Retsu Unohana vs. Kenpachi Zaraki: Who won & is he really stronger?[Bleach]


One cannot but recall the great conflicts we’ve seen throughout the years when considering how Tite Kubo’s Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece impacted the world of anime. While we’re getting ready for new battles to appear on screen during the upcoming Thousand-Year Blood War arc, we’re going to concentrate on one such upcoming battle, namely the one between Retsu Unohana and Kenpachi Zaraki. Bleach has certainly had its fair share of incredible battles from the very beginning. We’re going to explain how the two of them got into one of the series’ most dramatic and tragic confrontations.

When Retsu Unohana was Yachiru Unohana, a notorious killer, she battled Kenpachi Zaraki to help him reach his full potential. She was aware that she would ultimately lose the battle and perish as a result, but that this sacrifice was essential for Kenpachi to develop the strength necessary to combat the Quincy menace. Unohana states is Kenpachi to use his maximum strength throughout their fight because she was aware of it.

The Unohana and Zaraki will be contrasted in this essay. You will learn more about Unohana and Kenpachi’s identities as well as their precise talents and powers. Final judgment on who is stronger will be made based on the evidence we have already presented. Keep reading to the end because it looks to be a good story!

|Unohana and her powers

Unohana, originally Unohana Yachiru, served as the Fourth Division’s captain commander for the Gotei 13. She was the best healer in all the shinigami, one of the oldest and most seasoned captains, and the first person to hold the title of Kenpachi. Isane Kotetsu served as her lieutenant. She had previously served as the Eleventh Division’s captain. She is currently a resident of Hell where she goes by the name Shiken.

She is without a doubt the most skilled healer among the Shinigami/soul reapers, and she also possesses a mastery over the healing Kido and the Bakudo. She is not only regarded as the best healer in all of Soul Society due to her in-depth understanding of the Kido, but also due to the fact that she also employs more traditional methods and natural treatments.

Despite being under the spell of Aizen’s Complete Hypnosis, she has such wide information that she began to wonder if his corpse was a fake. Retsu was an expert in Kaid, having taught the skill to her division’s members while serving as their captain. She repeatedly overpowered and fatally wounded Kenpachi during their fight, only losing when Kenpachi gained enough strength to overcome her.

She is one of the rare practitioners of the Zanjutsu, and as such, he possesses actual combat skill. She demonstrated excellent Zanjutsu skill in her battle with Kenpachi Zaraki, despite the fact that, based on her own words, she was unable to defeat Zaraki. Unohana seems to be a formidable foe, so it is clear from the comments of other Shinigami/soul reapers who know her well, even though she is the leader of the division devoted to supplying and healing. According to some official media, She is a master of both Shunpo and the kendo fighting system, which she considers her area of expertise.

Zanpakutō :unohana’s zanpakutō liquefies

Unohana’s Zanpakutō is known by the name Minazuki. It resembles an odachi more closely when it is sealed because it is bigger and more curved than a typical katana. The sheath is indigo in color, while the handle is dark red. The guard has an oval shape and no extra ornamentation. When Minazuki is released, unlike the other Zanpakutō in their Shikai state, she no longer retains the shape of a weapon but transforms into a massive, pistachio-green flying monster that resembles a ray fish with a single eye.

Considering her size, Minazuki can fit several people on her back and even a few more in her stomach, where their wounds will recover much more quickly. The fighting prowess of Minazuki is still unknown. When She made the decision to seal her Zanpakut once more, it disintegrates into a greenish mist that finally condenses and assumes the form of the katana used by the 4th Division Captain.

The blade of Unohana’s Zanpakut, also known as the Minazuki, of her Banka liquefies upon release into a thick, dark red substance that spreads out from the blade to cover a sizable area close to the user. The liquid Minazuki releases acts as an incredibly potent acid that causes the target’s skin and flesh to quickly decompose and has the power to turn even a physically strong opponent like Kenpachi into a skeleton when in contact with it.

Even the owner of the Bankai herself can die from it. She used this along with her potent Kaid during their battle to withstand the negative effects of her Bankai and significantly speed up the killing and reviving of Kenpachi in order to remove the psychological constraints on his power after her sealed Zanpakut failed to match his increased strength.

|Kenpachi Zaraki and newfound strength/zaraki’s power

The captain of the Gotei 13’s Eleventh Division is Kenpachi Zaraki. He is the eleventh Kenpachi to hold a position of this nature. Yachiru Kusajishi served as his lieutenant, and Ikkaku Madarame is his current lieutenant.

Kenpachi is introduced as one of the most dreadful Captains and as the one who enjoys fighting the most among his contemporaries. He holds the title of Kenpachi, which denotes the greatest combatant of his generation, and he upholds it by defeating Kaname Tsen and Sajin Komamura. Due to his overpowering might, Kenpachi places restrictions on himself, such as using only one hand to wield his sword or even encasing a significant portion of his Spiritual Power in his now-iconic eye patch.

He also wore bells in his hair before the time skip so his adversary could hear him move. On top of that, ever since his first deathmatch against Unohana when he was a little child, He has a natural tendency to back off in battle. He can only break these psychological seals and show his full strength when he faces opponents who are strong enough to kill him.

After this kenpachi vs unohana, which altered him by breaking all those psychological bonds, Kenpachi developed into an even more formidable fighter. His physical strength has increased to the point where even Gerard Valkyrie, who is still a model of raw power, will not be able to defeat him. It will be lifted when it is enormously large and trampled. He will become a top fighter after his Zanpakut awakens in the Quincy War, solidifying his position among the top five Shinigami in the Wandenreich.

Zanpakutō: sealed zanpakutō proved insufficient

Since he first found a Zanpakut on the body of Shinigami as a youngster, Kenpachi has used it. He even succeeded in imprinting his Asauchi on it, but owing to his mentality changing as a result of his defeat by Ichigo, he was unable to hear his Zanpakut for a very long time. The sword is nodachi-sized and longer than a katana.

At first, only Kenpachi was a Shinigami who was unable to hear the voice of his Zanpakut, which prevented him from using it to its full potential. But Kenpachi could cut through most anything with his blade. He finally hears the voice of his Zanpakut after his final battle with Her and is able to summon it, greatly enhancing his already enormous punching power.

People in Soul Society said Kenpachi’s Spirit Power was so strong that it caused his sword to have a fixed shape before he gave it the name Zanpakut. “Swallow” is the instruction for his release. Shikai of Kenpachi resembles a large hatchet with a cap on top and a green bow on it. Shikai Special Ability: With the use of his Shikai, he is now capable of slicing through exceedingly substantial objects. He is so powerful that he can even cut through empty space.

Gerard Valkyrie completely outmatched Kenpachi, who again pushed himself to the limit and triggered his Bankai. When he is released, his Spiritual Power sends out a massive wave that obliterates the surroundings. Starting with his appearance, which makes him resemble a demon with oni-like horns, this Bankai has a significant impact on Kenpachi.

The blade has also been somewhat altered, appearing to have been fractured by the Shikai. Despite the strength he has built up from his power, his Bankai gives him an additional punching strength boost that allows him to now split Gerard Valkyrie in half with just one strike. As a result of Kenpachi’s poor or nonexistent ability to control his Bankai, the Bankai steals his sanity, causing the Shinigami to act carelessly and without regard for the harm he is causing to himself.

Unohana and Zaraki Kenpachi

Unohana, as the captain commander of the 11th Division, was initially in charge of clearing Seireitei of the undesirables. The Shinigami struggled to rekindle her zest for battle once her purpose was accomplished and she had dispatched so many unworthy foes. Unohana stumbles onto Zaraki Kenpachi, a teenage fighter who shocks the Captain out of her sadness, as she makes her way through Rukongai. Her hope for further dramatic confrontations is revived when she realizes that the child has a remarkable power level and is capable of one day holding the title of strongest Shinigami.

|Retsu Unohana vs. Kenpachi Zaraki: Reviving Kenpachi?

We chose this strategy since there was little to compare between Unohana and Kenpachi because they were quite distinct types of fighters, and you can learn a lot about them both from it. However, because we witnessed their actual fight in the manga (and will do so shortly in the anime), we will present you with a summary of it so you can learn all the crucial details.

Unohana is appointed by the Central 46 to oversee Kenpachi’s zanjutsu training after he loses to the so-called Yhwach Royd Lloyd. She claims that as the First Kenpachi, she is the only one who can defeat him. Following the encounter, Unohana writes her Lieutenant Isane a letter in which she ostensibly announces that she will not be able to return. Kenpachi gives Yachiru his eyepatch as a sign that he might not be able to return himself.

Unoahana is already waiting for Zaraki in the Muken prison, the only location where his abilities won’t devastate the world. While the battle is going on, Shunsui Kyoraku declares that despite the nature of both participants, only one of them will survive. Zaraki uses his Zanpakuto to strike Retsu Unohana, but Unohana blocks the blow with his own Zanpakuto.

Following a series of thrusts, Kenpachi leaps onto the Captain and launches a vicious assault with the intention of killing her. Retsu deftly avoids Zaraki’s attack and manages to strike him in the shoulder. Kenpachi is briefly thrown to the ground but gets back up and attacks Unohana once more. The Captain attempts to kill Kenpachi by leaping on his arm, but the latter kicks her away for a short while.

Again both Kenpachis collide their swords, however, Unohana sees that Zaraki is reaching his limit and proceeds to attack him, cutting his shoulder again. Retsu tells Zaraki that he is quite weak and that those who wield their swords with one hand and do nothing with the other don’t really enjoy the battle.
Zaraki berates her for cutting him by using a random dagger instead of her Zanpakutō and adds that such tricks show that she has changed a lot from the time he admired her. Retsu Unohana yells at him that he shouldn’t talk like that in the middle of a battle, after cornering him on a rock, him now being at the mercy of her will.

Unohana tells him that he hasn’t changed and that the last time they fought, Kenpachi didn’t have the need to use those cheap tricks. Zaraki asks if he is the one who became weak, stating that he had admired her from the bottom of his heart and that no matter what he cut, it was like swinging his sword in the dark. But when fighting with her, he felt true fear for the first time, adding that he enjoyed every second of that battle and that he had decided to fight like her.

Zaraki sobs in desperation, wondering if he’ll actually pass away there before taking her down. Zanpakuto of Unohana pierces Zaraki. Zaraki then understands that it is the end, but it appears that he was held captive by an illusion. Retsu Unohana, who had apparently lost consciousness for a while, asks Zaraki what happened just now as they are fighting once more as they return to reality.

She is instructed to stop talking by Zaraki, who then resumes combat with the Captain. Zaraki is under increasing pressure as the battle appears to be shifting in favor of Retsu. He loses consciousness after each battle and wonders how many times he has already passed out. Zaraki claims that reflecting on his initial conflict with Retsu during this battle made him feel quite sentimental.Retsu receives a cut from Kenpachi, who then attacks the Captain without waiting for her to defend herself. The Captain uses her skills in the Healing Kido to heal Kenpachi’s wounds despite the fact that his blood is flowing rapidly and he appears to finally collapse in front of Retsu after receiving a chest wound.

While they are still fighting, Kenpachi keeps collapsing, but Retsu Unohana keeps tending to his wounds. Unohana is struck by a powerful strike from Kenpachi that changes the momentum of the battle. Unohana continues to tie Zaraki up after giving him the severe wound from Zaraki and striking him in the cheek.

Retsu asks Kenpachi if he really believed that she would die from such an attack before quickly healing the wound with the aid of her medical Kido. Retsu Unohana utters the name of her Bankai, Minazuki, and then releases her Bankai, covering the area in a thick curtain of black liquid.

Zaraki falls repeatedly throughout the combat between the two Kenpachi, and his flesh is beginning to separate from his bones. Everything returns to normal as they both cross their swords once more, leaving Kenpachi to wonder if he has been dreaming the entire time. Despite both of them landing hits, neither party seems prepared to stop fighting.

Retsu Unohana believes that while Kenpachi managed to control his strength so he could relish the conflict, she was able to heal her injuries, extending the conflict’s duration. Retsu remembers her first fight with Kenpachi and tells him that he is the only man who has ever made her happy during a combat. She then declares that there can only be one Kenpachi in each time.

Unohana bids Kenpachi farewell while getting his throat punctured with his Zanpakut, leaving Zaraki as the victor of the crucial conflict and the sole surviving Kenpachi at the time. Unohana is beaten after Zaraki’s Zanpakut impales him. Zaraki’s victory, but, is bittersweet because he begged Unohana not to risk dying at his hands. In the midst of Unohana telling Zaraki that he was the only person who made her happy during the battle, Zaraki connects with his Zanpakut’s spiritual side, which is willing to reveal its name.

As you can see, Unohana was aware of Kenpachi’s superior strength. However, because many of Kenpachi’s powers were either suppressed or sealed, a duel was required for Kenpachi to reveal his full potential. Knowing that Kenpachi would be much more useful to the Gotei 13 at his best than she would be, Unohana essentially sacrificed herself to allow him to grow stronger.

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