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Fans were ecstatic to learn this week that the highly acclaimed anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man by MAPPA will have its global premiere on October 11. Wide attention has been paid to Tatsuki Fujimoto’s work because of his commitment to upending the shonen genre by flipping the screenplay, melting it down, and using the resulting fuel to power his artistic endeavors.

When a reader has finished reading one of his works, it is said to have a sense of deeper meaning yet being straightforward and simple to understand. When talking about his creative process with Blade of the Immortal author Samura Hiroaki, a fellow mangaka, Tatsuki made this admission during their joint JUMP+ interview. Chainsaw Man is unquestionably Tatsuki’s most quotable work to date, and the eleven-volume Part One is replete with memorable quotations. Chainsaw Man’s dialogue does not fall short, ranging from its ridiculousness to its unexpected poignancy.

|I’ll Turn You Into The Baddest Of The Badasses-Kishibe

A training arc should be included in every Shonen, and Chainsaw Man is no exception. Denji and Power are given the task of training under Kishibe, the most powerful Devil Hunter in all of public safety, as a result of the events involving the Katana Man. Kishibe, a middle-aged alcoholic who resembles a well-known Danish actor, is direct to the point and not to be trifled with.

The most cruel sort of schooling one could receive is his training of the hybrid and fiend. He is the one who instills in Denji the value of using his imagination more often and not only his intelligence. But what he really succeeds in doing is creating Denji the most formidable devil hunter ever.

|All Devils Are Born With A Name-Makima

For a narrative as wide as Chainsaw Man, a little expositional language is occasionally necessary, and Makima is the ideal character to do so.

Compared to the curses and villains of Jujutsu Kaisen, the strength of devils in the CSM universe is at most minimal, but they all stand for humanity’s worst fears: “The More That Name Is Feared, The More Powerful The Devil Itself.” The weapons of Leatherface, Jason Voorhees, or Freddy Krueger would certainly tend to instill the most fear, as the manga has demonstrated with its eponymous protagonist. Sea Cucumber and Tomato Devils are likely to be on the lesser side.

|I Love Me Some Bad Guys!-Denji

Because nobody will object when I murder them, Denji doesn’t mince words, and his lack of restraint while interacting with the opponent is occasionally hilariously spot-on.

Denji epitomizes a person who speaks before thinking and acts before speaking, thus it only seems sense that they’d be the one to add a “ize” wherever they see appropriate when spitting out a witty one-liner in the most 90s action-star fashion.

|It’s So Great Having An Addiction-Himeno

Everyone has a vice, whether it is a minor, unharmful one or a more serious one. They all give a brief escape, though, which unites them all. Characters who smoke chains abound in animanga, and Chainsaw Man is no exception. They occasionally require something to numb the pain of their risky life.

It’s simple to excuse someone for indulging in a vice to allay worry and stress when one works in a field with a survival rate of about 30%. Himeno may go too far with it, too, as she easily smokes a pack of cigarettes per day and is a sloppy drunk; she indulges when she can, which isn’t always the best course of action. It’s surprising that she hasn’t gone completely Kishibe at this point after witnessing so many of her friends disappear like flies one after the other.

|Watch This Denji! And Tell The Tale!-Power

It cannot be denied that Power, the blood-fiend, has a way with words. She constantly manages to insert a “’tis” at the end of every statement, making them sound more “dignified” than they actually are. A person who chooses words at random to sound knowledgeable is actually the epitome of power.

The way she speaks, though, more closely resembles a novice Dungeons & Dragons player, and the readers wouldn’t have it any other way. It won’t take long for anime viewers to quote her recitation of “how Power is the strongest of them ALL” because she is unquestionably one of the best characters to appear in the manga.

|Enemies Are Enemies…We’re Only Using Them-Aki Hayakawa

Aki Hayakawa would unquestionably be at the top of any ranking of the most sorrowful characters in the entire film Chainsaw Man. Despite that, he is the only character in the series to have a protracted arc from start to finish.

Aki was determined to get rid of the menace posed by the Devil’s that afflict the planet from the moment he was introduced. After all, his entire family was murdered by the Gun Devil himself. It has been his unwavering purpose to gather every scrap of Gun flesh in order to destroy it. The extra irony of having “no intention of being friendly with one” is made all the more resonant by the fact that along the line, he came to care about a particular pair of devils, even at the expense of his own vengeance.

|“All devils are born bearing a name. As that name becomes feared, the devil itself increases in power.” – Makima

The strength of a demon is determined by how feared the “concept” that is the root of the demon is.

For example, if it were a “car accident” that kills thousands of people every year and “coffee,” which is just a drink, the car accident would be stronger.

Fear is the power of the devil. This concept is an important point in the story of the chainsaw man, so keep it in mind.

|…Devils Fear [Hunters] With A Few Screws Loose.-Kishibeo

Himeno recalls the proverbial saying from Kishibe about devil hunters from her inebriated sensei about how the unpredictable and illogical fools are the ones to terrify devils the most after witnessing Denji in action.

This is subsequently demonstrated to be true in a fight between Santa Claus and the Doll-Devil when they find it difficult to understand the thoughts of a burned-out Denji. To attempt to understand the irrational is absurd.

|Everybody’s After My Chainsaw Heart!-Denji

Denji doesn’t frequently express such profundity regarding events taking place around him. Nevertheless, he occasionally demonstrates a rudimentary level of intelligence by picking up on the smallest hints about his predicament and making a comment about it.

This is also demonstrated in the Bomb Girl storyline, where Reze, another impressionable girl who enters his life, shows him to be susceptible to romantic attraction. It ultimately crushes Chainsaw Man’s heart to learn that she is a foreign spy sent to seize his heart. It breaks his heart even more when he finds that no one wants his love, especially in light of the realization that every woman he has encountered had at some time attempted to kill him.

|Truly Necessary Evils Are Always … Controlled By The State-Makima

After delivering the eyes of a complete Yakuza group, Makima is blunt in her remarks. It should come as no surprise that Makima is the only character to be able to accurately identify who she is.

Even though she is set up for this long before she ultimately reveals herself to be the Control Devil, her deeds leading up to it still demonstrate how necessary wicked she is. She has become the ultimate lady in power because to her numerous deals with influential people around Japan. The one person she could never completely manage was the Chainsaw Man themselves, since she can only exert power over people she perceives to be “beneath” her.

|Will There Still Be Crappy Movies?-Denji

The clash of values is more important than the clash of fists in the protagonist and antagonist’s climactic encounter. In the Control Devil Arc, Makima’s true intentions are revealed, and it is clear how she intends to use all means necessary to carry them out.

Denji’s story is one of slow progress; he by no means develops intellectually, but he does learn to comprehend the world around him. As a result, he questions in the most intimate manner possible about Makima’s genuine motive, which is to take away everyone’s agency in the interest of peace. He asserts that enjoyment can only be fully experienced in the presence of suffering, or in this instance, horrible movies.

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