【OSHI NO KO】Spoiler Explanation! What foreshadowing and characters should we review before the anime adaptation?


OSHI NO KO” has attracted attention as a work different from the many reincarnation manga, and was selected as a candidate for the Grand Prize of the “Manga Grand Prize 2021”. It will be adapted into an anime in June 2022! It is attracting attention once again, partly because it is an entertainment industry story that fits well with visual images. In this article, we will introduce the synopsis of “[OSHI NO KO],” which is currently the focus of much attention as of July 2022, with spoilers!

|What is the story of “Scum’s wish” from episode 1 to the latest episode with spoilers?

Goro, who works as an obstetrician and gynecologist, has become an enthusiastic fan of Ai Hoshino, the center of the idol group “B-Komachi”, under the influence of Sarina, a girl he took care of in the past. Then, Ai Hoshino herself arrives at the obstetrics and gynecology clinic where Goro works. Goro is now in charge of his “guess” who is pregnant with twins at the age of 16. However, on the day of the due date, Goro is suddenly stabbed by someone. The attacker appeared to be a fan who had a grudge against the pregnant Ai. Goro ends his life, worrying about Ai in his fading consciousness. The next moment, Goro is a baby in Ai’s arms. Thus, Goro ended his life as an obstetrician-gynecologist and was reborn as an “the idol’s child.

|Spoiler #1: Childhood [Volume 1].

【Scum's wish】

Reincarnated, Goro and Sarina live as Ai’s children, Aquamarine and Ruby. Ai had no experience of loving anyone, and was uncertain whether she really loved Aqua and the others, and felt guilty that she had never once been able to say that she loved them. Despite these fears, Ai sold so well that a dome concert was decided upon. Ai then gives her address to her ex-lover, whom she has not told anyone, asking him to meet her and her children. However, the situation suddenly changed. Ai is stabbed with a knife by a stalker who visits her home. Ai tells the upset Aqua and Ruby, “I want to be there to watch them grow up. Ai leaves behind the last words, “I love you,” and passes away. Aqua becomes suspicious that the murderer in this case knew the new house they had just moved into. Aqua comes to the conclusion that Ai’s former lover was the informant. Thus begins Aqua’s life of searching for her own father for revenge.

|Spoiler #2: Showbiz Part [Volume 2].

【Scum's wish】

Ruby debuts as an idol

Time goes by, and Aqua and Ruby are now in junior high school. Ruby follows Ai’s footsteps and auditions for an idol show, but is not selected. In fact, Aqua pretended to be someone from the office and called to let Ruby know that she was not accepted, so that Ruby would not end up like Ai. Later, broken by Ruby’s stubbornness, Aqua asks Ai to make her debut as a new idol group at her former company, Strawberry Productions. Ruby became a successful idol and went on to Yoto High School, which has a performing arts department.

Drama: “Today is a sweet day.”

Aqua took the general course at the same school and was reunited with Kana Arima, a former child prodigy. Kana, who could not forget Aqua’s performance as a child, was disappointed to learn that Aqua had taken the general course. Aqua had once aspired to be an actor in order to sneak into the entertainment industry to look for her father, but she realized her lack of talent and now works as a backstage performer. Then, Aqua receives an offer from Kana to appear in a drama. Aqua finds out that the producer, Kaburagi, is related to Ai and decides to accept the offer. Then, Aqua sees that she can’t fit in with the people around her on the set and show off her acting ability. At first, he only took on the job to collect items that could be used for Kaburagi’s DNA test, but Aqua gave a monstrous performance that pulled others aside and succeeded in creating a showcase for Kana.

|Spoiler #3: Love Reality Show [Volume 3~4].

【Scum's wish】

Too much turbulence “Ima-gachi”.

A DNA test shows that Ai and Kaburaki are not related. However, Kaburaki, who says he knows about Ai’s friendships, offers Aqua an exchange: “In exchange for telling me gossip about Ai, I want you to be in a romantic reality show,” and she agrees to participate. As filming for the romance reality show “Gachi-Koi ♡♡Kimono Gachi Koi Hajime” gets underway, a major incident occurs in which Aqua’s co-star, Akane Kurokawa, attempts suicide due to a fire caused by a problem. Aqua brings the situation under control with her quick wit. Akane, who was advised by Aqua to “play the character,” perfectly analyzes Aqua’s type, Ai, and plays the character so exactly that it is easy to mistake her for the character. Although it was only an assumption, Akane’s analytical skills even revealed to Aqua that Ai has an illegitimate child. Aqua falls in love with Akane’s talent and wants to keep her close, so she confesses her feelings to Akane and kisses her in the last episode of the show. However, Aqua later tells Akane that she is interested in Akane as an actress and that it is just an extension of her work. Thus, Aqua fulfills her love for a purpose, and the romantic reality show comes to an end.

The new B-komachi is born!

On the way home from the launch of “Ima Gachi,” Aqua hears that Memu, a YouTuber, actually wanted to be an idol. Aqua brings Memu to the Strawberry Project, saying that if she wants to be an idol, she has given up on becoming an idol due to complicated circumstances. She has given up on becoming an idol due to complicated circumstances, but Ruby reaches out to her and asks her to do it with her. They trained hard with Kana, who has strong singing ability, in the center of the formation, and as a result, the festival for the debut of the new B Komachi was a success. Kana promised Aqua, who gave her full support as an audience member, that she would be “your OSHI NO KO” in her heart.

|Spoiler #4: 2.5D stage [Volume 5~7].

Aqua, Kana, and Akane have been chosen to perform in a stage adaptation of the popular manga “Tokyo Blade. Aqua’s goal is to get close to Kindaichi, the director of the theater company LaLaRae, who will join the production. In the play, there is a rivalry between the troupe’s leading actors, Daiki Himekawa and Kana, and Aqua and Akane, and both are determined not to be outdone by each other in the play. However, the original author, Abiko Samejima, gave NG to the script. The trouble caused by the changes made to the original work causes a flap, but a final draft is somehow completed to the satisfaction of both actors and actresses. The script demands more expressiveness from the actors, and their spirits are kindled, but Aqua faces the trauma of remembering the scene of Ai’s death through her emotional performance. After much anguish, Aqua finds a way to use the trauma to perform the play, and the play is a success. Meanwhile, Aqua, whose DNA test results show that she and Himekawa are half-brothers, asks Himekawa about her father at the launch. Himekawa’s father has already passed away, and Aqua’s search for his father appears to have come to a surprising end.

|Spoiler #5: What’s the latest story? [Volume 8].

【Scum's wish】

B-komachi is going to Miyazaki, the birthplace of Aqua and Ruby, for a PV shooting. Aqua and Akane accompany them. During their stay in Miyazaki, Akane and Ruby happen to find Goro’s corpse, which is now skeletonized. Aqua is now able to put the past behind her after Goro’s body is found, and kisses Akane again, saying that she wants to protect Akane instead of using her. Meanwhile, Ruby is depressed because her dream of reuniting with Goro has been dashed. A mysterious child appears before her, who tells her that at the time of Ai’s birth, there were two suspicious people around the hospital. Upon hearing this, Ruby decides to take revenge on those people. Six months later, thanks to MV, B-Komachi was on the verge of a breakthrough. By this time, Ruby, who had come to be described as a schemer by those involved, also contacted Ichigo Saito, the former president of Ichigo Productions. With Ichigo’s advice, Ruby established her character in a popular online variety show and is doing well as a celebrity. Ruby is hoping to sell more and get more information from Ichigo about Ai.

|An interesting foreshadowing and discussion of “[OSHI NO KO]

【Scum's wish】

Who is the real father of Aqua and his friends?

The father whom Aqua has identified is Seijuro Uehara, Himekawa’s father, who was an unsuccessful actor. Aqua seems to think that Uehara is the father, but it is thought that the real father is elsewhere. In episode 8, Ai calls someone who seems to be his father, but this was shortly before Ai’s death, i.e., around 12 years ago. On the other hand, Uehara died 14 years ago. If the caller is the father, then there is a discrepancy. Then, it is possible to think that another person with DNA close to that of Seijuro Uehara, for example, Seijuro is a twin and one half of him is Aqua’s real father. This must be the “loophole” mentioned by Akane in episode 72 when she asked Aqua the whole story.

Who is responsible for the Ai murder?

The person responsible for Ai’s murder is a man named Ryosuke, who was a fan of Ai. He was 22 years old at the time and around 18 at the time of Ai’s birth, making him the “college age guy” of the two suspicious people mentioned by the mysterious child in episode 79. The fact that Ryosuke knew Ai’s new residence suggests that the man on the phone to whom Ai gave her the address was behind it. The caller may have instigated Ryosuke to kill Ai. In episode 72, a man who looked like Ai’s real father was visiting Ai’s grave. It is very possible that this man is the mastermind behind Ai’s murder and the other suspicious person mentioned by the mysterious child. However, it is somewhat difficult to believe that a “boy of about junior high school age” got Ai pregnant, so he may be someone with a gap between his appearance and his real age.

|Introduction of the characters in “OSHI NO KO”

Ai Hoshino

Ai Hoshino is the center of the idol group “B Komachi. She has a very beautiful face and her behavior is that of a “real idol,” but at heart, she is a girl who does not know love. At the age of 16, she gave birth to twins, but was later stabbed to death by a stalker.

Hoshino Aquamarine / Goro Amemiya

Aquamarine (a.k.a. Aqua) is Ai’s son, a boy who has dedicated his life to Ai’s revenge. When he lived in his previous life as Goro, he was Ai’s obstetrician/gynecologist. Aqua is a quick-witted, cool, sharp type. She is a bit of a sissy-complexion to her younger sister Ruby, although she is dry with her mouth. Akane Kurokawa, who she is dating through the program, is one of the few people she can talk to about her situation who understands her. He sees in Kana Arima the qualities of an idol and keeps his distance from her for her future.

Ruby Hoshino / Sarina Tendouji

Ruby is Ai’s daughter. Ruby is an idol, following Ai’s back. In her previous life, she lived as Sarina, a seriously ill patient who was well-liked by Goro. Originally, Ruby has a bright and honest personality. She had a dream of becoming famous as an idol and meeting Goro again, but after learning that Goro was murdered, revenge against the murderer became her new goal. Since then, she has been showing her scheming side. In contrast to his cool, tongue-tied older brother, he is aiming for a breakthrough in the entertainment industry with his silly character line.

Kana Arima

Kana Arima is a “former” famous actress who was even called a child prodigy in the past. Now a high school student, she has decided to pursue a career as an idol and is working with Ruby. Although she is sometimes somewhat self-mocking due to a long period of unsuccessful performances, she has made great progress as an actress after performing with her rival, Akane Kurokawa, in the stage play “Tokyo Blade. She has begun to sell steadily in both idol and actress roles. She is conscious of Aqua, whom she met when she was a child actress, and after meeting her again, it turns into a love affair. She is happy and sad at the things Aqua says and does, and has a love affair with Aqua that she cannot hide.

Akane Kurokawa

【Scum's wish】

Akane Kurokawa is an actress with whom Aqua co-starred in the romantic reality show “Now I’m Starting a Gachi-Koi”. She is a young ace of the theater troupe “Lalalai,” which is highly regarded for its immersive plays with a high level of insight. Through “Ima Gachi,” she and Aqua began dating. As a business couple, they continue to date even after the show ends. He is the only person who was able to trace Aqua to the fact that she is Ai’s child through his high profiling skills. His talent is highly appreciated by Aqua.

|Introducing the terms you need to know about “[OSHI NO KO]”.

Strawberry Productions

The entertainment agency to which Ai belonged. As an office, it is weak. Due to Ruby’s enthusiasm, the idol division, which had folded after the dissolution of B-Komachi, was re-launched. The president and his wife are friendly to Aqua Ruby, especially Miyako, the current president, who cares for them as if they were her own children.

B Komachi

B Komachi is a seven-member idol group with Ai at the center. Although the death of Ai did not bring the group to fruition, they are a legendary group who came from an underground idol group and were scheduled to perform in a dome. The new B Komachi, born of Ruby’s enthusiasm, consists of Ruby, Kana, and Memcho. This is where Ruby’s dream of becoming an idol like her mother comes true.

|Trivia about “[OSHI NO KO]”.

The “sweet today” was even mentioned in “Kaguya-sama!”

Today Ama” is an online drama starring Kana and also featuring Aqua. The original manga is a hit romance manga famous for making people cry, and is also featured in “Kaguya-sama” by the author Akasaka Aka. 73 episodes featured the main characters crying.

At the beginning of the series, was Ai Hoshino not supposed to die?

According to an interview with the author, the original plan was to depict Ai and her children in the entertainment world for a long period of time. However, Ai’s character was too strong, and she was asked to leave the entertainment world early. Ai’s exit from the show was also a concept that came to him during the serialization.

|Information on the anime adaptation of “[OSHI NO KO]

【Scum's wish】

©Akasaka Aka× Mengo Yokoyari/Shueisha, [OSHI NO KO] Production Committee

In June 2022, an anime adaptation of “[OSHI NO KO]” was announced. Production will be handled by Animation Studio, and the cast has not yet been announced. The main staff will include Daisuke Hiramaki, director of Daisuke Hiramaki, director of “Me ni Tenshi ga Mukerita!”, Hitoshi Tanaka, who has worked on many “Pretty Cure” series, will be in charge of the series composition, and Hirona Hirayama, character designer of “Kanojo, Ouboushimasu”, will be in charge of character design.

|In “OSHI NO KO,” we can’t take our eyes off the siblings’ quest for revenge!

[OSHI NO KO]” showcases a novel take on reincarnation as the child of one’s favored idol. In this article, we have provided a spoiler-filled synopsis of the story up to the latest episode. As the new B Komachi gets back on track, Ruby’s revenge drama begins to move. What will happen to her revenge drama and her success as a TV personality? With an anime adaptation in the works, look out for more developments in “[OSHI NO KO]” in the future!

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