The true identity of Gun Devil in “CHAINSAWMAN” and his relationship with Aki Hayakawa are also thoroughly explained.


The popularity of “CHAINSAWMAN” shows no signs of abating, with both the first anime season and the second part of the original story showing a great deal of excitement. The anime adaptation of the first part of the original work has allowed us to reaffirm the fun of the first part of the original work and the charm of the characters. In this article, we will discuss the “Gun Devil,” the most powerful Devil that he and his friends in the Public Safety Arc pursued, and thoroughly explain its strength and mysteries! This article contains spoilers up to December 2022, so please be careful when reading.

|What is Gun Devil?

The “Gun Devil” is a disaster-level devil that suddenly appeared 13 years before the start of this film and instantly caused worldwide casualties. In Japan, it killed more than 50,000 people in just 26 seconds, and on a global scale, it killed more than 1.2 million people in just 5 minutes, so it is truly a “Devil. As a prerequisite for having such power, Devil basically increases its power based on people’s fear of it. In the world 13 years ago, guns were widely bought and sold to counter the Devil, and there were many civil wars and incidents using guns. This led to an unusually heightened fear of the word “gun” among people. Gun Devil” appeared at the worst possible time, bringing tragedy with its power heightened by fear. Although it did not reappear for the next 13 years, the traces left by the “Gun Devil” linger to this day, as people’s fear of the Devil itself has increased.

|Explanation of the Strengths and Capabilities of “Gun Devil”

The frightening thing about “Gun Devil” is that despite its simple abilities, everything about it is violent and out of the ordinary. First of all, he is able to move at high speed with his huge body, and the way he can engulf people within his range just by moving is nothing short of a disaster. The key abilities are “the ability to shoot a bullet into the head of every man within a 1,000 meter radius,” “the ability to shoot a bullet into the head of every child (0 to 12 years old) within a 1,500 meter radius,” and “the ability to shoot a bullet into the heart of every creature with a birth month of January, February, March, May, June, August, September, November, or December within a 1 km radius. Gun Devil” has the ability to attack at a specified range. In other words, “Gun Devil” not only simply handles guns, but also has the violent ability to use guns to perform Excel operations.

|[Spoiler] Identity of “Gun Devil” Revealed by Makima

In episode 73 of volume 9 of the original work, Makima revealed that “Gun Devil” had already been defeated and was in a state of captivity. When the Soviet Union recognized “Gun Devil” after its rampage 13 years ago, it had already been defeated by someone and was unconscious. The main body of “Gun Devil” was then recovered and split up, with the US holding 20%, the USSR 28%, China 11%, and other countries 4%. The remaining 37% of the scattered pieces of flesh are held by Devils around the world. In other words, the “Gun Devil” was not an enemy of mankind, but rather a nuclear weapon that mankind possessed as a deterrent to other nations. Going to defeat the “Gun Devil” in another country is synonymous with going to war with that country.

Who defeated Gun Devil (complete)?

Now, then, “Who defeated this disaster-level Devil?” This is not revealed in the book. However, it is speculated that it is the strongest level of Devil who can defeat the disaster level Devil. It is speculated that it is the strongest level of Devil.


First of all, one of the candidates who defeated “Gun Devil” is Pochita, who you all know as CHAINSAWMAN. In fact, on the day Pochita met Denji for the first time, Pochita was wounded and dying. The wound looks like a bullet wound. The “Gun Devil” first demonstrates its disaster-level power in the original volume 9, episode 75, but that is still only 20% of the power of a piece of meat that the US has. So how powerful was it when it appeared 13 years ago with 100% power? It is hard to imagine. It is said that only CHAINSAWMAN, a.k.a. Pochita, could defeat “Gun Devil” in his prime. It is said that CHAINSAWMAN was the only one who could defeat “Gun Devil” in his prime.


Another candidate is our own Makima. She, too, is a “Control Devil” and has the most powerful abilities in the work. She also possesses the power of virtual immortality, as her contract states that attacks on Makima will be reduced to appropriate Japanese illnesses or accidents. This makes it a good match for “Gun Devil’s” violent attack density, which can be countered by its endurance. The fact that she has hidden the secret of “Gun Devil” and manipulated Denji and Aki up to this point also suggests that she defeated “Gun Devil” in order to use its power for her plans.

|[spoiler]What is the relationship between “Gun Devil” and the U.S. Gun DevilVSMakima

Summoning of the Devil by the President of the United States: …… List of Deaths by “Gun Devil”

In order to defeat Makima, the President of the United States makes a contract with “Gun Devil” in exchange for a one-year life span of the entire nation. I am convinced that to explain the battle scene of “Gun Devil”, it is enough to show one frame of the original story rather than 100 words. As you can see from the image attached at the top, many of you may have been traumatized by the way the names of the dead are lined up all over the page like a cenotaph. In just one frame, we are made to understand that this Devil’s presence is not some kind of animal damage, but a disaster. At first glance, it may appear that the Devil is mischievously taking the lives of Japanese citizens, but this is a very rational strategy, considering that Makima is the opponent.

Playing against Makima

Even from 500 kilometers away, “Gun Devil” rains bullets down on Makima. The bullet hits Makima right between the eyes, but it is only Makima’s 29th death. Makima had a contract with the Prime Minister to “shoulder the responsibility for the attack on him”, right? So, in order to reduce the number of Makima’s remaining units, the Japanese people were massacred first. Makima, having repaired its wounds in an instant, also activates its ability and uses the ability of the Devil it has been subjugated to or the Devil that humans had contracted with. Then, within one second of activating his ability, he will be cornered by the overwhelming firepower of the “Gun Devil,” which is no less than the physical strength of the “Gun Devil. Thus, “Gun Devil,” which was even thought to be the last boss, seemed to have been quelled by Makima’s hand. ……

|[spoiler]What is your relationship with Aki Hayakawa?

One of the main characters, Aki Hayakawa, is also one of the claw marks left behind by “Gun Devil” 13 years ago. Having lost his family in the attack 13 years ago, Aki decided to become a devil hunter and has been living for revenge ever since. However, when Makima told him that the “Gun Devil” had already been defeated, he realized that the Devil would live on semi-permanently as a deterrent by human hands. After realizing that revenge will not come true, he decides to fight the “Gun Devil” not for revenge but to protect Denji and Power, and begs Makima to “make a contract with any Devil”. As a result, Makima takes complete control of him and he dies in battle with the “Gun Devil”. He then hijacks her body and attacks Denji and his men as the “Gun Devil,” and after a battle with Denji, who becomes the CHAINSAWMAN, she dies at his hands. Aki’s death casts a dark shadow over Denji’s mind and becomes the cornerstone of Makima’s plan.

|Gun Devil” will appear in the anime after the second season?

Many are eagerly awaiting the appearance of “Gun Devil” in the anime, which has left a tremendous impact both as an enemy and as a Devil. Considering that the content of the first anime season that aired was up to volume 5 of the original work, it is a certainty that “Gun Devil,” who appeared in volume 9, will appear in the second season. Perhaps it would be a good idea to go back and read the first part of the original story one more time now to build up our anticipation for the second season!

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