【Oshi No Ko】Sarina Tendouji is Ruby’s previous life! What is her relationship to Goro and who is her anime voice actress?


Sarina Tendouji is a character from Ruby’s previous life in Oshi No Ko. This article details the relationship between Sarina Tendouji and Goro. In addition, the name of the disease that caused Sarina Tendouji’s death will also be presented. We will also profile the voice actors who played Sarina Tendouji in the Oshi No Ko anime, as well as the main works they appeared in, so be sure to check back until the end!

Oshi No Ko’s Sarina is Ruby’s previous life

In this article, we will introduce the relationship between Sarina Tendouji and Goro of Oshi No Ko, the name of the disease, the voice actor responsible for the disease, and more. And before that, I will first introduce information about Oshi No Ko’s works and Sarina Tendouji’s profile, so please check it out!

Information on Oshi No Ko

Oshi No Ko Overview

Oshi No Ko featuring Sarina Tendouji is a very popular anime that has been airing since April 2023. The original manga is serialized in Weekly Young Jump. It is written by Akasa Akasaka, who is in charge of the original story, and Mengo Yokojari, who is in charge of the artwork. This is Akasaka’s fourth manga and Yokojari Mengo’s sixth. Their Oshi No Ko manga is very popular and has sold over 5 million copies (as of March 2023).

Synopsis of Oshi No Ko

Oshi No Ko is a story centered on Aqua and Ruby, who were born as Ai’s twin children. Aqua’s previous life was Goro, an obstetrician/gynecologist who was Ai’s doctor, and Ruby’s was Sarina, a girl with an incurable disease whom Goro met during his residency. They were both reincarnated as Ai’s children and lived happily ever after. However, their happiness changes drastically when Ai is killed.

Profile of Sarina Tendouji

Sarina Tendouji of Oshi No Ko was the previous life of Ruby, a girl who was admitted to the hospital where Goro was a resident with an incurable disease and died at the young age of 12. Chronologically, this was four years before Ai gave birth to Ruby and Aqua. Since that time, Sarina was an idol geek who loved Ai, and she seemed to live her life with Ai’s existence as her support during her hard struggle with the disease.

Relationship between Sarina and Goro of Oshi No Ko

Here we will introduce the relationship between Sarina Tendouji of Oshi No Ko and Goro, as well as Sarina’s relationship with Goro before her reincarnation and Goro’s death, which Sarina learned about after her reincarnation!

Goro’s Profile

Goro of Oshi No Ko is Aqua’s previous life. Goro worked as an obstetrician/gynecologist at a hospital in a mountainous area of Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan; he was an idol geek who promoted B Komachi and often played B Komachi’s live DVDs in patients’ rooms, much to the dismay of the nurses. Goro was also a big fan of B-Komachi, especially Ai. When Ai comes to the hospital as a patient, Goro is surprised but does his best to support her delivery.

Relationship between Sarina and Goro

Sarina and Goro of Oshi No Ko had a patient-doctor relationship; Sarina was a patient Goro treated when he was a resident; Sarina was hospitalized with a serious illness and was fond of Goro, who was her resident; Sarina loved her idols, especially B Sarina loved idols, especially Ai of Komachi. Under Sarina’s influence, Goro also started to like Ai.

Sarina was suffering from an incurable disease from which there was no hope of recovery, and her own parents had given up on her and rarely came to visit her. She also spent about half of her life in the hospital and probably did not have many friends her own age. Among them, Goro was the only one who never gave up on him.

Sarina loved Goro so much that she even asked him to marry her. Goro, on the other hand, was so special to Sarina that he became an idol geek under her influence. However, when Goro was asked by Sarina to “marry” her, he replied, “I’ll think about it seriously when I turn 16.

It seems that Goro never developed romantic feelings for Sarina, who was very young in terms of age. Goro’s feelings for Sarina may have been “affection” rather than “love. Goro also said to Sarina, who told him that she wanted to be the face of “Ai” when she was born again, “If you get out of the hospital and become an idol, I’ll push for you myself. Sarina was really happy to hear those words, but in the end Sarina passed away at the age of 12.

Sarina will learn of Goro’s death after her reincarnation

Sarina died at the age of 12 and was reincarnated as Ai’s child, Ruby. On the other hand, Goro was also reincarnated as Ai’s child, Aqua. Both Ruby and Aqua knew that they were reincarnated as each other, but they had no way of knowing who they were in their previous lives. Therefore, Ruby, aka Sarina, thought that Goro was still alive today and was an idol geek somewhere.

Ruby remembers Goro telling her before his death that he would endorse her if she became an idol after leaving the hospital, and she believes that if she becomes famous as an idol, he will endorse her. Ruby had hoped to reunite with Goro, who is still alive somewhere, but one day the reunion comes in an unwanted way. Ruby and the other members of Shinsei B Komachi traveled to Takachiho, Miyazaki, Japan, to shoot a music video.

There, Ruby discovers Goro’s body. Although his face is skeletonized, Ruby immediately recognizes him as Goro because he was wearing a white coat and glasses, and because he was carrying the Ai goods that Sarina had given to Goro. It was a reunion with someone she had been waiting for, thinking she would surely see again, but it was a reunion so cruel. Ruby was then consumed with hatred for Goro and the person who had sent Ai to his death.

Animated voice actress for Sarina of Oshi No Ko

Here we will introduce you to the animated voice actress for Sarina Tendouji of Oshi No Ko, including not only Sarina’s voice actress profile, but also the main works she has appeared in and the characters she has played!

Profile of Takayanagi Tomoyo

Tomoyo Takayanagi, the anime voice actress for Oshi No Ko’s Sarina, was born on October 14, 1994, in Chiba, Japan. She is a member of Raccoon Dog. She was inspired to become a voice actress by the voice of Sayaka Ohara, which she heard on the radio when she was in elementary school. After becoming a voice actress, she got her first regular TV anime role as Rino Fujisaki in “Hinaroji ~from Luck & Logic~” and has appeared in various anime as a voice actress.

Tomoyo Takayanagi’s main films and characters played

Tomoyo Takayanagi’s major roles and characters include Mikan Yonatsuki in “Machikado Mazoku,” Mira Kinohata in “Koisuru Asteroid,” Reina Asagi in “Kindergarten Friendship Never Loses Love Comedy,” and Francette in “Potion Yori de Survival! and as Francette in “Potion Yoroshiku de Survive! Thus, anime voice actress Tomoha Takayanagi of Sarina in Oshi No Ko often plays cute roles.

Sarina’s disease in Oshi No Ko

What was the name of Sarina’s disease at Oshi No Ko? Please check back here as we discuss the name of Sarina’s disease and the cause of her incurable illness!

Sarina’s disease is called “anaplastic astrocytoma.”

The name of Sarina’s disease in Oshi No Ko was “anaplastic astrocytoma,” a disease that actually exists, and not just in comic books. Symptoms include motor paralysis and sensory disturbance. In Sarina’s case, she had motor paralysis and sensory impairment, and often fell down because she could not move properly.

Cause of Sarina’s incurable disease

What was the cause of Sarina’s disease, anaplastic astrocytoma? In most cases, the cause of anaplastic astrocytoma is unknown, but it is believed that stress, overwork, and disordered eating are the underlying causes. Since it is a disease in which astrocytes in the brain become cancer cells, some people believe that the incidence increases with high stress levels, regardless of age. However, this is information from the Internet, so if you want to know more details, please ask a specialist.

Sarina’s parents live in the city center and seem to have neglected her when she was sick and often hospitalized. Sarina’s life before her illness is not known, but it is said to have been a very stressful life.

The fact that Sarina was hospitalized for a long time and had a private room, and the fact that she had no shortage of idol goods and DVDs to buy, suggests that she was from a fairly wealthy family. Although there seems to have been no financial hardship, Sarina may have lived with the pressure of her parents’ expectations from an early age. It is believed that the stress may have led to her contracting a disease called “anaplastic astrocytoma.

How Sarina was able to reincarnate in Ruby

Sarina told Goro before her death that she wished she had been born a child of a celebrity, and it seems that Sarina not only admired Ai, but also wished she could be an idol herself. However, Sarina’s wish did not come true and she died of illness. Sarina’s strong desire may have caused the miracle of her reincarnation as Ai’s child.

Ruby in action after Sarina’s reincarnation in Oshi No Ko

Here we will introduce Sarina of Oshi No Ko after her reincarnation.Sarina is reincarnated as Ruby, the child of Ai, but what kind of activity does she have? We will explain her debut as an idol and what follows.

Activity 1) Overcoming the trauma of a previous life

Ruby is born and grows up as Ai’s child and enters kindergarten. At kindergarten, Ruby runs away from a dance rehearsal for the play. In a previous life, when she was Sarina, she spent much of her life in the hospital because of an incurable disease. The symptoms of the disease often caused her to become short of breath after just a few steps and to fall over.

Oshi No Ko早く5話観て〜
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The memory of that time was so strong in Ruby that when she tried to practice dancing, her body would not move as it should and she would immediately fall down. Watching her, Ai felt as if she was preparing to fall. Ruby, who had always fallen down in her previous life, had naturally taken a passive stance before falling down.

Ai, who couldn’t bear to see this, called out to Ruby, “It’s okay, trust your mother. With these words, Ruby realized that it was okay to move her body as much as she wanted. And Ruby, who inherited Ai’s natural talent, began to show her talent for dancing.

Activity 2) Striving to debut as an idol

Later, Ai is killed by a stalker. On her deathbed, Ai said, “Maybe Ruby will become an idol in the future. Hearing her words, Ruby continues to strive to become an idol like Ai. Then, when Ruby became a junior high school student, she decided to start applying for various auditions in order to become an idol in earnest. Ruby applied for the audition of a certain big idol group and passed the document screening.

Ruby was feeling good about her subsequent selection, but she received a rejection call. Thus, Ruby had gone through a number of auditions, but had been rejected in all of them. In fact, this was not because Ruby lacked talent, but because Aqua was trying to make it look like she was rejected in order to keep her from becoming an idol. The auditioners were notified that they were being turned down, and Ruby was given a rejection call under the guise of management.

However, Ruby was scouted by an underground idol agency on the street. While Ruby is ready to start as an underground idol, Aqua investigates the agency. As expected, the management of the agency is not very trustworthy. So, Aqua is against joining this agency and says that she would be happy with a trustworthy agency.

Activity 3) Idol debut as the new B Komachi

Therefore, Ruby will belong to Strawberry Production as an idol slot. Strawberry Production had not produced any new idol groups since Ai died and B Komachi disbanded. However, with Ruby’s affiliation, Strawberry Production finally launched the “New B-Komachi”. So Ruby and her friends decided to look for members to work together in the new B-Komachi.

The first member we found was Kana Arima, a former child prodigy. Kana Arima turned down the offer to be an idol because she wanted to pursue her career as an actor, but Aqua’s words convinced her to join Shinsei B-komachi. Later, MEMcho, who Aqua met on a TV show called Imagachi, joined Shinsei B Komachi as well, and is a popular YouTube star who has always dreamed of becoming an idol.

With the addition of these two, the new B-Komachi will be performing at the JIF (Japan Idol Festival). Ruby and her friends are practicing with all their might as this will be the first stage for the new B-Komachi. Under the strict guidance of Aqua, who was dressed as Pieyon, the new B-Komachi was able to give a perfect performance, and their first stage performance was a great success. Thus, the new B-Komachi climbed the stairs to become popular idols.

Activity 4) Can Ruby be the Eye in “15 Years of Lies”?

In the course of the work, the story of the production of the film “15 Years of Lies (tentative)” is gradually progressing. The film “15 Years of Lies” is about Ai’s life. Aqua wanted to use this movie to take revenge on her own father. The casting of the role of Ai in the film was controversial, and no one had been chosen to play Ai. Ruby’s name was also mentioned as a candidate for the role of Ai.

Ruby did not know this, but one day Fril Shiranui approached her. At the suggestion of Fril Shiranui, who was the first choice for the role of Ai, an “inter-personal audition” was to be held, including Ruby and Akane Kurokawa. The three begin the competition on the condition that if they lose the acting competition, they will refuse the offer to play the role of Ai. The role of the “liar” is played by the three in the competition. Ruby thinks, “What is a liar?

Ruby has always played the role of a liar. Ruby plays the role of “Ruby Hoshino,” the role of the idol who overcame the death of her mother, and she also played the role of “Sarina Tendouji” from her previous life. It was a way to protect herself, a way to survive. Ruby thinks that Ai may have been the same way. So, Ruby puts her painful feelings and hatred into words.

Then Ruby cries and utters, “I want to die too. After that, she laughs and says, “What the heck,” as she always does, and she looks like a liar. Akane Kurokawa and Fril saw Ruby’s performance and nodded their heads, saying “I think it’s good. Then it was Akane Kurokawa’s turn, and while acting as Ai, Akane said to Fril, “This is an audition for Ruby to play the role of Ai.

These words led Ruby to know that the movie “15 Years of Lies” is a movie about Ai’s half life and that Aqua is going to use this movie to do it. Ruby then insists on playing Ai. So, the acting competition with Akane Kurokawa would continue until midnight until Ruby won. Thus, the winner of the inter-personal audition ended up being Ruby.

Oshi No Ko’s review and assessment of Sarina

Here is a review of Sarina’s disease and her voice actresses. It seems that many fans have tried to find out more about Sarina’s disease, “Anaplastic Astrocytoma”.

Some also reviewed what would have happened to Sarina of Oshi No Ko if she had lived without the incurable disease. Some reviewed that Ruby has talents that remind them of Ai, but wondered if such qualities were present in Sarina. Thus, many fans believe that Sarina would not have died if she had not.

Many also reviewed the terrific acting of Tomoha Takayanagi, the anime voice actress for Sarina in Oshi No Ko. Some said that Ms. Takayanagi’s performance gave them goosebumps as she beautifully portrayed the weak voice of Sarina, who is a sick person. Thus, it seems that Tomoha Takayanagi’s performance as the animated voice actress of Sarina in Oshi No Ko was well received.

Sarina Summary of Oshi No Ko

This article has introduced the relationship between Sarina Tendouji of Oshi No Ko and Goro, the name of the disease, and the voice actor responsible for the disease.Sarina Tendouji is Ruby’s previous life and the patient who made Goro an idol otaku.Since Sarina has already died and been reincarnated as Ruby Since Sarina has already died and been reincarnated as Ruby, it is unlikely that she will reappear in a living state, but we will keep an eye on her activities as Ruby.

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