JIGOKURAKU review spoilers! Is it interesting enough to give you goosebumps? Main characters are also introduced.


JIGOKURAKU” is a dark fantasy ninjutsu manga series that centers on the main character, GABIMARU, a loose-fitting ninja. Its reputation has spread by word of mouth, and it has become a topic of conversation as being too interesting. We will spoil the highlights of the story, including the synopsis, characters, and powerful battle scenes of “JIGOKURAKU”. We will also spoil readers’ reviews of “JIGOKURAKU,” so please take a look.



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JIGOKURAKU” is a manga series currently being serialized in “Shonen Jump +” by Kaku Yuji that is currently enjoying great popularity. It is a dark fantasy story about ninjutsu, focusing on the emotional growth of the hero and heroine, who are both outcast ninja and government officials. In this article, we will introduce the highlights of the popular manga “JIGOKURAKU,” including its synopsis, characters, and intense battle scenes, with spoilers, and also look at readers’ reviews of the manga.

Information on JIGOKURAKU productions


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≪Detailed information about the manga “JIGOKURAKU≫

  • genre:Ninpo Roman Katsudo Gekijo
  • original work:Kaku Yuji
  • publisher:Shueisha
  • Publication:Shonen Jump +
  • Label.:Jump Comics
  • Announcement period:January 22, 2018-Serialization.
  • number of volumes:Already 6 volumes (as of June 2019)


The story of the manga “JIGOKURAKU” takes place in the late Edo period. The main character, Gabimaru, once active in the village of Shinobi, is sentenced to death, but in order to escape his crime, he goes to an island called the Pure Land of Paradise in search of an elixir of immortality in this ninja action drama. Although the story is set in the Edo period, the author, Kaku Yuji, used many foreign words in the story to make it easy for readers to read. Whenever a book is published, it is immediately reprinted and is currently the most popular manga work on Shonen Jump+.

Brief synopsis of JIGOKURAKU


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Spoilers for a brief synopsis of the manga “JIGOKURAKU”. Gabimaru, the most powerful and feared Shinobi in the Shinobi-no-Sato, wants to leave the business of manslayer and live a quiet life with his beloved wife, but he is captured as a loose Ninja and sentenced by the family of “Yamada Asaemon Sagiri,” the executioner of beheadings by the shogunate, to obtain an “immortality elixir” in a land rumored to be the Pure Land of Paradise in exchange for his acquittal. The family is sentenced to obtain an elixir of immortality in a place rumored to be the Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss.

GABIMARU accepts the offer, and in order to win his freedom, he and the other criminals head for the island of Paradise in search of the elixir of immortality. The island is inhabited by strange plants and creatures, and when they reach the island, they are attacked and killed by these unknown creatures and die. Will GABIMARU be able to achieve his goal and return home to his beloved wife?

Spoiler alert for JIGOKURAKU


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Spoilers for the popular manga “JIGOKURAKU,” which is currently on the rise. Let’s take a quick look at the spoiler story of JIGOKURAKU, which features characters with various personalities, enlivens the story, and fascinates with intense battle scenes!

JIGOKURAKU vol. 1: Spoilers for Episode 1

Spoilers for the first episode of the manga “JIGOKURAKU”. Humans born and raised in the village of Ishigakure undergo rigorous training as Shinobi, and only those who survive the training are able to attain a strong body and become Shinobi. GABIMARU, the leader of the village, is one of the surviving shinobi.


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GABIMARU, however, decided to leave the village and went to the chief for advice. The chief appeared to be satisfied and gave GABIMARU his final assignment, but it turned out to be a trap. GABIMARU is taken prisoner by the magistrate’s office as a loose ninja.

GABIMARU was feared as a ruthless and inhumane “Garan no GABIMARU,” who had taken the lives of many people in his career, and even ended the lives of 20 people when he was captured. GABIMARU was sentenced to various punishments at the magistrate’s office, but he did not die, and there were rumors that the shinobi of Ishigakure no Sato were taking an immortality potion called “senryaku” (a medicine for immortality). A female scribe, Yamada Asaemon Sagiri, began to serve as his personal attendant and to exchange words with GABIMARU.


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GABIMARU, who is sentenced repeatedly but does not die, is confronted by a sword-carrying SAGIRI. In fact, he was a beheading executioner and a master swordsman. He was in charge of cutting GABIMARU’s head off. He sees through GABIMARU’s reluctance to die and is convinced that he is in love with his wife.

Although GABIMARU was a murderer and was called “Kyarando,” he was bonded to his wife, who was the only one who recognized him as “not Kyarando, but a kind human being. GABIMARU was reluctant to bring back the money he had earned through dirty deeds to his wife, who had such a pure heart. GABIMARU made up his mind to leave the village for the sake of his wife and went to the chief for advice, but as a result, he was trapped and captured. However, GABIMARU was resigned to the fact that he would never be able to return to his normal life even if he realized his true intentions now.


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Sagiri presents GABIMARU with an “official letter of absolution” issued by the shogunate that acquits him of all charges and offers him a deal in exchange for a trip to the Paradise of the Pure Land. The Pure Land of Paradise is also known as the other shore or the other world, a place deeply believed in since ancient times, the Shinzenkyo.

The Lord of the Sea dispatched a survey team to search for the “sacred herb of nonduality,” but no one returned safely from the five survey teams sent so far without finding the herb, and the team returned with the bodies of the dead with flowers blooming on their bodies. Sagiri had read that GABIMARU, with his obsession for life, would be a good choice for the survey team. GABIMARU hears of this and sets out on a journey to find the elixir that will reunite him with his wife.

JIGOKURAKU vol. 1: Spoilers for episode 2


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The sinners were gathered before Tokugawa Narukei, and members were selected to go to the island of paradise. After hearing the horror stories of the island, some of the criminals escaped, but were beheaded on the spot. Sagiri was told by Eizen, a disciple of the Yamaguchi family, that he was not suited to be a decapitator and that there were other jobs he could have found. However, Sagiri had been covered in blood since he was a child when he saw the corpses being tested and used to make pills from them, and it was an occupation he could not leave.

Sagiri’s father, Kichiji, was a skilled executioner of beheadings and was famous for beheading people so brilliantly that they did not even realize they were dead, and he was Sagiri’s target. However, Sakiri was unable to shake off his fear of killing people, and continued to struggle with himself. In the midst of such a situation, a fierce battle among the criminals unfolds. When GABIMARU said, “I don’t want to waste my time killing each other,” the official said, “If you kill GABIMARU, you will be sent to the island immediately.


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GABIMARU, who is in fear for his life, kills all the criminals who attack him. GABIMARU is guilty of killing people, and when SAKIRI hears him say that he feels heavy when he thinks about what he has to bear after killing someone, it occurs to him that he is not prepared to bear the burden of the life he has killed, rather than conquering his fear.

Tears welled up in Sakiri’s eyes. GABIMARU and 10 other sinners remain in the battle for the island. To prevent the criminals from doing whatever they want on the island, Kichiji Yamada Asaemon’s disciples act together as watchdogs for each of them. This is a spoiler for the second episode of the “JIGOKURAKU” manga.

JIGOKURAKU Volume 1: Spoilers for Episode 3


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GABIMARU had heard about the elixir of immortality. The elixir was said to have been purchased and drunk by the chief of Ishigakure no Sato from a merchant across the sea, and was said to have a body that could heal itself directly after being cut by a sword and spilling its organs. Upon reaching the island, GABIMARU and SAGIRI begin their search for the herbs of the invulnerability, but the rope is still strangled in the hands of the sinners. GABIMARU tries to untie the rope, but Sagiri stops him.


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GABIMARU was attacked by Keiun Igami, who had been freed from his bonds, and was shot through the neck with an iron ball, but the wound was not fatal because it had been removed from the neck bone. The Yamada family disciple Shisei, who was following Keiun, saw GABIMARU’s rope still tied and gave the serious Sagiri a look of dismay, saying, “He is still as stiff as ever.

Keiun, in order to bring back the elixir of immortality, tries to kill GABIMARU in a battle to reduce his rivals as much as possible, but GABIMARU, still wearing the noose, returns the favor and kills him. These are the spoilers for the third episode of the “JIGOKURAKU” manga.

JIGOKURAKU vol. 1: Spoilers for episode 4


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Spoilers for episode 4 of the manga “JIGOKURAKU”. Keiun’s death causes Kisei to leave the island. At that time, he tells them that Hattori’s messenger and those from Ishigakure no Sato may come to the island, that Shikisei is only interested in herbs for the other sinners, that they are fighting shootouts with each other or with the watchers, and that the rules imposed by the shogunate no longer exist.

Already Titan Rokurota of Bizen had killed the warden Eizen in a battle with the warden, and the number of sinners was also decreasing. GABIMARU cuts at Sagiri, who narrowly dodges the attack.

JIGOKURAKU vol. 1: Spoilers for episode 5


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GABIMARU’s reason for cutting at Sagiri was that if the Shinobi of Ishigakure no Sato really landed on the island, both would be destroyed, and he wanted to make Sagiri comfortable before that happened. However, neither GABIMARU nor Sagiri had any real desire to kill the other, and they hesitated to do so. GABIMARU nearly killed Sagiri by mounting him, but was unable to kill him. GABIMARU, who has learned of his wife’s love for him, cries because of his weakness, but Sagiri says it is his strength.

Through his encounter with GABIMARU, Sagiri also realized that to kill is not to cut off one’s feelings, but to face them with compassion. Sagiri says that he wants to see GABIMARU’s life face to face with compassion. He sheathes GABIMARU’s sword, saying, “You are not the same person you used to be. GABIMARU realizes that Sagiri has said the same words to him as to his wife, and that is the spoiler for the fifth episode of the “JIGOKURAKU” manga.

JIGOKURAKU vol. 1: Spoilers for episode 6


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Spoilers for episode 6 of the manga “JIGOKURAKU”. Tamiya Gantessai (民谷巌鉄鐵斎), a skilled swordsman known as the “sword dragon,” was a man who suffered the wrath of the feudal lord and was condemned to death, and entered the island with Fuchi, a pupil of the Yamada family. Gan Tessai also fought to reduce the number of rivals and acted according to his desire for a strong man. A humanoid artifact resembling the face of a giant Buddha statue several meters in height suddenly appeared in front of Gan Tessai, with arms sprouting from its eyes and a tin can-like object stuck in its body.

Gantekusai was distracted by it and was stabbed in the back of the hand by a butterfly. While being briefed on the island at the magistrate’s office, Iwatetsusai saw a flower growing out of the body of a man who had managed to survive and return home. Tsukechi was taken aback by the quickness of his decision, but the severed arm soon sprouted plants and a multitude of monstrous insects. At the same time, GABIMARU and Sagiri also encountered a huge bipedal monster with the face of a fish.

JIGOKURAKU vol. 2: Spoilers for Episode 7


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GABIMARU and SAGIRI were engaged in battle with a huge bipedal monster with a fish head, hanging beads, and six arms. Following the iron rule of shinobi not to confront an unknown enemy, the two men fled the scene. GABIMARU and SAGITTARI chose to flee, but they were already surrounded by other monstrous creatures. Stopping to think, GABIMARU concentrated his mind only on defeating his enemies, and he defeated the creatures one after another.

GABIMARU thought he was concentrating on fighting the creatures, but when he tried to save Sagiri, he was caught by the creature’s wire-like tail from the neck up, and was hit with it as hard as he could, causing him to bleed. This is the spoiler summary of the manga “JIGOKURAKU” episode 7 so far.

JIGOKURAKU vol. 2: Spoilers for episode 8

Spoilers for episode 8 of the manga “JIGOKURAKU”. Yuzuriha, a Hakunoichi, saved GABIMARU and SAGIRI from a desperate situation, and Yuzuri’s watchman, Genji, cut off the enemy’s tail. For some reason, Yuzuri had two guards. Senta was originally Yuzuri’s guardian, and Genji was originally the guardian of Moromakiya, a member of the Korobi Bandenren.


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However, after he had finished off Mokuya Shigome by setting her up with a colorful scheme, he decided that he couldn’t handle Yuzuri’s surveillance, so two people were assigned to watch over Yuzuri. In short, it seems that both of them were being used by Yuzuri’s trickery. Yuzuri was using Mogome Makiya’s body to gather information about the strange creatures that inhabited the island until the plant bloomed on her body and she died. Yuzuri also made a romantic overture to GABIMARU, asking him to fight with her. GABIMARU says he doesn’t believe him, but Yuzuri says he is serious about fighting with him.

He says that in the end, only one person will be left, so they should join forces to get out of the crisis by fighting together. Sagiri says that there is no problem as long as both parties agree to it. GABIMARU agrees on the condition that Yuzuri provides him with the information she has collected on the island’s inhabitants. GABIMARU, however, does not let down his guard against Yuzuri. Sagiri feels helpless, having been saved by GABIMARU ever since he arrived on the island.

JIGOKURAKU vol. 2: Spoilers for Episode 9

Spoilers for episode 9 of the manga “JIGOKURAKU”. Asa Choubei and Kirima, whose father was a vassal of the feudal lord, are forced to live in extreme poverty after the lord commits a crime and his vassals are equally guilty, their mother commits suicide, and their father is executed for taking part in avenging their lord. The brothers joined banditry and the Asa Mourning Heirs even took over the organization, but when their hideout was surrounded by officials of the magistrate’s office, the Asa Mourning Heirs were captured to let Kirima escape.


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Kirima sneaks into the Yamada family as a pupil in order to rescue his brother, Asa Eulalia, the bandit king, who has become a criminal. He and his brother set foot on the island. The monsters that appear before their eyes are defeated by Asa Mouryoubei’s brilliant adaptability. The monster, which looks like a giant Buddha and has hands coming out of its eyes, looks more like hell than paradise to Kirima’s eyes. On this island, where nothing is real, Asa Mukibei tells Kirima that he will be his guide, saying, “Trust only in me.

He says that his ultimate goal is not only to obtain the elixir, but also to drink it, and that he will eliminate everything that stands in the way of that goal. Kirima, however, is not so sure that this idea will work so easily, which is unthinkable coming from the weak Kirima who has always relied on his older brother.

JIGOKURAKU vol. 2: Spoilers for Episode 10


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Spoilers for episode 10 of the manga “JIGOKURAKU”. Sagiri wakes up in the hollow of a huge tree after being knocked unconscious by butterfly scales. During this time, they gather food and prepare a meal, sharing information and having a strategy meeting. While gathering food, GABIMARU reports that a plant with the face of a samurai is blooming. From this, it emerged that all the plants on the island may have been former human beings.


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Gentji urged Sagiri to return to the main hall because he had a mission to marry the next head of the Yamada family, and said that he would take over GABIMARU’s watchdog duties. Sagiri was unable to hide her shock at being told that she was no longer on the force, but it was Senta who objected to this. He said that it would not be easy to leave the island.

At the same time, the mountain people, Nurgai, and the watchman, Noritza, decided to return to the Shogunate, but the thick fog and waves made it difficult to return to the Shogunate’s ship. However, the thick fog and waves made it difficult to return to the Shogunate’s ship.

JIGOKURAKU Vol. 2: Spoilers for Episode 11


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Spoilers for episode 11 of the manga “JIGOKURAKU”. Nurugai, a girl from the mountains who was sent to the magistrate’s office for living freely against the will of the shogunate, and Noritiza, a watchdog, encounter a sea monster. Unlike the creature on land, it has eerie tentacles, and when Noritza braces herself, the monster attacks, wrecking the boat on which Nurugai and Noritza are riding.

There, they find a corpse with a flowery, vegetative upper body of Kiyo-sei, who was thought to have returned to the mainland earlier under Keiun’s watch. They reach the ship on which he was on board and try to return to the mainland, but the currents around the island are headed for the island.

JIGOKURAKU vol. 2: Spoilers for episode 12


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Spoilers for episode 12 of the manga JIGOKURAKU. Senta tells Sagiri that he should go back to the mainland if he can, but GABIMARU’s reaction makes him realize that he needs Sagiri. GABIMARU thanks Sagiri for helping him get this far, and GABIMARU assures Sagiri that he is stronger than he is.

Encouraged by GABIMARU’s words, Sagiri is vehemently opposed to being disrespected as a woman and rejects her brother Gentsugu’s words. A huge shadow lurks in the background of their argument.

JIGOKURAKU vol. 2: Spoilers for episode 13


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The giant shadow was Rokurota, the great Titan of Bizen. He is hungry and has nothing in his mind but to eat the creature in front of him. Rokurota’s giant slap attacks Gentsugu and Sagiri, and Gentsugu defends Sagiri, who is fatally wounded, his stomach gouged out. GABIMARU fights back with ninjutsu, but it has no effect on Rikurota. Yuzuri seems to have no intention of fighting at all. Gentsugu could not understand that a woman is a samurai, but when he sees Sagiri fighting desperately, he finally begins to understand.

On the verge of death, Genshi offers Sagiri his sword, the soul of a samurai. Sagiri joins GABIMARU, who is struggling in battle with Rikurota. He then joins GABIMARU in a joint fight with the Yamada family’s Uchikabe swordsmanship, which can cut anything that cannot be cut. This is the end of the manga “JIGOKURAKU” episode 13 spoilers.

JIGOKURAKU vol. 2: Spoilers for episode 14


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GABIMARU pulls ROKUROTA to the ground, and SAGIRI, who is in the blind spot, slashes at ROKUROTA’s legs. The plan was to cut ROKUROTA’s head off when he was out of position. ROKUROTA cries out like a hungry baby and comes at them. GABIMARU is instantly caught in the middle of the two, and is struck with a blow that sends his head crashing to the ground. GABIMARU can barely breathe and has no time to dodge the next attack.

Sagiri calmly and sensitively tries to cut ROKUROTA’s head off in a split second, but the swordsmith, who may be a woman but boasts more than first-rate swordsmanship, leaps backward faster than Sagiri can use her sword. GABIMARU proposes a new strategy to Sagiri, and that is the introduction of the spoiler for the 14th episode of the “JIGOKURAKU” manga.

JIGOKURAKU vol. 2: Spoilers for episode 15


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Spoilers for episode 15 of the manga “JIGOKURAKU”. GABIMARU’s strategy is to use fire and smoke. Although he cannot damage ROKUROTA’s body with his ninjutsu, he uses GABIMARU’s fire ninjutsu to burn the trees around the taller ROKUROTA to make him lower his posture and then strike him in the neck. ROKUROTA, realizing the plan, swings his arm backward, but GABIMARU holds him down and SAGIRI takes his head off, killing ROKUROTA.

The fire is still burning and ROKUROTA’s Gentji is unconscious but still alive, but GABIMARU and Sagiri do not have enough time to save him. Sagiri weeps for the memory of Genshi as he lies there.

JIGOKURAKU vol. 2: Spoilers for episode 16


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Spoilers for episode 16 of the manga “JIGOKURAKU”. GABIMARU and his friends leave the scene where ROKUROTA was defeated and see the monsters swarming around the fire smoke. GABIMARU and the others head off to investigate, following the direction in which the monsters appeared, which provides a clue to the elixir. GABIMARU is determined to reunite with his beloved wife, while SAKIRI is determined to finish his mission as soon as possible. On his way, he encounters Yuzuri and Senta, who had run away from the group despite having formed a joint alliance, and approaches them, but all they can see is a small village.

Around that time, Asa Eunibei and Kirima encounter twin naked girls, one of whom, upon seeing them, becomes hostile to the presence of humans on the island and angrily blurts out, “What is SOUSHIN doing here? The girl’s body begins to look more and more like a man’s.

JIGOKURAKU vol. 3: Spoilers for episode 17


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Spoilers for episode 17 of the manga “JIGOKURAKU”. GABIMARU and his friends discover a village and meet a girl who seems to be a resident of the island. GABIMARU and SAGITTARI chase after her and try to catch her, when a humanoid monster made of plants appears to protect the girl. GABIMARU forces the monster onto Yuzuri and the others and they continue to pursue the girl. Yuzuri refuses to let Yuzuri see that he is using ninjutsu, so he takes Senta’s glasses and renders the monster immobile.

GABIMARU and SAGIRI chase after the girl and catch her, but she throws GABIMARU away with her powerful arms, not unlike a girl’s. GABIMARU uses the vines of a plant to hold the girl. GABIMARU uses a plant vine to bind the girl, and she begins to cry. The girl begins to cry, and then the immobile plant man speaks, offering the secret of the elixir in exchange for the girl’s release and the condition that he will take her back to the village. GABIMARU and the others find a clue to the elixir.

JIGOKURAKU vol. 3: Spoilers for episode 18

Yuzuri was skeptical about whether she could really believe what the plant monster told her about the elixir, but when he said, “There is also a bath,” she agreed to let him take her to the village. The humanoid plant monster who guides them to the village is an islander. The people GABIMARU and his friends fought were the SOUSHIN, the gods who protect the island, preaching their teachings and punishing those who disobey them. GABIMARU and his friends were led to a village that looked like it had been abandoned a thousand years ago.


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When Yuzuri bathes, Sagiri takes over the guard and bathes her in the bathtub to relieve her of dirt and fatigue. According to the story of the plant monster, the island that GABIMARU and his friends call the island of paradise is called “Kotaku” by the islanders, and has been considered a sacred place where the gods reside. The immortality elixir exists and is called “Tan,” a medicine that allows one to obtain eternal life, and is said to be located in the central area of the island.

GABIMARU is skeptical because the plant monster has never actually seen the medicine, but the monster tells him that seeing Tensen-sama will clear his suspicions. Meanwhile, Asa Eunibei and Kirima are engaged in battle with a girl who looks like a twin with a naked upper body. They are defeated by a girl who can regenerate herself even after being cut in half. In fact, the person they are fighting is Tensen-sama. These are the spoilers for episode 18 of the manga “JIGOKURAKU.

JIGOKURAKU vol. 3: Spoilers for episode 19


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Spoilers for episode 19 of the manga “JIGOKURAKU” begin with the continuation of the story of the plant monster. It tells that everyone who lands on this island will be killed by the great immortal Tensen-sama, who punishes sinners by following the SOUSHIN. Those who are killed are freed from their sins and reborn into beautiful flowers. The source of the elixir, they say, is the life that was killed by Tensen-sama and turned into a flower.


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At that time, Nurgai, a mountain folk who once attempted to leave the island, and Noritiza, a watchman, return to the ship’s graveyard. The attitude shown by Noritiza changes when he realizes that Nurgai was a woman, and when Nurgai sees this attitude, he begs Noritiza to be his son-in-law. At that moment, a woman suddenly appears from the air on the beach.

The woman then changes her appearance to that of a man, and fires an elusive and swift blow at the two of them. Even as he eats the attack, Noritza fights back, tearing his opponent’s body apart and preparing to flee. Then Noritza’s master, Shien, a member of the Yamada clan, comes to his aid.

JIGOKURAKU vol. 3: Spoilers for episode 20

Spoilers for episode 20 of the manga “JIGOKURAKU”. After escaping from a woman who suddenly appears, Nurugai, Noritza, and Shien discuss what has happened so far. Shien, Noritza’s master, is blinded by blindness, but he has the ability to sense the presence, sounds, and smells of his surroundings and act accordingly.


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He was a watchman for Akaginu, a cannibalistic courtesan, but she was trying to win him over, so he beheaded her and fulfilled his role. Trying to get the guilty nurgai off the island, Noritza asked Shien, “Why?” When asked “Why?”, Noritza tells Shi En, who knows his past, that he has compared Nurgai to himself, and persuades Shi En to put Nurgai’s execution on hold.

As the three discuss the future, a woman who looks like the Lord of Tensen appears behind them again and begins to slash at them. Shi En is barely able to speak as her head has been dealt with. Enraged at the sight of his master, Noritza unleashes all his innermost secrets in order to win, but he is blinded by all of them. On the contrary, he is mortally wounded by a bullet from the opponent’s fingertip that penetrates his flesh.

JIGOKURAKU vol. 3: Spoilers for episode 21


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Noriza is mortally wounded, with three holes in his chest. He still manages to blow his opponent’s head off with all his strength, but his abdomen is further punctured, and guts spill out of his mouth as he cries out, “Run! Nurugai and Shiiton try to save him, but he decides it is too dangerous and flees the scene. GABIMARU and the others explain about the elixir, etc. The plant monster is called “Hoko,” and the girl is identified as “Mei.

GABIMARU heads for the bathhouse, and SAKIRI follows him to the bathhouse to keep an eye on him, and they have a serious discussion about the mystery of the island. These are the spoilers for episode 21 of the “JIGOKURAKU” manga.

JIGOKURAKU vol. 3: Spoilers for episode 22


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Spoilers for the 22nd episode of the manga “JIGOKURAKU”. Mei starts to cry when she witnesses GABIMARU and SAGIRI. GABIMARU washes the scratches and dirt from his body at his own pace. The bathroom was equipped with the appropriate items, but Mei’s body was dirty in spite of that. Sagiri washes Mei’s hair and cleans it, as if she had no parents to teach her. Mei’s body is left with a rather large scar. Mei was concerned about the scars and tried to hide them.


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GABIMARU recalls that his own wife also hid the scar on her face, and he tells her that appearance is not important and that she is more beautiful than anyone else. GABIMARU’s words seem to cheer Mei up and bring her closer to him.

After taking a bath, Senta, who had replaced Sagiri on guard duty, was asleep next to GABIMARU. GABIMARU was feeling frustrated with the progress of solving the island’s riddle. Finally, he sets out alone for Hourai, the center of the island where the elixir is said to be located.

JIGOKURAKU vol. 3: Spoilers for episode 23


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Spoilers for the 23rd episode of the manga “JIGOKURAKU”. GABIMARU takes the compass from Senta and sets out alone for the center of the island. On the way there, he encounters a monster of a tree that reads sutras, but he dodges it and arrives at a large, massive gate. GABIMARU senses a presence behind him and prepares for battle, using his fire ninja technique to blast the upper body of the supposed Tensen-sama to ashes, but he revives with his amazing regeneration ability and delivers a blow to GABIMARU’s bosom.

JIGOKURAKU vol. 3: Spoilers for episode 24


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Spoilers for the 24th episode of the “JIGOKURAKU” manga series. GABIMARU is unable to respond to his opponent, who immediately regenerates even after being damaged by his attacks, but the blow to the abdomen seems to have had an effect, and the opponent reveals his anger, changing from male to female form and launching an invisible attack from his hands and palms. GABIMARU’s body was shocked by the invisible attack.

GABIMARU’s strong desire to stay alive until he sees his wife again causes the monster, both male and female, to fall to the ground, its regenerative powers unable to keep up. When he asked his defeated opponent about the elixir, the monster said, “He will be angry with me again,” and blossomed into a plant, revealing itself as a giant flower monster.

JIGOKURAKU vol. 3: Spoilers for episode 25


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The giant flowering plant monster manipulates lightning and tries to bury GABIMARU alive in the ground, blocking his movements. GABIMARU dodges the first attempt, but is struck by lightning a second time, rendering him unable to use his ninjutsu. GABIMARU is trapped again by the monster’s tentacles and is once again in a desperate situation. He sees his wife at home in a dream for a time and is under the illusion that what happened on the island was more of a nightmare.


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However, in a daze after coming to himself, he burns out the tentacles with ninjutsu in a last daring attempt, even though he is bleeding profusely from the tightening. Freed, GABIMARU has no strength left to move even a single step. Then a young girl, Mei, appears and crushes the giant flower monster with unimaginable speed. GABIMARU is simply amazed at the sight of Mei. This is the spoiler for the 25th episode of the “JIGOKURAKU” manga.

JIGOKURAKU vol. 3: Episode 26


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Spoiler alert for episode 26 of the manga “JIGOKURAKU”. A meeting was being held where those who were supposed to be the Tensen-sama reported to each other about the humans who had landed on the island. The monster that was fighting GABIMARU with the ability to “break the corpse of a giant flower” was called “Jujin” and had become wrinkled and old due to overuse of the source of his power, the Tao. It drinks a thick liquid and regains its youthful appearance.

When Joo-jin is asked by the most senior person in the assembly whether GABIMARU is alive or dead, Joo-jin gives a false report, saying that he has taken care of it. Another Tensen-sama confronts the brothers Aza-choubei and Kirima and reports that he has dropped them into an abyss called “Ana,” where the “Kado-gami,” or gate gods, who are the highest ranking of the SOUSHIN that serve as watchmen, are located. However, the two had defeated the Kadojin and returned to earth.


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When Sagiri and the others wake up the next morning, they notice that GABIMARU is missing and realize that he has gone to “Hourai,” the center of the island, alone. Hoping for GABIMARU’s safety, Sakiri and the others, with the help of Kijin no Houko, went after GABIMARU. Meanwhile, GABIMARU and Mei are lying by the river.

GABIMARU, battered and bruised, remembers how Mei saved him, and is somewhat relieved to find that the battle was not with a god but with a plant monster. Then the sword-and-dragon Tamiya Gantessai and his observer, Fuchi, a disciple of the Yamada family, appear.

JIGOKURAKU vol. 3: Spoilers for episode 27


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Spoilers for episode 27 of the “JIGOKURAKU” manga series. GABIMARU, who has no freedom of movement, and Gantessai, who has no left arm, continue to glare at each other, and as they visualize slashing each other in battle, they realize that neither of them will be able to escape unharmed. Sukuchi suggested that Gantekusai get information from GABIMARU, and GABIMARU offered to fight with him.

GABIMARU’s unfazed look told him that he was not lying, and he listened to GABIMARU’s story and agreed to fight with him after learning of the existence of a powerful enemy called “Tensen-sama. Gan Tessai’s goal is to achieve greatness, and he believes that hermits and monsters are the best way to achieve this goal. The three are surprised to see Mei awake. Mei’s body has grown from that of a young girl to that of a beautiful woman.

JIGOKURAKU vol. 3: Spoilers for episode 28


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Manga “JIGOKURAKU” Episode 28 Spoilers. Mei, who has grown into the form of a beautiful young woman, cannot speak as a child, but she speaks GABIMARU’s name. The Sagiri group, guided by Hoko, a woodman, follows GABIMARU and learns that Tensen-sama refers to the seven hermits, and that there was originally one being, a god who had mastered the Way of the Immortals, and that he had split into seven, with the same appearance and voice but slightly different personalities.

The island used to thrive on longevity, and Houko, the woodman, was once a human being. He says that the timing of becoming a tree differs from person to person, and that he gradually loses his memory of when he was human. The more Houko talked, the more we could see that the island was artificially created, and Senta argued passionately that if there were people who created the island, then there must be an escape route and a herb medicine.

Characters in JIGOKURAKU


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Spoilers will be introduced about the fascinating characters in the manga “JIGOKURAKU”. Let’s take a quick look at the characters in JIGOKURAKU!



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Spoilers about GABIMARU, the character and protagonist of the painting “JIGOKURAKU”. GABIMARU, the first Shinobi of the Ishikagakureshu, was known and feared as “Garan no GABIMARU,” a ruthless and inhumane man before he married the daughter of the village chief. Inspired by the purity of his wife’s heart, he stopped killing and tried to live a quiet life with her, but the chief of the village ordered GABIMARU to violate the rules of the village and he was captured.

GABIMARU, with his slender physique, does not appear to be a formidable fighter, but even though he has been beheaded on numerous occasions, he never dies. Although he can use ninjutsu, GABIMARU, with his strong body, is a shinobi who can boast of his physical strength in battle alone.

Yamada Asaemon Sagiri


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Spoilers for the character and heroine of the manga “JIGOKURAKU”, Sagiri Yamada Asaemon. She was born into the family of Asaemon Yamada, a beheading executioner. Although she is a very skilled killer, she struggles with her own fear because she is not prepared to bear the death of those she beheads as a beheading executioner. However, she has a strong heart and is the only person who understands GABIMARU.

Gaebima Maru’s wife


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Spoilers about GABIMARU’s wife, a character in the manga “JIGOKURAKU”. GABIMARU’s wife, who seems to exist only to bear the children of the shinobi village, has her face burned by the village chief’s own father to prevent her from ever living as a woman. She has a pure heart that says what she means clearly and is not afraid to embrace GABIMARU warmly and tenderly.

“King of bandits” Azachobei


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The villainous-looking “Bandit King” Aza Mouhoubei, a character in the manga “JIGOKURAKU,” is an intuitive, sharp-witted person with the ability to adapt to changes in his environment and the integrity to follow his convictions. He is the head of a bandit group so large that it has built a village deep in the mountains of Iyo. Originally, he was the eldest son of a vassal of a feudal lord and lived without inconvenience, but he lost his mother and father when the lord committed a crime and became a bandit in order to survive.

”Tamiya Gantessai, a sword dragon


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Tamiya Gantekusai, known as “Kenryu” or “Hachishu Muso,” a character in the manga “JIGOKURAKU,” is a tremendously skilled swordsman who seeks battle with the stronger rather than killing others. He is skilled in insight, judgment, and decision-making.

”Keiun of Iga no Keiun


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One of the characters in the manga “JIGOKURAKU” is Keiun Igami, a large Arahoshi called “Hundred Hunters” who uses more than 100 weapons. Immediately after landing on the island, he attacks GABIMARU, but is overpowered in return.

mountain folk nurgai


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Nurgai, a mountain folk who is a character in the manga “JIGOKURAKU,” commits no particular crime, but is accused of living freely against the shogunate and becomes a criminal. When the villagers are all killed by a samurai whom Nurgai casually brings back to the village, Nurgai is driven to remorse. She looks like a boy, but she is actually a girl.

“Killing Nembutsu” Horyu-bo


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Horyubou, a character in the manga “JIGOKURAKU,” is treated as a minor character in the manga. He seems to have no special characteristics, and immediately after landing on the island, he engages in battle with Asa Mourning Hei, but he is overpowered and beaten in return.

Akaginu, the “cannibalistic oiran


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In “JIGOKURAKU,” Akakinu, a “cannibalistic ogre,” lands on an island and tries to take a captive Yamada’s apprentice, Shioto, as a watchdog, but is quickly killed in a vengeance. She is considered by readers to be the female version of a small fry character among the characters in “JIGOKURAKU.

Yuzuriha, the “Kunoichi” (the “head” of the family)


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Yuzuri Yuzuri, a character in “JIGOKURAKU,” is the one who started the Sagiba Castle invasion riot, and he is also the one who subdued all the vassals in the castle. He has no sense of shame and can easily kill other emotions, and he is capable of cruelty without hesitation. On the island, he and GABIMARU fight together, but they do not seem to be very cooperative in battle.

Korobi-bantenren, Moromakiya

ころび伴天連 茂籠牧耶(もろまきや)

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A character in “JIGOKURAKU,” Shigokoro Makiya of Korobi Bantenren, who is pitied by readers as a poor character, is seduced by the kunoichi Yuzuri and used as an experimental subject to obtain information about the island’s monsters, and dies.



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Unlike his sprawling appearance, ROKUROTA, “the giant of Bizen,” has considerable strength and is capable of eating a bear from the head down, so swords and yari are no match for him. When hungry, he throws uncontrollable tantrums and becomes ferocious. Immediately after landing on the island, he kills Eizen, a disciple of the Yamada family, who is acting as a watchman.

Eizen Yamada Asaemon


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Yamada Asaemon Eizen, one of the Yamada family disciples who wears an eye patch over his left eye and is the first rank in the Trial Itto style, displays harsh words and attitude toward Sagiri. Although Ezen’s tone suggests considerable strength, he is the character in “JIGOKURAKU” who becomes ROKUROTA’s watchman and is killed by ROKUROTA immediately upon his arrival on the island.

Senta Yamada Asaemon


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Yamada Asaemon Senta, a character in “JIGOKURAKU,” a disciple of the Yamada family and fifth rank in the Trial Itto style, is a swordsman who is not only strong but also kind. Senta’s final act as a watcher of Yuzuri, a kunoichi, is to protect Yuzuri, whom he favors, and die in her arms.



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Kirima, the younger brother of Asa Eunibei, is a talented swordsman who infiltrated the Yamada family to save his brother from capture and was given the name Yamada Asaemon after only one month. He is always with his brother, Asa Eunibei, and his personality is characterized by his fretfulness. He is a character in “JIGOKURAKU” whose adaptability is equal to that of Asa Eunibei.

Other characters in JIGOKURAKU

Genji Yamada Asaemon


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≪Spoiler alert for JIGOKURAKU’s character, Genshi.≫

  • Samurai of the Eighth Rank in Trial Itto Ryu
  • Have a weakness for women.
  • After the death of the monitored person, Mokage Makiya, the kunoichi Yuzuru
  • Murdered by ROKUROTA

Yamada Asaemon attached


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≪Spoilers for JIGOKURAKU’s characters and tsukechi≫

  • Samurai of the Eighth Rank in Trial Itto Ryu
  • Watchdog of Tamiya Ganteksai
  • We are proud of our mission of medical development, striving to elucidate the structure of the human body
  • Good at human anatomy

Yamada Asaemon Tenza


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≪Spoiler alert for JIGOKURAKU’s characters and Noriza≫

  • Samurai of the Eighth Rank in Trial Itto Ryu
  • Warden of the mountain people, Nurgai.
  • respect the way of the Samurai
  • Strong sense of justice
  • obedient

Yamada Asaemon term sei


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≪Spoiler alert for JIGOKURAKU’s characters and term sei≫

  • Samurai of the Eighth Rank in Trial Itto Ryu
  • Keiun’s watchdog
  • Priorities are clearly defined.
  • The first priority is to bring back the medicine.
  • loose to the rules
  • He is attacked and killed by a monster on the boat carrying Keiun’s corpse back home.

Spoil the highlights of JIGOKURAKU


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The manga “JIGOKURAKU” has become popular not only for its plot, but also for its setting and character designs.

Highlights (1) Royal dark fantasy


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The highlight of the manga “JIGOKURAKU” is its excellent royal road dark fantasy scenario and setting. Starting with the battle on an unknown island and the hanging of the main character, the tempo of the story is smooth and well-received.。

Highlights (2) Mysterious view of the world


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Another attraction of JIGOKURAKU is “Shenxian Village,” a mysterious island inhabited by various kinds of plants that were originally human. The stone statues scattered around the island are reminiscent of Buddhism and Taoism, and the insects and monsters on the island look like something else attached to the human body. The awkwardness of the workmanship is, on the contrary, mysterious and resonates with the reader.

Highlights (3) Human Drama


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GABIMARU, the protagonist of the manga “JIGOKURAKU,” has already been the strongest since his first appearance. Although it is thought that his strength will not grow much in the future, the first volume of the manga is a human drama in which the emotional growth of GABIMARU, a murderer, is depicted with great skill.

The story is told through the relationship between GABIMARU, a loose-tongued ninja, and SAGIRI, a beheading executioner, both of whom are in completely opposite positions. Some readers have reviewed that the psychological portrayal of the characters made them cry.

Highlights (4) Drawing power of the paintings


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The powerful drawings of Kaku Yuji, the original author of the manga “JIGOKURAKU,” have been talked about as a highlight. Many people review the detailed settings, stimulating, informative, and carefully drawn artwork as attractive and engaging.

Highlights (5) Powerful battle scenes


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The highlight of the manga “JIGOKURAKU” is its powerful battle scenes. The battle scenes are very powerful, with careful drawings created with high artistic skill.

Highlights (6) A skillful way to attract visitors


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The highlights of the manga “JIGOKURAKU” include cool scenes that showcase the characters, which are to the point in places, and readers have commented on the captivating style and composition of the manga.

Highlights (7) Charming characters


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漫画「JIGOKURAKU」の登場人物の設定には無駄がなく、持っている能力も個性溢れる魅力的なものがMany of them have been described as skillful. The main character, GABIMARU, and the other characters are reviewed as the best, and are a highlight of JIGOKURAKU.

Highlights (8) Character Design


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The characterization of the characters in JIGOKURAKU is a highlight of the book, but the character designs are also reviewed as attractive and full of dark elements. The conversations between the characters are also reviewed as tasteful and interesting.

Highlights (9) Conflict between GABIMARU and Sagiri


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At the beginning of “JIGOKURAKU,” GABIMARU was called “Garan no GABIMARU” of the Kyan-do, a place without blood or tears. However, he is touched by his wife’s pure heart and comes to have human kindness and various feelings. In order to protect his feelings, GABIMARU takes actions that would have been unthinkable in the past, and we are able to enjoy a glimpse of his growth.

The heroine, Sagiri, also makes her living killing people, but struggles with her fear. When she meets GABIMARU, she realizes that what she lacks is not fear, but the determination to bear the lives of those she beheads. The two are opposites, but their struggle and growth as they help and support each other through their doubts and worries in order to get back to the island is well worth watching, according to reviews.

Who should JIGOKURAKU manga be recommended to?


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The manga “JIGOKURAKU” seems to be a powerful different ability battle manga and is especially recommended for those who like battle manga. The excitement of the main characters fighting to the death in fierce battles never ceases, as they save lives and then start another battle. It is said that once you start reading the manga, you will definitely fall in love with the world of JIGOKURAKU.

Spoiler manga summary of JIGOKURAKU


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The appeal of JIGOKURAKU is that it is a fantasy story with a clever scenario and setting, unique character designs, and dark elements. The appeal of JIGOKURAKU is that it is a fantasy story with a dark element, with a clever scenario, setting, and unique character designs. The psychological portrayal of the hero, GABIMARU, and the heroine, SAKIRI, are also elaborately drawn and seem to hold the reader’s attention.

Who created the obviously man-made island called Paradise in the story, and for what purpose? The story, which also contains an element of mystery, is one that I will not be able to take my eyes off of in the future. If you have not yet read the manga “JIGOKURAKU,” which has been described as a manga that once you read it, you will fall in love with it and become absorbed in the story, why not give it a look?

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