The Anime for ‘Kaiju No. 8’ Has Been Confirmed


Japanese manga series Kaiju No. 8 , commonly referred to as Monster #8, was created by Naoya Matsumoto. Since July 2020, Shueisha has been serializing it online for free on the Shonen Jump+ website and app. As of October 2022, the chapters have been gathered into eight tank-bon volumes. For its release in North America in English, Viz Media has obtained a license. A confirmed anime adaptation has been made.The manga had more than 8 million copies in circulation as of August 2022. The premise, characters, and artwork of the series have all received accolades.

|What is the plot of Kaiju No 8?

The Japanese Defense Force is entrusted with eliminating the kaiju, or monsters, that frequently assault the inhabitants in Japan. Kafka Hibino and Mina Ashiro, childhood friends, pledged to join the Defense Force after their town was obliterated by kaiju when they were kids. kafka hibino has repeatedly failed exams and works for Monster Sweeper Inc., a professional kaiju cleanup corp team(monster sweeper) whose job it is to remove the dead bodies of the monsters after battle. Mina has achieved fame as the commander of the Defense Force’s Third Unit. The Defense Force dubs Kafka “Kaiju No. 8” since he acquires the capacity to transform into a monster after a small talking monster enters his body through his lips.While in the form, Kafka is fully conscious, but he also develops superhuman strength and is the first monster to elude the Defense Force. With renewed vigor, Kafka makes the decision to fight alongside Mina and, while also keeping his newfound powers a secret, ultimately enlists in the Defence Force.

|Kaiju No. 8 Provides the Perfect Solution to the Worst Plot Hole in JUMP.

Another example of how Kaiju No. 8 differs from other series is how it avoids a plot hole that frequently occurs in other Shonen manga.

Contains spoilers for Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 58!
Over the course of its run, Kaiju No. 8 has challenged a number of Shonen manga tropes, and it is currently addressing one of the plot holes that plague the genre the most. Young males are the primary audience for the genre known as shonen manga. A teenage main character with special abilities is frequently followed as they develop their abilities and compete against an ultimate evil.In his comic series Kaiju No. 8, Naoya Matsumoto depicts Kafka Hibino and the Japanese Defense Force defending the populace from the terrifying Kaiju that frequently threaten them. Despite being published in Shonen Jump+, Kaiju No. 8 is in no manner a typical Shonen. Compared to the majority of other Shonen protagonists, Kafka is incredibly unique. He is an unfit man in his early 30s who works on a professional kaiju cleanup corp crew that handles the debris left behind after Kaiju conflicts. Kafka enlists in the Defense Force among a group of promising new recruits after acquiring the ability to change into a Kaiju himself. His childhood friends Mina Ashiro and the blade-wielder Soshiro Hoshina are in charge of this group.
However, Kafka is swiftly moved away from that division and is now fighting with much more potent soldiers of the Defense Force due to his degree of strength in Kaiju form and the incredibly potent skills of the adversarial Kaiju No. 9. Because they aren’t as powerful as many of the organization’s higher-ups, the Defense Force doesn’t need to send them to the front lines, which has forced the focus of the plot to move away from many of the individuals who first appeared there. But Matsumoto has come up with a pretty ingenious technique to bring these people back into the narrative.
Chapter 58 describes a conference of the Defense Force’s division heads to deliberate how to deal with the rising menace of Kaiju No. 9. The Director General of the Defense Force and the remnants of Kaiju No. 2 were assimilated into the Kaiju’s body at the end of the most recent battle, despite the fact that it was already powerful enough before the Defense Force’s last encounter with it. In the meeting, Mina makes the observation that Kaiju No. 9 is likely in possession of the Director General’s memories at this point and is therefore well-aware of the precise capabilities of the Defense Force.Soshiro advises the Kaiju Defense Force to quicken the training of their newest recruits in order to be ready to catch Kaiju No. 9 off guard when he makes his next attack.
In a very logical way, this enables the members of Kafka’s original division to participate in the upcoming conflict with the obscenely potent Kaiju No. 9. Other Shonen manga frequently tries to include its less experienced characters in important conflicts. However, there should be many characters that are more powerful than the inexperienced characters that these manga center on in many of the planets where these manga are set. But instead of taking charge and battling a menace that could kill the world, these A-Listers frequently rely on novice fighters.Since it is satisfying to see people who have been in the series from the beginning remain important later on, this plot hole is typically overlooked. But it’s fantastic to see a show use this cliché to good effect and bring back aging characters in a way that works with the narrative. Kaiju No. 8 once again demonstrates how it differs from other Shonen manga series by filling in this storyline hole.

|Who is the strongest kaiju in Kaiju No 8?

The most noteworthy examples include King Kong, Ultraman, and all the Godzilla-based media, just to name a few. But which dreadful Kaiju have made an appearance in Kaiju No. 8 so far, and how do they compare when put head to head?

The Fungal-Type Kaiju

The rest of the rankings are made up of all the Daikaiju that the JDF was unable to defeat upon first sighting, necessitating their identification when they returned. Regrettably, this first entry is the only non-“numbered” Kaiju on this list. In chapter 12 of the manga, an unknown “Fungal-Type” Kaiju first appears, and as part of their training, the Defense Force’s newest recruits, including “cadet” Kafka Hibino, are sent in to assist in taking it out.This bug-like monster is definitely something the JDF can handle rather readily on a fundamental level because its primary body was simply leveled by Mina Ashiro’s enormous cannon while the other soldiers dealt with its progeny. However, these lesser progeny animals would have continued to self-replicate long after the JDF left the scene, causing unimaginable harm, had Kafka not dug inside one of the corpses and discovered the implanted egg-sacs (updated by Kaiju No. 9). In essence, it is Boss Monster, albeit a weaker Mini-Boss rather than a true Boss.

Kaiju No. 9 (First Apperance)

This one comes after Kaiju No. 9 on the list. Kaiju No. 9 is the most sophisticated and monstrous Kaiju to date, serving as the narrative’s “primary” antagonist so far. It makes its initial appearance in chapter 6 of the manga, and it makes a bad impression. As soon as this thing appears, it is able to pierce a hole through prodigy-level recruit Kikoru Shinomiya, who is only wearing 46% of her combat suit. This original Kaiju No. 9 has a long list of potent capabilities, including:

  • Super-Strength
  • Super-Speed
  • Hyper-Durability
  • Shapeshifting
  • Regeneration
  • And even the ability to bring dead Kaiju back to life

Readers are most likely to notice No. 9’s ability to precisely control its regeneration, as it frequently fires these kinds of improvised projectiles from its fingertips with explosive force. Having said that, it only takes a few blows from Kafka in his altered state to effectively immobilize No. 9.

Kaiju No. 10

They introduced Kaiju No. 10—another Kaiju—into the narrative by giving the Defense Force with a sort of challenge. This monstrous being is the one who planned a sort of air strike on the Tachikawa Base of the Third Division using flying Kaiju of the draconic variety. Kaiju No. 10 is now the “tankiest” live Daikaiju that has been observed so far, with an initial Resilience of 8.3 that increases to 9.0 in its larger form. The monkey-Kaiju from the adored film series is also the “closest” thing readers have to this monster.Nevertheless, this No. 9 prototype Kaiju has some glaring flaws, the biggest of which is its character, or more specifically, its desire for a heroic conflict. No. 10 put his initial objective of destroying the base on hold because he was having so much fun fighting the Vice-Captain of the Third Division, Soshino Hoshiro.

Kaiju No. 1 AKA “RT-0001”

The following Kaiju is one of the first in the series to only be “seen” in weaponized form. After defeating numbered Daikaiju, the JDF makes it a point to take their bodies and transform them into weapons, much to the Quinque in Tokyo Ghoul.Now, not much is known about Kaiju No. 1, other than the fact that it was the first “numbered” Kaiju and was known as “The Future Sight Kaiju.” However, we have seen Gen Narumi use the power that was in his eyes, therefore it must have been a very powerful creature.

Kafka Hibino AKA Kaiju No. 8

Although it may surprise readers that the series’ protagonist sits so low on the list, there is a good rationale for it. First of all, a story wouldn’t be very intriguing if the protagonist was automatically far superior than everyone else. Kafka Hibino, and hence Kaiju No. 8(monster 8), is a tremendously powerful combatant who can obliterate lower-level Kaiju with a single blow. Having changed, Kafka is now:

  • Super-Durable
  • Super-Strong
  • Can morph his body as needed
  • Incredibly Fast
  • Has near-instant regeneration
  • And a whole host of currently unknown abilities

However, as things stand, Kafka hasn’t quite used all of Kaiju No. 8’s abilities. Who knows how much of Kaiju No. 8’s potential he has truly utilized? Kafka, for instance, can be seen creating a tongue mouth a la Gieger Alien, spawning a number of tentacles, and even…relieving himself from his pecs when he first transforms and isn’t fully in control of his body. It’s unclear how much stronger both the human and Kaiju sides of this endearing MC can get because Kafka has since limited himself to big punches and kicks.

Kaiju No. 2 AKA “FS-1002”

Kaiju No. 2 had to have been a genuine threat when it was alive in order for it to be the weapon used by the Director General of the Defense Force, Isao Shinomiya. This appears to be accurate based on what readers now know about Kaiju No. 2 prior to its weaponization. Before it was finally defeated, the huge giant known as Kaiju No. 2 came close to destroying Sapporo on its own.It was renowned for its enormous strength, self-assuredness, ability to level buildings with Sonic Blasts, and even the capacity to unleash an Electromagnetic energy burst. Even if its general abilities are quite simple and somewhat comparable to those of Kaiju No. 10, the scope of these abilities and the size of the Kaiju overwhelm what No. 10 demonstrated. Additionally, Isao used Kaiju No. 2—a Numbers Weapon—to subdue a charging Kaiju No. 8 with ease.

Kaiju No. 9 Post-Fusion

Warning: Spoilers for Heavy Kaiju No. 8 are underneath.

The fact that Kaiju No. 9 appears twice may not seem fair, but the version of the monster that was seen after it merged with “FS-1002” and Director General Isao Shinomiya is a whole different person. Even before this terrible fusion event, Kaiju No. 9 demonstrated a variety of new abilities it had been working on since it was defeated by Kafka, including the ability to duplicate itself and having an altogether new degree of Resilience.

The No. 9 monster comes the closest to a Resident Evil-style monster because it appears to have a “scientific” method for breeding more creatures. Even Kafka as Kaiju No. 8 and Gen Narumi utilizing both his “RT-0001” eyes and his own Bayonet weapon were unable to stop it after the Fusion was complete.

Kaiju No. 6 AKA “EC-0115”

Kaiju No. 6 would definitely be near the bottom of this list if it were ranked according to how Leno Ichikawa is currently using it as a Number Weapon. Leno was only recently able to employ the No. 6 bodysuit, and even then it’s not certain that the weapons created from the numbered Kaiju have “all” the strength that Kaiju had while it was alive.

The “King of the Kaiju,” also known as Kaiju No. 6 (which appears to be similar to another Kaiju-King multiverse), was almost certainly the most potent Kaiju to date, based on what readers have seen and heard. Over 200 members of the Defense Force were killed during its rampage, along with Isao Shinomiya’s wife (also known as Kikoru’s mother). Kaiju No. 6 could probably defeat every other monster on this list at once and still come out on top if it were a genuine threat in the narrative rather than a tool used by Leno.

|Is Kaiju No 8 done?

Eight books were released on November 4, 2022. An English version is also available on Shueisha’s Manga Plus website. New episodes/New chapter are also updated bi-weekly.With an anime adaptation in the works and no more rumors of the series being censored, it is likely that the series will continue to run, and we are anxious to see how it ends.

|Why did Kafka Hibino turn into a kaiju?

In the first episode, he and Reno Ichikawa are hospitalized after being attacked and severely injured by a supernatural beast.While resting in the hospital bed, they are suddenly “parasitized” by a parasite type kaijuu” in the shape of an insect, which enters their bodies through their mouths and “transforms” them into “monsters” with “‘human consciousness'”. The “mysterious monster” was “parasitic” by entering the body through the mouth and “transformed” into a “monster” while still having “human consciousness.

It was named “Kaiju No. 8″(monster 8) because it was the “eighth monster” discovered by the Defense Forces.

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