Is Gremmy Thoumeaux the strongest Sternritter?[Bleach]


Who is Gremmy Thoumeaux?

Gremmy Thoumeaux, also known as Gurem Tumy, is a Quincy who wears the identifier “V”—”The Visionary”—and is a member of Wandenreich’s Sternritter. He was given the task of assassinating his captured companions as a member of the Infiltration Team after being revived by the Coalition. He makes an appearance as a significant adversary during the Mercurius Prison Break, where he almost completely destroyed Crocus.

Is Gremmy Thoumeaux the strongest Sternritter?

Gremmy claims in the comic that no one dared challenge his status as the strongest Sternritter, but I have a tendency to disagree. There is no denying that Zaraki is a formidable foe, but Lille Barro will undoubtedly outperform him. Captain-Commander Kyoraku was made to struggle for his life by Lille Barro, and Shunsui was forced to use his Bankai. Additionally, when Lille Barro has used his Volstandig, he is almost immune to any attacks. Personally, I don’t think Gremmy could possibly outmatch him in strength. Other senior Sternritters like Haschwalth may also fall within this category. However, Lille Barro will serve as my focus example. How do you folks feel?

Why is Gremmy Thoumeaux so strong?

He uses imagination to make a thought reality. Reality Warp – Gremmy is capable of turning fantasy into reality in real life situations. Death manipulation: Gremmy can kill by thinking.

Who defeated Gremmy Thoumeaux bleach? Is he dead?

Gremmy makes a severe cut in Guenael Lee’s shoulder as he stands up after being assaulted by 11th Division Lieutenant Yachiru Kusajishi. He informs Guenael that he is simply a creation of Gremmy’s imagination and would now vanish from his thoughts while sitting inside the barrier that is mending 3rd Division Captain Rjrtoribashi and 9th Division Captain Kensei Muguruma. Gremmy kills Guenael and then discloses to 4th Division Lieutenant Isane Kotetsu that he also killed the two leaders. Gremmy successfully makes this real by imagining the bones in Yachiru’s hand to be composed of cookies while dodging her strike. After continuing to describe his abilities, Captain Kenpachi Zaraki of the 11th Division enters the scene.

Kenpachi only makes an attempt to assault Gremmy once he notices his strong appearance and lifts the ground to create a “stage” for their battle. Gremmy then explains his power to Kenpachi. Gremmy explains to Kenpachi why he cannot cut him, but Kenpachi continues and slices through a portion of Gremmy’s right shoulder. Kenpachi claims that Gremmy cannot imagine anything that he cannot cut, but Gremmy doesn’t say anything.

Gremmy stands up and swears he will murder Kenpachi with his imagination without even lifting a finger. He then reveals he had imagined himself to be healed. Kenpachi begs Yachiru to flee before Gremmy kills him with lava, causing Gremmy to say she can’t before revealing her bones are made of cookies. Gremmy throws Kenpachi into a fissure and surrounds him with water before sealing it and declaring that Kenpachi will drown in an hour. Gremmy manages to block Kenpachi’s attack after he escapes and attacks him.

Gremmy observes that Kenpachi discovered how to neutralize his power after forcing Yachiru to leave the battlefield so she could have her arm treated. This is confirmed by Kenpachi, who then reminds Gremmy of his claim to be the strongest Quincy before stating that if Gremmy does not focus on him, there won’t be a fight. Gremmy surrounds Kenpachi with a number of rectangular earthen blocks after observing Kenpachi’s justification for wanting to kill the most powerful opponent: “No one has ever shown aggression toward me,” he tells himself.

Gremmy, however, realizes that he wants to murder Kenpachi and becomes ecstatic at the idea. He surrounds himself with a large number of guns and shoots Kenpachi mercilessly. Gremmy summons a number of missiles and launches them in Kenpachi’s direction. Kenpachi survives the blasts and observes that his sword is finally starting to have fun.

Gremmy makes a shield to block Kenpachi’s strike while remarking that he is feeling very wonderful right now, but Kenpachi manages to get past it. Gremmy observes Kenpachi is exploiting his lack of responsiveness to attack him relentlessly as he continues to slash him many times and thinks to himself that this is impossible. Gremmy realizes he is, mends his wounds, and expresses gratitude to Kenpachi for pointing this out when the latter asks him if he is imagining his own death. In order to show Kenpachi his greatest power as a way of saying “thank you,” Gremmy decides to create a clone of himself nearby.

Gremmy declares that the clone will not be harmed when Kenpachi attacks it and reveals that in this form, his power of imagination is doubled while pointing to a massive meteorite hurtling toward them from above. Gremmy believes that this asteroid will destroy the whole Seireitei as well as Kenpachi.

What is Gremmy Powers and Abilities?

Gremmy, who claims to be the strongest Sternritter, is a tremendously strong Quincy even among the Sternritters. Whether or not this assertion is accurate, it has been noted that his fellow Sternritters are very wary of him because none of them have ever shown aggression toward him; even Askin Nakk Le Vaar noted that Yhwach typically keeps him locked up. During the Quincy Blood War, he was even able to compete with Kenpachi Zaraki, one of the Gotei 13’s strongest captains.After his resurrection, Gremmy demonstrated his prowess by easily defeating an Alliance Warden named Uosuke and later a Commander of the Defense Division named Jura Neekis (although he had the advantage because Jura had recently fought one of Gremmy’s creations named Gerhalv Rilten). Later, he matched Kazekage Gaara in strength and even applied pressure on multiple occasions. Even Monkey D. Dragon, the Supreme Commander of the Alliance, acknowledged that even though he would defeat Gremmy in a fight, he would still cause significant harm to the city of Crocus.

The Visionary

Gremmy has the power to make fantasies come true. For instance, if he imagines that someone’s arm’s bones are formed of cookies, this will actually happen. Gremmy asserts that he is the Sternritter with the greatest range of skills. He was imprisoned by Yhwach because of his unstable mental state, and the other Sternritters had to be cautious around him. Everything that Gremmy has imagined into existence will vanish if he passes away, including his stone platform crumbling and the blood from his imagined body disappearing.

Life Creation:
The ability of Gremmy to imagine life is his greatest strength. He has the ability to duplicate himself, and each time he does so, his capacity for imagination grows. This enables him to produce much more powerful items, like a massive meteorite. He can turn a space into a vacuum by producing more clones, suffocating his targets inside and rupturing their lungs from the rapid decompression brought on by the difference in air pressure. Unless they neglect to harden their bodies, the clones are impervious to harm. This power allows Gremmy to even create other sentient living things; he used it to create Guenael Lee and then use it to destroy him.

Reishi Manipulation
Gremmy’s primary method of creating weapons as a Quincy is by absorbing Reishi from the atmosphere and fusing it with his own Reiryoku. In areas with greater Reishi concentrations, like Soul Society or Hueco Mundo, he finds it easier to gather this energy.

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