Jujutsu Kaisen” Gojyo Satoru is finally back! You made our wait for three years. ……【Latest Episode 221 Spoilers.】


Gojyo Satoru is a popular character in ” Jujutsu Kaisen. In fact, however, he has not been involved in the main story episodes ever since he was sealed in the 90th episode of the original story. Thanks to this, fans have had to wait with bated breath for his resurrection, which may come at any time. …… However, Gojyo Satoru finally returned in episode 221, released on April 24, 2023! This article will detail his reappearance after a four-year absence.

|【Latest Spoilers】Gojyo Satoru finally back?


©Akutami Gege/Shueisha, Jujutsu Kaisen Production Committee

Itadori and his friends, with the help of the “angel” who can make all kinds of magic formulas be proven and its vessel, Kurusu Hana, are finally able to revive Gojo. They try to break the seal inside the room, but the Angel stops them, “Are you going to break it here?” and stops them. The angel was concerned about Gojyo’s state of mind in Gokumonkyou, where physical time does not flow and he may have experienced more than 100 years of time all by himself. So, they all decided to break the seal in the fourth training hall of the technical college. However, when they went to do so, Gojyo was not there ……, but he was firmly restored, and to their surprise, he appeared in front of Kenjyaku!

|Gojyo Teacher is too cool after 3 years!

劇場版 呪術廻戦 0 五条悟

©Akutami Gege/Shueisha, Jujutsu Kaisen Production Committee

Kenjyaku had prepared in advance for the resurrected Gojyo to appear at the subduction zone of the Japan Trench. However, Gojo did not care about that and came in front of Kenjyaku as soon as he was resurrected. He is indeed the strongest! And even though he had been sealed up, he didn’t look tired at all. He looked down at Kenjyaku with his beautiful face as usual, but then he said to Kenjyaku, who was talking lightly, “You should choose your words more carefully, don’t you think? It’s the time of the moment,” she said. After that, he continued to show his sharp agitating skills against Sukuna and Uraume, who had intruded into the trap and snare. As expected, he didn’t need to worry about his mental state. …… In the last panel, he even declared his victory against a powerful enemy. Normally, this would be a death flag, but Gojyo Satoru will break it with flying colors……, I hope so.

Gojyo Satoru after 3 years~! He came back and suddenly went full throttle, and I was already very excited. Not only is he strong, but his agitating performance is still as good as ever and makes me laugh. I hope he continues to be very active in the future at that rate.

Gojyo Teacher of old. He is too out of the ordinary, like instantly resurrecting from the bottom of the Sea of Japan. …… I thought it was very typical of him that he suddenly had a bashful competition with a strong enemy before everyone could say “I’m so happy for you” after his resurrection.

|【too long】When was Gojyo Satoru sealed?

Gojyo was sealed in episode 90, which appeared in the January 4, 2020 issue of Weekly Shonen Jump. In the book, it is included in volume 11. Since it was revived in the 221st episode published on April 24, 2023, it has been 1190 days (3 years, 3 months, and 4 days), or 131 episodes, since its return. I had no idea that so many years had passed. …… It is indeed like Gojyo Satoru to be trending after his reappearance despite his long absence. Or is it because so much time has passed that the excitement of the fans was so great……?

|【Tragedy】List of things that have happened since Gojyo Satoru was sealed

What happened after Gojyo Satoru was sealed

  • Nanami Kento died
  • Kugisaki Nobara is not known to be alive or dead.
  • Okkotsu Yuta and Hakari Kinji are on our side.
  • Maki kills everyone in the Zen-in.
  • Kenjyaku begins its deadly migration
  • YUKI Tsukumo died.
  • Sukuna Incarnates in Fushiguro
  • Tsumiki died.

Since Gojyo was sealed, the worst things have continued to happen in the main story of “Jujutsu Kaisen”. Some of them would not have happened if Gojyo had not existed. When I put it all together like this, I am reminded of the magnitude of what we have lost. …… Because the situation up to this point has been so dire, I hope that Gojyo’s resurrection will turn the tide. If by some chance he should be defeated and die, it would be nothing but despair. I hope that he will show his usual overwhelming strength and give everyone hope.

|【consideration】Is Gojyo Satoru vs. Kenjyaku and Sukuna finally starting?


©Akutami Gege/Shueisha, Jujutsu Kaisen Production Committee

In episode 221, Gojyo showed up at Sukuna and Kana-Saku and immediately started fighting. However, both of them had something they wanted to do before the fight, so they decided to leave it for later. The date of the decisive battle was decided to be December 24. The current date is November 19, so there is almost a month to go before that date arrives. We are sure that both parties will be making various preparations before that date. I am looking forward to seeing what kind of fierce battle will unfold.

|Gojyo Satoru is still cool after all these years. …… Looking forward to seeing more of him in the future!

After a three-year gap, Gojyo Satoru finally made his comeback! With his too-strong face and polished agitating skills, he hit us with a lot of things right from the start. With the return of the strongest and most stable player, we look forward to a change in the flow of the story in the future!

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