What volumes of Tokyo Revengers Kisaki Tetta died? The cause of death and the possibility of revival.


In this issue, we focus on Kisaki Tetta, an important character in the story of Tokyo Revengers. He is the nemesis of Takemichi, the main character of the story, and is a kind of a last boss who stands in his way many times.

Kisaki Tetta is the one who transformed the “Tokyo Manji-Kai” (a.k.a. Toman) from a motorcycle gang into a violent crime syndicate.

However, Kisaki Tetta was run over by a truck in front of Takemichi in a time jump to the past.

In this issue, what volume contains the death of Kisaki Tetta?

We will also discuss the possibility that Kisaki Tetta is still alive, since time leaps are impossible in Tokyo Revengers.

Basic information about Kisaki Tetta of “Tokyo Revengers”

Profile of Kisaki Tetta

  • real name:Kisaki Tetta
  • Height (stature):164cm
  • Body weight:58kg
  • Birthdays:January 20, 1992
  • Blood type:A type

Kisaki Tetta is the source of the modern Tokyo Manji-Kai becoming a violent crime syndicate.

He is a Mobius executive and later a member of the Tokyo Manji-Kai’s Sambandai, and he is also a dark figure in the Tenjiku, a biker gang that competes in the Kanto Incident, as the general conspirator, and is always manipulating behind the scenes.

He is a smart and intelligent person who always stands in front of Takemichi. Kisaki was responsible for the deaths of Takemichi’s favorite Hina (Tachibana Hinata), his best friend Akkun (Sendou Atsushi), and Mikey’s best friend and founding member of Tokyo Manji-Kai, Bajji.

In this article, we will discuss the death of Kisaki.

How many volumes and episodes did Kisaki Tetta die in “Tokyo Revengers” and what was the cause of death?

Kisaki Tetta Ta died in Volume 21, Episode 185.

Kisaki became the leader of Tokyo Manji-Kai’s Sambantai from Mobius, but Mikey expelled him from the organization. After that, he joined Tenjiku, but what happened there? What happened to Kisaki and how did he die?

Kisaki’s death is in volume 21, episode 185.

The war between “Tokyo Manji-Kai” led by Sano Manjiro (Mikey) and “Tenjiku” led by Kurokawa Izanaana (aka Kanto Incident) is over, and Takemichi and Ryuguji Ken (Drakken) are hunting down the fleeing Kisaki Tetta. Thereupon, Kisaki Tetta is killed.

When Kisaki Tetta tries to tell Takemichi something, he is hit by a truck.

Struck and killed by a truck.

Kisaki is standing in the middle of a crosswalk when he is struck and killed by a truck coming from the side. Since the Kanto Incident ended at night, the driver would not notice that he was standing in the middle of the road, which is difficult to see. After being hit, his arm was completely broken and his head was bleeding profusely. In the end, he left the words “I don’t want to die,” and died without a moment’s hesitation.

Explains the cause and circumstances of Kisaki Tetta’s death

Kisaki was a dark figure who manipulated Mikey behind the scenes.

We will explain the cause of his death and the circumstances leading up to his death.

Kurokawa Izanaに近づきTenjikuに加入

After his betrayal is discovered at Tokyo Manji-Kai, Kisaki is expelled by Mikey.

Later, we learn that he has joined a motorcycle gang called “Tenjiku” (Vol. 14, No. 121).

This organization did not exist in the past before Takemichi began his time leap.

It was created in a changed past when Takemichi thwarted his plan.

It was formed due to a conflict of interest between Izana Kurokawa, who has a grudge against Mikey for changing her life, and Kisaki, who wants to use Mikey to create a nefarious organization.

Attack on Emma Sano just before the Kanto Incident

The day of the Kanto Incident was the anniversary of the death of Mikey’s brother, Sano Shinichiro, founder of Black Dragon.

Emma and Mikey had gone to visit the grave.

Kisaki and Hanma, aiming to take advantage of the timing, suddenly appeared on a motorcycle and hit Emma in the head with a baseball bat.

The reason for this is to murder Mikey’s loved ones.

In the past, they have tried to take away someone important to Mikey in order to get Mikey.

However, Takemichi always stopped her in the nick of time, so perhaps she was determined to succeed this time, no matter what it took.

Emma, who hit her head hard, was rushed to the hospital, but died (Vol. 17, No. 146).

Fled with Hanma at the end of the Kanto Incident

Mikey, having lost Emma, manages to calm down and enters the battle against Tenjiku.

In the end, the two men go head-to-head, and Mikey wins. However, Izana, determined not to be defeated, attempts to kill Mikey with a gun. Kakucho, a childhood friend of Mikey’s from Takemichi, who spent his childhood with Izana, stops her.

Kisaki, who does not tolerate this, shoots Kakucho with a gun.

He fires three more shots, but the Kanto Incident is settled when Izana dies protecting him.

Tenjiku is defeated and Kisaki, cornered, flees on a motorcycle with Hanma.

Cornered by Takemichi

Kisaki and Hanma escape, but Takemichi and Draken chase them down.

Takemichi and Drakken catch up with Kisaki, who stands in their way again and again.

In the course of their fisticuffs, Kisaki’s plans are revealed, as well as the fact that he has been killed many times out of spite and obsession after being rejected by Hina (Tachibana Hinata).

Takemichi is determined to end it all, but Kisaki sees an opening and escapes.

He was run over by a truck and met his end.

Kisaki tries to escape again, but is unable to do so. He stops at a pedestrian crossing to talk to Takemichi.

He stops at a crosswalk and talks to Budo, “You think I’m a time reaper. Just as Kisaki is about to tell his identity, a truck crashes into him at high speed from the side and blows him up. Kisaki’s bones are broken and his head is bleeding, but he does not seem to have died instantly, and he tries to speak, but he is wounded to the bone. He tries to get up, but it is obvious that he is seriously injured, and his breathing gradually becomes weaker.

The mystery deepens as the accident occurs just as the war with Tenjiku seems to be coming to an end and the truth of the story is about to be revealed.

Consider the possibility of Kisaki Tetta coming back to life.

We will discuss the possibility of Kisaki Tetta coming back to life.

Possible ways are as follows

  • Time leap before the date of Kisaki’s death
  • Kisaki’s death awakens the power of time leap, as does Takemichi’s.
  • Someone other than Takemichi has the power of time leap and returns to the past to save Kisaki.

Either method is not impossible, but it is unlikely because it would change the world line or ruin the story.

Consideration that the possibility of revival is extremely unlikely.

In conclusion, the possibility of Kisaki Tetta’s resurrection is extremely low.

Although Drakken and Takemichi’s best friend Akkun (Sendou Atsushi), who died in the present day, have been brought back to life by changing the past through time leaps, no one who died in the past has been brought back to life.

If it were possible to go back to the past, there is a possibility that Kisaki Tetta could come back to life. However, the time leap when he shook hands with Naoto (Tachibana Naoto) was set to 12 years, so it is extremely unlikely that Kisaki Tetta could come back to life.

There’s almost no chance he’s still alive.

There is almost no chance that he will live.

He was hit by a truck, his body is bent in an unusual direction, and there is a lot of blood.

If he were to come back to life with this, he would not be considered a human being.

It is too unrealistic to assume that he is dead.

PS: Kisaki will be back just before the last episode.

Kisaki died and was not expected to be resurrected, but just before the final episode of the manga, he is resurrected.

This is because Takemichi and Mikey successfully time leap back to 1998 and take revenge on their own past.

Takemichi proposes to add Kisaki as a member in addition to the original founding members of Tokyo Manji-Kai.

Harujiyo Sanzu joins the group, making a total of nine members.

Tokyo Manji-Kai later disbanded after winning the national championship, but Kisaki supported the team as a strategist.

It seems that Kisaki ended up being a good guy in the end.

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