[SPY×FAMILY] Is the movie part of the luxury cruise ship version? Predictions for the movie part and spoilers for the luxury cruise ship part.


|What is the luxury cruise ship version of SPY x FAMILY? How many volumes of the original work?

SPY×FAMILY Film Information

The popular anime “SPY x FAMILY” is, as the title suggests, about spies. There are many popular episodes in the work, and the “luxury cruise ship episode” is one of the most popular. This section introduces how many volumes the luxury cruise ship chapter appears in in the original work, the synopsis, and the ending, along with spoilers. While you can enjoy this work even if you know the spoilers, you should be careful if you do not want to know the ending. First, here are some details about the film.

SPY×FAMILY is a home comedy work by Tatsuya Endo. It has been serialized in Shonen Jump + from March 25, 2019 to December 2022 present. A TV anime has been airing since April 2022, and a musical is scheduled to be staged as well. Season 2 of the TV anime will be produced in 2023.

SPY x FAMILY Overview

This work was a huge hit, breaking all records in the history of JUMP+ in terms of circulation and number of comments. The original author, Tatsuya Endo, liked the situation of “hiding one’s true identity,” so the main character became a spy, and SPY×FAMILY was based on his read-aloud work “I SPY. Tatsuya Endo, a teacher, is conscious of simplicity in his drawings, with an emphasis on clarity. Translations of his works for other countries have also gained popularity in many countries.

It also won first place in the “Web Manga Category” in the “Next Comic Award 2019.” It also won first place in the “This Manga is Amazing! 2020 Otoko Hen,” “Recommended Comic 2020 Selected by National Booksellers,” and “Net Trendy Words 100 2022 pixiv Award. The influence of the TV anime adaptation was also significant, and collaborations with the Japanese Red Cross Society and the Digital Agency (my number card) have also taken place. Without a doubt, it is one of the titles that represent the current Jump works.

SPY x FAMILY Synopsis

There were two countries, the East (Ostania) and the West (Westeris), which continued to live under a temporary peace. A brilliant spy named Twilight is sent to the East. He calls himself Lloyd Forger and adopts Anya, a young girl from an orphanage. He adopted Anya, a young girl from an orphanage, for a mission to contact a politician. He also needed to interview both parents together, so Lloyd asked a woman named Yol, with whom he had a mutual interest, to play the role of mother.

What is the luxury cruise ship version? How many volumes of the original work?

You must also be wondering how many volumes of SPY x FAMILY’s luxury cruise ship chapter will appear in the original work. What volume is the luxury cruise ship version of the episode that is not currently animated yet? The luxury cruise ship chapter is an episode that begins at the end of volume 7; you will board the luxury cruise ship in volume 7, but if you don’t know the spoiler, you may also want to check how many volumes it continues in. The luxury cruise ship chapter is complete and is a long episode that runs to volume 9.

|Will the luxury cruise ship version of SPY x FAMILY be made into a movie? Animation?

Will the luxury cruise ship version be made into a movie?

Now that you know how many volumes of the original story are in the luxury cruise ship chapter, you may be wondering about the movie and anime adaptations of the story. If you are a fan of the original work, you may be able to guess how many volumes will be depicted in the next anime. The following two questions, in turn, are whether the luxury cruise ship version will be made into a movie or an anime.

When, if ever, will the luxury cruise ship version be made into a movie?

Many fans are wondering whether the luxury cruise ship version of SPY x FAMILY will be made into a movie, and at the “Jump Festa 2023 ‘SPY x FAMILY’ Super Stage” held on December 18, information on the production of the movie version was revealed. However, it was revealed that the content will not be the luxury cruise ship version, but a completely new story by the original author. Therefore, even if the luxury cruise ship version is made into a movie, it is likely to be more than two years away. In recent years, many popular JUMP works have been made into movies, such as “Blade of Demon” and “Jujutsu Kaisen. Due to this influence, many fans expected that a popular episode of SPY x FAMILY would also be made into a movie. Therefore, some were disappointed that the luxury cruise ship version was not made into a movie on the Internet. However, since it is a new episode by the original author, many people seem to have high expectations.

Will the luxury cruise ship version be animated?

The possibility of the luxury cruise ship version becoming a movie in 2023 has been eliminated, but on the other hand, there is a good chance that the episode will be made into an anime. Currently, the second cool of the first season is airing, and it has been announced that a second season will be produced in 2023. While it is unclear how many episodes will be animated in the second season, the anime is relatively faithful to the original story. This suggests that there is a good chance that the luxury cruise ship version of SPY x FAMILY will be animated in a second season.

In SPY x FAMILY, there is a story about a date between Lloyd and Yol. The date episode is famous for the shocking episode in which Yol drinks pufferfish poison. This article explains how many episodes of Lloyd and Yol’s date episode can be read. We will also provide detailed information about the date and the scenes in which Anya plays an active role.SPY x FAMILY’s Lloyd and Yol have romantic feelings for each other.

|SPY x FAMILY’s luxury cruise ship edition.

Spoiler alert ① Escort mission

We are waiting for further information on how many episodes of the original SPY x FAMILY will be adapted into anime. The following is a spoiler-filled synopsis of SPY x FAMILY’s luxury cruise ship chapter, up to and including the ending. One day, Yol receives a call from the manager. Yol is on a mission to kill, but this time he was assigned to escort a certain person. This person is Orca Gletcher and his son, a member of the Gletcher family, an underworld mafia.

Not long ago, an internal conflict broke out and the Gletscher family boss and his two sons were killed. The two survivors are the two men who will be escorting the family this time. The Gletscher family was an organization that had played a role in organizing the underworld in the East (Ostania). The manager, who owes a debt of gratitude to the boss, decides to have Yol escort the two men with a bounty on their heads to exile them.

Spoiler ② Route of exile for Orca.

To get the orcas safely into exile, the route chosen was by sea. If we used the ship as is, we would have caught the attention of the coast guard. Therefore, we decided to first board a general passenger ship to go offshore. From there, the plan was to board a ship in a third country, a place of exile. Yol was to serve as an escort until they boarded the third country’s ship. There is a huge bounty on both of them, and the men who killed the boss are looking for them with bloodshot eyes.

Furthermore, there is talk that hit men are on the move, both at home and abroad, in search of the bounty. In order to hide out on a common cruise ship, Orca has changed his face and name on board. Even though it should be impossible to tell at first glance, a fight with the assassins is inevitable if their true identities are discovered.

Spoiler ③ Anya and Lloyd are also going to be on the boat.

Yol usually works for the city hall. He hides the fact that his day job is an assassin from everyone around him, even Lloyd and Anya. This mission was not a one-day trip, but rather a “city hall job” that would require him to be away for a few days. The chief and a male staff member are also accompanying me, in case I should be suspected. Of course, the chief is no ordinary man. Like Yol, he is a hit man for the Garden and is already aware of the mission assigned to Yol.

Meanwhile, Lloyd, who has no way of knowing Yol’s situation, has come to the Central Mall with Anya. There, Anya participates in a big lottery. To their surprise, the prize they won in the big lottery was “a trip on a first-class luxury cruise ship. This meant that Lloyd and Anya would be on the same ship as Yol. Unable to stop them from boarding the ship, Yol has to escort Lloyd and Anya on the ship while keeping his assignment a secret.

Synopsis Spoiler ④ Eavesdropping Device

Despite the uncertainty, Yol boards the ship. Inside the luxury cruise ship, there are many assassins on board who are after Orca. Tired of living on the run from these assassins, Orca heads to the deck with Yol for a change of scenery. The ship is bugged everywhere by the assassins. The ship is full of passengers, and they are trying to determine who Orca is from the conversations among them.

Orca used the name “Shati Gray” after her disguise. However, the assassins had already succeeded in figuring out Orca’s room number along with that name. The wiretap was planted by an informant who sold the information to the assassins. We do not even know how many hit men are holed up on board. Everyone is out to get Orca’s life before we do, and there is no doubt that this is a very difficult asylum.

Synopsis Spoiler ⑤ A lot of assassins

No matter how many assassins are on board the luxury cruise ship, only two of them, Yol and the chief, are there to intercept them. However, they are both top-notch assassins. Some of the assassins tried to blend in with the passengers and stick poison needles into them, while others tried to shoot them dead under the guise of room service. Yol, who was sensitive to those killers, quickly turned the assassins around. The assassins are taken down one by one without understanding.

In their eagerness to kill Orca before anyone else, the assassins attack without extinguishing their own killing intent. This made it not difficult for Yol and the chief to notice their presence. Yol and his team, who belong to Garden, an organization of assassins, are the best of the best among the assassins. They are no match for the numerous number of assassins.

Synopsis Spoiler ⑥ Lloyd and Anya’s behavior

Unaware that such a bloody battle is taking place on a luxury cruise ship, Lloyd and Anya are also on board. However, Lloyd is also a highly skilled spy from the West (Westerlies). He has noticed the presence of listening devices placed throughout the ship and the movement of suspicious characters. Although he does not know the reason for this, he himself does not want his true identity to be revealed, so he acts cautiously. On the other hand, Anya, who can read minds, was helping Yol.

She remarks that Yol is a circus sister who is fighting an assassin in front of the public. With that remark, Yol handled the assassin like a juggler. When Lloyd learns that a bomb is planted on board, he disguises himself as a sailor to handle the demolition. Anya, who also learns where the bomb is planted, informs the sailors of the suspicious person. Ultimately, Lloyd was able to prevent the bomb from blowing up by throwing it overboard.

Spoiler ⑦ The fainting chief and Yol under attack.

To escape from the assassins, Yol moved to the upper deck of the ship. Then, out of nowhere, the assassins appear. With no way out, Yol and the chief are forced to fight. There are only two assassins left, but they are different from the previous assassins in that they are not easy opponents. In the middle of the battle, the chief fainted after being attacked. Yol is left to fight alone against the skilled assassins.

As Yol fights through his wounds, images of Lloyd, Anya, and his younger brother Yuri come to the forefront of his mind. Yol, who now has more important things in his life, wondered what he was doing the job of an assassin for. Yol, no longer able to concentrate on the battle at hand, had an opening. The assassin would not have missed this opportunity, and Yol was seriously hit by his opponent’s attack.

|Spoilers for the conclusion of SPY x FAMILY’s luxury cruise ship edition.

Conclusion Spoiler ① Yol protected Orca.

With Yol’s unprecedented pinch, we cannot take our eyes off this luxury cruise ship version until the conclusion. The following is a spoiler-filled version of the story up to the conclusion. Yol was attacked by an assassin and collapsed. Then, what came to my mind was about Lloyd’s clothes cleaning and Anya’s book that was still checked out from the library. And I even saw Yuri’s running lights. Yuri, whom I had been protecting, felt that he could live on his own now.

Yol decided that he no longer needed to do the killing job he had started for his brother. Yol prepared himself for death, but then he remembered what he was doing it for. Until now, Yol had been trying to protect Yuri’s peaceful life. Now he finds a new purpose: he must eliminate bad people for Lloyd and Anya. Standing up again, Yol succeeds in defeating the assassin who is trying to kill Orca and protect her.

Conclusion Spoiler ② Orca’s Successful Exile

Yol was able to defeat a powerful enemy and decided to use the boat to get Orca out early. When he began this mission, Yol had been discovered by Orca to be a “family for camouflage”. However, when they parted, she wished him a peaceful life with Lloyd and his family. After completing his mission, Yol was seen enjoying a vacation with Lloyd and Anya. From these appearances, we can assume that Orca’s exile was successful.

|Foreshadowing of the luxury cruise ship section of SPY x FAMILY and beyond.

Foreshadowing of the luxury cruise ship version

The luxury cruise ship chapter, which could be considered a turning point for Yol, has also been the subject of much discussion, including the foreshadowing that was left until the conclusion of the story. The following is an introduction to the foreshadowing of the luxury cruise ship chapter of SPY x FAMILY and what happened afterwards. On the upper deck, where the final battle with the assassin took place, a pool of blood was left behind after the battle. Normally, Garden cleans up without leaving any traces, but this time, the blood puddle that was left untouched may be a foreshadowing of something.

After the luxury cruise ship version

It is also important to check how many volumes the luxury cruise ship chapter ended with. The luxury cruise ship chapter ended in Volume 9, Episode 56 of SPY x FAMILY. After that, Anya’s school life resumes, and she brags to her classmates that she went on a luxury cruise ship. However, she is told that it is nothing out of the ordinary. Anya tries to counter her classmate’s bragging by telling him a story about a ship full of assassins, but she is ridiculed.

Anya goes home and tells Lloyd and his friends about what happened at school. However, they tell her that she should not lie. Lloyd and Yol cannot let their true selves be known. This creates a strange atmosphere, but Anya, who does not want her abilities to be revealed, cannot point this out. Anya decides to stop lying.

|SPY x FAMILY’s review and evaluation of the luxury cruise ship version

Now that you have an idea of how many volumes you need to read to get to the end of the luxury cruise ship chapter, even anime fans should be able to figure out how the episode was received by fans who read the original SPY x FAMILY story, and you may be wondering how the episode was received by fans who read the original SPY x FAMILY story. Then, let’s take a look at some of the reviews and ratings on Twitter about the luxury cruise ship version of SPY x FAMILY.

The original SPY x FAMILY episodes make it almost certain that the next anime adaptation will come with a luxury cruise ship version. Many fans of Yol are looking forward to seeing her in action in this work. In the luxury cruise ship version, we will see a lot of Yol’s activities as an assassin. Many reviewed that they are looking forward to seeing her in action in the animated series.

Some fans said that by reading the original again, they were able to reconfirm the quality of this episode. In addition to the enjoyment of reading the latest episode as it is updated, reading the long episodes together is one of the best parts of the series, and you may discover new foreshadowing and connections that you did not notice in the individual episodes. It is also a good idea to read the episodes again to review them in preparation for the anime adaptation.

Many people are looking forward to the luxury cruise ship version in which Yol plays an active role, with many flashy performances. On the other hand, some fans who read the original SPY x FAMILY comics have lamented the loss of stock in the next anime adaptation. The comics are currently published up to volume 10, but if a third season is produced, the episodes will not last, unless it is completely original. With a second anime season and a movie to look forward to, 2023 will be a year in which we can look forward to the renewal of the original work.

Due to the popularity of SPY x FAMILY, many fans have been anticipating that it would be made into a movie. However, some said it was surprising that the content was completely original. The animated TV version of the series has successfully altered some episodes of the original work. Therefore, many have high expectations for a completely original film adaptation.

|Summary of SPY x FAMILY’s luxury cruise ship edition

We have introduced spoilers about SPY x FAMILY’s luxury cruise ship chapter, including spoilers about the ending and how many episodes it is from volume to volume. We hope that those who were unaware of the story up to the conclusion can now look forward to the anime adaptation, which in 2023 will not only have a second anime season, but also a new movie with an unspecified ending. In 2023, not only will there be a second season of the anime, but also a new movie with an unknown ending will be released.

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