[BLEACH] Toshiro Hitsugaya Who is the Youngest Captain commander.


Toshiro is a young captain of 10th division the Gotei 13 and this kid was born without nepotism. He is one of most effective fighters and popular character in BLEACH. Let’s take a look at hitsugaya’s bankai and what he is doing in new series of tybw anime series!

What is Bleach?

Bleach is a supernatural fantasy manga series written and illustrated by Tite Kubo. Pierrot, the animation studio responsible for the first 14 seasons of Bleach, will also be in charge of the TYBW adaptation.

The story follows Ichigo Kurosaki, a 15-year-old boy that can see ghosts. When shinigami Rukia Kuchiki gives him her powers in a desperate life-and-death situation against a Hollow—monsters with a taste for human souls—Ichigo becomes embroiled in the Soul Society’s affairs, an afterlife modeled after feudal Japan.

[BLEACH] Hitsugaya’s Appearance

Tshir stands out in the Human World because to his tiny stature, turquoise eyes, and short, spiky white hair. He is dressed in a regular, sleeveless captain’s haori with a green belt around his shoulders and a round, star-shaped clip holding it all together. The sash, which is fastened to it at both ends, keeps his Zanpakuto is sheath in position on his back. On sometimes, he moves about wearing his tabi. He looks like a little child and is still quite young by Shinigami standards. He is dressed in a short-sleeved black golf shirt and gray jeans in the Human World. He additionally wore the Karakura High School uniform.
Tshir’s hair wasn’t as spiky before he was a 10th division captain; there were only a few spikes scattered throughout. He wore the typical Shinigami garb as well, but added the 10th Division insignia to the left breast of it.

Tshir first appears 17 months after Aizen’s defeat, not long after Ichigo regains his Shinigami abilities. He is wearing a long turquoise scarf and a hairdo reminiscent of his pre-Shingami appearance. Additionally, his green sash has been replaced with a thin chain, but it still has the star-shaped clip.

Tshir’s hair appears to have grown longer after undefined amount of time spent training to combat the Wandenreich; his fringe now reaches down to his eyes while being pulled up by a recently acquired bandanna. With his robes hanging adrift from his body, he also seems lankier than before.

Giselle Gewelle zombifies Hitsugaya, who thereafter undergoes a significant transformation. He is now dressed in a white double-breasted trench coat with black lapels, four buttons on either side, and a six-pointed cross emblem on the left breast. He wears white pants that are a little baggy, a black belt with a big buckle around his waist, and white boots with furry black linings. He still wears the thin chain around his upper torso that is used to secure his Zanpakut’s sheath.

[BLEACH] Hitsugaya’s Personality

In contrast to Rangiku Matsumoto, his free-spirited subordinate, Hitsugaya is normally mature and serious. He and Rangiku appear to be very close despite having completely different personalities. Tshir is demonstrated to be easily irritated by people acting silly or attracting unnecessary attention to themselves when he leads a group of Shinigami into Ichigo Kurosaki’s school. He despises anything that he considers to be childish or that is compared to a child, such as an elementary school student. Due to the fact that they were close friends in their early years, he is overly protective of Momo Hinamori. Summer and warm weather in general are disliked by him

Tshir like eating watermelon and amanatt. The dried persimmons don’t appeal to him. His mastery at spinning tops throughout his formative years in West Rukongai led to his being the region’s undisputed champion. He puts in a lot of effort, but his goal appears to be to complete fast so he may resume his afternoon slumber. He aims to develop swiftly because he feels that “children who sleep well, grow well,” a sentiment shared by his subordinates. Naturally, they keep this information from him because despite following this adage religiously for so long, he did not actually gain any height.

Both his opponents and many of the other Shinigami in Soul Society frequently make fun of him. Hitsugaya has grown distant from most people; he puts up with these jokes and continues to perform his tasks. Even though he has expressed anger over jokes, he only retaliates against those who have insulted him if they are his enemies. Because he worked so hard to earn the title, the only thing he cannot stand is not being addressed as “Captain Hitsugaya” or when his name is used inappropriately. He only uses the last names of the other officers, never using their titles.

Only Ichigo, who is frequently reminded to address him properly, and Hinamori, who is the only one who can get away with it, actually refer to him by his given name. With no repercussions, Hinamori frequently refers to him as “Hitsugaya-kun,” and Ukitake and she have been known to call him “Shiro chan,” a nickname that refers to his hair and means “Whitey” (Snowy in the English manga). Karin and her friends also address him by his first name, and they never receive any criticism for it. Because “Jshir” and “Toshiro” sound alike and both have white hair, dubbed “Shiro chan,” Jshir Ukitake frequently gives him candy and other treats.

Gin Ichimaru says during their combat that Hitsugaya represents a heavenly guardian who would reincarnate every few hundred years.

Does Toshiro have a love interest in Bleach?

This relationship between Hitsugaya Toshiro and Matsumoto Rangitu has been a popular ship in the whole Bleach series. He also cares for and protect Hinamori Momo, but how their relationship has or has not developed is not depicted in Bleach.

[BLEACH] Hitsugaya’s role in The Thousand-Year Blood War arc

First invasion

At a captain’s meeting, Hitsugaya learns of Wandenreich’s sabotage and receives instructions to get ready for battle with the other captains. he faces Cang Du after entering the battle with Rangiku Matsumoto. During their struggle, the Sternritter repeatedly breaks Hitsugaya’s ice while deflecting his sword blows with his hardened skin. he declares that he was powerless to restrain himself after losing so many allies. After freezing Cang’s arm, the Quincy breaks it once more, sending him flying. Hitsugaya activates Daiguren Hyrinmaru after that, but Cang steals it with his Medallion.Hitsugaya orders Rangiku to inform the other captains of the issue via Tenteikra after being shocked to discover that the Bankai was stolen rather than sealed and being unable to reach Hyrinmaru for comment. Later, Rin Tsubokura uses transmitter swords to inform Hitsugaya, the other captains, and lieutenants that Ichigo is currently traveling to Soul Society.

Cang, who is now using Hitsugaya’s Bankai after Captain-Commander Genrysai Shigekuni Yamamoto’s Bankai was released, noticed the ice melting. he observes that as Soul Society’s water supply slowly evaporates, his Hyrinmaru is no longer functional. Later, Hitsugaya and the other captains are horrified to learn that Yamamoto had actually been killed by Yhwach. Later, Ichigo Kurosaki finally enters Soul Society, surprising Hitsugaya, his lieutenant, and other Gotei 13 members. He is there, along with a few other captains, mourning the passing of the Captain-Commander after the Wandenreich retreat. He stays silent throughout the event despite the fighting between the others. Later, Hitsugaya and the other captains congregate in front of Seireitei to see the Royal Guard enter. He enrolls in a dojo to refresh his knowledge of the fundamentals of swordsmanship after realizing that he must move on from the death of his Bankai.

Later, after the Wandenreich has returned, Hitsugaya reappears with Matsumoto on the battlefield and uses his own ice-powers to form a barrier to shield numerous Shinigami from Bazz-fire-based B’s strike. He is recognized by Bazz-B, who also observes that Cang Du had stolen his Bankai from him. He introduces himself as “The Heat” and remarks on how fitting it is that they will be competing against one another. When Hitsugaya and Rangiku start to fight, Bazz-B quickly melts Hitsugaya’s thin ice. But after he and Rangiku start their plan, Bazz-B is unable to completely melt the ice walls.To a perplexed Bazz-B, Hitsugaya reveals how he was able to accomplish that. He then slashes and cuts Bazz-B while using the ice. He is astonished, though, to see that Bazz-B, who teases Hitsugaya and Rangiku about leaving so soon, is still alive and able to fight as they turn to leave.

Hitsugaya makes vain attempts to retaliate. Then Bazz-explanation B’s of his abilities and how he was able to shield himself and two other Sternritters from Yamamoto’s flames astounds him. He carries on the assault but stops when he realizes Bazz-B is too strong and commands Rangiku to flee while he manages to hold off Bazz-B. Hitsugaya constructs a barrier out of fine ice, but Bazz-B easily destroys it and pierces him.

Hitsugaya makes numerous unsuccessful attempts to combat Bazz-B. He tries a different trap, but is startled to see Bazz-B escape from it so swiftly. Then Bazz-strike B’s blasts away most of his upper body. Then Cang Du shows up to put an end to him. Then, Hitsugaya observes in disbelief as Cang prostrates a critically hurt Rangiku in front of him. Then he sees Cang summon his own Bankai.Then He gets a Shin’eiyaku, which he uses, breaking his Bankai and injuring Cang. As this is happening, Cang examines his medallion to make sure it is functioning regularly, which leaves him even more perplexed as to why Hyrinmaru is beginning to return to Hitsugaya. He says he doesn’t know and that perhaps his Bankai is simply trying to get back to him as he reclaims some of the ice wing that Cang had lost.

The Sternritter are trained to manipulate the Bankai they have stolen, Cang says as he starts to strike. He tries to use ice to hit Hitsugaya, but it diverts itself away from him. He cautions him against going overboard since it is defenseless. Cang warns He not to employ the same strategy again and to quit acting as if Bankai had a soul as he continues to attack. Before abruptly hearing the voice of Hyrinmaru, He doubts this line of reasoning. He then says that it has been a while since he has heard him and extends a warm greeting.Fully returning to him, Hyrinmaru now reflects in the ice armor in some darker incarnations. He claims he initially found Hyrinmaru’s face to be inconvenient but afterwards realized that the Bankai Hollowfied briefly, so he will have to put up with it for the time being. To Cang’s amazement, He blocks the attack by claiming that the cross-shaped flower is Hyrinmaru’s crest. He apologizes for not making it a pentagram as Cang is enclosed in a huge cross-shaped flower. He orders Rangiku to wait as he begins to move after defeating Cang Du, but he soon passes out.

The following day, having been transformed into one of her zombies, Giselle Gewelle summons Hitsugaya to help her in her conflict with Mayuri Kurotsuchi and his team of revived Arrancar. Ikkaku’s right leg is frozen solid by a wave of ice that He unleashes before stabbing him in the chest. He stabs him in the back before retaliating, but Yumichika manages to deflect his blow. But Hitsugaya makes an ice spike on his kneecap, knees Yumichika in the stomach, and then slashes him across the chest. Hitsugaya slashes at Mayuri when she remarks that his body is moving the same way it did when he was alive, but Mayuri sneaks up behind him with Shunpo.Before saying he is happy to have Hitsugaya as his opponent, Charlotte Chuhlhourne approaches Hitsugaya and first compliments him on his cuteness. Hitsugaya, however, only responds by slashing him across the chest. Once more attempting to attack, Mayuri uses a Kid barrier to stop his slash.

The two captains fight after Mayuri offers that Hitsugaya assist him in testing some medications. Mayuri claims to have implanted a sensor in his Zanpakut that enables him to parry all oncoming blades and manages to block every hit from Hitsugaya. In response, Hitsugaya tries to knee Mayuri, but he is stopped by him. He hurts the young captain’s leg as Mayuri implies that he had been pressuring Hitsugaya into such an action. Then Hitsugaya uses his Bankai to kill Mayuri. A perplexed Hitsugaya, on the other hand, finds himself back at the beginning of their conflict, with Mayuri once more remarking that he will use his medicine on him.He strikes Mayuri once more and kills her with his Bankai in a hurry, only to find himself reliving the experience. When he asks what is going on, Mayuri responds that he is taking his medication, which is causing him to be able to glimpse the future. He will go back to a predetermined place in the past each time he murders Mayuri. If you don’t kill Hitsugaya, the only way he can keep doing this forever is if you don’t. After ten rounds, Mayuri observes that the medicine is ineffective and has harmful side effects, leaving him unbalanced for around thirty seconds.After asking when he administered the medication, Mayuri swings his blade down on Hitsugaya and advises him to find out on his subsequent journey through time.

Before making a drug, Mayuri impales Hitsugaya with his Zanpakut and releases his Shikai, rendering him unconscious. Hitsugaya yells at Mayuri to stop using such a drug on a helpless foe, which causes Mayuri to explain that it makes it easier to see him respond verbally. Hitsugaya then asks Mayuri why he would use such a drug on a helpless foe. A zombified Kensei Muguruma, Rjr Toribashi, and Rangiku Matsumoto then appear behind Mayuri as he starts to inject and administer Hitsugaya with the drug, turning his skin black and causing him to scream in agony. Mayuri watches as a screaming Hitsugaya is attacked by the revived Arrancar.

After defeating Giselle, Mayuri takes a hurt Hitsugaya and puts him in a special container alongside Rangiku so they can de-zombify and recover from the fight. Their lifespans will be reduced as a result, but the scientist determines that the price is worth paying to extend their lives. Hitsugaya and Rangiku are still recovering as the remaining Shinigami head to the Soul King Palace, but Nemu Kurotsuchi has brought their capsules with them.After the fight with Pernida Parnkgjas, an injured Mayuri tells Ikkaku and Yumichika that they must free Hitsugaya and Rangiku from the containers in order to survive. Hitsugaya gets to his feet, healed but with a shorter life expectancy, and he quietly thanks Mayuri for restoring him to health.

Hitsugaya then freezes his right arm in position and commands him to remain there for all eternity as a huge Gerard Valkyrie tries to crush the region to kill all the Shinigami. After Gerard introduces himself as a member of the “benevolent” Schutzstaffel and breaks the ice covering his arm, Hitsugaya introduces himself as the captain of the 10th Division. Hitsugaya then introduces himself as the captain of the 10th Division, and Gerard then smashes the area where Hitsugaya is standing. The upper half of Gerard’s body is encased in ice as Hitsugaya activates his Bankai, Daiguren Hyrinmaru and dodges by saying that he is not accepting any new applications.

Hitsugaya is forced to devise a new strategy as Gerard manages to break free of the ice. Gerard tries to assault Hitsugaya, but Byakuya blocks his blow and says that Hitsugaya couldn’t possibly hope to defeat the Quincy by himself. Byakuya doesn’t respond to Hitsugaya’s attempts at humor very well, which irritates him. To the horror of Hitsugaya and Byakuya, Kenpachi shows up and severates Gerard’s arm as he attempts to attack them once more.Hitsugaya remarking that Gerard must have been much smaller at the beginning of the conflict, Byakuya reveals the power of his Schrift to Hitsugaya after Gerard regenerates his arm. Hitsugaya blocks Kenpachi’s assault when he tries to attack Gerard again, chastising him for not thinking about what would happen to the Seireitei below if Gerard falls on it from such a height. Hitsugaya is interrupted by Gerard stepping on them and is stunned to see Kenpachi easily block and throw back the giant. He is then even more shocked to see him release his Shikai.

Hitsugaya responds that he does not know what Gerard is talking about but just knows that the rationale does not relate to the Quincy’s strength when Gerard describes the power of The Miracle. Hitsugaya hits Gerard with a Gunch Tsurara move as Kenpachi fights him, but Gerard easily deflects it, remarking Hitsugaya was dull and wasn’t his main opponent anymore. Then Kenpachi leaped up and knocked Hitsugaya to the ground, prompting Hitsugaya to furiously inquire as to what was wrong. Before Hitsugaya can respond to Kenpachi’s order to stand down, Byakuya silences him. Hitsugaya claims that he cannot abandon Kenpachi to face Gerard alone because the Shinigami removed his eyepatch as proof that Gerard was not a foe he could face alone.Hitsugaya observes that his ice petals are beginning to melt away and that each of them has reached their breaking point. Then he informs Byakuya that he will wait for a chance to utilize all of his might to freeze Gerard to the bone, and that Byakuya should then use Senbonzakura to stomp him to death. Hitsugaya and Byakuya launch their attack as Gerard defeats Kenpachi, but Gerard recognizes their trap and repels them.

Then Kenpachi activates Bankai, turning him into a red-skinned entity, shocking Hitsugaya and Byakuya. Hitsugaya is shocked as Kenpachi tears off Gerard’s arm and launches him off the edge of Wahrwelt. Then, Hitsugaya is shocked to witness Gerard developing wings on his back and flying back up to challenge Kenpachi once more.Hitsugaya says that they should probably keep their distance after seeing Kenpachi bisect Gerard, and Byakuya concurs. When Gerard reforms back into one piece after Kenpachi flips into the air and lets forth a guttural yell, Hitsugaya and Byakuya are startled. Gerard fires a blast from Hoffnung’s tip while sporting a new appearance, almost engulfing Hitsugaya and Byakuya. Hitsugaya is stunned as a portion of Wahrwelt crumbles away due to the blast, but he uses Daiguren Hyrinmaru to catch the falling debris and lessen the damage below.He watches as Gerard defeats Kenpachi, but is instead knocked to the ground by Hoffnung’s swing. The struggling Hitsugaya is instructed to release his Bankai by Byakuya. Hitsugaya declines, claiming that he never asserted that his Bankai came to an end when the petals vanished. Hitsugaya changes into an adult with ice covering his forearms, shoulders, and lower legs, revealing that his Bankai reaches full maturity once the last petal vanishes.

Byakuya is informed by Hitsugaya that he needs to age a little bit in order to wield his Bankai correctly because his power hasn’t yet developed enough to use it to its full potential. Hitsugaya responds to Gerard’s question about his identity by stating his name, avoids Hoffnung being slammed into the ground where he is standing, and then blocks Gerard’s shield when it is thrown at him by freezing it in midair. Gerard is reprimanded by Hitsugaya for tossing around large objects that might fall on Seireitei in such a manner, and Hitsugaya cuts through the blade of Hoffnung before telling him that its power has been lost because it is frozen, which causes Gerard to call upon his Heilig Bogen.Hitsugaya observes that he summoned his bow just in time for Shikai Hyketsu to freeze Gerard to a solid state. Hitsugaya explains that this is possible since his Bankai can freeze anything in its path for four seconds. Insisting that he cannot be constrained by the forces of nature, Gerard suddenly breaks free of the ice and grabs Hitsugaya, only to be knocked over by Kenpachi as his arm becomes frozen upon touching Hitsugaya. Asking Gerard if he believed there would be no repercussions for touching him, Hitsugaya observes as Byakuya uses Ikka Senjinka to attack Gerard’s head.

Hitsugaya freezes the Quincy’s torso, breaking it while Gerard’s head is decimated by the strike. Then Hitsugaya collapses, but Byakuya manages to catch him. Byakuya observes that Hitsugaya pushed his body to the limit with his Bankai, and Hitsugaya confirms this. As Gerard regenerates, energy suddenly starts to build around him, confusing and infuriating Hitsugaya.When Renji and Rukia finally appear, Gerard’s new form overwhelms them, and Hitsugaya mutters aloud that they are still alive. The two Shinigami do not recognize him in his fully developed state as he claims that the Quincy they previously faced is insignificant in comparison to the monster in front of them. He must be Hitsugaya’s older brother, according to Rukia, which Hitsugaya reluctantly confirms.

After Byakuya sends Rukia and Renji on their way, Hitsugaya welcomes him back and starts outlining how a Shinigami’s true duty is to defend their friends and fellow Humans rather than fight for their superiors or family. Hitsugaya then concludes that, whether or not it is against the law, it would be best for Rukia and Renji to go to where Ichigo is. After Auswählen kills Gerard, Hitsugaya re-engages Gerard, expressing shock and confusion.Rangiku and Tshir visit the 1st Division barracks ten years later to witness Rukia Kuchiki’s elevation to captain of the 13th Division. Captain Tetsuzaemon Iba, who has just returned from training, is encountered by them on the way. Rangiku deflects Hitsugaya’s comments onto Hisagi, who asserts to have mastered his Bankai, when he praises his work ethic as putting the other captains to shame and teases her for hers. Hitsugaya declares that they have never seen it when Rangiku asserts that she has never seen it and implies that he is fabricating it. He continues by saying that Hisagi’s inability to perform his Bankai is proof that nothing has intervened to end their ten-year period of peace.

Why is hitsugaya a zombie?in Bleach

Cang Du, a member of Soul Society, defeats Hitsugaya for possession of its bankai during the Wandenreich invasion. However, Hitsugaya is able to defeat Cang Du by obtaining his bankai from him with the aid of Kisuke Urahara. But Hitsugaya eventually turns into a zombie while working for Sternritter Giselle Gewelle.

[BLEACH] Hitsugaya’s Powers & Abilities

Hitsugaya’s Zanpakutō

Hyōrinmaru When closed, Hyrinmaru resembles a standard katana except for the guard, which is shaped like a four-pointed bronze star. Its sheath is dark blue, and its hilt is light blue. When he pulls his sword, the sheath disappears entirely. With a length of about 1.4 meters, the sword is a little bit longer than most Zanpakut. As a result, Hitsugaya cannot wear it on his hip because it is taller than him. As a result, Hitsugaya carries it over his right shoulder while wearing it on his back while wearing his green sash.

The strongest Ice-Element Zanpakut in Soul Society is Hyrinmaru. Hitsugaya can therefore use its talents without needing access to water. Hitsugaya has sufficient control over Hyrinmaru’s strength to use some of its Bankai techniques while in Shikai, though it could also harm him. The abilities of Hyrinmaru’s Shikai and Bankai are very similar; the real distinction lies in the amount of ice each form can produce; the Shikai can only produce comparatively little ice.


The release order for Hyrinmaru is “Sit Upon the Frozen Heavens.” In its Shikai, Hyrinmaru gains a crescent-shaped blade that is attached to its hilt by a long metal chain that can be made to extend significantly with enough willpower. It also slightly lengthens. The chain itself has attack and entanglement potential.

Shikai Special Ability : Hitsugaya is able to handle ice and water thanks to Hyrinmaru. His strikes unleash a tremendous amount of spiritual energy that spills out from the blade’s tip and forms a flow of ice resembling a Chinese dragon. When the dragon flies at an opponent, anything it touches is immediately frozen. Hyrinmaru may summon several ice dragons to strike a foe from different directions. Additionally, anything Hitsugaya traps with the chain-blade is frozen. In Soul Society (where Hitsugaya is not subject to a limiter), the mere release of its power causes the weather in the immediate area to change, causing a thunderstorm or blizzard.

Tensō Jūrin
One of Hyrinmaru’s most fundamental and potent abilities. It gives him the ability to influence the local weather, or more particularly, the water in the air around him. You can use the power in both Shikai and Bankai. However, Hitsugaya claims that this portion of his abilities is still developing and that he prefers not to utilize it in Bankai mode since he is unsure of his ability to prevent it from annihilating everyone nearby.

Shinkū Tasō Hyōheki
Hitsugaya has created this technique of ice creation in collaboration with Rangiku’s Zanpakut, Haineko, to battle effectively despite the meager amounts of ice his Hyrinmaru can produce. Hitsugaya can build an ice wall with multiple empty layers by first forming layers of ice out of the ashes of Rangiku’s Shikai, taking the ashes out, and causing Haineko to revert to its blade form. As a result, the little bit of ice Hyrinmaru can produce can endure fire assaults with little harm. The ice can then be bent by Hitsugaya into a blade.

Rokui Hyōketsujin
Hitsugaya can set a trap by arranging five ice crystals in the shape of snowflakes in a pentagonal pattern. Each snowflake sends a line of ice in the direction of the adversary when they enter the trap. The adversary is then imprisoned inside the pentagon by a sizable ice pillar.

Bankai : Daiguren Hyōrinmaru

Daiguren Hyōrinmaru : Hitsugaya’s Bankai causes ice to flow from Hyrinmaru onto him, beginning at his right arm, where it takes the form of a dragon’s head and wraps around his sword hand and hilt, changing from a four-pointed star to an eight-pointed star. His shoulders are covered with ice that is still growing, and a lengthy tail and two sizable wings are emerging from his back. His left arm becomes covered in ice, which extends down to his hand and terminates in a claw. Like his left hand, Hitsugaya’s feet end in claws and are similarly covered in ice.These new, movable ice limbs can be employed as an extension of him to help in combat. His Bankai occasionally manifests as three ice flowers floating behind him, each with four purple petals like diamonds. As Hitsugaya’s battle progresses, these flowers fade away, one by one. Shawlong Koufang hypothesized that Hitsugaya’s Bankai would shut off once all twelve petals vanished, assuming that the captain’s Bankai was insufficient because of his youth. These petals were conspicuously missing during his battle with Luppi. They were present again during his fight in the Fake Karakura Town, though.

Hollowfied Bankai

Hitsugaya loses his Bankai during the Quincy Blood War and later takes a medication from Urahara as a precaution to recover it from the Wandenreich. Daiguren Hyrinmaru changes appearance when returning to him owing to being momentarily Hollowfied. Hitsugaya acquires an ice mask covering half of his face with a hole for his eye, two protrusions on his head that resemble horns, and a sash of ice that resembles Hyrinmaru’s tail that spans across his chest diagonally.

Hitsugaya claims that if his Bankai were to somehow manage to try to attack itself, the ice would instead be diverted to another location rather than really attacking the Bankai, as shown when Cang Du makes an attempt to attack him with it.

Bankai Special Ability

Tshir has the same ability as his Shikai to freeze things and locations, but with a bigger radius and more force. Tshir can use his tail as a weapon to try to freeze items because the Bankai has a considerably greater capacity for freezing. Tshir can access several additional techniques thanks to Hyrinmaru’s Bankai.

Bankai Regeneration
Hitsugaya’s Bankai suffered damage during the conflict with Luppi Antenor. Hitsugaya claimed that his Bankai can perpetually regenerate as long as there is water in the air after it regenerated.

Zanhyō Ningyō
Tshir is able to create and mold a substantial amount of ice into his exact likeness by using his Bankai. Because it can seem to bleed, it is extremely lifelike. He said he typically saves it for the very end of a battle because he can usually only fool an opponent once with it.

Shield of Ice Wings
Hitsugaya has the ability to shield himself from attacks by encircling himself with his wings.

In response to Hitsugaya stabbing his adversaries, a massive forward burst of ice erupts from the point of contact between Hyrinmaru and the adversaries, encasing and freezing them. Hitsugaya then uses the ice to smash his opponent and himself.

Sennen Hyōrō
Hitsugaya builds a large number of ice pillars that surround him and his foe. These pillars then advance in his direction, engulfing and crushing the adversary (after he twists his blade 90 degrees counterclockwise). The enemy’s distraction is essential to carrying out this attack because, despite the fact that this technique is very powerful, Hitsugaya implies that it requires a lot of time to prepare.

Hyōten Hyakkasō
The Tens Jrin power of Hyrinmaru is expanded by this power. Hitsugaya rarely employs Tens Jrin, though, as he detests doing it while his Bankai is in use. Through the opening created by the ability, a substantial amount of snow flies down onto his foe. The moment the snow touches the adversary, ice flowers begin to grow all over their body, instantly encasing them in an ice pillar. According to Hitsugaya, the person whose life was touched by the last of the 100 petals will pass away.

Guncho Tsurara
Hitsugaya creates ice out of water before swinging his Zanpakut in an arc and launching a barrage of ice daggers at his prey.

Hyōryū Senbi
With this move, Hitsugaya swings his sword in a straight line while forming a crescent-shaped flow of ice from his blade.

Completed Daiguren Hyōrinmaru

After the last battle with Aizen, Hitsugaya significantly strengthened and trained his Bankai, bringing the 18-month-long project to a successful conclusion. Hitsugaya claims that Daiguren Hyrinmaru reaches perfection when the final petal of his ice blossoms falls later on, during his fight with Gerard Valkyrie. He argues that his strength wasn’t developed enough to fully utilize his Bankai, but he was able to age himself into an adult body when it was finished in order to realize its full potential. Hitsugaya is a tall, lanky man with ice covering his shoulders, forearms, and knees as an adult wielding his Bankai.


With a simple hand motion, Hitsugaya can flash-freeze very large objects at a distance in his mature form, including those that his sword cuts. In addition, everything he freezes loses all of its capabilities and functions. When Hitsugaya assumes this form, anyone who touches him will also become flash-frozen.

[BLEACH] Why did Toshiro age up?

Numerous Bleach fans must have daydreamed about what Toshiro Hitsugaya might look like as an adult for many years. So, stop wondering now! Hitsugaya discovers a bonus form late in the fight with the Quincies (manga only), in which he manifests as a grown man with improved ice abilities. Hitsugaya was up against Sternritter “M” Gerard Valkyrie, so it was a desperate move. It was the warrior of God versus ice, and this is a battle that cannot be missed.

In the new bleach anime series we see him as an adult. Enjoy the anime created by Mr. Tite Kubo until the end!

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