach Fukuda Tatsuya and others believed that Asito’s abilities would be better utilized at sideback rather than forward. So, Asito was converted to sideback.

The unique ability that Asito is considered to have at sideback is the bird’s eye view. The ability to have a bird’s eye view is to see everything from the top of the pitch. This allows him to not only know how he should move, but also to know the position of his teammates and opponents from his position as a sideback and move them as he pleases. In this match against Musashino, Asito made his first awakening as a commanding sideback.

Musashino Battle Spoiler ( 5) Asito’s promotion to the A-team

The next spoiler alert for the Musashino game in the manga “AOASHI” is Asito’s promotion to the A-team. Growing up in a poor family, Asito was reluctant to come to Tokyo by himself in the first place. However, with the support of his mother and older brother, Asito comes to Tokyo. He is now playing professionally to earn money and give back to his family. For Asito, promotion to the A-team is the fast track to becoming a professional.

However, Asito’s technique and knowledge of soccer tactics were not as good as the other youth team members. However, in a match against Musashino, Asito showed his ability as a commanding side-back with a bird’s eye view, which was highly regarded by coach Fukuda Tatsuya, who promoted him to the A-team. It is said that manager Fukuda Tatsuya originally told Asito that he could win the world as a sideback, and when he saw that Asito had grown beyond his expectations, he promoted him to the A-team.

I will also spoil the results of the Musashino match in the manga “AOASHI”. To say only the result, Esperion Youth won. However, the first half was completely at the pace of Tokyo Musashino Kekkoudan Youth. Tokyo Musashino Kekkodan Youth took the lead, and Esperion Youth B team managed to catch up, but they were overtaken and the result of the first half was 1 vs. 2. In the second half, the Esperion Youth B team managed to catch up to the Tokyo Musashino Kekyu-dan Youth, but they were able to get over the hump and the score was 1-2.

After catching up, Esperion Youth B team gained momentum and added two more goals. The score in the second half alone was 3 to 0, meaning that the final result was a 4 to 2 victory for the Esperion Youth B team.

|AOASHI’s model for Tokyo Musashino Kekkaidan Youth

Model for Tokyo Musashino Kekkoman’s Director Satake

Here is the model for Director Satake of the Tokyo Musashino Kekkai, added here in the manga “AOASHI”. The model for Director Satake is believed to be Kohei Masumoto. Kohei Masumoto was the manager of Yokogawa Musashino FC junior youth from 2011 to 2016. Yokogawa Musashino FC (Tokyo Musashino United FC from 2021) Junior Youth is the model team for Tokyo Musashino Kekkaidan Youth Team.

Incidentally, Kohei Masumoto helped Yugo Kobayashi, the author of AOASHI, with his interviews. Yugo Kobayashi, who was the model for Tokyo Musashino Kekkodan’s manager Satake, is now the head coach of J3 team Gainare Tottori, where he has played as a player since 2021.

AOASHI and Tokyo Musashino United FC collaborate?

The manga “AOASHI” and Tokyo Musashino United FC have officially collaborated, with illustrations of the Tokyo Musashino Kick Club being used in the 2022 season poster design and on the 2022 season pass membership card, and AOASHI characters on the 2022 training shirt. Aoashi characters on the 2022 training shirt, and other collaborative goods have been released.

|Main members of Tokyo Musashino Kekkaidan Youth in AOASHI

Member 1: Akinori Kaneda

Here we will introduce the main members of the Tokyo Musashino Kick Club youth team from the manga “AOASHI”. The first one is Akinori Kaneda. As mentioned in this article, Akinori Kaneda, along with Aoi Asihito, tried out for the Esperion Youth Selection, but was unsuccessful. He then joined the Tokyo Musashino Kekkodan youth team, where he is currently playing as an ace forward.

He has a short temper and a rough temperament, but he trains himself with the firm goal of becoming a professional player. In particular, he has a strong sense of rivalry and rebelliousness toward Aoi Asihito and Esperion Youth.

Member 2:Junnosuke Nakano

The next main member of the Tokyo Musashino Kekkoudan youth team in the manga “AOASHI” is Junnosuke Nakano. Unlike Akinori Kaneda, Junnosuke Nakano is a mild-mannered player who is able to communicate positively with Aoi Asihito and the other successful applicants. He is also a star defender for Tokyo Musashino Kekkodan Youth Team.

Member 3: Chiaki Muto

The next main member of the Tokyo Musashino Kekkoudan Youth in the manga “AOASHI” is Chiaki Muto. He is the captain of Tokyo Musashino Kekkodan Youth and plays as a volante. He is the central player of Tokyo Musashino Kekyu-dan Youth not only in play but also mentally.

|Summary of AOASHI’s Battle of Musashino

The manga “AOASHI” introduced the Musashino match, the main members of the Tokyo Musashino Kickball Team youth team, and the results of the match. There have been reviews that the Musashino match, which was also hotly depicted in the anime, has many highlights, including Asito’s growth. If you haven’t checked out Musashino Battle yet, please watch it.

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