GUNDAM FACTORY YOKOHAMA,” a facility where a life-size “moving Gundam” is open to the public, has been extended until March 31, 2024!

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Evolving G has decided to extend the period of “GUNDAM FACTORY YOKOHAMA (hereinafter referred to as “GFY”),” a full-scale “moving Gundam” open to the public at Yamashita Pier in Yokohama, for one year from the end of March 2023 to March 31, 2024 (Sunday).

The decision to extend the period was made in consultation with the City of Yokohama and other related parties in response to requests from those who were unable to attend the event in 2022 due to the repeated spread of the new coronavirus and the difficulty of domestic and international travel as was the case before the coronavirus. Various initiatives are planned through GFY in the future. In addition, during spring break, the popular nighttime production will be illuminated for an encore performance.

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