Is Kikyou Kushida Evil in Classroom of the Elite? And What is Her darkest Secrets in middle school


|Who is kushida classroom of the elite.

Kikyou Kushida first appears on the school bus, pleading with Rokusuke Kenji to give up his seat to an old passenger. Another woman gave up on the seat as he continued to be uncooperative. However, Rokusuke finally relocated in the manga. She was then shown in the class introducing herself to her classmates and expressing the desire that they would all become friends with her, which would instantly increase her popularity. She eventually made friends with Honami from other classes, who was one of the most well-liked students in her class, and tried to utilize her to achieve her aim of mingling with everyone and being d class idol.

Later, she asked Kiyotaka for his assistance in making friends with her classmate, Suzune Horikita. She explained that it was because he was the only student in the class she ever spoke to when he inquired why. Suzune saw through her scheme and rejected the idea of friendship because she deemed it superfluous, hence her strategy backfired. Despite this, Kiky accidentally made a friend in Kiyotaka, who was more open to her offer of companionship. He recognizes and greets Class 1-B student Honami Ichinose as they walk. She admits that her goal was to make friends with the entire school, not just their class.

Afterward, she helped Kiyotaka by persuading an upperclassman to bargain for the paper shuffle test answers using her feminine charms and sweet side. Soon the upperclassmen capitulated, and Kiky praised him for his assistance. After that, she was astounded by Kiyotaka’s brilliance because he was aware that this approach to getting results would be acceptable under the school’s guidelines. She also consented to his request that the class receive them in his place and receive full credit. He then admitted to her that he disliked being the center of attention.

After the party, Kiyotaka realized she had left her phone behind and attempted to give it back to her, but she had already departed the dorm building and was in the elevator. She was spotted scolding Suzune for being “better than her” and “prettier” outside, expressing her rage with a violent, entirely different demeanor. She even goes so far as to crudely insult Suzune Horikita while kicking a steel fence in rage and vehemently shout that she wants her to die.

All of this was observed by Kiyotaka, who was apprehended by Kiky when his location was revealed by a phone notification chime. As soon as she spotted him, Kiky asked him whether he had seen her. She then forced him to keep what he had just seen a secret by fabricating evidence of an attempted rape, which she did by putting Kiyotaka’s hand on her uniform’s breast area. She immediately reverted to her usual outgoing, friendly demeanor after Kiyotaka accepted her request, dismissing it in front of him as just another one of their many shared secrets.

The following day, she runs into Suzune Horikita, and they both get into the elevator. By chance, they also run upon Kiyotaka, with whom she chats for a time while oblivious to what transpired the night before. Suzune Horikita departs the group as the elevator opens, disappointing Kiky who had hoped to walk to school with her.Honami then cheerfully greets her, to which she responds before asking if he was her lover. She retorted, “That’s not the case,” though. When Honami followed up with a question about whether they had earned their points, the two seemed perplexed and refused to respond. The two of them then persisted in attending class and discovered that due to a recent incident, they would not receive points until a resolution was presented.

The fight that took place during the incident involved some C-Class kids, it is eventually discovered. After Kiyotaka agrees to help, Kiky rallies the class to show the other student’s innocence. She tries the same approach with Horikita, but she is rejected and sent away.

She and her gang were frustrated that there were no witnesses after looking for them because the others had started implying that Ken had lied about using self-defense. When Honami appeared and offered to support Kiky and her classmate in establishing Sud’s innocence, Kiky gratefully accepted Honami’s assistance. Before Honami reassured him that her actions were well-intentioned and that she owed him a debt that she wanted to repay, Kiyotaka was skeptical of the offer because Kiky continued to be perplexed by his behavior. Then, Kiky wanted to know the precise amount Honami owed Kiyotaka.

Before Kanji Ike summons her for a conversation during the school trip, she is having fun in the pool. When they initially meet, he seems apprehensive and she agrees when he requests to use her first name. Then, she enquired as to if she might do the same for him with permission. Despite being annoyed by his enthusiasm, she is seen grinning about it.

Later, she wandered the ship and ran across Kiyotaka and Airi, who had abruptly left as Kiky. As she chatted to Kiyotaka, she noticed that he seemed uneasy around her, so she even switched back to her previous personality to get him to talk to her. Before returning to her joyful, confident self, she asked whether he was anxious about being alone with her. He responded in the affirmative. She too seemed to have something to say to him, but she abruptly changed her mind and left.

She once more observed his and Suzune’s close relationship during the test, and other students also noticed it and began to make jokes with them. Suzune was covered in mud after Haruki Yamauchi threw it at her, and Kiky was the one to tell her to clean herself up.

She and the students congratulate Suzune for her “help” in passing the survival island test after the test. She slips away to speak with Kiyotaka, comments on how well-liked Suzune has become, and explains that she despises Suzune because she lacks a secret identity. Additionally, she playfully refers to him as nasty and asks if he had to decide whether to support her or Suzune when he replies that he didn’t know.

|Is Kikyou Kushida a traitor?

A major failure for class D was the cruise ship exam and the festival. Kikyou Kushida alone is to blame for this failure. Yet why? Kushida: a traitor or not?

Kikyou Kushida is indeed a traitor. She betrayed the class on the cruise ship exam by admitting she was the VIP, in the paper shuffle exam by changing the class question paper, and at the sports festival by giving Ryuen access to their participation table, all of which resulted in the class’s complete failure.

Why did she do that, though? What does it serve her to undermine her own class? That can only be explained by one factor. She wanted to eject Horikita, which is why.

|Does Ayanokoji expose Kikyou Kushida?

In his second year, Ayanokooji revealed Kikyou Kushida while taking a special exam. The class will have to sacrifice and expel a student in order to complete the exam.

Kushida designated Ayanokoji and Horikita as possible expulsion candidates during the special exam. However, Ayanokoji flipped the script by outing Kushida and made her the front-runner for expulsion. In front of the rest of their class, he told him everything she had done and had been through.

In the end, Kushida declared that she would voluntarily nominate herself as a candidate for expulsion after acknowledging that she was not as good as they had thought.

|How did Ayanokoji figure Kushida was the traitor?

Ayanokoji acknowledged that there was insufficient information available during the cruise ship exam to correctly identify the VIP and claim victory. However, Ryuen took first place in the test by identifying every VIP.

Ayanokoji is already aware that Ryuen cannot solve the problem on his own. After examining Ryuen’s group, he discovered that Kushida might have played the traitor.

|Kushida gets double-crossed

Kushida became enraged after taking a glance at the math exam. Following the test, Kushida hurried to meet Ryuuen. The latter clarified that because Suzune was already one step ahead of her, the former had no chance of winning the wager.

When the Paper Shuffle exam was announced, Suzune and Chibashira met to make two agreements: first, Suzune will be the only one to submit the question paper as the class representative, and second, if anyone else tries to submit questions on her behalf, Chibashira must pretend to accept but not comply with their requests.

Ayanokouji had Karuizawa hide a cheat sheet in Kushida’s coat as a double-layered trap. Ayanokouji informed Ryuuen about Suzune’s first move before the exam. Ayanokouji asked Ryuuen to agree to one of two demands in exchange: either give Class 1-C’s questions and answers, or significantly alter the paper he supplied Kushida.

Ryuuen kept his promise and complied with the second stipulation by betraying Kushida. Ryuuen didn’t like being in the mastermind’s clutches, so he sent Ayanokouji a picture of Karuizawa along with the message, “I’ll make you pay for using me.”

|What is Kushida’s Middle School Secret?

In Kushida’s past life, she was a middle schooler who yearned to be the center of attention and to be praised by her peers. Although Kushida went above and beyond to help her peers, she was still treated like a nobody, which caused her to lose her cool. Her popularity, however, immediately started to decline. Kushida’s blog was the only place she felt comfortable ranting, which finally became public.

Kushida disclosed everyone’s dark secrets after the students began to hate her for her opinions, which plunged the entire class into pandemonium. Kushida declared that she gets along fine with the other members of Class 1-D. She does, however, wish to get rid of a handful who could end up endangering her reputation.

|Why Does Kushida Hate Ayanokoji?

Kushida has good reasons for wanting Ayanokoji out as well, despite the fact that they haven’t gotten along since they first met.

She and Ayanokoji, together with Suzune, have learned the truth about Kushida and are able to see through the facade she puts up for other people. It appears like Kushida will do whatever to get rid of those two, or until she finds another victim to divert her attention from.

However, I don’t completely support Horikita’s “bet” with Kushida or the involvement of her older brother Manabe. Every time Horikita is succeeding, something occurs that causes her to falter. Even if the outcome of the bet is unfavorable to Kushida, she can always try something cunning to expel both Horikita and Ayanokoji. I doubt her brother will care whether she is expelled or not.

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