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MASHLE” is a magical fantasy manga that has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump since 2020 and has gained popularity due to its surreal gag elements. In this article, we will introduce each volume of “MASHLE” with spoilers, and discuss its interesting charm, evaluation, and highlights. In addition, we will introduce a list of “MASHLE” characters and their quotes, and spoilers will explain the terms that appear in the work with the synopsis.

|What is MASHLE?

MASHLE Summary


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MASHLE” is a gag manga that has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump since 2020. 6 volumes of the comic have been released as of April 2021, and the total number of comics sold has exceeded 1.7 million copies as of July 2021, making it a popular, surreal and funny work.

In this article, we will introduce the synopsis of “MASHLE”, its interesting charm and evaluation with spoilers, and list the characters and characters. In addition, we will spoil the terminology of “MASHLE” and introduce famous quotes and lines.

MASHLE’s author.


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Koumoto Hajime, the author of “MASHLE,” has been working as a manga artist since 2018, and his work “Bakuretsu Mensetsu Shiken” under the name Kashiwazaki Koichi won an honorable mention at the 89th Akatsuka Awards. And “MASHLE” is Koumoto Hajime’s first serialized work. Koumoto Hajime has also published other read-along versions of his work, such as “Liberal Fuuki Commissioner Taro Yamada” under the name Kashiwazaki Koichi and “Shivasaki-kun, God of Destruction” under the name Koichiro.

|MASHLE Spoilers.

Volume 1 Spoilers.


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In a world where everyone can use magic and everything is determined by its superiority, the main character, Mash, was born with the secret that he cannot use magic.

Mush has been working hard at muscle training in seclusion deep in the forest, but his daily life changes drastically when others find out that he cannot use magic. Despite his inability to use magic, Mush somehow enrolls in a magic school, where he aims to become a top magician, and uses his well-trained muscles and power to smash all kinds of magic.

Volume 2 Spoilers.


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In the two volumes of the “MASHLE” comic, we find that Lance, with two bruises, is a chosen one with ample talent as a wizard. During a battle with Lance, Mash learns about a surprising side of Lance. Later, the Adora dormitory, where Mash is enrolled, will have joint extracurricular classes with the Lean dormitory.

However, Mash, who is often the focus of attention from troublesome people, gets caught up in a fight over coins and the prestige of the dormitory. Mash uses his own well-developed strength and power to deliver a righteous punch against these irreverent people who act like they have a high moral high ground.

Volume 3 Spoilers.


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In the three-volume comic of “MASHLE,” as the coin hijacking of other dormitories by the Lean dormitory intensifies, Mash and the other members of the Adora dormitory move to stop the Lean dormitory’s coin hogging for the position of God Sentient.

However, just as they are about to do so, Mash is attacked by an organization called Magia Lupus while he is cleaning the owl house. His friends are also attacked, one after another, as they trample the weak with impunity. Mash’s anger reaches its peak, and he decides to go head-to-head with the Magia Lupus.

Volume 4 Spoilers.


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In the four-volume comic of “MASHLE,” Mash launches a merciless punch into the face of Abyss, the Second Demon Fang (Second). With his mask shattered and his true face revealed, Abyss further intensifies his attack and turns on MASHLE. Meanwhile, Finn and Dot are fighting a wizard with two lines and are in a defensive predicament. However, a change comes to them.

Later, Mash is challenged to a final battle against the exclusive and cold-hearted Abel, leader of the Seven Magic Fangs (Magia Lupus), and he will fight with all his muscles on the line.

|MASHLE’s interesting attractions and attractions


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So far, we have looked at each volume of “MASHLE” with spoilers. Next, here are some interesting attractions and highlights of “MASHLE”.

Interesting Attractions (1) Mush muscles


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The first interesting aspect of “MASHLE” is the strength of Mash’s muscles. In a world where it is commonplace to be able to use magic and people who cannot use magic are punished by the government, the main character, Mash, is depicted as a being born without a birthmark, the symbol of a magic user, and unable to use magic.


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However, even though he cannot use magic, Mash has been told by his grandfather to train his body for self-preservation. With his honest nature, he has continued to train his muscles as his grandfather told him to do since he was a child. As a result, Mush’s muscle strength and physical abilities have become far beyond the norm.

Even after entering a magic school, Mush uses his overwhelming muscular strength to counter various types of magic with physical attacks. Mush’s muscular power is so strong that it sometimes even bounces off gravity, and Mush’s unusual power, which makes us laugh unintentionally, is appreciated as an exhilarating experience to watch.

Interesting Attractions (2) Surreal Jokes


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The second interesting attraction and evaluation of “MASHLE” is its surreal gag element. It is said that MASHLE’s overwhelming strength in battle scenes is so funny that it makes you want to crack a joke. In addition, surrealistic gag elements are scattered throughout the daily scenes other than battles, which are also rated as addictively funny.

It is also said that because Mash’s classmate, Finn Ames, plays the role of a comedian for his eccentricities, the reader can focus purely on laughing.

Interesting Attractions (3) Kindness hidden in a poker face


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The third interesting aspect of MASHLE is the kindness hidden behind the poker face. Although Mashle always has a poker face, he also has a kind side towards his family and the weak. Although MASHLE is a minority that is not even acknowledged to exist, he has a very positive personality, never sneering, and has a kind-hearted spirit that helps those in need.

It is said that such a gentle, positive attitude and the strength of spirit to easily accept even a harsh fate are said to be the mysterious charm of Mash, and it is appreciated that the more you read the story, the more you will be attracted to its charms.

|MASHLE’s list of characters and characters


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We have spoiled each volume of “MASHLE” and looked at its interesting attractions and ratings. Next, here is a list of the characters and characters in “MASHLE”.

Mash Burnedead


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List of “MASHLE” characters, the first of which is Mash Burnedead. Mash is the main character of the magical fantasy manga “MASHLE,” but he is a boy who was not born with magical powers. However, he is a hardworking person who has worked hard at muscle training since he was a child, gaining muscle strength far beyond that of ordinary people, and he continues to work out even harder, naming his muscles after himself. Mush also loves cream puffs so much that he makes them himself and eats them 24/7.

And while Mash is serious and honest, he often acts at his own pace and sometimes plays tricks on those around him with his outspoken mannerisms. In particular, he is merciless in dealing with those who harm his friends and family and those who direct unreasonable malice toward him. Mash wants to live in peace with his grandfather, so he enrolls in the Easton School of Magic, the highest of all magic schools, to create a society where people who cannot use magic can live safely, and aims to become a God’s Enlightened One.

Lemon Irvine


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The second character in the “MASHLE” character list is Lemon Irvine. Lemon Irvine, the heroine of “MASHLE,” is a girl from a lower-class family with semi-long blond hair and a red ribbon. She is a first-year student at the Adora dormitory and at first glance appears to be serious and polite, but in fact, she is easily infatuated and has a strong tendency to make assumptions.

In addition, she has a heavy personality with stalker tendencies, and she is aware of it. She also fell in love with Mash, who helped her through the transfer exam, and since then Lemon has been calling herself his “future wife.

Finn Ames


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The third character on the MASHLE character list is Finn Ames. She is a freshman at the Adora dormitory and an internal student. Finn is a dark-haired boy with blonde hair in some of his bangs, and his quiet and sensible personality allows him to take the role of commenting on the eccentricities of Mash and his friends during the course of the film.

At first, Finn tries to keep his distance from Mash, whose emotions and behavior he cannot read, but Mash, on the contrary, sees him as a “good guy. And although he was temporarily complicit in harassing Mash under Lloyd’s direction, he was moved by Mash, who called him “friend,” and he gathered up the courage to rebel against Lloyd. He was saved by Mash when he was being sanctioned by Lloyd, and since then, they have come to treat each other as friends.

Lance Crown


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The fourth character on the MASHLE character list is Lance Crown. He is a first-year student at the Adora dormitory and, like Mashle, is a transfer student. He is the eldest son of the Crown family, which has the No. 1 academic record and is considered a very prestigious family, and is good at gravity magic. He is a cool and handsome character with light blue hair color, but in fact he is a serious sissy and aspires to become a god-sentient in order to save his sick sister.

In order to collect the coins, Lance holds Finn and others hostage and challenges Mash to a fight, but in the course of the battle, he realizes how good Mash’s character is. He admits defeat, and from then on, he helps Mash as a friend, even though he calls him a rival.

Dot Barrett


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The fifth character on the MASHLE character list is Dot Barrett. A first-year student in the Adora dormitory with inverted red hair and a bandana, he is an internal student who specializes in explosion magic. Dot is an intuitive boy who calls himself the “hero of this world” and boldly states that the world revolves around him. He resents the fact that he is not popular with girls and irrationally views good-looking men as enemies, and in order to create a world where he is popular, he aspires to become a god-sentient person.

Rain Ames


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The sixth character on the MASHLE character list is Rain Ames. He is a supervisory student of the Adora dormitory and a god sentient. He is the older brother of Finn Ames. He is a young man with a cool personality, and his hair color differs from the right side of his head to the left side. And he is a magic user who shoots countless swords and is the youngest person ever to awaken the third birthmark. When he fights seriously, the third birthmark appears under his left eye. On the other hand, he also has a side that is surprisingly fond of rabbits.

Tom Noels


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The seventh character on the MASHLE character list is Tom Noels. He is a sophomore at the Adora dormitory and a Duero athlete. He is a sportsman who is very popular among the female students, but he has a personality that embodies the word “hot and bothered,” and he has a habit of comparing everything to “bamboo. He has a habit of comparing everything to “bamboo,” and even Mash says he is “less communicative than I am.” After setting a new world record in a flying class with a broomstick, Mash was forced to participate in a Duero match as a representative of Adora Dormitory.

Abel Walker


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The eighth character on the MASHLE character list is Abel Walker. He is a faceless young man who is a supervisory student at the Leang dormitory and is known as the First Magic Fang Dew. He always carries a doll with a cracked face, which he calls his “mother. He is also one of this year’s candidates for the Divine Awakening, specializing in puppet magic, such as manipulating countless puppets and turning humans into puppets. As such, he is greedy for collecting coins and even uses cowardly tactics such as holding his friends hostage for Mash’s gold coins.

Abyss Razor


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The ninth character on the MASHLE character list is Abyss Razor. He is a young man with a ponytail who is a student of Leanne’s dormitory and is known as the Second Magic Fang. He usually wears a mask to hide his bright red eyes and specializes in magic to manipulate the flow of power on vectors at will.

Worth Maddle

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The tenth character on the MASHLE character list is Worth Maddle. He is a young man with sunglasses who is a student at Leanne’s dormitory and is known as the Third Magic Fang. He is a master of mud magic and comes from an elite family where both his parents and older brother work for the Department of Magic. He is proud of his talent and origin, and is a hard worker who always maintains top grades.

|Spoiler alert for MASHLE terms.


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So far, we have spoiled each volume of “MASHLE” and listed its interesting attractions, ratings, characters, and characters. Next, here are the terms of “MASHLE” and the episodes involved in the terms, with spoilers.

Spoiler Description (1) Easton School of Magic


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The first of these is about the Easton School of Magic. Easton School of Magic is a prestigious school that nurtures the elite who will lead the future of the wizarding world. The transfer examinations are extremely difficult, with only 3% of the students passing the entrance examinations, and the students around him are all elite.

While the students around him were preparing for the transfer examinations by cleaning their wands and reading books on magic, Mash was doing muscle training as usual. His eccentric behavior attracts the attention of the examiner, Claude Lucci. Lucci is a firm believer that no one is worthy of the venerable Easton School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and he is determined to see that Mush, who has been acting strangely, is dropped.


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On the other hand, Mash, who is unable to use magic, has overcome numerous challenges with his own muscular strength. For example, he stopped a moving question paper by threatening its movement with his grip, and he ran through a test on the surface of the water by moving his feet forward before he sank. Furthermore, in a test to make a large rock float, he would insert one thumb under the rock to make it appear as if it was floating, and so on.

Impatient that Mash would pass the transfer exam if he did not, Lucci approached Lemon Irving, a poor and needy student for the exam, and suggested that he would pass the exam if he interfered with Mash. But even Lucci’s dirty scheme is shattered by Mash’s muscle, along with the labyrinthine walls of the exam. Lucci then abuses his power and tries to bring down Mash and Lemon. However, they are saved by Principal Wahlberg Baigan.


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The examiner is changed from Lucci to the principal, and Mash interviews the principal for the final exam. The principal asks Mash a variety of questions, and finally, using ancient magic, takes the soul of Mash’s most important being, his grandfather, hostage and asks the question below. However, Mash does not back down one step, and he stands up to that magic even at the cost of his own life. Seeing Mash, the principal is convinced that he has the qualities of a strong man, and tells Mash that he has been accepted.

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Spoiler Description (2) Coins and God Sentient


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Spoiler alert for “MASHLE” terminology, the second of which is about coins (grade coins) and the Divine Awakener. To become a God Awakener, you must collect coins and prove that you are the most talented student. They are given during exams and classes, and if you do not have at least five gold coins by the end of the third semester, you will not even be a candidate for the Divine Awakener.

Furthermore, a strict system is also in place whereby students are expelled if they do not achieve a certain grade at the end of each semester. Such a strict system at the magic school was harsh for Mash, who was muscularly stupid, not very good at studying, and could not use magic at all. Therefore, the people around him thought that Mash, with all his eccentricities, would soon be expelled from the school, instead of aiming to become a god sentient being.


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In addition, school classes proceed on the assumption that students can use magic. However, Mash breaks through this with his out-of-the-ordinary muscular strength, physically tearing off a padlock in a lock-opening spellcasting class and throwing a broom forward and jumping on it in a flying technique class. Mush’s repeated eccentricities attract the attention of Lloyd Cabell, the son of a high ranking official in the Bureau of Magic, who uses his parental power to expel anyone he doesn’t like.


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When Lloyd learns that Mash is aspiring to become a god-sentient, he offers to become his errand boy in exchange for a recommendation. Mash accepts the proposal and begins to listen to him, but at the same time, several incidents occur in which Mash’s textbooks are torn up by someone. The culprit was Mash’s roommate, Finn Ames, who had been threatened by Lloyd.

However, after being called a “friend” by Mush, Finn tells Lloyd that he will no longer harass Mush. Lloyd is furious and uses his magic to punish Finn, but Mash, watching, knocks him out and knocks him out cold.


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Mash also wins a coin as a result of a Duelo match (spoiler alert for the terminology to follow), but clashes with Lance Crown, who was ranked first in the transfer exam, over the coin. Lance takes Finn and the others hostage and challenges Mash to a duel. In fact, Lance is also aiming to become a god-sentient, and he wants to destroy Mash, who is also aiming to become a god-sentient.

Lance is also a serious sissy-con who declares that his sister is the most precious thing in the world. However, his sister was suffering from an incurable disease that caused her to lose her magic power, and Lance aspired to become a divine sentient in order to save her. Mash won the battle against Lance, but Lance has since become Mash’s rival and friend, lending him a helping hand.

Spoiler Description (3) Duelo


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Spoiler alert for “MASHLE” terminology, the third is about Duelo. Mash threw a broom in a flying class and jumped on it to pass the assignment. After unintentionally setting a new world record, MASHLE is asked to participate in “Duelo,” a sport that is played on a broom.

Mash tries to refuse because he cannot ride a broom, but Tom Noels, a Duelo player who never listens, forces Mash to participate in the Duelo competition as a representative of Adora Dormitory.


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Mash was completely unmotivated by Duelo, but after Tom was injured by his opponent’s dirty play, he became serious about it. Mash threw a broomstick into the air, jumped on it, and did an amazing feat of floating in the air with his legs flailing in the air. Mash then led his team to victory, and as a result of the game, he won his first silver coin.

Spoiler Description (4) Face bruise


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Spoiler alert for “MASHLE” terminology, the fourth of which is about facial birthmarks. The world of “MASHLE” is a world where only wizards are allowed to exist, and everyone has a birthmark on their face to show their magical power. Magic is considered to be a sacred gift from God, and it is said that one’s future is determined by how good or bad one’s magic is. However, in such a world, Mash, who was not born with a birthmark, cannot use magic.

Mush himself, however, does not mind not being able to use magic at all, and lives alone with his beloved grandfather deep in the forest while working hard at muscle training every day. In fact, Regro Burnedead, Grandpa’s grandfather, is not related to Mash. He was an abandoned child with no scars, and Grandpa picked him up when he was a baby and raised him. Grandpa knows that if other people find out that Mash can’t use magic, he will be in trouble.


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For this reason, Mash was often told by his grandfather not to go to the city alone. However, Mush, who loves cream puffs, cannot resist the lure of limited edition cream puffs and goes to town alone. The magic police see his bruise-free face and identify his home deep in the woods. The police tell Grandpa to hand over the person who cannot use magic, and inquire about Mash’s whereabouts.


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Grandpa yells at him to run away to protect his precious family member, Mush. However, Mush, who feels the same way, does not run away to protect Grandpa, but instead appears, beating up the Magical Police. The police try to catch him using magic, but Mush uses his natural muscle power to repel the magic.

Surprised by Mash’s ability, the magic police suggest that instead of letting him go, he should become the most talented student at the magic school, the “God Awakener. Grandpa tries to keep Mash, but Mash accepts the proposal and goes to the magic school.

Spoiler Description (5) Three dormitories at Easton School of Magic


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Spoiler alert for “MASHLE” terminology, the fifth of which is about the three dormitories at Easton School of Magic. There are three dormitories at Easton School of Magic. The main character Mash and his friends belong to the Adora dormitory, which symbolizes courage and faith and bears the symbol of an eagle. The other two dormitories are Orca, symbolizing intelligence and diligence, and Leanne, symbolizing talent and self-esteem, with the symbol of a wolf.

The three dormitories are rivals with each other, especially the Le An dormitory, which believes that it is its noble lineage that produces godly men. The Lean dormitory has set its sights on the Adora dormitory, where Mash has been conspicuous for his various eccentricities, and an elite group called the Seven Magic Fangs (Magia Lupus) is trying to steal the coins.

|MASHLE Quotes and Famous Lines


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We have spoiled each volume of “MASHLE” and looked at its interesting attractions and ratings. In addition, we have introduced a list of “MASHLE” characters and characters, and explained “MASHLE” terms and episodes related to the terms in spoilers. Next, we will look at some of the best quotes and lines from “MASHLE”.

Famous quotes (1) “We are a family…”


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The first quote from “MASHLE” is “We’re family…” This is a line that Mash said when he decided not to run away in order to protect his grandfather in spite of the danger he was in when the Magical Police came to his house. It is a quote that is highly regarded as cool that MASH made the decision to stay behind to protect Grandpa even though he himself was in danger.

We are family.

Famous quotes (2) “The more rational you can be about everything…”


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The second quote, from “MASHLE,” is “The more rationally you can judge everything…” When fighting Lance for the silver coin, in the midst of an overwhelmingly close victory, Mash realizes Lance’s kindness. And when it was time to stop fighting, Mash said this line. This is also regarded as a cool quote by Mash.

Famous quotes (3) “My attitude towards you is…”


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The third quote from “MASHLE” is “My attitude toward you is…” Abyss, who was born with cursed eyes, has a past where even his parents hated him and almost killed him. This is a quote from Mash to Abyss. It is believed that Mash was able to say these words to Abyss because he was born without magical powers.

Comments and evaluations on MASHLE


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We have spoiled each volume of “MASHLE” and listed its interesting attractions, ratings, characters, and characters. In addition, we have spoiled the terms of “MASHLE” and episodes related to the terms, and looked at cool quotes and famous lines. Next, we will look at the opinions and evaluations of “MASHLE”.

Mashle this magazine, I love Mashle’s crazy positive dialogue too much.

Here are some tweets about “MASHLE”. The main character, Mash, has a very positive line in “MASHLE” that he likes.

Good mushle this week–interesting! The development is super hot!!!!
The principal is cool and so is Mash who comes to the rescue!
I love it when Mashr comes in with a heavy, humid storyline and then comes back with a more uplifting storyline later on!

Here is another tweet about “MASHLE”. The development of “MASHLE” is hot and interesting, and the principal and the mash are regarded as cool. In addition, the development in which an exhilarating moment comes after a humid story is also highly praised.

Nice mushle this week👍.
Personally, I think this might be the manga I’m looking forward to the most in Jump these days.
The depiction of a world where magic is absolute, and the use of muscle to solve problems, and the gags that pop in here and there are outstandingly funny.
I highly recommend that followers who haven’t read it yet to give it a try.

Here is another tweet about “MASHLE. In a world where magic is absolute, the main character MASHLE solves problems with his muscles, and the gag elements scattered throughout the story are highly praised.

|Summary of MASHLE’s Synopsis


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How was it? We have spoiled each volume of “MASHLE” and looked at its interesting charms, evaluations, and highlights, such as the main character Mash’s muscle power, surrealistic gags scattered throughout the work, and Mash’s kindness hidden behind his poker face.

In addition, we have introduced a list of the characters in “MASHLE” and looked at Mash’s quotes and famous lines that appear in the work. In addition, we have also spoiled some of the terms that appear in “MASHLE” with episodes, and we have also looked at Mash’s activities in the work. We hope you enjoy “MASHLE” as much as we did!

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