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This article summarizes Kirya Nouzen in “86 – Eighty-Six”, who, like Shin and Rei, is a member of the Nouzen family. Because of her inflexible and serious nature, she has lost her mind in repeated battles with the Legions and has been taken in by the new Legion “Morpho” as a shepherd. Therefore, we will introduce Kiriya with her strength and abilities, her final death scene, and the voice actor in charge of her.

|Who is 86 Kyria Nouzen?

86 – Eighty-Six – information

86- Eighty-Six – Summary

  • Title:86- Eighty-Six
  • Genre:Science Fiction, Military, Action
  • Author.:Asato Asato
  • Anime Information:Asato Asato (original story), Toshimasa Ishii (director), TOKYO MX, etc. (broadcaster)

86 – Eighty-Six” is a light novel work by novelist Asato Asato. It has been serialized in Dengeki Bunko since February 10, 2017, and as of February 2022, 11 book volumes have been published. 2018 saw the serialization of a comic book version of the main story in Young Gangan. In addition, a TV anime is being broadcast from April 11 to June 20, 2021, October 3 to December 26, 2021, and March 12 to March 19, 2022, among others.

86- Eighty-Six – Synopsis

Here is a brief summary of the synopsis of “86 – Eighty-Six”. The year is 2148, the year of the star history. The Republic of Glinois and the Empire of Ghiade were waging a bloodless war, with each side deploying unmanned weapons such as Juggernaut and Legion into the battlefield. However, the reality is that they are manned unmanned vehicles, with people scorned as “Eighty-Six” aboard…

Profile of Kirya Nouzen 86- Eighty-Six

Kiriya Nouzen, who appears in 86 – Eighty-Six – is a former knight of Frederica’s Kingsguard, a distant relative of Shin. Her nickname is Kili. Like Shin and Rey, she is a member of the Nouzen family. She was given the code name “Pale Rider” by Legion.

Kirya’s personality

Kyriah Nouzen of 86 – Eighty-Six – is a serious character who is faithful to her work and duties. Because of this personality, she has an inflexible side, which has led her to lose her sanity in repeated battles with the Legions.

Kyria and Frederica’s relationship

Kyriah Nouzen of 86 – Eighty-Six – served as Frederica’s Kingsguard knight and her only playmate. In a reminiscent scene in episode 19 of the anime, she brushes Frederica’s hair and wraps flowers in the garden. Frederica was also friendly to Kiriya, who treated her kindly.

|Strengths and Capabilities of Kirya in 86 – Eighty-Six –

86- Eighty-Six-‘s Kirya Nouzen unleashes a railgun mercilessly on Shin, who is moving toward the decoys. The most frightening thing about Kiriya is that she has the ability to deceive Shinn by carrying out a certain maneuver in the preliminary stages of the operation. So, how strong is Kiriya when taken into the Legion? Let’s take a closer look at the strength of Kiriya, with information on the performance of the new Legion “Morpho”.

Strength of the new Legion “Morpho”.

Kirya Nouzen has been taken in by the new Legion “Morpho” as a shepherd. Morpho is an aircraft that, when it appeared in episode 19 of the anime, surpassed Rey in height and enormity in the first season. In addition to its strength as an aircraft, its abilities, which are exerted by Kiriya’s brain, made it an order of magnitude stronger than its enemies before Morpho’s appearance.

Incidentally, the Morpho’s name comes from the butterfly. The aircraft specifications are as follows. Length: 40.2 m, Height: 11.4 m, Overall weight: 1,400 tons, Cruising speed: 200 km/, Maximum range of main gun: 400 km, Equipment: 500 mm rail gun, 40 mm anti-air and ground electromagnetic Vulcan cannon x 6.

Power of Morpho’s electromagnetic acceleration cannon

The Morpho’s 500mm Electromagnetic Acceleration Gun (railgun) has a maximum range of 400 km. It is so powerful that it can inflict serious damage on neighboring countries, including the Federation of Guiarde.

Morpho’s Weaknesses

Although the Morpho boasts of the immense power of its main gun, it also has a fatal weakness. It is not good at close combat with ground troops or explosive devices such as missiles. However, it can cover ground weapons with its support units and missiles with the 40mm anti-air and anti-ground electromagnetic Vulcan cannon ×6 mounted on itself. Its mobility, which is a problem because it is huge and specializes in artillery battles, is also covered by its style of moving on the railroad.

Morpho’s Fake Operation.

Earlier we mentioned that Kiriya Nouzen’s ability is connected to Morpho’s strength, but in the 19th episode of the anime, a fake operation was carried out, working from Kiriya’s brain. Kiriya acted to have only the gun barrels converted to a different aircraft, reversing Shin’s ability to hear the voices of the dead. Then, Shin and his special unit, which had set out, reacted and headed toward the Legion, which Kiriya had prepared as a decoy.

|Kirya’s death at the end?

Kiriya’s brain was taken by Legion near the time of her death, and as a result, she became “Morpho,” a new type of Legion that boasts a strength far beyond that of the enemies who have appeared in the past. Although Kiriya successfully deceived Shin and his team through a fake operation, he was defeated and died in the final battle with Shin and his team. So, let us now trace the events leading up to Kiriya’s death.

The Final of Kirya (1) Fight with Shin

At the end of 86 – Eighty-Six – (Period 1, Episode 11), Kiriya Nouzen attacks Shin and his friends in a heavy tank type before entering the Ghiadeh Federation. Kiriya, who has a near homophobic attachment to Shinn as a close relative, attacked the Shinn juggernaut mercilessly, revealing his hatred for it. At the time, he was merely stopping the Singhs from entering the Ghiadeh Federation, but this attack created the opportunity for him to meet Frederica.

Kiriya then used the aforementioned fake operation to make Theoto Ange Kurena untraceable as well. He also disabled Raiden’s aircraft from combat, leaving him in single combat with the last remaining Shin. Kirya was amazed by Shin’s tremendous persistence and movement to close the distance with the giant morpho, even if it was a single aircraft.

The Final of Kirya (2) Raina’s Backup

However, even with Shin’s tremendous movement, Kiriya’s overwhelming power still gave him the upper hand. Shin realized his defeat and death, but then unexpected support arrived. Raina, who had been sent to the Ghiade Federation after the destruction of the Republic, became the new target of Shin’s sympathies.

From the “●●, all juggernauts on the fortress walls!” and then orders her handlers to fire their antiarmor grenades, which concentrate their fire on Kirya. However, the small-caliber shells against the huge and robustly armored Kiriya (Morpho) did not do much damage.

Nevertheless, the continued application of explosive mines and shock waves succeeded in stiffening Kiriya. Thus, this time Kiriya realized defeat and death. Incidentally, when Raina tuned in, because of the terrible noise in her voice, Shin did not hear the country, the army, or his own name that the owner of the voice would have said. In other words, he did not realize that the owner of the voice was Raina at that point.

The Final of Kirya (3) Gunfire from Frederica

Realizing his defeat, Kirya Nouzen prepared himself for death and decided to go head-to-head with Singh. However, it ended in failure due to Frederica’s bombardment. Kirija was then knocked down and killed by Shinn’s attack.

|86 Kirya’s voice actor.

Before becoming the new Legion “Morpho,” Kirya Nouzen was basically taciturn and serious, and was often seen as unsociable at first glance. However, the detailed kindness she showed toward Frederica in a reminiscent scene in episode 19 is shared by Shin. So who voiced Kiriya in the 86-86 anime? Here is a profile of the voice actor who played the voice of Kiriya, as well as the main films in which she appeared and the characters she played.

Profile of Uemura Yuto

  • Name:Uemura Yuto
  • Date of Birth:October 23, 1993 (age 29)
  • Birthplace:Saitama prefecture (Kantou area)
  • Career:Actor, voice actor
  • Term of activity:2002-.
  • Genre:Animation, games, dubbing
  • Belonging office:The Himawari Theater Company
  • Specialty:Scuba diving, billiards

The voice of Kiriya Nouzen in “86 – Eighty-Six” is played by Uemura Yuto, a voice actor who belongs to the entertainment agency Gekidan Himawari. Uemura Yuto is a voice actor and actor, and made his debut as a voice actor in the movie “Bono Bono: The Spider’s Tree” released on August 10, 2002. His voice appearance in the video game “Gods of Mischief” was the catalyst for him to become aware of voice acting work.

|Reviews and Ratings on 86 Kirya

So far, we have introduced you to 86- Eighty-Six-‘s Kirya Nouzen, including information on her strength, abilities, final death scene, and the voice actor responsible for her. Finally, let’s take a look at the online reviews and evaluations that have been received regarding Kirya of 86- Eighty-Six-. Apparently, there have been comments on the net regarding Kiriya’s death scene and the voice actor in charge of her.

There have been some comments regarding the death scene of Kirya Nouzen in “86 – Eighty-Six”. Reviews have said that “Kiriya is forced to end her life,” presumably referring to Kiriya’s death scene. The times when Kiriya dies seem to be tense, so if you are interested, check it out.

A voice has been raised regarding the voice actor for Kirya Nouzen in 86 – Eighty-Six. Apparently, this person was pleased to learn that the character Julian, who appears in other works, is voiced by the same actor as Kirya in 86- Eighty-Six. This review suggests that the voice actor Uemura Yuto, who voiced Kiriyah, is highly regarded for his acting ability.

|Summary of Kirya 86- Eighty-Six

This article has introduced Kiriya Nouzen in “86- Eighty-Six” with her strength and abilities, her final death scene, and the voice actor in charge of her. 86- Eighty-Six’s Kiriya had so much in common with Shin that Frederica said, “She is like Kiriya. “86- Eighty-Six. We hope that you will keep an eye on Kirya while watching 86-ATSICS, and that you will use this article’s summary as a guide.

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