The “Lycoris Recoil” Spin-Off Doesn’t Need Firearms! A heartwarming daily life and foreshadowing?


Licorice Recoil” attracted so much attention that it was ranked first or second among the anime works broadcast and distributed in the summer of 2022. Its official spin-off manga “Licorice Recoil Recollect,” began serialization on the web manga distribution site “Comic Walker” on October 28, 2010.

Licorice Recoil” has already been serialized in the October issue of the manga magazine “Monthly Comic Flapper” (KADOKAWA) as a manga work comicalizing the contents of the main anime series. We would like to discuss the appeal of the spin-off manga “Licorice Recoil Recollect,” which began serialization in this context.

|Spin-off comedy with no firearms required.

The main anime depicted exhilarating gun action and warm, passionate relationships between the characters. In “LICORICE RECOIL RECOLLECT,” a spin-off of “LICORICE RECOIL,” the heartwarming daily lives of the characters are depicted.

The first episode features Nishikigi Chisato and Takina Inoue, two of the main characters in the series, and begins with Chisato’s question, “Do you know… what you are missing? Chisato’s question, “Do you know…what you are lacking?” was followed by an exchange between Chisato, expressive and energetic, and Takina, calm and unaffected.

In the second episode, not only Chisato and Takina, but also “Mizuki” and “Mika,” the staff of the Japanese-style cafe “Cafe LYCORICO,” appeared, and everyone was chatting about coffee and shampoo. Incidentally, both episodes take place at Cafe LYCORICO.

As the door picture of the first episode says, “A spin-off comedy that doesn’t require firearms! As the opening illustration of the first episode states, “Licorice Recoil Recollect” is a work that allows viewers to enjoy the existence of the unique characters who gather at the Cafe LYCORICO and their relationships, each of which has a different form, from a different angle from the main anime story.

The episodes up to the second episode depicted the daily lives of Chisato, Takina, and others. In the future, we may also see the daily lives of characters other than the staff of Cafe LYCORICO, such as Fuki Harukawa and Sakura Otome, the licorice belonging to the Tokyo branch of the DA.

|Expectations for episodes not revealed in the main anime

The artist responsible for the artwork and other aspects of “Licorice Recoil Recollect” is Quite Mr. Abe. Abe is the creator of “Haifuri,” a comicalization of the original TV anime “High School Fleet” that aired in 2016, and “Haifuri” has been published up to nine comics volumes (as of November 2022).

In “Haifuri,” episodes related to the past of characters who appeared in the original anime are also depicted, which were never revealed in the anime or theater version. Like “High School Fleet,” “Licorice Recoil” also has a lot of foreshadowing that has not been recovered even after its broadcast and distribution ended, and the identities and pasts of many of its characters remain shrouded in mystery.

To cite one example, in the anime, it is revealed that Fuki and Chisato were roommates when they were both members of the Tokyo Branch of the DA (Chisato expresses sympathy for Fuki’s frustration when he learns that Takina shared a room with Fuki, who has a tendency to grind her teeth). ), and the fact that he calls Mika “sensei” (teacher) suggests that there was some kind of relationship between Huki and Mika in the past.

However, episodes depicting Fuki’s past regarding the aforementioned content do not exist in the main anime. In “Licorice Recoil Recollect,” there may be episodes that expand the worldview of “Licorice Recoil” as in “Haifuri,” such as the interaction between Fuki and Chisato at the cafe Ricorico, nostalgia for the time when they were roommates, and Mika and Fuki getting to know each other over sweets and tea. Episodes may be depicted.

|Information of the “Lycoris Recoil” Spin-Off

Licorice Recoil Recollect.
Author: Abe Kanari
Original story: Spider Lily
©Spider Lily / Aniplex, ABC Animation, BS11

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