Learn Japanese from Famous Anime Quotes ~Tokyo Revengers vol.1~


Here in this article, you’ll learn some of the popular quotes spoken from the anime which brings out the humor from each character that is picked up.
Not only the introduction of each quote but as my original content, I’ll be explaining the meaning of the quotes that are in Japanese so that you can understand what kind of Japanese is used and enhance your knowledge of the language! Hope you enjoy it!

Tokyo Revengers” is a new science fiction manga by Ken Wakui that crosses Yankee and time leap.

The series began serialization in Weekly Shonen Magazine (Kodansha) in 2017, followed by an animated TV series, live-action film, and stage adaptation in 2021, and the work has quickly become a hot topic.

Tokyo Revengers” is the story of Hanagaki Takemichi (Takemichi), a 26-year-old freelancer who attempts to change Hinata’s future by traveling back in time to his junior high school days 12 years ago in order to save his former girlfriend, Tachibana Hinata. Twelve years ago, “Tokyo Manji-Kai” was still a group of junior high school delinquents, and their leader, Sano Manjiro, was the head of the group. The group is led by its president, Sano Manjiro (Mikey), and vice president, Ryuguji Ken (Drakken), and is full of unique personalities.

In this issue, we conducted a survey on memorable quotes from the manga “Tokyo Revengers.

Ranking of quotes from the manga “Tokyo Revengers”

We asked the audience which of the famous lines from the manga “Tokyo Revengers” left the greatest impression on them, and the results were as follows.

■ Quote Index
No. 1: “If I don’t change, nothing will change.”【Hanagaki Takemichi】(7.4%)
No. 2 “You don’t have to have a lowered head, but you do have to have a “heart” that cares about others.【Ryuguji Ken】(6.5%)
No. 3: “This is the revenge of my life.”【Hanagaki Takemichi】(5.6%)
No. 4 “I can’t pull it off !!!! There’s a reason I can’t pull it off!【Hanagaki Takemichi】(5.1%)
No. 5 “I “forgive” you.”【Sano Manjiro】(4.7%)
No. 5 “I want us to be that kind of team where each and every one of us can put our lives on the line for everyone else.”【Baji Keisuke】(4.7%)
No. 7 “Don’t hate the environment you were born into.”【Mitsuya Takashi】(4.2%)
No. 7 “Baka, nothing will change, we’ll always be friends.”【Sendo Atsushi】(4.2%)
No. 9 “I’ll Be Mikey Today【Sano Manjiro】 (3.7%)
No. 9 ”Who’s scared of “Moebius” when his best friend got beat up? No one, right?【Sano Manjiro】(3.7%)
No. 9 “Just watch the enemy in front of you, buddy, and I’ll protect your back!”【Matsuno Chifuyu】(3.7%)
No. 9 “What really matters is not winning the fight, but not losing to yourself.”【Sano Manjiro】(3.7%)

| Explanation of Quotes「

No. 1: “If I don’t change, nothing will change.”「オレが変わらないと何も変えれない」【Hanagaki Takemichi】

  • Tokyo Revengers(2) (週刊少年マガジンコミックス)

The quote that won first place was the one that the main character Takemichi uttered in his mind to inspire himself to fight with Kiyomasa, the organizer of the fight in the second episode, when he interrupted the fight betting and challenged Kiyomasa to a tie fight.
Takemichi is not a strong fighter. Even so, the way he confronts his fear to the point where his legs buckle and his hands shake shows his strong determination to break away from the weak, runaway, and useless self of the past.

Quote: 「オレが変わらないと何も変えれない」(Ore ga kawaranai to nani mo kaerare nai)
Translation: “If I don’t change, nothing will change.”

◼︎Japanese Words
オレ (Ore): Me
変わる (Kawaru): Change
何(Nani): What

No. 2 “You don’t have to have a lowered head, but you do have to have a “heart” that cares about others.「下げる頭持ってなくてもいい 人を想う“心”は持て」【Ryuguji Ken】

Drakken’s line was selected in second place. This line was delivered to Mikey, who seemed unconvinced when he apologized after being blamed by the father of a female victim who had been seriously injured by a member of a rival biker gang, Mevius, who had violently attacked her.

Of course, the two were not responsible for or involved in that incident. Therefore, the abuse from the victim woman’s father was almost like taking it out on her. Still, it is a great scene that conveys Drakken’s belief that he should not cause trouble to the public or make his loved ones cry because of the troubles in the world of delinquents.

Quote: 「下げる頭持ってなくてもいい 人を想う“心”は持て」(Sageru atama motte inakutemo ii Hito wo omou kokoro ha mote)
Translation: “You don’t have to have a lowered head, but you do have to have a “heart” that cares about others.”

◼︎Japanese Words
下げる (Sageru): Bow/Down
頭 (Atama): Head
持つ(Motsu): Hold

No. 3: “This is the revenge of my life.”「これはオレの人生のリベンジだ」【Hanagaki Takemichi】

Takemichi tries to carry Drakken to the hospital after he is stabbed in the 8-3 war, but his way is blocked by Kiyomasa’s faction. When Drakken sees Takemichi back away, he does not blame him for his weak attitude, but tells him to “run away.

Hearing Drakken’s words, Takemichi realizes that he was unconsciously trying to escape. Upon closer inspection, Drakken is in tattered condition, partly due to his stab wounds. Takemichi is inspired by Drakken’s attempts to protect him, and he is ready to take a stand against Kiyomasa’s faction.

This line, which he said to himself at that time, was chosen as the third best line.

Quote: 「これはオレの人生のリベンジだ」(Kore ha ore no jinsei no rivenji da)
Translation: “This is the revenge of my life.”

◼︎Japanese Words
これ (Kore): This
オレ (Ore): Me
人生 (Jinsei): Life
リベンジ(Rivenji): Revenge

No. 4 “I can’t pull it off !!!! There’s a reason I can’t pull it off!「引けねぇんだよ!!!! 引けねぇ理由が あるんだよ!!!」【Hanagaki Takemichi】

Ranked fourth is this line shouted by Takemichi during a fight bet. Takemichi challenged Kiyomasa to a tie-up in order to defend Takuya, but as expected, he was beaten to a pulp.

Takemichi’s defeat was obvious, but Kiyomasa’s attacks never stopped, and everyone was worried that if he tried any harder, he would be beaten back. Acchan shouted to Takemichi, “Pull out already! Takemichi, however, did not back down and shouted this line back at him.

This is a quote that shows how much Takemichi has carried on his shoulders.

Quote: 「引けねぇんだよ!!!! 引けねぇ理由が あるんだよ!!!」(Hikene-n dayo Hikene-e riyu ga aru n dayo)
Translation: “I can’t pull it off !!!! There’s a reason I can’t pull it off!”

◼︎Japanese Words
引く (Hiku): Pull/Back
理由 (Riyu): Reason

No. 5 “I “forgive” you.”「“オマエを” “許す”」【Sano Manjiro】

A few days after the bloody Halloween that ended badly with Baji’s death. Drakken meets with the arrested Kazutora and tells him this message from Mikey.

Kazutora killed Mikey’s brother, Shinichiro, and on Bloody Halloween he stabbed Baji with the intention of killing him. As a result, Baji committed suicide, but Kazutora realized the many mistakes he had made and was almost crushed by regret.

On the other hand, Mikey, who could not forgive Kazutora for killing his brother, finally seems to have come to terms with his feelings after the bloody Halloween. The message from Mikey, which pierced Kazutora’s heart as she thought about dying to atone, came in at No. 5.

Quote: 「“オマエを” “許す”」(Omae wo yurusu)
Translation: “I “forgive” you.”

◼︎Japanese Words
オマエ (Omae): You
許す (Yurusu): Forgive

No. 5 “I want us to be that kind of team where each and every one of us can put our lives on the line for everyone else.”「一人一人がみんなの為に命を張れる そんなチームにしたい」【Baji Keisuke】

Tied for fifth place was this line from the founding of To Manji, which expresses the team’s ideals.

In a form of rebellion, he left To Manji and transferred to the rival Baryuhara. Although he was portrayed as an outlaw, saying that he was the enemy, it was revealed just before his death that he actually cared more about To Manji and his friends than anyone else.

It is not easy to put one’s life on the line for someone else. However, I felt the strength of conviction and kindness in Jochi, who really did what he said.

Quote: 「一人一人がみんなの為に命を張れる そんなチームにしたい」(Hitori-hitori ga minna no tame ni inochi wo hareru sonna team ni shitai)
Translation: “I want us to be that kind of team where each and every one of us can put our lives on the line for everyone else.”

◼︎Japanese Words
一人一人 (Hitori-Hitori): Each other
みんな (Minna): Everyone
命(Inochi): Life

No. 7 “Don’t hate the environment you were born into.”「生まれた環境を憎むな」【Mitsuya Takashi】

The seventh place winner was Mitsuya’s words to Hakkai after signing a peace treaty with the 10th Black Dragon during a dispute. Taijyu, the 10th president of the Black Dragon, was Hakkai’s older brother, and at home he repeatedly used violence as a form of discipline.

Hakkai was not blessed with a good family environment, and neither was Mitsuya. She takes care of her two younger sisters and housework in place of her mother, who works from morning to night.

She is unable to buy toys for her younger sisters due to lack of money, so she even makes stuffed animals by hand. Mitsuya never complains about being born into such a family, which is why her lines are so persuasive.

Quote: 「生まれた環境を憎むな」(umareta kankyo wo nikumu na)
Translation: “Don’t hate the environment you were born into.”

◼︎Japanese Words
生まれた (Umareta): Birth
環境(Kankyo): Environment
憎む(Nikumu): Detest/Hate

No. 7 “Baka, nothing will change, we’ll always be friends.” 「バーカ 変わんねーよ ずっと友達だ」【Sendo Atsushi】

Also ranked seventh on the list is this line from Ac-kun, one of the five Mizonaka members and a fellow fanatic, to Takemichi. On his way home, Takemichi, who had been beaten to a pulp in his fight with Kiyomasa, asked Ac-kun what kind of conversation he thought he would have with him when he grew up.

Ac-kun smiles and replies, “I think I’ll be a good friend. But when they meet again in the present day, Ac-kun is ordered to kill Takemichi as a pawn in Kisaki’s plot.

It was a very sad and heart-wrenching scene because even the adult Ac-kun remembered this exchange with Takemichi, and when they actually met again, their conversation turned into a shocking coming-out.

Quote: 「バーカ 変わんねーよ ずっと友達だ」(ba-ka kawane-yo zutto tomodachi da)
Translation: “Baka, nothing will change, we’ll always be friends.”

◼︎Japanese Words
変わる (Kawaru): Change
友達(Tomodachi): Friends

No. 9 “I’ll Be Mikey Today「今日から俺“マイキー”になる」【Sano Manjiro】

The ninth place winner is this line from the moment Mikey was born. Emma is Mikey and Shinichiro’s half-sister, and one day the Sano family takes her in to live with them. Mikey thinks Emma is a foreigner because of the sound of her name, and when he makes fun of her strange name, his grandfather scolds him.

After a few days, Emma is still having a hard time adjusting to the Sano family, and is desperately trying to come to terms with the shock of being abandoned by her mother. However, Emma’s heart reaches a breaking point and she cries in front of Mikey.

Mikey saw Emma like this and in his own way, he stood by her, telling her that it would not be strange if he, as her older brother, called himself Mikey from now on, since they would both be together with a name like foreigners. The moment Emma, who had never smiled before, smiled when she heard Mikey’s suggestion, I think they became brother and sister.

Quote: 「今日から俺“マイキー”になる」(Kyo- kara Ore Mickey ni naru)
Translation: “”I’ll Be Mikey Today.”

◼︎Japanese Words
オレ (Ore): Me

No. 9 “Who’s scared of “Moebius” when his best friend got beat up? No one, right?「パーの親友(ダチ)やられてんのに  “愛美愛主”に日和ってる奴いる? いねえよなぁ!!?」【Sano Manjiro】

Tied for ninth place on the list is Mikey’s line, which is no exaggeration to say that it has raised the profile of “Tokyo Revengers” to a whole new level.

Perchin was unable to contain his frustration that his best friend and his girlfriend had been beaten by Moebius, but he was worried that he, as a Tokyo Manji-Kai, would cause trouble for everyone else if he got into a fight with Mevius.

Perhaps sensing Perchin’s frustration, Mikey elicited Perchin’s true feelings and encouraged him in a way that stirred up the team. This scene, which had a strong impact, spread instantly as soon as it was broadcast in the anime and created a whirlwind of excitement in the East Ribe.

Quote: 「パーの親友(ダチ)やられてんのに  “愛美愛主”に日和ってる奴いる? いねえよなぁ!!?」(Pa- no dachi yarareteru noni Moebius ni hiyotteru yatu iru? ine-yona)
Translation: “Who’s scared of “Moebius” when his best friend got beat up? No one, right?”

◼︎Japanese Words
日和る (Hiyoru): Scared

No. 9 “Just watch the enemy in front of you, buddy, and I’ll protect your back!”「正面の敵だけ見てろ 相棒 背中はオレが守ってやる!」【Matsuno Chifuyu】

To fulfill his mission to protect Baji, Takemichi joined the Bloody Halloween, but was immediately attacked by the enemy. Takemichi’s predicament is saved by Mitsuya. Takemichi is relieved, but Mitsuya warns him not to look away.

Takemichi comes to his senses and changes his mind, saying that he must first focus on the enemy in front of him, but he is scared of a fight he is unfamiliar with. Chifuyu, noticing Takemichi’s timid attitude, takes it upon himself to be his partner.

For Takemichi, who is filled with anxiety, nothing could be more reassuring. Chifuyu’s coolness comes to the fore in this line, which tied for ninth place.

Quote: 「正面の敵だけ見てろ 相棒 背中はオレが守ってやる!」(Shomen no teki dake mitero Aibou senaka ha ore ga mamotte yaru)
Translation: “Just watch the enemy in front of you, buddy, and I’ll protect your back!”

◼︎Japanese Words
正面 (Shomen): Front
敵 (Teki): Enemy
相棒(Aibo): Buddy
背中(Senaka): Back

No. 9 “What really matters is not winning the fight, but not losing to yourself.”「本当に大切な事は 喧嘩に勝つ事じゃねぇ 自分に負けない事だ」【Sano Manjiro】

Also ranked ninth is this line from Mikey to a battered Takemichi after the Christmas battle. After Mikey sees that Hina and Takemichi have made up, he invites Takemichi to ride his motorcycle with him.

Mikey confesses to Takemichi that he has felt like losing himself since the death of his brother. This is a rare scene in which Mikey expresses his vulnerability. At the same time, it is also a scene in which Takemichi acknowledges Mikey’s strength in not backing down and giving up until the very end, even against the superior Taijyu.

Up to this point, the emphasis has been on Mikey’s invincible strength. This is an important scene that shows Mikey’s delicate emotional turmoil.

Quote: 「本当に大切な事は 喧嘩に勝つ事じゃねぇ 自分に負けない事だ」(Honto ni taisetsu na koto ha kenka ni katsu koto jya-ne jibun ni makenai koto da)
Translation: “What really matters is not winning the fight, but not losing to yourself.”

◼︎Japanese Words
本当 (Honto): Real
自分 (Jibun): Oneself
勝つ(Katsu): Win
負け(Make): Lose

[speech_bubble type=”drop” subtype=”L1″ icon=”surprise.png” name=”Nazuna”]A hybrid of a Yankee manga and a science fiction manga, “Tokyo Manji Revengers” is a manga with diverse appeal. Each of the characters possesses heat and strength, and the work draws you deeply into its worldview. Many of the quotes selected for this year’s edition show the strength of their convictions and the magnitude of their resolve. The main character struggles behind the scenes to save the future of his friends and those who live in the world of delinquents with all their might. Although the setting is unusual, the passion of the story certainly transcends the work and is conveyed to us. Did any of the quotes leave a lasting impression on you? [/speech_bubble]

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